Commentary Strands of Interconnection is a theme presented throughout Police Factor. It represents the idea of networks and links between people for both good and ill. As strands of different types and colors of twine can make up a rope, so too can groups cooperate across various lines, like racial, religious, age and gender. For example, there can be both Mexican nationals working with fair-skinned religious fundamentalists for illegal drug shipment and sales. Women can also be points of sale or contact in a long-ranged cartel network made up mostly of males. Elderly people can be working alongside young ones in this matter, as well. The way that people interconnect for illegal activities is worthy of a sociological type of study. For example, how they might meet in an informal setting can facilitate drug movement, so that just through the act of a casual conversation, things quickly shift toward talking about drugs to the point of one giving or selling them to the other. But this is not just about drug usage; it is about human relations. Such studies could include human tendencies to come together in hangout sites. In addition, studies of cartel behavior can include how illegal drug operations create business fronts. Another facet can be the ability to facilitate shadow government types of activities, and more. In any of these activities there is always the question of how people communicate and interact to make things happen along these lines. By bringing the steps to mutual contact to the forefront and to take a look at these exchanges at both the macro and micro levels, we can better isolate not only where and how people are doing their drug business but the steps that are taken to reach that point. Also we can study the likelihood for continued engagement for repeat business with the same people (often substance misusers and abusers) and with similar types. Yet again, people can and do of course cooperate for good. For example, a wide range of volunteer from diverse churches and human services organizations can bring together donations after hurricanes or other disasters. Neighborhoods with diverse people living there can cooperate to create Neighborhood Watch programs to fight crime The Ethnic Mafia Myth In this case, it is the “mafia myth”, a specific construction of an underworld where ethnicity is the prime characteristic of an “other” that is on one side feared and on the other glamorized…When we read about mafias it is often, if not always, with reference to ethnicity…Crucially, the organisations seemingly are built on shared traditions, norms, values and rituals rooted in the common ethnicity of the individuals within them…. --See The Conversation on the Strands of Interconnections section Albanian Mafia Myth The Conversation 2019/01/18 Albanian mafia: the dangerous myth that distorts our view of the global drugs trade. By Anna Sergi global-drugs-trade-110043 Excerpt: In this case, it is the “mafia myth”, a specific construction of an underworld where ethnicity is the prime characteristic of an “other” that is on one side feared and on the other glamourised…The mafia myth is often linked to better-known organised crime groups, such as the Italian, Russian and Japanese mafia. When these groups are called by their specific names, such as the Sicilian (or Italian-American) “cosa nostra”, the Calabrian “’ndrangheta”, the Russian “bratva”, or the “yakuza” in Japan, what they have in common is the fact that they evoke images of secretive organisations, engaging in crime, violence and corruption. Crucially, the organisations seemingly are built on shared traditions, norms, values and rituals rooted in the common ethnicity of the individuals within them. And so while organised crime is mostly a market or activity-based phenomenon (engaged in drug trafficking or people smuggling, for example), when we read about mafias it is often, if not always, with reference to ethnicity: the Italians, the Russians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Turkish – and, currently, the Albanians. The mafia label is often applied to tight ethnic groups that have an honour-based culture and are particularly attached to family structures, such as the Albanian Kanun. global-drugs-trade-110043 Terrorists are always Muslim and Not White Fordham dot edu -- Ir dot lawnet ESSAY: TERRORISTS ARE ALWAYS MUSLIM BUT NEVER WHITE: AT THE INTERSECTION OF CRITICAL RACE THEORY AND PROPAGANDA. By Caroline Mala Corbin* Note from PF: Notice the buzz concepts of “Trump’s propaganda” and “white privilege” as well as “white narratives”…this is supposedly a scholarly article associated with an educational institution. However, it is included here because this is a core argument behind the “Race Grievance Industry”. Notice that here on Police Factor we have included “Strands of Interconnection” to precisely provide notice that we do in fact realize that criminality, including cartels and terrorism, are not just a “brown or black thing.” On the other hand, if criminality has a “brown or black core” in certain cases, we will in fact acknowledge it, just as we would investigate, reveal and seek criminal justice for whites who are criminals. The point is, arguments directed at Trump, his mixed raced supporters and the white community can be just as biased and dangerous, just as narrative-prone, as those from the detractors. We all need to become critical thinkers despite our race, as Taleeb Starkes, a black male who wrote Black Lies Matter, has firmly indicated, and who operates by setting an example (his words and actions match).] https //ir lawnet not a white person. In the United States, two common though false narratives about terrorists who attack America abound. We see them on television, in the movies, on the news, and, currently, in the Trump administration. The first is that “terrorists are always (brown) Muslims.” The second is that “white people are never terrorists.” Different strands of critical race theory can help us understand these two narratives. One strand examines the role of unconscious cognitive biases in the production of stereotypes, such as the stereotype of the “Muslim terrorist.” Another strand focuses on white privilege, such as the privilege of avoiding the terrorist label. These false narratives play a crucial role in Trump’s propaganda… Burritos, Cartels and Day of the Dead 2020/11/07 Burrito makers accused of misusing Latin American and Mexican cultures Anuja Nadkarni [Note from PF: this article was put here because it brings out an example of when it might be a good time to