Danny Pearl (CASE STUDY-3)
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Just to be safe, it might be wise to get a DNA test on her son to rule out he was the father unless there is other undeniable evidence. At that time of first getting into the Pearl material, I had run into a Youtube type of video about his beheading. I still have not watched it as of today, 09/18/2017. I felt at the time (and still do) there is an energy around it that is more than my sensitivities were up to although since then I have seen bits and pieces from other sources leading up to (but not actually showing) the actually throat cutting and beheading. I also wonder if the photo of him holding a newspaper with his eyes looking dull is of him already dead; are they hiding a neck wound with the newspaper? I wonder if others have also wondered this, as well. We seem to get much of the info on this from Nomani: These articles are also quoted on the main Danny Pear page on this website. Salon: (10/22/2003) http://www.salon.com/2003/10/22/pearl_3/ Excerpt: My interest in the investigation is more than a professional one. At the time Danny was kidnapped, he and Mariane, then pregnant with their first child, were staying with me at a house I had rented in Karachi, Pakistan, while writing a book. I had traveled to Pakistan for Salon, to cover the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, and was happy to host the Pearls. I had traveled to Pakistan for Salon, to cover the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, and was happy to host the Pearls when Danny came to Karachi to interview a local Muslim cleric who was said to have ties to alleged “shoe-bomber” Richard Reid. He was pursuing other investigative threads, as well. When he didn’t return from the interview on Jan. 23, 2002, Mariane and I alerted U.S. officials and his Wall Street Journal editors, from the desk where Danny had left his laptop. We transformed my home into the investigation’s headquarters. http://www.salon.com/2003/10/22/pearl_3/ See also: Washingtonian: https://www.washingtonian.com/projects/KSM/ Excerpt: Twelve years ago, on January 23, 2002, Danny left my home in Karachi, Pakistan, for an interview and never came back. Like so many of our peers, we had each put down roots in Pakistan to report on America’s so-called war on terror. I was on book leave from the Journal, finishing a memoir. Danny, the newspaper’s South Asia bureau chief, and his wife, Mariane, were living in Islamabad. They’d come to see me for a few days so Danny could do an interview for a story about Richard Reid, the Englishman who had packed his shoes with explosives and tried to blow up an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami three days before Christmas 2001. The plan was for Danny and Mariane to vacation in Dubai after Danny’s meeting. Mariane was five months pregnant. He had just texted me: “It’s a boy!” https://www.washingtonian.com/projects/KSM/ This article probably wrongly says they were living in Karachi but adds other info: UPI: http://www.upi.com/Feature-Retracing-Daniel-Pearls-steps/67561076962813/ Excerpt: Pearl and his wife, Mariane, had been living in Karachi while Pearl tried to arrange an interview with a Muslim cleric, Mobarak Ali Shah Gilani, head of the small militant Islamic group, Jamiat-ul-Fuqrah…"We were working on a story on the smuggling of electronic goods from Afghanistan to Pakistan when Danny suddenly went to Peshawar," says Asif Farooqi, a local journalist who worked for Pearl in Islamabad. "This was January 2002. When he returned from Peshawar, he told me there's a story in the Boston Globe which linked a Lahore-based cleric Mobarak Ali Shah Gilani and his Jamiat-ul-Fuqrah party to the alleged shoe-bomber, Richard Reid," said Farooqi. "Gilani disappeared. So we got in touch with Arif (only first name given), an activist of another fundamentalist group Harkatul Ansar. Arif took us to a house in Chaklala, a military cantonment near Islamabad but Gilani had evacuated that house. Pearl asked Arif to get in touch with someone else," said Farooqi. "Arif called back later and said he has arranged a meeting with someone who knows Gilani at the Akbar Hotel in Rawalpindi, a city adjacent to Islamabad." http://www.upi.com/Feature-Retracing-Daniel-Pearls-steps/67561076962813/ 09/16/2017 Randall Bennett: Devil’s Advocate: Consider Randall Bennett a part of the CIA drug trafficking in Pakistan part of the Middle Eastern group who killed Pearl I feel psychically Bennett might have had something to do with Daniel’s murder, if he was not directly involved himself. I get a nauseous feeling and an overall bad feeling when I listen to him speak about the case and get a sense of knives being used a sense of blood. This started immediately when I first looked at him in a documentary on Pearl. He is pleasant enough looking physically, so it is not a reaction to his looks. I feel he might be lying. We need to look into his MO, his agendas, why