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TAPS Tune Trumpet Call-CBS 2020/05/22 Veteran trumpet and bugle players discuss the power of playing "Taps" [which] is a uniquely American melody that inspires both hope and sorrow in its listeners. As Memorial Day approaches, Steve Hartman spoke with veteran trumpet and bugle players to discuss the enchantment behind the tune on this week's "On the Road." https://www.cbsnews.com/video/veteran-trumpet-and- bugle-players-discuss-the-power-of-playing-taps/#x Bagpipes (this instrument evokes soulful feelings while playing Taps) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tveUnZe7WA Meaning Taps usually refers to the following: " Taps " is a bugle call played at 2100 hrs (9 pm at night in normal or standard time) during flag ceremonies and at military funerals by the United States Armed Forces Context Applied Here On this website Taps applies to military and/or civilian deaths in this context: people who died on assignment in duties or on the job; combat veterans, National Guards persons, police, federal agents During: combat duty overseas stateside assistance activities police work state or federal agent work private contractor workers who were working for US safety related interests It also applies to: victims of police abuses, which resulted in deaths (like women who were targeted, emotionally challenged) victims of military personnel abuses which resulted in deaths victims of child abuse homicides History Don’t take on faith any one story of Taps origins, but here is a version: History of the Melody Taps “,…the haunting melody of this tune evokes the honor, dignity and esteem our nation and its citizens feel these fallen warriors have earned.” Funeral Help Center dot com https://www.funeralhelpcenter.com/the-origin-and- meaning-of-taps Written by a Civil War Union general, Daniel Butterfield, played and reworked with and by young bugler named Norton - general replaced existing regulation tune with this one In July 1862, during the U.S. Civil War, Brigadier General Daniel Butterfield summoned his brigade’s bugler, 22-year- old Oliver Wilcox Norton, to his camp tent in Harrison’s Landing, Virginia, following a particularly brutal and bloody battle. Butterfield disliked the formality of the existing “to extinguish lights” bugle call and asked Norton to play the notes Butterfield had “written in pencil on the back of an envelope.” After reworking the tune — “Lengthening some notes and shortening others, but retaining the melody as he first gave it to me,” according to Norton later — the Union general felt satisfied with the result and instructed his bugler to substitute the new version for the existing regulation bugle call henceforth. According to Norton three decades later (August 1898), after he played this new version of “Taps,” other buglers from surrounding Union camps heard the melody and asked for copies of the tune. Gradually, as other commanding officers authorized the use of this new version, “Taps” as we know it today spread throughout the U.S. military. https://www.funeralhelpcenter.com/the-origin-and- meaning-of- taps/#:~:text=The%20Origin%20and%20Meaning%20of%20 %E2%80%9CTaps%E2%80%9D%201%20New,the%20U.S.%20.. .%203%20Lyrics%20for%20%E2%80%9CTaps%E2%80%9D.%2 0
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2007 Bacevich Jr. Andy Mass. o 05 /13/ 2007, 27 o Army, 1st Cav. Div. o Iraq - Salah Ad Din Province - IED o son of Boston Univ. Prof 2006 Blohm, Alan R.,AK o 12/31/2006 Yazzie,Clifton o 01/19/2006 o 101st Airborne, IED 2006-2007 Marines - Iraq-Anbar, 1st & 3rd Divisions, incl Haditha Triad 2/3, 3/3 Adkins, Dustin TN o 12/03/2006 o Drowning-Heli, 2/3 Aguirre, Anthony TX o 02/26/2007 o Haqlaniyah 2/3 o IED pressure plate, 2/3 Alonzo, Joshua TX o 11/22/2006, Age 21 o IED, wired, Humvee o Haqlaniyah Bonnie-D o w/Davenport, Warren Aguilar Jr, Andres TX o 04/02/2006, Rollover o Near Al Asad, 3/3 Booth, Joshua VA o 10/17/2006 Brown, Donald S. NJ o 10/25/2006 Brown, Timothy W. CA o 11/14/2006, IED Chaires, Daniel FL o 10/25/2006, Age 20 o killed in combat Chamoreun, James GA o 09/28/2006, 20 o Iraq-Asad, IED o Haditha Triad o 2/3 Radio Operator Clark, Matthew W. Missouri o 12/14/2006, Age 22 o IED, Haditha T. 2/3 o Combat Injuries, also killed was Luke Yepsen Christoff, David OH o 05/22/2006 o Haditha Triad, 3/3 Conboy, Adam PA o 5/12/2006 Conte, Matthew FL o 02/01/2007 o Navy, hospital corpsman o IED Davenport, James R. o 11/22/2006 Age 20 o IED Davis III, Edward IL o 04/28/2006 Dominguez, Jose Marin Elliott, Terry o Air Force, Marine landing o IED, Haditha Triad, 2/3 Ellis, Joseph o 2007/02/07 o Helped 2/3 o Jump CP Exped. Unit BLT-2/4 o Suicide bomb, Haditha T. o Sgt. Major very near retirement-weeks away o Saved Lives Jumped Suicide attacker o Parcell also died Estrella, Michael CA o 06/14/2006 Age 20 o Killed by sniper Evans, Kermit MS o 12/08/2006 o Support Unit 2/3 o Haditha Triad