IN THIS SECTION OVERVIEW BOOKS/VIDEOS ARTICLES/WEBSITES OVERVIEW Date: July 17, 1996 Where: Near Moriches Inlet, New York - 10 miles off the coast of Long Island What: TWA (Trans World Airlines) 800 a Boeing 747 Flight Agenda: Non-Stop flight from New York to Paris Run-down: Two main conspiracy stories surround this issue: faulty central fuel tank or plane shot down by missiles. The central fuel tank conspiracy has to do with gases in a near empty tank ignited by faulty live wires, such as a fuel level detector bundled with lights. The missile theory has to do with this idea: “The objective photographic, eyewitness report, and radar evidence, however, tell a different story, namely that TWA Flight 800 was brought down by a single missile launched from, or passing over, Long Island” (from Amazon insert on Pierre vs. NY Times: Media Lies and Disinformation in the Brutal Slaughter of 230 On Board TWA Flight 800 - 2016) VIDEOS AND BOOKS TWA 800 Kristina Borjesson and Tom Stalcup EPIX documentary: https //www epix com/movie/twa-flight-800/ Books - By Author A-C Cashill, Jack TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover Up, And The Conspiracy (2016) Jack Cashill and James Sanders First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America (2003) CIA What Really Happened to Flight TWA 800 (2017) Cole, Michael D. (1999) TWA Flight 800: Explosion In Midair D Donadio, Barry R. TWA Flight 800 FIRST RESPONDER WITNESS ACCOUNT: The witness account of Barry R Donadio, who was on the scene of the TWA Flight 800 crash as a First Responder during the first moments of the crisis. (2013) E - F Friedrich, Belinda The Explosion of Twa Flight 800 (Great Disasters: Reforms and Ramifications) (2001) H-L Harris, Patrick, Phd Pierre VS The New York Times: Media Lies and Disinformation in the Brutal Slaughter of 230 On Board TWA Flight 800 (2016) M-N Negroni, Christine Deadly Departure, (2000) Excerpt from Amazon: If there was any conspiracy to hide the truth about what really happened to Flight 800, it began long before the crash. Past crashes tell the story: What happened on Flight 800 has happened before and will again, unless drastic changes are made. Now veteran journalist Christine Negroni reveals what the commercial aviation industry has known for more than thirty-five years that during flight confined vapors in the fuel tanks can create a bomb like environment. It takes only a small energy source to ignite it. TWA Flight 800 was the fourteenth fuel tank explosion on a commercial airliner in thirty-five years. Yet each and every time, the airline industry persuaded regulators to deal with the symptoms of the problem and ignore the cause. When investigators could not immediately determine what happened, they were finally forced to look at the bigger picture. And, for the first time, this book exposes the hubris of aircraft manufacturers who knew all along, but dismissed as acceptable, the risk of fuel tank explosions. Deadly Departure shines a spotlight on the chaos behind the most massive crash investigation ever conducted, how the White House had to intervene between feuding investigators, and the surprising stories behind the missile theory conspiracies. It also tells the stories of the passengers and their families, the people of TWA and Boeing, the rescue and crisis workers, and the investigators and scientists involved illustrating the devastating effects on human lives. An impeccably researched, eye-opening examination of one of the great disasters of our time, Deadly Departure is a stunning exposé of how industry pressure continues to undermine regulatory policy, placing air travelers' lives at risk. O-P People Magazine: Orphans of TWA 800, Evan and Logan Price (1996) - can be found on Amazon Q-R Ready, Kevin and Cap Parlier (1998) TWA 800: The Ayatollah's Retribution Ready, Kevin E./ Parlier, Cap TWA 800, Accident Or Incident: Accident Or Incident (1998) S Stevens, Emerson W. (2002) TWA 800: A Diary Of Deception Sanders, James (1997) Downing Of TWA Flight 800 Note on this book from http //www whatreallyhappened com/RANCHO/CRASH/TWA/twa.php#axzz4ln9bEHK1 Author James Sander's wife works for TWA. She lost friends on flight 800, and as rumors of a missile kill of flight 800 began to circulate within TWA, James was asked to look