he would have this direction. Notice the FBI directed him. I think he was possibly connected to activities in Karachi which were violent and illegal and might have been a cross-through helper of intelligence related to subversive activities. He also might have had Pakistani leanings. You might look into what his birth background was, his genetic or familial roots. Was he linked to the old British group that was in Pakistan before the changes. Is he Australian or some other UK? Any South African ties? Etc.? A Fifth Position type? Etc. I feel his is organizing information and rationales along different lines that we would expect from a “loyal American.” Randall Bennett: https://2001-2009.state.gov/m/ds/rls/25163.htm [Accessed 09/15/2017] http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/story?id=3306274&page=1 09/09/2017 Devil’s Advocate I include here and elsewhere, incl. in Sibel Edmonds notes, a possible alternative scenario than the one normally given us by the media and the people themselves. For example, how could people close to Pearl have been involved in his capture and death, even though we normally see them as the good guys who cared about him? Although Pearl’s wife seems nice, honest and innocent, could there be latent undisclosed terrorist connections involving a well-funded esoteric Buddhist or Cuban nationalist group, race, political ties to a birth country? Could a friend be involved through India secret agencies and/or Islam? Psychic impression of someone entering a taxi from an airport, carrying a newspaper into the taxi, abducted on the way to hotel or residence. At first I thought it was another unrevealed scenario for Danny Pearl other than the well publicized kidnapping while meeting someone at a residence. I originally felt the newspaper might have been linked to the one he held in one of his abduction photos. Several events were going on around the region in the general time period in early 2002 at the time of Pearl’s disappearance and death: http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/countries/pakistan/terroristoutfits/lej.htm Excerpt: On Pearl: Rahman was himself later arrested from his hideout in Gulistan-i-Jauhar, Karachi. Rahman [a senior member of the LeJ, Qari Ataur Rahman alias Naeem Bukhari] is allegedly involved in the abduction-cum- murder of US journalist Daniel Pearl. It is, however, not clear if Lahori has passed on the mantle to any one else, or continues to head the outfit while being in detention. On Pakistan and vicinity: Lahori, according to reports of July 2, 2002 quoting senior police officials, was involved in 38 cases of sectarian killings in Sindh. These included the killing of Ehtishamuddin Haider, brother of Federal Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider, Pakistan State Oil Managing Director Shoukat Raza Mirza. Besides, he was also involved in the massacre at Imambargah Mehmoodabad and in the murder of Iranian cadets in Rawalpindi. Lahori reportedly confessed during interrogation that he was involved in 30 cases of sectarian killings in Punjab, including those of 24 persons who were attending a Majlis in Mominpura. Also he revealed that his group had planned to kill Interior Minister Moinuddin Hiader, but due to tight security measures, murdered his brother instead. Consequent to the death of Riaz Basra, Lahori was acting as LeJ chief and he himself reportedly monitored and perpetrated sectarian killings in Karachi where he was residing for the last one and a half years. http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/countries/pakistan/terroristoutfits/lej.htm If there is any validity to the vision of an abduction in taxi from an airport, my first feeling other than it migh be Danny Pearl was that it was in Pakistan around the same time period as his tragedy. Since the story that Danny was to meet a trickster in a trap at a restaurant, thinking it was a possible terrorist lead seems validated by more than one source, perhaps my airport/taxi vision is related to someon in Danny Pearl’s sphere of influence or was connected to other kidnappings happening around the same time in that area of the world, especially by the same terrorists. I sense a newspaper bought at the airport or nearby - if I had not been told he was kidnapped r in connection with a meeting at a restaurant, I would have suggested he was possibly kidnapped in connection to a taxi ride from an airport. I am getting more on the energy and visual sensations over that than the restaurant. The newspaper seems to be in the taxi with him. When I try to tap into the restaurant scene and the actually kidnapping, I get a bad feeling in my chest and seem to have some kind of block. Here are some ideas: when I was going over Danny Pearl material, there was a psychic leak-through from some other related kidnapping, involving instead an airport/taxi incident; his previous contact with airports in coming to Pakistan from India - like his most recent