o Drowning at Dam Gonzalez, Christopher N AZ o 05/15/2007, 25 Gonzalez, Mario o IED o Haditha Triad-2/3 Hardy, Brandy Leusink, William Lueken, EricKoehler, Gary o Support Unit 2/3 o Haditha Triad o Was Sniper McCloud, Josseph o Heli Drowning Dam o Haditha Triad, 2/3 Miller, Ryan Monroe, Daniel o Haditha Triad, Morris, Daniel o Haditha Triad, 2/3 o Grenade Morris, Stephen o IED, Haditha Triad o Age 21 Lea, Mi Parcell, Jennifer o Suicide Bomb Riviere, Christopher o Haqlaniyah 11/26/2006 o Haditha Triad 2/3 o Bullet from Sniper o On his 21st Birthday Sandvick Monroe o 10/8/2006, Age 20 Scholl, Michael NE o 11/14/2006, Age 21 o Haditha - IED Scott, Jeremy Scherer,Christopher G. NY o 07/24/2007 Stephen, Morris Sticklen, Joshua C. VA o 12/3/2006, Age 24 o helicopter crash on Lake Qadisiyah-Drowning Warner, Heath OH o IED wired, in Humvee, Haqlaniyah, see Alonzo o Haditha Triad, 2/3 o 2006/11/22 Age 19 West, Jeromy CA o Sniper Attack, 2/3 o 2006/11/25, Age 20 o Haditha Triad, Albu Hyatt Ramadi 2007 Patriquin, Travis 2006 Monsoor, Michael A. also in Navy, Med of Honor line top of page, alpha list o 2006/09/29 2007-2008 Army - Iraq Task Force Marne 1 & 2 3rd Infantry Division Burress, Richard B. FL o IED - Rte. Shelby o Jabour, 2-BCT o 2008/01/19 Carver, Cody M. OK o IED, small arms fire o Baghdad area NW of Salman Bak 3-BCT o Also killed McCall o 2007/01/30 Chism, Johnathan LA o Abducted from the gov’s office in sneak attack o Also killed after abduction Fritz, Falter, Millican o Karbala-4-BCT o 2007/01/20 Falter, Shawn P. NY o Abducted-see Chism o Karbala-4-BCT o 2007/01/20 Fritz, Jacob N. NE o Abducted - see Chism o Karbala-4-BCT o 2007/01/20 Jenkins, Rush M. TN o IED, see Carver o 2007/10/30 McCall, Daniel L. o IED, see Carver o 2007/10/31 Millican, Johnathan M. AL o Abducted - see Chism o 2007/01/20 Falter, Shawn P. NY o Abducted - see Chism o 2007/01/20 Freeman, Brian S CA o Mortar, smalls-arms fire o Karbala, 412th Civil Affairs Battalion o 2007/01/20 Fritz, Jacob N. o See Carver o 2007/01/20 Hicks Jr, Glenn D. TX o IED, small arms fire o Also killed Ornsby- Adkins, Spencer o Baghdad SE of/Salman Pak, 3-BCT o 2007/04/28 Ornsby-Adkins Jay, D.H. o IED - see Hicks Jr o 2007/04/28 Raudenbush, Nathan R. PA o IED - his vehicle hit o Army, 4BCT, Captain o Baghdad o 2008/02/20 Spencer, Cole E. IL o IED - see Hicks Jr o 2007/04/28 2005 Lyle Cambridge o 07/23/2005 o IED near Humvee Marcelino R. Corniel<, CA o 12/31/2005 Hines, Derek S. o 9/1/2005 25 o Afghanistan Jonathan R. Pfender, IN o 12/30/2005 Shawn Christopher Dostie ME o 12/30/2005 2005-2006 Army - Iraq Triangle of Death Avery, Garrison C. TN, NE o 2/10/2006 Age 23 o IED near HMMWV Babineau, David , Mass. o 101st Airb-502nd o Small arms fire at checkpt 6/16/2006, Menchaca and Tucker abducted. DUSTWUN - later found dead o 2006/6/18 Age 25 Biggers, Ethan . OH o Shot 03/2005, Coma o 101st Airborne, 502nd o 2/24/2007 Age 22 Britt, Benjamin. TX o 101st Airborne, 502nd o IED, w/ Lopez-Felic o 2005/12/22 Age 24 Bustamante, Marlon . NY o IED w/Avery, Viglienz. o 101st Airborne, 502nd o 2006/2/01 Age 25 Casica,Kenith VA o TCP2 - surprise pistol (9 mm) shooting of both Casica and Nelson by local male who’d been friendly before o 2005/12/10Age 32 Fegler, Jason VA o 11/4/2005 Age 24 o see Info Fegler Hunter,Matthew VA o 01/2006 Age 31 o Army, 101st, 5012nd o IED- dismounted patrol Kubik, Brian TX o 8/05/2006 Age 20 Lopez-Feliciano, William o Puerto Rico, Age 33 Tyler MacKenzie, CO o IED o 2005/11/2 Age 20 Mason, Johnnie TX o IED o 2005/12/19 Age 32 Menchaca, Kristian TX o Abduction, brutal o encountered enemy small-arms fire while manning a checkpoint during combat operations. Kristian and another soldier, PFC Thomas Tucker, were taken by enemy forces and another soldier was killed. Their bodies were recovered 3 days later. o 2006/06/19 Age 23 Munger, Joshua Missouri o Age 22 Nelson, Travis L. AL o Small arms fire Baghdad o Armyu 101st Airborne o killed with Casica o 2005/12/10, Age 41 Owens, Anthony Chad SC o Grenades, small arms o Iraq-Baghdad o Army 101st Airb.-502 o 2006/02/01 Age 21 Russell, Blake H. TX o Enemy munitions while searching possible mortar cache o 2006/07/22, Age 35 o Smith, Benjamin WI Bomb blast w/2 others Army, 101 Airb- 502 2005/1/2, Age 21 o Tucker, Thomas OR Small arms fire at ckpt, abduction Army 101 Airb- 502 est 2005/6/19 Age 25 o Viglienzone, Caesar CA- HI 2006/2/1/Age 21 IED neaer Humvee o Waits, Mich. IED near Humvee Army 101 airb - 502 2006/04/13 Age 23
