COMMENTS There are other notes in the Notes - Personal section which might be moved here. in general: I feel I have a limited form of psychic intuition that has been validated in my personal life but not professionally; I don’t get enough detail usually to try to be a professional psychic. However, because I know myself to be right at times, I am adding photo-viewing related comments here when intuition comes up. San Diego Tribune 2022/03/02 Receipts, emails, a star witness: Opening statements hint at strategies in ‘Fat Leonard’ trial.Kristina Davis 2022/03/02-- trial#:~:text=What%20to%20watch%20for%20in%20the%20upcoming%20%E2%80%98Fat,staff%20%E2%80%94%20third%20i n%20the%20fleet%E2%80%99s%20pecking%20order. Excerpt: Joseph Mancano — the only defense attorney to deliver opening statements by the end of the day — said his client, Newland, had not committed any crime, and that the government won’t be able to prove that he had. “This case is not about whether David Newland may have breached some ethical responsibility or duty 15 years ago, or when he went to a dinner or stayed in a hotel room or got a bottle of wine,” Mancano said. “David Newland always acted in the best interest of the Navy,” the attorney said, reciting a “distinguished and impeccable” military career of 30 years. The government’s case, he said, was nothing but a “smokescreen” built on unreliable testimony by Francis and other corrupt officers who will likely take the stand. “We’re here because the government was given a certain narrative about what happened by a person who the evidence will show is thoroughly corrupt and dishonest, and the government ran with that narrative,” Mancano said. He had other choice words for Francis, too: vile, narcissist, megalomaniac. 2022/03/11 I am still picking up a very distasteful vibe about Fat Leonard from his photos. I cannot get specific, but I still sense something around him maybe drugging people, maybe some of the ship’s leaders or crew involved in the scandal. I still feel a very sick and twisted energy, which includes negative sexual energy, around Francis, as if he has been linked to perversions. I feel a light suggestion that if any drugging of American military personnel occurred, at least some of it was in wine. I feel there could be abuse of these people, as well. If anyone died, I wonder if drugs were found in their systems during an autopsy - maybe one or more cases when things went too far and someone died; it comes up as a light possibility. I sense something around ship’s quarters, on ship(s). The opening statements also provided a hint of what will be one of the defense’s main strategies: to paint Francis as a serial liar who took control of the investigation and spun a false narrative of accusations. 2022/01/27 Rear Admiral Bette Bolivar is another one with a particularly bad feeling quality. Her story is brief in Wikipedia and the news, but I feel there is a lot more to it and that she was one of the more particularly corrupt ones, not only during the Fat Leonard related situation, but likely in other things. 2022/01/26 on De Guzman I am picking up a particularly ominous vibe on this particular individual in the sense that I feel he is one who is especially crafty and although they got part of his issues, there might be others not discovered. He feels more like a leader than even the admirals in terms of being a pack leader and an instigator, a plotter, a weasel. I encourage people to focus on this guy yet further even though he has pleaded guilty and will go through more of a trial in Feb 2022 (next month). I think investigators need to really check for loose ends and also his connections in hawaii, hawaii is a trouble spot for the United States because of the Hawaiian nationalism which includes a minority power movement and various Asian groups that can be trouble, including those in the old Hawaiian Royalty lineage in government and beyond, Chinese, Japanese and other like Koreans and Vietnamese. This guy seems likely connected to some of that on top of everything else. 2022/01/17 Comments-Singapore The main thing about Singapore from the perspective of its entry on this website and in this Fat Leonard section is not only corruption, but regional (area-specific) corruption; how the US Navy and Marines got caught up in that corruption; how the Navy and Marines already had corruption that intertwined with Singapore’s corruption; how Singapore’s corruption involving large corporations looks a lot like the Fat Leonard-Navy corruption; how US corporations and Singapore’s (and the West Pacific region) intertwine; how Free Trade agreements affected US- Singapore relations, who benefitted, how that might have hurt the US and American people; how Singapore might be stealing US military and corporate information and tech for its own gain; how Singapore says it has little corruption and how it tries to make itself look better than the United States; how much Singapore is involved with Chinese and also Middle Eastern radical Islamic groups; how Singapore might be influenced by Shina in general. Consider how Singapore and regional prostitutes might be operatives (spies) of various kinds. How a party might wind up a personal and national security threat if someone and/or a ship (or military team, set of leaders, etc.) is drugged, abducted, physically and/or sexually abused and/or killed, or used as a front for the perpetrators. 