into the matter. In his book, The Downing Of TWA Flight 800 James Sanders related the story of how one of the TWA employees working in the Calverton hanger became so disgusted with what he saw as a deliberate cover-up that he provided to James Sanders two samples of cloth from seats from TWA 800, to be tested by an outside, NON-government linked laboratory. (1999) Altered Evidence: TWA Flight 800, How the Justice Department Framed a Journalist and His Wife Note on this book from Amazon: TWA Flight 800 was shot down by missiles during a Naval exercise that went terribly wrong. The exercise was being watched on closed circuit television in the White House when the missile hit the plane. The cover-up that began at that moment is still going on. That is the charge made in a new book, Altered Evidence, by James Sanders. Sanders has gathered evidence from the photographs he took of the wreckage at the Calverton hangar indicating that the guardians of the wreckage, the FBI, have altered parts of it physically and removed other parts to conceal evidence that the plane was downed by high explosives. The book also tells how they have tried to do the same by altering on the debris-field charts the location where certain pieces of wreckage were found. The location of pieces of wreckage can be clues to the cause of the crash. The data show what appears to be a missile streaking toward TWA Flight 800, apparently going through one side and coming out the other. Sanders' new book also tells the story of how the government tried to send both him and his wife, Liz, to prison for aiding and abetting the removal of evidence from Calverton. T Time magazine special report on TWA 800 - can be bought on Amazon U-Z (2008) Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina ARTICLES AND WEBSITES A ABC News Remember the Missile Theory? By David Ruppe (07/17/2000 est. year) Excerpt: So why have government officials dismissed the missile theory? How could so many eyewitnesses be wrong? Largely because of the absence of any physical evidence supporting the theory and the unreliability of memory, current and former officials say. But’s examination of the main arguments and evidence used by various government agencies to dismiss the missile theory reveals a degree of conjecture, along with disagreements about key eyewitness accounts. Compelling Eyewitness Accounts: The most compelling case for the missile theory is made by the 755 FBI records of eyewitness interviews, which were recorded on standardized FBI “FD-302” forms typically used by the bureau in court. Recently posted on the Internet and given little notice by the press, the FBI records seem to tell a dramatic story of a missile striking the plane. http //abcnews go com/US/story?id=96488&page=1 Ask the Pilot http //www askthepilot com/twa-800-revisited/ View: My personal opinion is that yes, it was an accidental fuel tank explosion. And if you read the full report and weigh both sides, I think you’ll feel the same way. Frankly the film is a little insulting to the many NTSB, FAA, and TWA employees who devoted so much time and effort to solving the flight 800 mystery. C Cashill TWA 800 (thanks to fellow graduate student for alerting me to the TWO 800 topic and this author) TWA 800 here is what we know 07/2016 http //www cashill com/twa800/TWA800_here_is_what_we_know htm Cashill website http //www cashill com/twa800/ CBS (Note about CBS) [Apparently] CBS was given a piece of material from the plane seats to be tested/analyzed separately and they returned it immediately to the government. from CNN 2014/07/15 5 things you didn't know about the crash of TWA Flight 800 By Chuck Hadad, http //www cnn com/2014/07/14/us/twa-flight-800-five-things/index html Excerpt:- Five things about TWA Flight 800: 1. The FBI interviewed at least 755 witnesses. TWA Flight 800 crashed eight miles off the coast of Long Island at dusk on a clear summer night. Hundreds of witnesses saw the plane explode from either on shore, on a boat, in a plane or in at least one case, a helicopter. Of the 755 witness reports that the FBI have made public, accounts vary widely but hundreds describe what they thought was either a flare or fireworks heading up toward the plane before it exploded. A few witnesses even used the words "missile" or "rocket." 