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LIGHTS OUT In many ways this website is a memorial to the pains and struggles of the American people which ended in the ultimate sacrifice which often included a tragic death. The ethos, sense of commemoration, and interchange between life and death is marked from routine to the great unknown. That is, the order of regular drill followed by descent into sleep during life, as well as the much more dramatic transition when the body expires, all relate powerfully to the story of our lives - the ticking of the clock, then the great expulsion into the unknown. But there are also human relationships which add meaning and provide a sense of companionship, enjoyment or interest. They often teach us something, provide insight, add context and perspective, or expand our horizons. ------------------------- Most of the memorials here are linked to combat related deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other parts of the Middle East or Africa. For over two decades, this has largely been a quiet war of suffering and attrition for many of our military people and their families, as well as a number of governmental civilian and defense contractor employees. It is important to never discount or forget any American or allied person’s struggles, pain and death, regardless of era or combat zone. For example, you see on this website brief article clips commemorative of a sampling of American combat veterans who were in various Iraqi, Afghanistan or other war zones, as well as police officers killed on duty. The music of Taps is an important call to the soul reminding of these intricate connections. The point is, many of the American people have suffered. Let us give the American people their due. Crying parents, grandparents, spouses, significant others, children and grandchildren when loved ones don’t come home. The ongoing ache of what could have been. The hole that is left in our lives. The missing of the companionship, sound of the voice, particular personality. The sense of the wasted quality of a person, knowing that person’s real worth, like the adult life just getting started, or the years of gathered education and experience for the older ones, both snuffed out in a moment. Let us learn from our mistakes and build on our strengths. Let us encourage a more nurturing Amer ica. Let’s give Americans opportunities and benefits which will positively acknowledge the efforts to date. Let us provide words and actions which respect and honor us, not tear us down, and which will improve and secure a better future.
------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRAYER May a Higher Power be present here as love, healing, and wisdom for these and all Americans killed in combat zones across time and space. Such prayer is respectfully submitted in such a way to honor each individual’s belief system in these matters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEMORIAL FUNDS Aaron Butler Conboy Benjamin Hines Derek Hines Pat Tillman Conboy moved to Past Memorial Funds - but kept here because PF thinks what was attempted is on the mark. The Ben Hines Foundation Staff Sergeant Benjamin S. Hines, 31, originally from York, Pennsylvania, was killed in action on April 8th, 2019 while conducting combat operations in Parwan Province, Afghanistan in support of Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. With this foundation, we strive to do just that and to support those who share Ben’s passions of: Family, Patriotism, Faith, and Education. Help us keep Ben’s legacy alive… https://thebenhinesfoundation.org/about- 3/?msclkid=4c5d6227c49511ec81a35b5f362a8bd9 Derek Hines Fund https://derekhinesfund.com/about-the-soldiers-assistance- fund/ The 1st Lieutenant Derek Hines Soldiers Assistance fund intends to provide financial assistance for Massachusetts’ soldiers, and their families, who have incurred serious, career ending, and life altering injuries while on active duty. Pat Tillman Foundation https://pattillmanfoundation.org/?msclkid=5495c172c49611ecbf 292c3bed326c83 The Pat Tillman Foundation identifies remarkable military service members, veterans and spouses, empowering them with academic scholarships, lifelong leadership development opportunities and a diverse, global community of high- performing mentors and peers. These scholars are making an impact as they lead through action in the fields of healthcare, business, public service, STEM, education and the humanities. With your help, we empower: Active duty service members Veterans Military spouses Thanks to you, Tillman Scholars are making an impact in the United States and around the world. Aaron Butler Kivitv dot com Idaho 6 News 2021/08/14 Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run brings the community together to remember the fallen https://www.kivitv.com/news/aaron-butler-memorial- purple-heart-run-brings-the-community-together-to- remember-the-fallen. By Steve Dent https://www.msn.com/en- us/video/peopleandplaces/aaron-butler-memorial- purple-heart-run-brings-the-community-together/vi- AANkazR?category=foryou [Note- watch the video to gain full intended effect] The Aaron Butler Memorial Foundation makes it their mission to put together social events that help the public understand veterans and get to know the warfighting minority. The race also features local law enforcement as we saw Kevin Holtry cross the finish line in a Grit wheelchair, Holtry and other Boise Police officers were injured in a shooting five years ago when they were chasing a fugitive, police dog Jardo lost his life in the incident. SUPPORT Taps Group Tragedy Assistance Program For Survivors (TAPS) Is … www.taps.org Nov 30, 2021 · The Impact TAPS Made in 2020. TAPS provides an array of programs, comfort, and resources for the families of the fallen. As the world faced a global pandemic, TAPS opened our hearts and 27 years of knowledge to share resources and tools with the world. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/06/politics/us-military-deadly- accidents/index.html MEMORIALS Operation Iraqi Freedom Memorial https://warmemorialcenter.org/operation-iraqi-freedom- memorial/?msclkid=bb15bd2cc49c11ecb5e8c01ebb907a28 PAST MEMORIAL FUNDS [Note from PF 2022/5/2: Seems promising, like a good template, like a good way to go--Adam Conboy Memorial Fund and Operation Bedding - moved to Past Memorials - as far as I can tell, this was a strong source of assistance for soldiers, but sadly fizzled for lack of funding - if anyone has other information of its activity, please let Police Factor know https://adamconboymemorialfund.blogspot.com/?msclkid=00c fc8c6c30611eca0d8d42239d78e0a Lance Corporal Adam C. Conboy AUGUST 09,1984- MAY 12, 2006 Our mission is to send some of the comforts of home to those who so diligently watch over and protect us. 7 years after soldier’s death, Operation Bedding disbands By Carrie Hagen for Newsworks || MAY 10, 2013 Mary Conboy’s children aren’t the only ones she’ll be receiving cards from this Mother’s Day weekend. Since 2007, soldiers across America have shown their support for the Roxborough mother of seven on the holiday that also commemorates her oldest son’s death. Her son, Adam Conboy, died while serving as a Marine lance corporal in Iraq in 2006. He passed away two days before Mother’s Day. To honor her son’s memory, Conboy quickly founded Operation Bedding, a nonprofit organization that has sent more than 12,000 packages of blankets, socks, pillows, snacks and more to service men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past seven years. This year, due to a lack of financial donations, the organization was forced to shut down. MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to enhance the quality of life to all military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan by sending the comforts of home to their remote locations. Our items of comfort include but are not limited to pillows, sheets, socks, snacks and other daily necessities.. Operation Bedding, founded in 2006, has sent nearly 10,000 boxes of supplies overseas. We are funded solely through the efforts and generosity of private citizens and corporate giving. In addition, we are 501(c)3 and are tax deductible. SUPPLIES WE NEED * socks, * foot powder, * bug spray, * wash cloths, * baby wipes * shaving cream, * razors, * tooth brushes, * toothpaste * packets of tuna (no cans), * slim jims, * power bars * moisture lotion, * hard candy, * gum, * sheets (new - twin only) * beef jerky, * eye drops Items may be dropped of at: The Review Newspaper 6220 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19128 [Note from PF on 2022/5/2: this might no longer be current] https://adamconboymemorialfund.blogspot.com/
2021 August 26 Afghanistan Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing Connell, James David Jr Espinoza, David L. TX o Marines, Age 20 Hoover, Darin T. UT o Marines, Age 31 Gee, Nicole CA o Marines, Age 23 Knauss, Ryan C. TN o Army, Age 23 Lopez, Hunter CA o Marines, Age 22 McCollum, Rylee WY o Marines, Age 20 Nikoui, Kareem M. o Marines, Age 20 Merola, Dylan R. CA o Marines, Age 20 Page, Daegan NE o Marines, Age 23 Rosariopichardo, Johanny Mass. o Marines, Age 25 Sanchez, Humberto IN o Marine, Age 22Schmitz, Jared Missouri o Marines, Age 20 Soviak, Maxton W. OH o Navy Hospitalman, Age 22 2020 Covarrubias, Juan Miguel Mendez o 03 11, 2020 Gillon, Brodie UK o 03/11/2020 Mayfield, Henry Jr, o 01/05/20, Hazel Crest o Kenya al-Shabab attack Navas, Moises A. MD o 03/08/2020 o Marine-tunnel clearing death Pongo, Diego P. CA o 03/08/2020 o Marine-tunnel clearing death Roberts, Marshal OK o 03//11/2020 2019 Ard, Dustin o 08/29/2019 o Afghanistan-Zabul Prov. o 1st Special Forces Grp Beale, Joshua Z VA o 01/22/2019 Collette, Joseph P. OH, CO o 03/22/2019; o Operation Freedom’s Sentinel; o Kunduz province, Afghanistan, o 242nd Ordnance Battalion, 71st Explosive Ordnance Group. o Purple Heart, the Combat Action Badge and the Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge. o Green Beret from Cortez, Colorado Fort Carson, Colorado connection Deleon-Figuero, Luis F. o 08/22/2019, Age 31 o Afghanistan-Faryab Prov. Fuchigami Jr., Kirk T. HI o 11/20/2019, Age 25 o Afghanistan-Army pilot, crash Goble, Michael J. FL o 12/22/2019, Age 33 o