trip to get to Pakistan; one other thought on why I might be drawn to the airport/taxi issue is that I have some kind of resonance with the actual person involved. One weak idea that comes to mind is the person might have been embassy related (ie, American embassy in Pakistan). What I would do is simply check for kidnappings in that general area and time period and see if any of them were Americans kidnapped in a taxi coming from an airport. There is more of the energy of coming off a plane and leaving the airport than going to an airport. I would also check when Danny Pearl is known to have come into Pakistan. Did he make any other flights after entering Pakistan? Did he make flights within Pakistan itself after arriving there? In checking out other kidnappings, if nothing comes up in Pakistan itself, check other countries. I am not sure why this is coming up but perhaps it relates to the type of terrorists. Although I could be wrong, it feels like whoever it was in the taxi was alone - I don’t always pick up on other people. As I understand it, Danny Pearl came to Pakistan with his wife from India and was staying at Nomani’s home; perhaps she would have picked them up at the airport. So check out when Pearl came into Pakistan and how he drove from the airport to his place of stay. Did he use a taxi or a rental car, or did someone like Nomani pick him up? Also check out if at any time in Pakistan coming from the airport Pearl used a taxi. There seems to be testimony from several people in the documentary that he was abducted the day of an anticipated meeting with a possible informant at a restaurant in a busy district. Several people knew of this meeting - his wife, Nomani, a man at the American embassy and someone at the Wall Street Journal.. Therefore, I originally had no reason to doubt the issue. The sense of someone being abducted from a taxi coming from the airport is a strange thing, as it comes out of the blue; it is not in context with my expectation after having watched that documentary. I have no explanation why something like this would come up for me. It’s actually a rather strong sensation, surprisingly so because it seems to come out of nowhere, with no one else suggesting such a thing regarding Danny’s disappearance. The only thing I can think of is people might have been covering up the actual circumstances of his disappearance for privacy or security reasons, or to put terrorists off the trail of an investigation, or to cloud the waters of expected publicity. If the taxi from airport scenario had any validity, he would perhaps have been abducted earlier than reported (upon first coming to Pakistan) or in a different way than reported. There seems to be nothing to suggest this possibility. Snoopy congruence Something is up around Snoopy perhaps; shortly after I made contact with this, a woman at a restaurant I was in said to a server at the counter “ This sounds like Snoopy music.” I took it to mean elevator music or something to that effect. Excerpt:… Hayee’s trail leads back to a secret meeting with militants involved in the kidnapping at a popular Karachi hangout: Snoopy Ice Cream Parlour. http://foreignpolicy.com/2013/03/26/snoopy-ice-cream-parlour-and-the-real-story-of-daniel-pearls-kidnapping/ Two things perhaps there: psychotronic congruence (what you are thinking about shows up around you) or it’s some kind of hint or message from the spirit world or universe to say “you are on the right track with this Snoopy Ice Cream Parlour thing” - follow the lead. I mean, I had just gotten to that article and was reading up on the Snoopy Ice Cream Parlour meeting when that woman nearby said “This sounds like Snoopy music.” As soon as I heard it, I knew something was out of the ordinary and made a note of it. Is there anything else we need to know about the Snoopy Ice Cream Parlour in Pakistan around the time of Pearl’s kidnapping and death? Was it a CIA hangout? Who owned it? Were there any back rooms? Did Pearl ever go there? Is it a front? I tentatively sense perhaps a group of terrorist militants there but this is weak and I would not rely on the impression. In the psychic feeling, he is being driven, not driving. Possible maliciouscompetition from other news group like Washington Post or New Yorker; someone like Nomani in WSJ or someone working two agencies secretly; Middle East or Pakistani news group - on top of regular terrorist activities One other thing that comes up as a possibility is something connected to other journalistic enterprises - like AP associates in competition with Pearl and the WSJ, perhaps something in Pakistan, perhaps something like Al Jazeera. I still pick up some kind of energy around the possible stealing of his camera. Identify if it was there - some informants might ask that a camera not be brought, for example. Confirm that if it was there, what kind (this was back 15 years ago) - was it a moving film camera or a still shot camera? What was its value? What I seem to be picking up is an attitude toward visitors and tourists from the USA having it too easy with luxuries like nice cameras. This goes along with what one of documentary speakers said about Danny having plenty of people who would look after him, while those in his compatriot group struggled and did not have that level of assistance. This is one of the consistent themes in the newer Black Panther psychology; it’s a poor me thing to justify doing cruel terrorist acts indiscriminately on innocent people. This thing about Americans have it too easy or that famous journalists like Pearl have plenty of money and stuff, so the man on the street is justified to steal his stuff and kidnap for ransom. 