2. America was in a high state of alert when TWA 800 crashed. A series of terrorism-related events in the years, months and weeks before the flight went down, and even one incident just days afterward, led many to suspect terrorism was to blame. -- December 21, 1988: Pan Am Flight 103 explodes over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 270 people on board. Eventually Libyan national Abdel Baset Ali Mohmed al Megrah is tried and found guilty of 270 counts of murder. Other bombings: Clockwise from top left: Convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi (1992), World Trade Center garage (1993), Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park (1996), Federal Building in Oklahoma City (1995). -- February 26, 1993: A bomb explodes at the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring more than 1000. Two years later, Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of that attack, is arrested in Pakistan by the FBI and the State Department and put on trial. "I am a terrorist and proud of it," he told the court. -- April 19, 1995: The Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City is bombed. The blast destroys large parts of the building and kills 168 people, including 19 children. Two Americans, Timothy J. McVeigh and Terry L. Nichols, are eventually convicted for the attack. -- May 29, 1996: Yousef goes on trial in New York City. The trial continues through the crash of TWA Flight 800, leading many to question if the two were related. -- June 25, 1996: The Khobar Towers are attacked. A powerful truck bomb explodes on the perimeter of a U.S. military complex in eastern Saudi Arabia. Nineteen U.S. Air Force personnel are killed, and several hundred are wounded, in the deadliest attack against the American military since a 1983 bombing of the Marine headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. -- July 17, 1996: TWA Flight 800 explodes over the shores of Long Island. -- July 27, 1996: A bomb explodes at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, killing one person and injuring over 100. More than two years later, Eric Robert Rudolph, a suspect in bombings at abortion clinics in Alabama, is charged in the Olympic Park bombing. http //www cnn com/2014/07/14/us/twa-flight-800-five-things/index html D Daily Mail air-explosion-government-cover-detailed-book-20-years-Long-Island-crash.html F Flight 800 doc dot com N New York Daily News: (04/15/2015) by Andrew Danzinger. Excerpt: There are many reasons to disbelieve the official explanation of what happened to TWA 800 almost 19 years ago, on July 17, 1996, off the South Shore of Long Island. There’s hardly an airline pilot among the hundreds I know who buys the official explanation — that it was a fuel-tank explosion — offered by the National Transportation Safety Board some four years later. http //www nydailynews com/new-york/obama-pilot-twa-flight-800-shot-article-1.2186329 New York Times 1996/07/18 The Crash of Flight 800: The Overview; TWA Jetliner Leaving New York for Paris crashes in Atlantic; more than 220 aboard. By N. R. Kleinfield http //www nytimes com/1996/07/18/nyregion/crash-flight-800-overview-twa-jetliner-leaving-new-york-for- paris-crashes html 2013/07/16/Leaving No Survivors but Many Questions: ‘TWA Flight 800’ Examines a 1996 Tragedy. By Neil Genzliner http //www nytimes com/2013/07/17/arts/television/twa-flight-800-examines-a-1996-tragedy html 1997/03/12 Missile Theory Rebutted In T.W.A. Flight 800 Crash. By MATTHEW PURDY http //www nytimes com/1997/03/12/nyregion/missile-theory-rebutted-in-twa-flight-800-crash html 1996/07/20 THE CRASH OF FLIGHT 800;A List of the Passengers and Crew Members of T.W.A. Flight 800. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS http //www nytimes com/1996/07/20/nyregion/crash-flight-800-list-passengers-crew-members-twa-flight- 800.html 1996/08/23 PRIME EVIDENCE FOUND THAT DEVICE EXPLODED IN CABIN OF FLIGHT 800. By DON VAN NATTA JR. http //www nytimes com/1996/08/23/nyregion/prime-evidence-found-that-device-exploded-in-cabin-of-flight- 800 html Excerpt: Correction Appended: After a prolonged, confounding search of the ocean floor, investigators have finally found scientific evidence that an explosive device was detonated inside the passenger cabin of Trans World Airlines Flight 800, senior Federal officials said yesterday. Chemists at the Federal Bureau of Investigation crime laboratory in Washington have found traces of PETN, a chemical in plastic explosives, on a piece of wreckage retrieved from the jet's passenger cabin between Rows 17 and 27, according to three senior officials deeply involved in the investigation. They spoke on the condition of anonymity. While the new finding provides evidence that the plane was destroyed by an explosive device, a senior official noted that PETN, or pentaerythritol tetranitrate, was an explosive component commonly found in many bombs and surface-to-air missiles, making it impossible, for now, to know for sure which type of explosive device destroyed the Boeing 747, killing all 230 people aboard. Nonetheless, the discovery meets the F.B.I.'s previously stated standard for declaring that the plane was brought down by a criminal act. In loss of life, the downing of T.W.A. Flight 800 would stand as the most serious crime in American history. For weeks, criminal investigators have said they would need positive findings of explosive residue at the Washington lab before they could conclude what most of them have believed all along -- that a bomb, not an unusual mechanical malfunction -- destroyed the jet shortly after it left Kennedy International Airport on the evening of July 17. But senior investigators said yesterday that they were not ready to declare that the crash was the result of a criminal act in part because they did not yet know whether the explosion was caused by a bomb or a missile. A senior investigator said Federal authorities could never bring any suspects to trial until they have answered that question. He and other senior officials said they still hoped to find additional forensic evidence as salvage workers continue to retrieve more wreckage from the Atlantic. They are particularly interested in finding metal fragments showing what investigators call shock waves -- physical damage left by a blast that holds signature markings demonstrating what type of device exploded. Investigators had found preliminary indications of PETN residue in at least one earlier test. Five days after the crash, a chemical test at a makeshift lab in Calverton, L.I., indicated a trace of PETN on a piece of the right wing near where it met the fuselage. But that was not confirmed by a later test at the F.B.I. lab in Washington, officials have said. The new, confirmed test result comes from a piece of wreckage -- part of a seat, one official said -- that was in the precise area of the passenger cabin where investigators have said the epicenter of the blast was -- somewhere between Rows 17 and 27. It is close to the area of the right wing where the earlier test showed the preliminary, positive finding of PETN residue, officials said. This is also near the spot where the plane split in two in the sky. The test was conducted as long as two weeks ago, investigators said. But instead of announcing the finding then, F.B.I. officials decided to take extraordinary precautions to keep the finding secret as long as possible. The information was so tightly controlled that only three or four senior investigators knew about it until several members of the investigation task force were told about it during a private briefing on Wednesday. http //www nytimes com/1996/08/23/nyregion/prime-evidence-found-that-device-exploded-in-cabin-of-flight- 800 html Editorial, Opinion: In T.W.A. 800 Crash, Don't Discount Meteor SEPT. 19, 1996 http //www nytimes com/1996/09/19/opinion/l-in-twa-800-crash-don-t-discount-meteor-386081 html P Prouty dot org 1997/07/17 TWA 800 Missile Theory stronger than ever. Five pilots, five missile witnesses. By Ian Williams Goddard http //www prouty org/800 html [Accessed from Internet on 07/04/2017] Excerpt: One year after the pulverized remains of TWA Flight 800 plunged into the sea, it's clearer than ever that the passengers on board were victims of a missile strike. While most of the 154 missile-witness accounts taken by the FBI remain covered up, a few accounts are available to the public, such as the accounts of 5 pilots who were flying in the area when TWA 800 was suddenly annihilated: FIVE PILOTS - FIVE MISSILE WITNESSES PILOT 1: Colonel William Stratemeier, Jr. AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY reported that Air National Guard C-130 pilot Colonel Stratemeier "said he had seen what appeared to be the trail of a shoulder-fired SAM ending in a flash on the 747." [1] However, in the next issue of AVIATION WEEK Stratemeier re- cants, saying: "We did not see smoke trails [from a missile], any ignition source from the tail end of a rocket nor anything..."