Afghanistan-Kunduz roadside bomb o Special Forces Gonzalez, Jose o 08/21/2019, Age 35 o Afghanistan-Faryab Prov. o Special Forces Griffin, Jeremy TN o 09/17/2019, 40 o Afghanistan o Green Beret Hendriks, Robert A. NY o 04/08/2019 Hines, Benjamin S. PA o 04/08/2019 o Afghanistan-Parwan- VBIED Holmes, Miguel GA o 05/06/2019 o Army-Afghanistan Knadle, David C. TX o 11/20/2019, Age 33 o Afghanistan - helicopter crash o Chief Warrant Officer Kreischer, Brandon OH o 07/29/2019, Age 20 o Afghanistan-Kandahar Prov. Lindsay, Will D CO o 03/22/2019 o 33; Army; Kunduz province, Afghanistan 10th Special Forces Grp o Several awards incl. Purple Heart Meddock, Cameron A TX o 01/17/2019Johnston, James C NY o 06/27/2019, 24 o Afghanistan-Uruzgan Prov o explosive ordnance disp spec. Nance, Michael IL o 07/29/2019, Age 24 o Afghanistan-Kandahar Prov. Ortiz, Ellis o 09/06/2019, Age 34 o Afghanistan-Kabul o Paratrooper Riley, Micheal B. born in Germany o 06/25/2019 o Afghanistan-small arms fire o 10th Special Force Grp Airborne Robbins, Elliott J UT o 07/01/2019 non- combat o Afghanistan-Helmand Prov Sartor, James TX o 07/13/209 o Afghanistan-Faryab Prov o Special Forces Grp Airborne Slutman, Christopher NY 04/08/2019 Marines- Afghanistan-IED Wirtz, Scott 01/2019 o Former Navy Seal, Syria was civilian at time of suicide bomb 2018 Dunbar, Jonathan o Army, Delta Force in Syria o Friendly fire, Grenade accidentally went off- British Army Sgt. Matt Tonroe, a member of Britain's elite Special Air Service Regiment Black, Bryan WA o Age 35 o Niger Ambush w/ 3 others Johnson, La David FL o 2018 o Niger Ambush Wright, Dustin M. GA o 2018 Age 29 o Niger Ambush 2017 Butler, Aaron UT o 2017/08/16 Afghanistan o Special Forces engineer sergeant assigned to 19th Special Forces Grp (Airborne) Johnson, Jeremiah OH o 2017/10/04 Age 39 o hostile fire recon o 3rd Special Forces Grp Missildine, Alexander W. TX o 2017/10/01 Lee, Weston C. o Iraq, IED blast, 82nd Airborne o 2017/04/29, GA Owens, William "Ryan" IL o Yemen, Al-Qaeda attack o US Central Command o 2017/01/29 2016 Keating IV, Charles o Navy Seal o Iraq-Tel Askuf-Kurdish area o Killed by gunfire/hellish fight o 2016/05/13 Age 31 2015 Louis Bonacasa o Afghanistan, Suicide bomb-motorcycle, took impact, saved lives o 2015/12/21 2014 Wyatt Martin 12/12/14 o Army Afghanistan1st Cav Div o 22, IED, Engineer 2011 Hickman, David NC o 11/14/2011 o Army, 82nd Airborne Mills, Adrian G. GA o 09/29/2011, Age 23 o Iraq indir fire 27th MP Nelson, Travis M. FL o 08/18/2011, Age 19 o 2nd Marine Div Afghanistan - Helmand Prov-shot and killed Vincent, Dustin TX o 11/03/201`1, Age 25 o Army, 1st Infantry Div. o Enemy small arms fire 2010 Stultz , Gregory IN o 2010/02/19 o 3rd Marine Div., Afghanistan Kelly, Robert o 2010/11/09 Marine 1st Lt. Nov. stepped on a landmine o Helmand Prov., Afghanistan o Gen. John Kelly’s son 2009 Aamot, Aaron S. WA o IED Jelewar, Afghanistan o Army 5th Stryker Brig. Combat Team, 2nd Inf. Div. o 2009/11/5, Age 22 Johnston, Jason M. NY o IED; Afghanistan o Army inf. paratrooper o 2009/12/26 Age 24 Spino, Ronald J. o Shot - supply unloading o Herat, Afghanistan o Army medic o 2009/12/29 Age 45 2008 Gaffney Jr., Charles P. o Army-101st Airborne Div., enemy rocket fire o Afghanistan - Orgun-E o 2008/12/24 Haerter, Jordan o Iraq-Ramadi-like VBIED o Stood ground with Yale o 2008/04/22 Yale, Jonathan o Iraq-Ramadi-VBIED o Stood ground w/ Haerter o 2008/04/22
IN THIS SECTION see also: 1b-Articles 1a-Taps Memorial (here) Lights Out Taps o Tune Trumpet-CBS Bagpipe-Youtube o Meaning, Context o History Prayer Memorial Founds/Fund Support - ie, Taps Alpha Order Names Resources for Memorial
-------------------------------------- 2003 Navy Adams, Thomas Mullen o Helicopter crash over Persian Glf o Air Exchange Officer o w/ 6 others-in Royal Navy Sea King - Royal Navy 849 squad o 2003/03/22, CA Age 27 Johnson, Michael Vann o Naval Medical Center o 2003/03/25, Age 25 Moreno, David John o Naval Medical Center o 2003/07/17 2003 Navy Seals Johnson, Jeremiah OH o Age 39 Johnson, La David FL o Niger Ambush o 2018 Wright, Dustin M. GA o Nigher Ambush o 2018 Age 29 Keating IV, Charles o Navy Seal o Iraq-Tel Askuf-Kurdish area near Irbil, part of QRF rescue team sent in to help trapped American military advisers o Killed by gunfire in gruesome fight with ISIS o 05/13/2016, Age 31 Koch, Michael E. o Small arms fire, Iraq o Age 29
-------------------------------------- Navy or Navy Seals Benson, Darrik C. CA Bill, Brian R. Campbell, Christopher G. NC Day, Jared W. UT Douangdara,John NE Langlais, Louis J. Ratzlaff, Thomas A. Kraig M. Vickers Faas, John W. Houston, Kevin A. Mason, Matthew D. Stephen M. Mills Nicholas H. Null Robert J. Reeves, LA Robinson,Heath M. Mich. Strange, Michael J. PA Tumilson, Jon T. Iowa Vaughn, Aaron C. FL Workman, Jason R. UT o Age 32 Pittman, Jesse D. CA o Age 27 o Naval Special Warfare Spehar, Nicholas P. Minn. o Age 24 o Naval Special Warfare Hardy, Nathan H. o Age 29 o Iraq o Small arms fire o Extortion 17 o 30 American military servicemen and a U.S. military dog were killed when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter – call sign Extortion 17 – was shot down o 08/06/2011 o Afghanistan mountains o Extortion 17 tragedy- downed helicopter by RPGs o source- https://www.navysealmuseu m.org/extortion17 o the information below applies to the following: Kelsall, Jonas B. o Navy Seals