09/08/2017 More on Danny’s death Have been having images/feeling sensations repeatedly over past week or so over energy around the theft of his camera at the time of the kidnapping. I had recently read a list of things taken from him - we need to double-check that a camera was involved. Would they have used his own camera to film his beheading? In addition, I sense something about money around the camera, like stealy boy bypes would want to sell it to get money out of it - so in addition to the high political sense around the event (using an American journalist for leverage for ransom demands) there is also this thing that comes up for me repeatedly about lower grade street theft antics. Also there might have been something on the camera people wanted. Years ago in the 1970s, I lived in Karachi, Pakistan as a child with my family. Lepers often seen on streets. Beggars swarmed around us when we came to and from our car, like when going to the outdoor bazaar for groceries. These people who grouped around the car wanted to touch my long blond hair because it was not common in the area. They would cluster around the car when we tried to get in. Looking at the film in the documentary on Pearl’s death, I did not recognize anything in the Karachi footage. However, there is a sense of aspects of third world country antics still present there. I use the word stealy boys from a time of theft in Okinawa - we referred to the people who broke and entered our home and took stuff, including my mother’s wedding ring set - as stealy boys, which was a local term in Okinawa at the time. Mariane Pearl Although her connection to Pearl seems sincere, here are some “devil’s advocate” thoughts. I read in Wikipedia today she was associated with Soka Gakkai. Not knowin what that is, decided it needed to be checked out as well, I briefly looked into it this morning and came up with the following: Forbes: Sensei's World. Benjamin Fulford David Whelan (09/06/2004) Soka Gakkai, a strikingly wealthy Japanese sect, tries again for U.S. glory with a splendid new campus. Daisaku Ikeda’s unaccountable empire can thank lax treatment of the nonprofit world. https://www.forbes.com/forbes/2004/0906/126.html Excerpt: What are Ikeda’s aims? Five years after gaining command of Soka Gakkai, he told a Japanese writer: “I am the king of Japan; I am its president; I am the master of its spiritual life; I am the supreme power who entirely directs its intellectual culture.” In the years since, “world peace” has been the sect’s mantra. New Komeito promotes pacifism in Japan. Representatives of the sect have worked the UN and other official venues touting international harmony and goodwill–and usually Ikeda. Followers mount a traveling show equating him with Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. In the sect’s 1,000 meeting halls Soka members exercise the “life-enhancing” power of chanting. Believers are encouraged to be “many in body, one in mind.” This means “You have to make sensei’s [teacher's] heart your own. You have to fulfill [Ikeda's] dreams instead of your own,” maintains Lisa Jones, a former aide and follower who ghostwrote an Ikeda book and now maintains a Soka-doubter Web site. “His dream is kosen- rufu, or what Soka members call ‘world peace,’ which will be achieved when one third of the world chants, one third merely celebrates Ikeda, and the other third doesn’t care,” she says. https://www.forbes.com/forbes/2004/0906/126.html Save the Manatee: Consumer Buddhism: NSA, Patriotism and America. By Harry S. Pariser http://www.savethemanatee.com/Articles/nsa.shtml Excerpt: Others--like Soka Gakkai--represent the resurgence of a pre-World War movement based on an ancient sect. Founded in the 1930s by Makeguchi Tsunesaburo--a teacher from Hokkaido who combined his own eclectic philosophy with his fervency for Nichiren Shoshu, Soka Gakkai became a mass movement only in the 1950s when membership, under its very authoritarian and intolerant President Toda Josei, leaped from a few thousand to 750,000 from 1951-57. Evangelism, called "shakubuku" ("break and subdue") was seen as a duty as well as conferring a spiritual blessing. The recruitment methods practiced by members--which allegedly included insolence, intolerance, coercion, intimidation, blackmail, and