[2] Col. Stratemeier recanted and therefore was not hit with an FBI gag order, but the next two ANG pilots did not recant their accounts and therefore were hit with FBI gag orders. PILOT 2: Captain Christian Baur AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY reports that right after the TWA 800 accident, ANG HH-60 helicopter co-pilot Captain Baur told federal officials: "Almost due south, there was a hard white light, like burning pyrotech- nics, in level flight. I was trying to figure out what it was. It was the wrong color for flares. It struck an object coming from the right [TWA 800] and made it explode." [3] PILOT 3: Major Frederick Meyer At a press conference the day after the TWA 800 accident, ANG HH-60 helicopter pilot Major Meyer said: "I saw something that looked to me like a shooting star. Now you normally don't see a shooting star when the sun is up. It was still bright... Almost immediately thereafter, I saw, in rapid succession, a small explosion then a large explosion." [4] Meyer said that the initial explosion "looked identical to the detonation of an antiaircraft shell."[3] PILOT 4: Vasilis Bakounis Private Pilot and Olympic Airlines engineer Vasilis Bakounis told the Greek publication ELEFTHEROTYPIA [5] that as he was heading toward Gabreski Airport on July 17, 1996, "Suddenly I saw in the fog to my left toward the ocean, a small flame rising quickly to- ward the sky. Before I realized it, I saw this flame become huge. My first thought was that it was a flare that had been launched from some boat... This flame then started to quickly lose altitude and a few seconds later there was... a second explosion." PILOT 5: Sven Faret Flying at 8,500 feet moments before the cataclysmic explosion of TWA 800, private pilot Sven Faret reported that a "short pin-flash of light appeared on the ground, perhaps water." [6] When asked if the flash of light rose upwards vertically from the earth, Sven confirmed that it did, stating that it was "like a rocket launch at a fireworks display" with a point-of-origin "near the shoreline or in the water." [7] All 5 pilots witnessed a rapidly moving luminous and fiery object that was: 1. like a surface-to-air missile 2. like burning pyrotechnics 3. like a meteor yet not like a meteor 4. like a small flame rising quickly 5. like a rocket at a fireworks display All 5 accounts indicate that this rapidly moving fiery object hit TWA 800 initiating the explosions that killed all on board. At least 2 of the pilots saw the object early enough in its trajectory to have seen it rise upwards from the Earth. The accounts of the pilots in the air are corroborated by over 100 witnesses on the ground who also saw a fiery object shoot upwards and intercept TWA 800. Some of them said that the fiery object was: * like a flare * like a thin white line * like Grucci fireworks * like a skyrocket Most witnesses, such as Naneen Levine on CNN [8], report that the fiery object followed a curving trajectory as it shot upwards toward TWA 800. There is simply no phenomena other than the firing of a missile that can explain all the details reported by the witnesses who saw that luminous object streak toward TWA 800. When we also consider that TWA 800 wreck- age shows the signs of missile damage,[9] the real question is not was it a missile that hit TWA 800, but whose missile was it. TERRORISTS OR THE U.S. NAVY? While the number of "terrorist-missile theories" is greater than zero, the number of terrorists known to be in the area during the crash is zero. Military experts have shown that the probability that terrorists could even deploy the military hardware necessary to destroy TWA 800 with a missile is near zero. In sum, the terrorist- missile theory offers us a whole lot of nothing. In contrast to the terrorist-missile theory, the U.S. Navy (a) could deploy the military hardware necessary