2022/01/12 moved here from Notes-Personal on 2022/01/17 Summary of concerns about the Fat Leonard Case (from intuition as a possibility) See also: 178…MilCrim8a Fat Leonard 1) In addition to what appears to be valid concerns about Navy and Marine higher ups accepting bribes and selling state secrets, I still think we need to look into: a) an at-sea attack by Asian groups of one or more American Navy (or other waterborne ships) i) low if any media coverage ii) a takeover, American captives, possible intimidation behind scenes while continuing a false American front iii) China, SIngapore, Malaysia or other Asian groups behind this 1) some female prostitutes might be operatives iv) also watch for Muslim Asian groups v) my feeling some of the most recent apparent bombing silos in China might be linked to the US Navy/Marine/Fat Leonard case problems 1) some of the same people might be involved incl. among American Navy a) if any are captives there might be forced work 2) Fat Leonard could be even more of a pervert (literally - not just a slur) than people realize a) I am still getting a very bad feeling about him b) he could have done some very bad things to people with a sexual-violence way including to navy/marines 3) President Bush, Jr. might have been abducted on one of these boats either in the West Pacific or in the Middle East at one point; perhaps a double was used after that Although it might not be connected to the above issues, VP Kamala Harris and former Pres. Obama, once the USA pulled out of Afghanistan, both have put more focus on areas like this (see red hi-lite). The point is whether Harris and Obama are making deals with the West Pacific and nearby countries to send American money that way. Harris has an India connection and Obama an Indonesia one which do not seem to immediately point to Singapore but there seems to a regional link to the two of these people’s ways of thinking.. What is important to keep at top of mind awareness are the economic ties to this region and how certain political leaders might be working these platforms because of private ties and agendas. Obama was unquestionably backstabbing the United States on overseas trips while in office, something many Americans do not realize. Kamala Harris - Singapore and Vietnam At minimum, Harris could have advised the president to get all American civilians and our Afghan allies out of Afghanistan before the Taliban took over and the US military withdrew from the region. Instead, while hundreds of Americans were trapped behind enemy lines and our allies were being hunted down by the Taliban and its terror proxies, she was conspicuously absent from public view, opting to take an unnecessary trip to Vietnam and Singapore. CNBC 2021 Vice President Kamala Harris to visit Vietnam and Singapore amid tensions with China JUL 30 2021 Annika Kim Constantino Obama-Singapore and Indonesia house/ Obama trip consolidates strategic ties with Indonesia. John Roberts 17 November 2010 Washington Post 2016 ndonesia-savored-its-ties-to-obama-now-it-prepares-to-say-goodbye goodbye/2016/12/05/bb9fd552-b5b1-11e6-959c-172c82123976_story.html Excerpt: AKARTA, Indonesia — When Barack Obama visited Jakarta in 2010, on his first state visit to Indonesia, university students lined up outside the hall starting at 4 a.m., eager to catch a glimpse of the American president who had spent four years of his youth here. Arlian Buana, a journalist who was a student at the time, remembers Obama’s eloquent speech about how his childhood in Jakarta exposed him to the basic goodness of Islam. “Obama wanted to show that Indonesia offered a model for how Islam and democracy could be compatible,” Arlian On another topic about Obama…the reason it is included here is that it has always seemed to me that Obama’s past was largely made up and that the American people were not being told the truth about his parents or background. It would not surpirse me if his grandparents were Hawaiian elders of some kind.The Dunnam story seems fishy. KENYA: AUTHORITIES RELEASE BARACK OBAMA’S “REAL” BIRTH CERTIFICATE Nairobi | The Office of the Principal Register of the Nyanza Province, in Kenya, has finally released 11 exclusive documents concerning Barack Obama’s alleged birth and early childhood in the country. These official papers had been requested for years by the Tea Party Patriots, an American conservative organization, to no avail, but the Kenyan Supreme Court recently ordered authorities to release the documents, based on a law on “access to information. These files, if they turn out to be verifiable, could mean that Mr. Obama had no legal right to become the American president under the country’s law. The papers released today suggest that Barack Obama was actually born on March 7, 1960, in Lamu, Kenya, more than a year before his father moved to Hawaii, where he allegedly met his mother. …Geraghty wrote that doing so could debunk several false rumors circulating on the Internet. Such rumors were very numerous at the time, covering many topics. These included namely: that his middle name was originally Muhammad rather than Hussein; that his mother had originally named him “Barry” rather than “Barack”; and that Barack Obama, Sr. was not his biological father, as well as the rumor that Barack Obama was not a natural-born Citizen. Mr. Obama and the White House had given no answer whatsoever to that request, choosing to simply ignore the question, but had finally released some documents that were allegedly Mr. Obama’s birth certificate in two different forms. The release of these certificates had seemed to put an end to the rumors at the time, but it is to be expected that the “Kenyan documents” will fuel a whole new wave of rumors and conspiracy theories. 