express and support “racial grievances” if the storyline is accurate. Apparently there has been a burrito making company in a non-American white culture country of New Zealand. The arguments used by the Hispanic/Latin American community seem to make sense in this case from an ethnic and socio- anthropological and ethno-religious point of view.] mexican-cultures Excerpts: A Martinborough Mexican food business is facing claims it is misappropriating Mexican and Latin American cultures and “glorifying” drug-cartels. [Here is the argument]: But Albarrán González said one of her main concerns was Cartel Foods’ failure to engage with the Latin American and Mexican community in New Zealand. “We appreciate when people take an interest in our culture, but not when they disrespect it. If you are a company looking to use imagery or profit off a minority's culture, at least do you’re research, do it respectfully and engage with the community.” …“The name is a negative stereotype of Latin Americans as drug dealers which we’ve been suffering from for a long time. They’re glorifying cartels. The amount of killings associated with cartels is no joke,” Albarrán González said. Advertise with Stuff …Cartel Food Co, which sells frozen burritos in supermarkets nationwide features Day of the Dead-inspired branding.The Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos, is a cultural event honouring ancestors that is celebrated by Mexicans and Latin Americans. Modern DNA sheds lights on complex nature of Latin American histories and colonial era racial roots Science Mag 2018/04/12 Latin America’s lost histories revealed in modern DNA. By Lizzie WadeApr. 12, 2018 , 2:00 PM British ships often harassed Spanish galleons, which ferried long-forgotten peoples to Latin America, including enslaved Filipinos and former Jews. THE CAPTURE OF THE SPANISH GALLEON ‘NUESTRA SEÑORA DE COVADONGA’, 20 APRIL 1743, CLEVELEY, JOHN THE YOUNGER (1747–86)/SHUGBOROUGH HALL, STAFFORDSHIRE, U.K./NATIONAL TRUST PHOTOGRAPHIC LIBRARY/BRIDGEMAN IMAGES https /www sciencemag org/news/2018/04/latin-america-s-lost-histories-revealed-modern-dna Running Strings This applies to the concept of one or more groups running networks through and around the mainstream public. It’s the way organized crime or some entrenching rebellion is hooking up to their own benefit and to our detriment. What we need to know about Running Strings is how the network members are communicating; we need to assess if they are inside things like Microsoft, Google and Facebook, health insurance and student loan connections; if there is a central racial and/or religious group operating; what tendencies any or all of their allies have; what is the modus operandi (MO); what are the tricks and specializations, including psychic or psychotronic - the latter being microchips inside or outside the human body which could send out disruptive or manipulative wavelengths and such; if people involved are immigrants/illegal aliens from other countries or have legal extended family; how liberal and leftist organizations in colleges, prisons and other locations could be manipulated and/or infiltrated. We then see in our mind’s eye the strings of interconnection in which the groups run yarn around an entrapped mouse, with said mouse being a member of the public using a service. The services might be interconnected by the same malicious entity, as a Big Brother sort of enterprise, so no matter where you go or what you use, it’s the same people and they all have information on you in their connected databanks. But Running Strings can be localized, too, like between Hispanics who have put their people in jobs at the local Walmart, Best Buy and campus area parking security; they have access to face recognition surveillance and keep tabs on a target using their smart phones. Whereas we recognize that whites and browns/blacks can and often do run illegal, vamping ops together, sometimes a core group behind all the operations is one race or another, or there is a localized version of the group that is mostly one race. Hispanics in this particular example are doing it because they want Catholicism - or at least a certain approach to Jesus- to be everyone’s religion and they want Hispanic males to be the boss of women and of the whiteness in the USA. They want to be top dog. Although this is a hypothetical example for the most part, such Hispanics are likely running operations in Flagstaff, Arizona, Cottonwood, Arizona, between Arizona and California, and between other states in the Southwest. They are putting out a half-baked attempt at border patrol when operating as border patrol agents. They have agendas with a certain lineage, maybe even outside the USA, or with a certain Hispanic/tribal group around San Diego. The result is that a target is on these people’s radar, on a list, and that gangstalking across state lines is possible. It is possible they are waiting for you at the state line. The local people can hook up with the national ones, or can be a regional entity. One way they can hook up is to operate in places like shopping centers - where the whole parking lot is being watched - in social services - like Charities with Hispanic Catholic workers - hospital, urgent care and health insurance connections - food service corporations. The main problem with these networks is American personnel in these areas and beyond are not asking the right questions, not looking in the right places, not standing firm with these groups, and letting quasi-groups - groups who are partway in but not full adherents - get away with certain things that open the door to further encroachments. One way this happens is through dru Go Home, Go Home, Go Home Understanding the Arguments does not indicate agreement. You have to understand the various viewpoints and approaches to discover the best response. The disclosed view of this website is that illegal aliens usually need to go home. I know it might come to a shock to many, but the United States is in fact set up for Americans, with too many Americans not getting their fair sure of the American dream and pie. They don’t receive part of the country’s assets when illegal aliens and others take jobs, property and votes for themselves. To have these feelings as an American is practical and self-protective. It is also a way to express frustration after many years of unfair practices at the hands of those who put illegal alien interests above those of actual American citizens who were born and bred here. It’s not instantly a way to say all Hispanics are bad, or