to take out TWA 800, (b) did deploy assets to the area that were both below and above TWA 800 when it was hit, and (c) did activate warning zones near TWA 800 for military exercises and live-firings. TWA 800 even changed course to avoid an active naval-warning zone moments before it was hit. Unlike the terrorist theory, the Navy- missile theory is overflowing with evidence. THE NAVY SHUFFLE It is common for the guilty to try to deny the facts that place them at the scene of the crime or accident. The U.S. military tried to deny the fact that it was at the scene of the TWA 800 accident. On July 23, 1996, Department of Defense spokesman Kenneth Bacon told the press: I'm not aware [that] there were any military exercises in the area. I've been told by the Joint [Chiefs of] Staff that there were not. [10] Yet after eight months of such denials, the Navy finally admitted that naval exercises were taking place off Long Island at the time of the TWA 800 accident. [11] The Navy also admitted that they had three submarines off Long Island in the ocean below TWA 800. [11] We know that there were at least 8 military assets in the area of the TWA 800 accident: 1. NAVY: The ALBUQUERQUE, attack sub 2. NAVY: The TREPANG, attack sub 3. NAVY: The WYOMING, ICBM sub 4. NAVY: P-3 Orion aircraft 5. NAVY: The NORMANDY, missile cruiser 6. USCG: The ADAK, CG patrol boat 7. NYANG: HC-130 aircraft 8. NYANG: HH-60 helicopter Every asset except the Adak has either (a) been denied to exist or (b) had its reported location at the time of the TWA 800 accident changed by the military. For example, while shuffling around crash-time locations for months, the military placed 4 of its assets in 11 locations: The Navy-missile-cruiser Normandy was: 1. 180 miles away [12] 2. 185 miles away [13] 3. over 200 miles away [11] The Navy P-3 Orion aircraft was: 1. 15 miles to the south [14] 2. about 1 mile southwest [15] 3. 3,700 feet below TWA 800 [16] 4. 7,000 feet above TWA 800 [15] The ANG C-130 aircraft was: 1. 10 miles offshore [17] 2. flying along the coast [18] The ANG HH-60 helicopter was: 1. 10 miles offshore at 3,000 feet doing search and rescue practice.[1] 2. 3 miles inland at 100 feet doing practice landings. [19] Are we to believe that with as many as nine military radar systems blanketing the area [20] it would take months for the military to figure out where it was? The pattern of location shifting has been to move military assets further away from the accident than initially reported or further than was eventually discovered, as in the case of the P-3, which tapes proved was more than 10x closer to TWA 800 than once claimed. If the denial of evidenced proximity to the crime scene is evidence of culpability, then, since multiple instances of military proximity to TWA 800 have been denied by the military, the evidence that the mili- tary is culpable in the downing of TWA 800 is significant. The fact that not only assets but military exercises were denied, makes this evidence compelling. CONNECTING THE DOTS TWA 800 researcher Tom Shoemaker recently discovered documents showing that both the New York Air National Guard and the Navy were engaged in a large-scale exercise called "Global Yankee '96" taking place off shore between July 16 and 26, 1996.[20] Shoemaker's findings confirm the claim of TWA 800 researcher James Sanders that the Navy and the ANG were working together at the time of the accident. [21] While the fact that ANG pilots reported what they saw would seem to contradict the possibility of their culpability, it is clear that the ANG is not being forth- right about the locations of ANG assets at crash time.[18,URL] It should also be noted that ANG co-pilot Baur never said what he saw when he had the chance to at a press conference after the crash; that Major Meyer suggested first and foremost that TWA 800 was hit by a meteorite; and that Stratemeier suggested it was hit by a terrorist-style missile, then suddenly claimed he saw nothing. If the Navy and/ or the ANG are guilty, then the ANG pilot responses would be predictable misleads. One year after the fiery demise of TWA 800, the Navy-missile theory not only remains superior to all other TWA 800 theories, but is stronger than ever. REFERENCES on Prouty dot org: [1] AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY: Terrorist Fears Deepen With 747's Destruction. E.Phillips, P.Mann (7/22/96) p.20. [2] AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY: ANG Eyewitnesses Reject Missile Theory. David Fulghum, July 29, 1996, page 32. [3] AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY: ANG Pilot: Jet Hit by Object. By David Fulghum, March 10, 1997. [4] New York Air National Guard, 106th Rescue Wing press conference, July 18, 1996. [5] ELEFTHEROTYPIA. Greece, August 23, 1996. Article by Aris Hatzigeorgiou. http[colon]//www enet gr [6] Report of TWA 800 witness Sven Faret: http[colon]// [7] http[colon]// [8] CNN: TWA 800 witness Naneen Levine illustrates missile trajectory: http[colon]//www[dot]erols[dot]com/igoddard/levine[dot]htm [9] Debris: http[colon]//www[dot]erols[dot]com/igoddard/crash[dot]htm [10] Department of Defense press conference, July 23, 1996: http[colon]//[dot]html [11] NEWSDAY: TWA Probe: Submarines Off LI. By R.E. Kessler, 03/22/97. http[colon]//www[dot]newsday[dot]com/jet/cras0322[dot]htm [12] ASSOCIATED PRESS: Missile Attack a Favorite of Conspiracy Theorists. 09/03/96. [13] ASSOCIATED PRESS: Document Says Navy Hit TWA Plane. By Jocelyn Noveck, 11/08/96. [14] NEWSDAY: The Story So Far. By Craig Gordon, Lima Pleven, 08/20/96. http[colon]//www[dot]newsday[dot]com/jet/jemyst20[dot]htm [15] ASSOCIATED PRESS: FBI Says Mystery Blip on Radar Tape is Unarmed Navy Reconnaissance Plane. 03/21/97. [16] THE NEW AMERICAN: What Really Happened to TWA 800? By W. Jasper, 10/14/96. [17] NYANG says that the C-130 was in the area JAWS: http[colon]//www[dot]infoshop[dot]com/106rescue/html/twa800-pres/sld002[dot]html NYANG rep. James Finkle says JAWS is 10 miles offshore: http[colon]//www[dot]webexpert[dot]net/rosedale/twacasefile/jolly14[dot]html [18] NYANG rep. James Finkle says the C-130 was not in JAWS: http[colon]//www[dot]webexpert[dot]net/rosedale/twacasefile/jolly14[dot]html [19] In [1] the HH-60 is reported to have been offshore with the C-130, which the ANG says was in JAWS ten miles offshore, but then suddenly the HH-60 was moved over Gabreski Airport: http[colon]//www[dot]webexpert[dot]net/rosedale/twacasefile/jolly14[dot]html I called AVIATION WEEK and was told that it was an NYANG representative who told them that the HH-60 was offshore. I was told that the NYANG rep. read the off shore 3,000 ft altitude location straight from Major Meyer's report. [20] http[colon] //www[dot]webexpert[dot]net/rosedale/twacasefile/newsfour[dot]html Visit these pages and copy their contents: http //www[dot]ang[dot]af[dot]mil/angrc-xo/xoom/aargy96[dot]htm 8898b9 http[colon]//www[dot] rl[dot] af[dot]mil/Lab/C3/current-events/gy_rap1[dot]jpg [21] The Downing of TWA Flight 800. By James Sanders, 1997. http //www prouty org/800 html Progressive Review dot com 2014 TWA 800 The Progressive Review Archives [retrieved 07/04/2017] Excerpt: 2014-Australian 60 minutes video. Because the American corporate media has tacitly agreed not to talk about such matters, we missed an important video on the TWA 800 crash that was part of an Australian 60 Minutes program last fall. The TWA 800 crash, of all the government-related unsolved mysteries of the past few decades, has the most compelling evidence of a government coverup. In this video, one of the investigators supports this thesis with new evidence. The two best guesses about the TWA 800 disaster are that the plane was brought down either by a terrorist missile or by one accidentally launched by the American military. As we approach two decades since the incident, the failure of any foreign group to take credit adds force to the view that it was a major government coverup of its own mistake. http //prorev com/twa800 htm U USA Today 2016/07/10 20-year anniversary TWA Flight 800 https //www usatoday com/story/news/nation/2016/07/10/20-year-anniversary-twa-flight-800/86918434/ W What Really Happened dot com http //www whatreallyhappened com/RANCHO/CRASH/TWA/twa php#axzz4ln9bEHK1 WND 2016/08 Believe TWA Flight 800 stories pilots don’t http //www wnd com/2016/08/believe-twa-flight-800-story-pilots-dont/ Updates: 202/02/12 some editing, incl. deactivating links, PAGE STARTED-TWA 800 in past 30-60 days, moved to PF from rivergold dot net
TWA 800
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