terrorism--although gaining the organization infamy with the public at large, were nevertheless extraordinarily effective. Its fanatical image has softened since the accession of Ikeda Daisaku to the presidency in 1960. A smoothie from way back, the highly charismatic Ikeda has managed to tone down the organization's image while formalizing Komeito, the sect's political party and revising the religion for export. Founded in 1964, Komeito ("Clean Government Party") has technically been a separate entity since 1970 when Soka Gakkai was censured for attempting to supress a book critical of the organization. As the third largest political party within Japan's conservative politcal structure, Komeito has joined up with the Japan Socialist Party's right wing and the anti-Communist Democratic Socialist Party to form the central pillar of the Sha- Ko-Min opposition. The party's avowed aim is to establish a "Buddhist Democracy" or a "parliamentary democracy in which every individual has been awakened to the principles of Buddhism." It goes almost without saying that this awakening involves conversion to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism (or "True Buddhism") and renunciation of all other "heretical Buddhisms" as well as every other religion on the planet. http://www.savethemanatee.com/Articles/nsa.shtml Reddit: Blogs "Soka Gakkai is turning into an invincible terrorist group in Japan" (self.sgiwhistleblowers) submitted 1 year ago by BlancheFromage https://www.reddit.com/r/sgiwhistleblowers/comments/3y196s/soka_gakkai_is_turning_into_an_invincible/ Excerpt: I just ran across this, and I'm going to copy it here, in all its Engrish glory - it's from Aug. 30, 2011: Soka Gakkai is a mastermind of gang stalking. Soka Gakkai and Japanese Yakuza have become a source of funding al- Qaeda. Soka Gakkai has assets of 10 trillion yen. Soka Gakkai Honorary President Daisaku Ikeda has a 1 trillion yen in personal assets. Obama last month, made ​​the financial sanctions to the Mafia. Are also included in the Japanese yakuza. Japan's biggest yakuza is yamaguchi-gumi. Soka Gakkai adheres to Yamaguchi-gumi. Soka Gakkai and Yamaguchi-gumi are killing a lot of people in Japan. Soka Gakkai and Yamaguchi-gumi are existence like Mexican Mafia. Soka Gakkai has infiltrated the politician, the mass communication, and the police organization. Therefore, the police do not arrest Soka Gakkai, and the mass communication doesn't criticize them either. (I've heard from other sources that, due to the Soka Gakkai's huge subscription numbers and influence money, the mainstream media won't print anything negative about the Soka Gakkai. The tabloids do, but Soka Gakkai has proven just as litigious as Scientology, and Soka Gakkai has the deep pockets to bury a tabloid. - Blanche) Soka Gakkai is turning into an invincibility terrorist group in Japan. The Self Defense Forces are military forces in Japan. Airborne Brigade that is the elite force of the Self Defense Forces has been taken over by Soka Gakkai. https://www.reddit.com/r/sgiwhistleblowers/comments/3y196s/soka_gakkai_is_turning_into_an_invincible/ Parts of this reminds me of Subud. Since this seems likely to be another group with religious abuse potential, I am going to add a section on it in the System Abuse section today. What was prompting me to check out Mariane Pearl was a few things that were tapping at me: -her Cuban-French roots: were there any old Communist connections? How about black power types of connections? Was this part of a Cuban national socialist movement or similar? Her mother also seemed to have some Chinese in her background, according to Wikipedia (see below). Was she hooked into something that was prodding her to act in certain ways with Danny? -apparently Danny was heard using some of her Buddhist mantras - if true, was there any coercion from Soka Gakkai affiliates in the terrorist group around him at that time? -was Danny Pearl gay? His energy has from early on looking into his story suggested to me he might be gay, albeit from possible abuse. In this case, perhaps his marriage was a business or political arrangement or to please parents. -Putin’s possible interest in her after Pearl’s death - have only read one brief commentary so far but it raised red flags -her apparent Dutch-Jewish roots on her father’s side - the story that he was a gay mathematician - was it a real story, or was it used to hook Pearl’s interest since he was Jewish? -Was she an agent sent in? Was her marriage to him planned? -When she said she did not want to go with Danny Pearl to meet someone the day of his kidnapping, did she mean she did not want to watch? Some material on Mariane Pearl and related issues, like her affilation with Soka Gakkai: Wikipedia: Mariane Pearl Mariane Pearl is a practicing Nichiren Buddhist and a member of Soka Gakkai International.[11][12][13] References from Wikipedia on this: Jump up ^ "A Spirit of Defiance: Transcript of Radio Program". Speaking of Faith. 