-------------------------------------- Navy Seals, Navy, Naval Medical Center Deaths 2017 Navy Owens, Ryan o Navy Seal, Yemen o 2017/01/29, Age 36 Milliken, Kyle o Navy Seal; Yemen o 2017, Age 38 o 2009 Navy Ryan "Biggles" Job WA, AZ o Seal Team 3, OIF injury o injury gunshot to weapon which sent splinters to head, esp. eyes, on 2006/08/02, Iraq o Marc Lee died shortly after Job sustained injury-apparently while providing cover fire for him to be medevac’d out death came unexpectedly after reconstruction surgery to eye socket three years later o 2009/09/24 Age 28 2006 Navy Lee, Marc Alan o Seal Team 3, OIF, Ramadi o Iraq, gunshot wound o 2006/08/02 OR CO Monsoor, Michael A. o 2006/09/29 o see Alpha List, Ramadi, Medal of Honor top of page Wilson, Nicolas NY o IED, Al Anbar Province, OIF o Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 3 o 2006/02/12, Age 25, 2005 Navy Macrum, Robert Douglas o USS Princeton o 2005/09/12 2004 Navy Briones, Pablito P. o Naval Medical Center o 2004/12/28, Age 22
2003 Army - Iraq Blanco, Ernesto M. TX o IED hit his vehicle o 2003/12/28 Age 28 Cuervo, Rey D. TX o IED hit his vehicle o 2003/12/28 Age 24 Haight, Charles G. AL o IED-convoy struck Piestewa, Lori Ann o Ambush near Nasiriyah o 2003/03/23 Sutter, Michael J. IL o IED o 2003/12/26 Age 28
RESOURCES Various books on Iraq and Afghanistan wars - see Iraq/Books Most of Marines 2/3, 3/3 from Ed Darack’s The Warriors of Anbar (2019) https://www.archives.gov/research/military/vietnam-war/electronic-records.html https://www.cmohs.org/ https //www.defense.gov/casualty.pdf https://greenberetfoundation.org/memorial https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki https://thefallen.militarytimes.com/ https://valor.militarytimes.com/hero/3652 https://www.findagrave.com/ hopeunseen.com/stories-of-hope/fallen-classmate-first-lieutenant-derek-s-hines/ https://www.soc.mil/Memorial%20Wall/bios/niger/Johnson_Jeremiah.pdf#:~:text=Sgt.%201st%20Class%20Jeremiah%20W.%20Johns on%2C%20a%20chemical%2C,enlisted%20in%20the%20U.S.%20Army%20in%20October%202007. https://www.travismanion.org/fallen-heroes/1st-lt-robert-m-kelly-usmc/ ALPHA ORDER LIST *A* Adams, Thomas Mullen; 2003/03/22, CA; Age 27, Air Exchange Officer to the Royal Navy 849 Squad Helicopter collisions w/ 6 others-illed in a Royal Navy Sea King helicopter crash over the Persian Gulf Ard, Dustin 08/29/2019; Afghanistan-Zabul Prov.; 1st Special Forces Grp Avery, Garrison C. Triangle of Death-Iraq-2005-2006; TN, NE; 2/10/2006 Age 23; IED near HMMWV *B* Babineau, David Triangle of Death-Iraq-2005-2006; Mass.; 6/18/2006 Age 25; 101st Airborne-502nd; Attack by small arms fire at checkpoint on 06/16/2006, Menchaca and Tucker abducted DUSTWUN later found dead Beale, Joshua Z VA; 01/22/2019 Biggers, Ethan Triangle of Death-Iraq-2005-2006; OH; 2/24/2007 Age 22; 101st Airborne, 502nd; Shot 03/2005, Coma Black, Bryan WA Blanco, Ernesto M. TX Blohm, Alan R.,AK; 12/31/2006; Yazzie,Clifton; 01/19/2006; 101st Airborne, IED Bonacasa, Louis 12/21/2015 NY Briones, Pablito P. ; 12/28/2004, Age 22; Naval Medical Center Britt, Benjamin Triangle of Death-Iraq-2005-2006; TX 12/22/2005 Age 24; 101st Airborne, 502nd; IED, killed w/ Lopez-Felic. Bustamante, Marlon . NY; 2/01/2006, Age 25; 101st Airborne, 502nd; IED, killed w/Avery, Viglienz. *C* Campbell Jr., Anthony C.; KY; 2009/12/15; IED; Helmand Prov., Afghan.; Air Force; Tech Sgt; 932nd Civil Engineer Squadron Casica, Kenith Triangle of Death-Iraq-2005-2006; VA; 12/10/2005 Age 32;TCP2 - surprise pistol (9 mm) shooting of both Casica and Nelson by local male who’d been friendly before Connell, James David Jr Afghanistan Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing-2021/08/26 Collette, Joseph P. OH, CO; 03/2019; Operation Freedom’s Sentinel; Kunduz province, Afghanistan, 242nd Ordnance Battalion, 71st Explosive Ordnance Group. Purple Heart, the Combat Action Badge and the Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge. Green Beret from Cortez, Colorado., Fort Carson, Colorado connection Covarrubias, Juan Miguel Mendez 03 11, 2020 *D* Deleon-Figuero, Luis F.; 08/22/2019, Age 31; Afghanistan-Faryab Prov. *E* Ellis, Joseph, 02/07/2007; Sergeant Major; near retirement; saved lives -jumped suicide attacker; 2/4’s Jump CP ; [Anbar-Marines]; Espinoza, David L. Afghanistan Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing-2021/08/26 TX Marines, Age 20 *F* Fegler, Jason Triangle of Death-Iraq-2005-2006; VA; 11/4/2005 Age 