Cons-Piracy (PSY-23)
CONTEXTUAL (PSY) Proudly, this website is a conspiracy website, because it often reveals and fights Cons Piracy. Conspire’s Ways Conspiracy = Cons-Piracy. Normally the breakdown of the term conspiracy is con spire. We are thwarting the rules here by changing it to cons piracy - a pirating by con artists and worse. One immediate example that comes to mind is the heist part of 9/11 in which a lot of things were stolen at the same time as the traumatic disaster. Also things are manipulated through fake news, denial, repackaging a narrative, distractions or camouflage. Examples are given their own headings below SOCIAL JUSTICE Another example is things related to civil rights or social justice which might have a couple of tiers - the original real or alleged civilian portion (the actual people who felt slighted or injured) and the large-scale group organization portion. An example is settlement slush funds, mentioned in the Funding section. Another is the massive social justice related donations to similar groups as were awarded by the settlement slush funds. Another is other types of civil rights lawsuits which use networked state attorney generals and similar political or justice related leaders, using the same kinds of language and ideation. FUND REDIRECTS Money is redirected to the same types of groups, in other words, under a phony sense of justice for civil rights related harm. It is all an organized conspiracy. Another way to put it is that the same types of players have a gig going. The sleight of hand is not so much that they are doing it, but in the set of systems which recreate the massive theft and unfair practices in the United States when we all should know better as to how to stop this sort of thing and prevent it from happening time and again. What part of the puzzle are we missing? Updates: 2023/03/13; 2021/05/15 editing, additions; PAGE STARTED Cons-Piracy week of 2021/05/10 and was moved from River Gold rivergold dot net
Related Topics Definition Contextual Social Justice Fund Redirects ----------------------------------------------------------------------- RELATED TOPICS Gaslighting, Softening, Fixation of Points DEFINITION Originally, the word conspiracy means: The Free Dictionary definition of conspire http //www thefreedictionary com/conspired Excerpt: verb 1. to plan or agree on (a crime or harmful act) together in secret 2. (intr) to act together towards some end as if by design: the elements conspired to spoil our picnic. [C14: from Old French conspirer, from Latin conspīrāre to plot together, literally: to breathe together, from spīrāre to breathe]From Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014….quoted on the website listed below http //www thefreedictionary com/conspired
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