2022/01/07 Fat Leonard has some older photos which indicate to me he has had a a type of perversion in addition to the screwy deals he made with American military leaders. The perversion, whatever it is, causes me to have an immediate recoiling in my stomach - a flinching disgust coupled with almost nausea. It has happened more than once when I look at the same photos. I don’t get that same exact reaction over all his photos although I do get an general unsettling feeling, so it could be something in particular was going on at the time. I feel China should be investigated before, during and after in terms of links to the Fat Leonard Case. . It is possible some of our Navy (as well as other military) retired leaders in politics are getting financial help from China for their private businesses and they might include some Republicans. . I feel one significant attack might have occurred against one or more ships of our fleet some time back: Such connections to China might have started through a ship-to-ship attack and takeover in overseas waters probably near Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. This attack might not be listed or if so barely mentioned Drugging and abduction of Navy and/or Marines on ship(s) possible During a takeover by China, our Navy/Marines might have felt coerced to strike deals But they might have been voluntarily messing around (prostitutes, cheap exchanges for info) before and beyond such major events as an overt attack. Some of what we are hearing about the Fat Leonard Case in the media might be Chinese (or Singapore, etc.) propaganda or psyops to make the military people look waeak, silly and easily corrupted. We of course want to admit and respond if our military people are sabotaging the USA, but we do need to stay objective and ask if anything different or additional was going on. I have also felt former President Bush, Jr. might have been attacked on a ship, whether during the same time period I cannot say.The feeling is Bush, Jr. might have been replaced by a double in that case. Diseases and vaccines waterborne ships American fleets: - possibly bad vaccines and forced - might be part of the issue out on those ships over there Speech and Ideation - Red Flags something is up: Language and ideation about “leftists” along with a sense of victimhood (with good reasons or not) might actually be stemming from China and American military people dominated or bought out by China; Democrats on the other handby the same token language and ideation about “Trump supporters” might also be by China or Radical Islam, China trying to control American Navy might feel threatened by anti-military types who don’t buy into the China controlled military fronts, or something like that. Whether or not a China US military takeover front feels threatened by “the left” we need to watch for signs of unnatural codified speech and ideation. 2022/01/14 On Eddie Gallagher Very strange winding tale on this one. In general, I felt I was picking up the following about him before I read the alternate story that a teammate was the one who actually killed an ISIS male. I had not been picking up Gallagher using a knife on that, but had felt he could use one in the scenario #1 below: ) he might be someone to murder quietly if he felt threatened by a potential informant, like entering that person’s quarters or office on a ship - slipping in and slipping out. If it happened, I feel it was preemptive because he felt something might leak about him. It also seems he might have done that to an Iraqi who was otherwise helpless if he had seen something about him, too. This is the general vibe I feel about Gallagher. 2) he has a money thing I suspect he and his wife might have a dishonest connection to her entrepreneur activities (he is part of it) 3) a feeling came up he might have saw the military as a temporary thing and that he had more lucrative plans 4) it does feel like his men ganged up on him and he felt jumpy and self-protective over that, which is understandable 5) we need to consider whether some of the US small man special ops teams have been infiltrated or overly influenced by locals in that country, and whether that happened in Gallagher’s Navy Seals team; we should also wonder if it happened in Pat Tillman’s team. The general idea is that while working alongside locals, people could be influenced. Alongside this concept is the idea that American minorities could have sympathies to what they see as similar peoples overseas. In addition, leftist Americans might also show sympathies. It all might add up to a ganging up against an American leader. Also, a team could be overtaken by the enemy and faking being the old American team. 6) That Trump while president apparently had absolved Gallagher might mean Trump knew something off the charts about the situation. 7) Some photos of Gallagher overseas seem to show someone who looked a little nutty, like maybe he was on something, and that maybe he was very tired. 8) I feel Gallagher would be tight-lipped and not give us the answers on some things, but that he is not all bad. 9) I don’t trust the wife shown holding his hand in some media photos; there is something off about her energy. 