24; see Info Fegler Fuchigami Jr., Kirk T. HI; 11/20/2019, Age 25; Afghanistan-Army pilot, crash *G* Gaffney Jr., Charles P. ; 12/24/2008;Army-101st Airborne Div., enemy rocket fire; Afghanistan - Orgun-E Gee, Nicole Afghanistan Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing-2021/08/26 CA Marines, Age 23 Gillon, Brodie UK 03/11/2020 Goble, Michael J. FL; 12/22/2019, Age 33; Afghanistan-Kunduz roadside bomb; Special Forces Gonzalez, Jose 08/21/2019, Age 35; Afghanistan-Faryab Prov.; Special Forces Griffin, Jeremy TN; 09/17/2019, 40; Afghanistan; Green Beret *H* Haerter, Jordan 04/22/2008; Iraq-Ramadi-like VBIED; Stood ground with Yale; Navy Cross Hardy, Nathan H. Age 29 Iraq Small arms fire, Navy Seals, 2003 [listed above in 2003 Navy Deals] Hendriks, Robert A. NY; 04/08/2019 Hickman, David NC; 11/14/2011; Army, 82nd Airborne Hines, Benjamin S. PA 04/08/2019; Afghanistan-Parwan-VBIED Holmes, Miguel GA 05/06/2019; Army-Afghanistan Hoover, Darin T. Afghanistan Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing-2021/08/26 UT Marines, Age 31 Hunter, Matthew Triangle of Death-Iraq-2005-2006; VA; 01/2006 Age 31; Army, 101st, 5012nd; IED- dismounted patrol *I* *J* Johnson, Jeremiah, Ohio, Age 39, Navy Seals, 2003,a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear specialist assigned to Group Support Battalion, [2003 Navy Seals] Johnson, La David , FL; 2018; Niger Ambush, Navy Seals, 2003 [2003 Navy Seals] Johnson, Michael Vann [listed above in 2003] Johnston, Jason M. [listed above in 2009]; 2009/12/26; Age 24; Army; IED; Afghanistan *K* Keating IV, Charles, 05/13/2016, Age 31, Iraq-Tel Askuf-Kurdish area near Irbil, part of QRF rescue team sent in to help trapped American military advisers, Killed by gunfire in gruesome fight with ISIS Navy Seals, 2003, Kelly, Robert 1st Lt. 2010 Nov. stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan Kelsall, Jonas B., 2003 Navy Seals, 08/06/2011 Afghan mtns, Extortion 17 tragedy helicopter downed by RPGs [listed above in 2003 Navy Seals] Knadle, David C. TX; 11/20/2019, Age 33; Afghanistan - helicopter crash; Chief Warrant Officer Koch, Michael E., Age 29, Iraq, Small arms fire Knauss, Ryan C. TN Army, Age 23 Kreischer, Brandon OH; 07/29/2019, Age 20; Afghanistan-Kandahar Prov. Kubik, Brian Triangle of Death-Iraq; TX; 8/05/2006 Age 20 *L* Lee, Marc Alan 2006/08/02, OR, CO Seal Team 3, OIF, Ramadi Iraq, gunshot wound Lindsay, Will D CO 03/22/2019; 33; Army; Kunduz province, Afghanistan 10th Special Forces Group Lopez-Feliciano, William; Triangle of Death-Iraq; Puerto Rico, Age 33; Tyler MacKenzie, CO; 11/2/2005 Age 20: IED Lopez, Hunter CA Marines, Age 22 *M* Mason, Johnnie Triangle of Death-Iraq; TX; 12/19/2005 Age 32; IED Mayfield, Henry Jr, 01/05/20, Hazel Crest Kenya al-Shabab attack McCollum, Rylee WY Marines, Age 20 McGinnis, Ross McGinnis 12/04/2006, PA Meddock, Cameron A TX; 01/17/2019Johnston, James C NY; 06/27/2019, 24; Afghanistan-Uruzgan Prov; explosive ordnance disp spec. Menchaca, Kristian Triangle of Death-Iraq; TX; 06/19/2006 Age 23; encountered enemy small-arms fire while manning a checkpoint during combat operations. Kristian and another soldier, PFC Thomas Tucker, were taken by enemy forces and another soldier was killed. Their bodies were recovered 3 days later. Merola, Dylan R. CA Marines, Age 20 Miller, Robert Afghanistan 2008 Med. Honor receipient Milliken, Kyle 2017, Age 38 Navy Seal Yemen Mills, Adrian G. GA; 09/29/2011, Age 23; Iraq indir fire 27th MP Monsoor, Michael A. 09/29/2006, Age 25 Seal Team 3, OIF, Ramadi pulled wounded teammate to safety under hostile enemy fire.- Med. Honor 5/9/2006-Saved Others; A Lemon Grove VFA is named in his honor. Saved Others, Med. of Honor [on top of page in brief lineup of a few Medal of Honor receipients; listed briefly in Navy 2006 and under Ramadi] Munger, Joshua Triangle of Death-Iraq; Missouri; Age 22 *N* Nance, Michael IL; 07/29/2019, Age 24; Afghanistan-Kandahar Prov. Navas, Moises A. MD 03/08/2020 Marine-tunnel clearing death Nelson, Travis L. Triangle of Death-Iraq; AL; 12/10/2005 Age 41; Army 101st Airborne; Iraq-Baghdad- enemy small arms fire, killed with Casica; [listed in Triangle of Death] Nelson, Travis M. FL; 08/18/2011, Age 19; 2nd Marine Div Afghanistan - Helmand Prov-shot and killed Nikoui, Kareem M. Afghanistan Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing-2021/08/26 Marines, Age 20 *O* Ortiz, Ellis 09/06/2019, Age 34; Afghanistan-Kabul; Paratrooper Owens, Anthony Chad Triangle of Death-Iraq; SC; 02/01/2006 Age 21; Iraq-Baghdad; grenades/small arms; Army 101st Airb.