to caste derogatory labels on their character. It’s to say: Enough is Enough: Go Home, Whoever You Are. We are not saying you are all bad, but we are saying you don’t actually belong here, and we have to take care of our own people. We want you to stop telling us how to think and operate in our own American nation. Your claim that you are one of us does not make you one of us. To say you are unapologetic is not good enough. We are tired of this. Many of you are interfering in our elections. You are taking up room in our shelters that belong to the American people. You are getting more donations, college grants and attention than our own people from bleeding heart liberals and your other co-conspirators. Go home, go home, go home. Americans need compassion and support. They need their troubled cities healed. They need their lower income and middle class white people paid attention to - the minorities have been getting a lot of the attention for decades. And the troubled black dominated cities need attention, the ones with all the horrific crimes like driveby shootings in Chicago. Money alone will not patch the wounds in those places. Kindness and extra care needs to go to American people who have been put aside for too long. Illegal Aliens: We don’t want you in our politics, we don’t want you sneaking around and we don’t want you openly defying us, either. Americans must stand up for Americans for a change, and it has to be 100 percent OK to do that without all of the guilt trips and endless manipulations. Enough is enough is enough is enough. Decades and decades later, illegal aliens are only becoming more and more aggressive and self- proclaiming. Send them home and let them put all that energy to work in their own countries. That is what needs to happen. Go home, go home, go home. Illegal aliens need to learn how to deal with their own problems in their own countries, to become stronger for this life and for generations to come. They need to develop those nations into the thing they are trying to take over, abort or change here in the United States There have been numerous military excursions into Mexico, Central and Latin America over many years to no real avail. Selling more weapons and guns is not going to cut it. Bringing in Christian missionaries is not the answer, either. Yes, it is this website’s stance illegal aliens need to go home. But it is not without the idea that we cannot together think up creative solutions about how to make “home” a better place - with the assistance of the United States and even various allies. This then will make the continental and oceanic connectivity with areas further south more of a united force than a divergent one. However, this unity should not because migrants take over the USA and direct the show. Leftist groups in these areas have developed some bad habits, and they are trying to bring them into our country to try to run the show here. Between a racially driven issue and a leftist one, these groups from far reaches of “Hispania” are trying to inflame minorities inside the United States against the basic American system. Many illegal immigrants who come into the United States live up to their bad reputations for violence and illegal activity. You see several examples on this website. This is why you see such a strong stance for legal action against illegal immigrants. Let’s work together, Americans, to send these people home while helping them to build a better home there - not here. They need to learn to stand up to their perpetrators and not become perpetrators themselves here in the United States or in their own countries. Go home, go home, go home. More on Native American roots 2013"Great Surprise"—Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins Oldest human genome reveals less of an East Asian ancestry than thought. BYBRIAN HANDWERKNATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC siberia-genetics#:~:text=Nearly%20one- third%20of%20Native%20American%20genes%20come%20from,previously%20thought%2C%20according %20to%20a%20newly%20sequenced%20genome. Nearly one-third of Native American genes come from west Eurasian people linked to the Middle East and Europe, rather than entirely from East Asians as previously thought, according to a newly sequenced genome. Based on the arm bone of a 24,000-year-old Siberian youth, the research could uncover new origins for America's indigenous peoples, as well as stir up fresh debate on Native American identities, experts say. The study authors believe the new study could also help resolve some long-standing puzzles on the peopling of the New World, which include genetic oddities and archaeological inconsistencies. (Explore an atlas of the human journey.) "These results were a great surprise to us," said study co-author and ancient-DNA specialist Eske Willerslev, of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. --------- Science 2018Ancient DNA confirms Native Americans' deep roots in North and South America Trove of ancient samples reveals 11,000 years of unknown genetic history 8 NOV 2018BYLIZZIE WADE south-america Updates: 2023/03/28; 2023/03/16; 20/11/27 2020/11/21 added material stuff dot co and fordham dot edu; 2020/06/04 some technical and editing errors were discovered at the top of this page which were repaired; the Running Strings section was added.
Strands of Interconnection (PSY-11)
Definition Commentary The Ethnic Mafia Myth: Albanian mafia: the dangerous myth that distorts our view of the global drugs trade (From The Conversation) Modern DNA sheds lights on complex nature of colonial era racial roots, lost history Terrorists always Muslim never white: intersection of critical race theory- propaganda Burritos, Cartels and Dia de Muertos Running Strings Go Home, Go Home, Go Home More on Native American roots --------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION Human networks that involve multiple races and possibly also political, ideological and religious orientations to solve individual or group goals. On this website, such involvement relates mostly to criminality, like in fentanyl smaller operations that in turn interface with wide ranges of buyers, or like cartels which use multiple local gangs across different regions. It can also be the interface between core element producers for a drug that will be further processed by yet others elsewhere. It can be front operators, like in governmental and pharmacies, who use their cell phone to share information on certain members of the public.
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