19 October 2006. Retrieved 2007-06-19. Jump up ^ Bill Broadway (23 March 2002). "Widow's Strength Inspires Faithful; Public Statements Demonstrate Pearl's Buddhist Beliefs". The Washington Post. HighBeam.com (abstract). Retrieved 2007-06-19. Bill Broadway (6 April 2002). "Pearl's widow champions Buddhist beliefs, inspires the faithful". The Washington Post. Buddhist Fellowship news features. Archived from the original on 2007-08-29. Retrieved 2007- 06-19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariane_Pearl Forbes https://www.forbes.com/forbes/2004/0906/126.html Save the Manatee: CONSUMER BUDDHISM: NSA, PATRIOTISM, AND AMERICA http://www.savethemanatee.com/Articles/nsa.shtml Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/sgiwhistleblowers/comments/3y196s/soka_gakkai_is_turning_into_an_invincible/ 08/29/2017 Separate page for Danny Pearl notes (in Notes Section) started today as I realized more definitively that I indeed have some kind of resonance to overall situation surrounding his demise. The resonance includes sending in post-mortem healing energy to Danny and there is an energy associated with going into that overall space which tends to break up blocks. I am increasingly convinced that my own psychic attacks/gangstalking concerns started in late 1999 in Santa Fe or Las Vegas, NM, were felt around 9/11 and so I learn more of things connected to Danny Pearl and 9/11, I also gain clarity and healing. It’s like part of me is opening up and healing as I go over this material. I am running energy into various strands that come up while reading about this material, it’s sort of like a micro-organism sending in a protoplasmic foot down certain alleys that come into view. Reid connections and Punjab are part of that. So is Wall Street Journal ownership and ties around that time and as it shifted in 2007. (Dow Jones, Bancroft Family, NewsGroup). Also the links to shifts in Pakistani public/private news groups/licensing. I will add here some other things that have been coming up on a psychic level: Don’t feel he was solidly grounded in a power or authority sense as Bureau Chief in Southeast Asia, as centered from Bombay. Someone else has more power and is pulling strings, and I don’t just mean HQ back in USA. I feel this issue is part of the problem. There might have been some kind of mess back in India staying linked to him in Pakistan at the time of his his death. This might be part of the issue of the videos the captors got or were seeking. I would investigate his videos yet further. KSM might have been following instructions from the US government-with ties to Saudi Arabia; he knew in his mind he had agreed to a criminal enterprise. He was not denying in his mind his complicity or guilt. I also feel Omar had ties to working for the Americans. I suspect part of the abusive interrogations regarding KSM and Omars anger over having pat of their (CIA) plot getting exposed. 08/25-26/2017: On Danny Pearl Murder See on this site System Abuse/ Pearl, Danny: Pearl, Danny psychic input: added 08/28/2017: Although it is possible I had read about it earlier and forgotten, the images and feelings of things being taken from Danny at the time of his abduction period seems more directly in line with the event itself and not reading about it; I did confirm this later while adding more material to the Pearl page on this site. Something about content in the camera comes up, as well as videos - papers, maybe something connected to his mother. Old Jewish feelings about being discriminated against - maybe from childhood and adolescence - came up for him, I believe. When I say I feel he was caught at something, there is more to this than the various things read from Muslims saying he was caught as a spy or agent and killed. I will add I don’t entirely trust Asra Nomani, someone largely believed to be a friend and post-mortem investigator into his death. I have read several of her articles. There is just something that does not feel right to my psychic sense - it feels like a shadow space kept in a deeper layer. I feel she has anger over the way she is treated as a Muslim, an Eastern Indian and a woman. I also feel she might have been competitive with Danny - I suspect jealousy. I feel she does double speak and plays on words regarding Muslim beliefs and ways - a kind of coded language which defends her Muslim heritage while coming across as on the same page with western secular decency. On the surface, many things she has accomplished seem worthy - encouraging women’s rights in Muslim mosques is a good step. She apparently voted for Trump and supports profiling of Islamic extremists. She gave her son the middle name comparable to Daniel (I think it is Daneel). My first impression of that was it was less an honoring and more of a soul zapping; for example, some native tribes would eat the heaert or liver of an enemy to take his power into the body. It is possible I am imagining