2022/01/13 On Michael Harold Miller, former Vice Admiral and Superintendent of Naval Academy: that upon seeing this man’s photos, there are certain ones that make me cringe in my gut as if something could be quite bad with this man. I feel it might relate to something sexual and violent, it is strange. It also could be he himself was victimized sexually and through violence as if by men. I also picked up today in general that Navy people and others could be in danger if someone feels people are getting too close to the truth about additional things going on at the Navy, like undisclosed activities or coverups (like maybe some of the guilty people know things). I also have picked up Asian prostitute(s) who could be more aggressive and ithan some people realize and that one or more could be in a serious relationship with one of the Navy or Marine people, with plans for the future she does not want botched by further investigations into goings- on. This is either current or something from the past I am picking up on. One of the prostitutes seems pretty strong-willed and smart. 2022/01 various times in Dec 2021 and Jan 2022 and in years previous On Fat Leonard: There are certain photos which cause a bad feeling in my gut, I feel disgust and almost nausea. It is as if he is a pervert in the true meaning of the sense, and could have linked sex with violence. I almost get the feeling of a demon. 2022/01, 2021/12 and earlier I feel that in addition to the Fat Leonard related scandals, there also might have been an attack on a Navy ship(s) or other American seaborne military ships (Navy seems the most likely), like a ship-to-ship attack by China or one of the Fat Leonard West Pacific contacts. I also feel that it is possible American waterborne military persons could have been drugged and abducted, possibly beaten and sexually abused. It seems possible that they could have been killed or bullied into presenting a false front, as if “business is normal.” I also have repeatedly felt it was possible that former President Bush (Jr) could have been abducted on a ship either in the West Pacific or in the Middle East (like in the Persian Gulf) and replaced with a double. I have often wondered if we are getting the real Bush when we see him in the news. In addition, I feel Bruce Loveless could possibly be deceased although he shows up living on the internet; I hope he is alive and that I am wrong, but iti s an odd feeling I get when I look at his photos. Earlier Website/Fat Leonard section comments: Trading Secrets - Incident Examples Don’t be distracted! Do not lose sight of the real issues by the ongoingly repeated lists of perks received by Navy personnel in return for providing information; stay focused on what secrets were given to Francis over the years. As for the perks, find out suppliers of material products - like cigars, wine, etc. - as they could be part of the scandal. Examples: Sanchez. By early 2009, Sanchez is regularly sending Francis classified information on ship schedules…Oct. 16, 2009: Sanchez sends a Facebook message to Francis telling him the Navy is questioning $110,000 GDMA billed for force protection — or surrounding Navy ships with barges for security — while at a port in Malaysia. …Beliveau (July) sends an email to Francis, discussing the NCIS investigation and strategies for the company to deal with the questions…On Aug. 24 Dusek emails Francis that the carrier and its strike group will be stopping at the port in October…Dec. 3, 2011: In an email, Sanchez tells Francis of another Navy investigation into GDMA billing. Francis brushes it off. “I have inside intel from NCIS and read all the reports,” he writes. Layug gave schedules of ships. (see San Diego Tribune 11/14/2015). The indictment also alleges that Brooks provided Francis with sensitive Navy information, including billing information belonging to a GDMA competitor and Navy ship schedules. (Paul Davis on Crime, 05/2016). U.S. Navy Capt. Daniel Dusek: Dusek handed over classified ship schedules and steered aircraft carriers to “fat revenue ports” controlled by Glenn Defense in return for prostitutes, alcohol and stays at luxury hotels (See Washington Post 05/27/2016 below) 2002 Al Qaeda thwarted terrorist plot: Related Issue to Fat Leonard Case? Keep at Top of Mind for further investigation. Did the attack go underground or change form via Fat Leonard) Please notice the following in terms of what was to be attacked: -nightspots that Navy sailors frequent - this brings us closer to wine n’ dine, prostitutes involved in Fat Leonard case. - US Navy ships - numbers of shipped targeted for overbilling, etc. in Fat Leonard case, and their projected port calls made known to outsiders (Fat Leonard). Updates: 2022/01/14 editing/additions of this page and of the Fat Leo section overall; 2022/01/10-13; 2021/09/18 excess bold cleared; 2020/05/08 Fat Leonard Case divided into two pages because it had grown too long; important article added to Signficance/Start Here section: USNI/US Naval Institute-2019/01/24 2020/05/07 Fat Leonard Case transferred from River Gold to Police Factor; 11/18/2017 Leondro Aragoncillo; 05/14/2017;05/13/2017; 05/12/2017; 05/11/2017; 05/10/2017; 05/09/2017; 05/08/2017; 05/07/2017; 05/06/2017; 05/05/2017; 05/03/2017; 05/02/2017; 05/01/2017
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