-502 Owens, Ryan 01/29/2017, Age 36 Navy Seal, Yemen *P* Page, Daegan Afghanistan Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing-2021/08/26 NE Marines, Age 23 Patriquin, Travis Ramadi, Iraq, 2007/12/06, IED , instrumental in Sunni Awakening/Sons of Iraq in Anbar Province Pongo, Diego P. CA 03/08/2020 Marine-tunnel clearing death *Q* *R* Riley, Micheal B. born in Germany; 06/25/2019; Afghanistan-small arms fire; 10th Special Force Grp Airborne Robbins, Elliott J UT 07/01/2019 non-combat; Afghanistan-Helmand Prov Roberts, Marshal OK 03//11/2020 Rosariopichardo, Johanny Afghanistan Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing-2021/08/26 Mass. Marines, Age 25 *S* Sartor, James TX 07/13/2019; Afghanistan-Faryab Prov; Special Forces Grp Airborne Slutman, Christopher NY 04/08/2019; Marines-Afghanistan-IED Sanchez, Humberto Afghanistan Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing-2021/08/26IN Marine, Age 22 Schmitz, Jared Missouri Marines, Age 20 Smith, Paul R. FL Iraq 2003/04/04 Battle at Saddam International Airport; Posthumous Medal of Honor Soviak, Maxton W. Afghanistan Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing-2021/08/26 OH Navy Hospitalman, Age 22 Spehar, Nicholas P. Minn.; Age 24; Naval Special Warfare unit [above in Navy or Navy Seals] Spino, Ronald J. ; 2009/12/29 Age 45; Shot while unloading supplies; Herat, Afghanistan; Army medic *T* Tumilson, Jon T. Iowa [above in Navy or Navy Seals] *U *V Vaughn, Aaron C. FL [listed above in Navy or Navy Seals] Vincent, Dustin TX ; 11/03/201`1, Age 25; Army, 1st Infantry Div.; Enemy small arms fire [listed above in 2011] *W* Wirtz, Scott 01/2019; Former Navy Seal, Syria was civilian at time of suicide bomb Waits, Waits, Mich.; 04/13/2006 Age 23; Army 101 airb -502; IED near Humvee Wilson, Nicolas 02/12/2006, Age 25, NY; IED, Al Anbar Province, OIF; Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 3 Workman, Jason R. UT; Age 32 [above in Navy or Navy Seals] Wright, Dustin M. GA 2018 Age 29 Nigher Ambush Navy Seals, 2003 *X-Y-Z Yale, Jonathan 04/22/2008 Iraq-Ramadi-VBIED Stood ground w/ Haerter; Navy Cross Yazzie,Clifton; 01/19/2006; 101st Airborne, IED Updates: 2022/11/27 added and corrected some material on Anbar area Haditha Triad Marines 2/3 and 3/3, cleaned up some overlap and dark font issues note: during Veterans Memorial I was rereading Darack’s The Warriors of Anbar and am rereading it yet again here on 11/26-27, please note that it was in this general time period that some of the most intense attacks by Al Qaeda in Iraq were happening, as the Awakening had pushed a lot of the remaining AQI into the Triad and these were among the fiercest of AQI, the first deaths started around Sept 26, 2006, there were many very young American males killed or injured, and an older person, Joseph Ellis from the 2/4 died a hero’s death rushing a suicide bomber, he was weeks away from retirement-the Iraqi IP in the Haditha Triad suffered horrendous losses and brutality during this time; the Marines of the 2/3 had fought in Afghanistan’s eastern mtns near Pakistan before coming to Iraq and were of Kaneohe, Hawaii; there are some things about counterinsurgency to be learned from this subject involving the Haditha Triad, for one thing, Darack indicates that area held up to the ISIS attacks later*; one of the things they did was create a berm and set up strict checkpoints with meticulous identification procedures/tech; they seem to have been restrained for the first half by Col. William “Blake” Crowe of RTC-7 who Darack indicates was micro-managing which lowered morale and kept them from doing some things that Tracy and others felt would have been helpful-this should be double-checked for accuracy; 2022/11/20 week of; 08/07 Smith, Paul R. - (2003 Iraq) added, editing and additions; in the Task Force Marne section; Raudenbush added; 2022/08/02; 2022/08/01; 2022/08/01; 2022/07/29-31 added Aaron Butler Found, general editing and additions; ; 2022/5/2; 2022/5/1; 2022/04/24; 2022/04-22-23; 2022/01/12; 2022/01/09 added Pat Tillman to 2004; 2021/12/15; 2021/12/07-08 PAGE STARTED--TAPS. *p. 228-229 Darak: The rise of ISIS grabbed the attention of all who served with 2/3 in the Triad. Although the Islamic State took control of roughtly 75 percent of Al Anbar Province, it never took the Triad, including the Haditha Dam, one of its stated targets. I’d like to think that the IP and Iraqi Army forces we trained and worked with were the ones that repulsed them, Adam Steele said. I can’t thin of any other reason that ISIS couldn’t have taken control. To my knowledge Haditha was one of the only cities in western Iraq that did not fall to ISIS, Victor Lance said.
MEMORIAL ------------------------- Smith, Paul R., FL Army, Shot head Iraq Airport Posthum. Med of Honor 2003/04/03 Age 33
------------------------- Monsoor, Michael A. Navy Seal, Iraq-Ramadi, Posthum. Med of Honor 2006/09/26 Age 25
------------------------- Dunham, Jason Marine Iraq near Syria Posthum. Med of Honor 2007/02/07 Age 40
------------------------- Miller, Robert Army Spec. Forces, Afghanistan Posthum. Med of Honor 2008/01/25 Age 31
------------------------- McGinnis, Ross PA Army, Iraq: Charlie Co. Posthum. Med of Honor 2006/12/04 19
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