things, but I m reporting the impressions. I feel she is pretending to be something she is not. I think she might have had something to do with his kidnapping. I sense her around his computer and effects - not in a good way; I know she discusses getting into it after he had disappeared, but I don’t have a good feeling about her being around his stuff. She was probably investigated and questioned. She has indicated in her writings that various people were suspicious of her. She claims to be a friend of his widow and has been a central figure in the Pearl Foundation, as I understand it at this point. I realize she has done a lot of things that seem to genuinely and innovatively support investigation into Pearl. She indicated having post trauma syndrome. Although it might be true, I suspect she might be using it to cover up a vibe of detachment she had over his death related to her involvement, not shock over his death. I realize she has a lot of supporters; detractors mainly come from Islamic fundamentalists. I feel the actual murder event was in a space of almost surprised opportunity, like the attackers were surprised to be given an open door to go at Pearl. I sense amateurs around him, younger people with high energy, stealy boys. Going at his neck is almost like done by someone who lives the village life and has chickens which he cuts the head off, that he applies chicken head cutting to Daniel. I realize people say KSM did it from vein matching between the head cutting video and the man’s hand; all I am saying is someone with high energy to go after chopping or slicing bone in the neck area seems likely. We are told two groups might have been involved - more local types and later high dollar providing Arabs I think they promised 50k for Daniel and gave 9k up front). Listen to Khalid Khawaja on the HBO documentary film mentioned below - his use of “sisters and brothers” is a red flag to me. It sounds possibly like it hails from an American black movement like the Black Panthers. His extended depiction of how Daniel relentlessly pestered him for an interview seems suspicious and people should check for any proof in Danny’s phone records, if possible. I originally suggested he might have been present and watched - later I even wondered if he was high energy enough to do the severing himself. I sense his energy possibly around the actual death scene. The link to Punjab that runs throughout the Pearl case should be fully outlined - Khalid evidently was killed in the Punjab region by a group called Asian TIgers. Since some suggest this might be linked to southern India, people might see if there is any link to nomani through her Indian connections, although I don’t sense a direct link myself. Some Muslims have suggested she was an Indian RAW agent. added 08/26/2017: Also had feelings of treachery around white male who was American consulate or ambassador - feel a knife around him, could be covering up activities in Pakistan. Also had written yesterday Bush might have ordered the murder, but shortly after and again today am getting the feeling Bush was dominated by the same issues as Pearl; Go over the HBO documentary and imagine in your mind that three of the people interviewed were actually part of the perpetrator system, that the American government and filmers knew what waas going on, and the people were told to say something else about what happened. This includes the female Muslim WSJ journalist).Ask if Khalid Khawaja’s background in the Pakistan Air Force was ever used to fly commercial planes taken over by terrorists. Ask if he would pesronally butcher a human like a chicken. 08/26/2016 Khalid Khawaja, Political Analyst, Ex-Pakistan Airforce in video HBO Documentary Films 2006 The Journalist and the Jihadi The Murder of Daniel Pearl. Note: I am still looking over this material and am new to it, other than first hearing about Pearl’s death and providing some material about it on this site earlier. Khalid came up in the HBO video listed below. I have read in the Washington Post article below he was originally suspected to be involved and then that suspicion was stopped. I don’t know yet if the suspicion was re-upped or maintained elsewhere. I will tell you that my psychic input is yes, he was involved, he took people to the site of his death and burial, and also he helped to entrap Pearl, he might have have been there and watched. He has a history of at least one other entrapment of others in the Washington Post article below. I do feel he worked for the CIA and had an American slant to his demeanor. I feel part of his MO was bitterness and disappointment from things that had happened to him in life, that he was mostly secular, perhaps even an atheist. He was also very defiant, which shows up clearly in the HBO video. I feel he is lying in the video about some thingsk but otehr things reveal issues and give a partial answer. I think someone at the WSJ was also involved. It is possible Bush was involved in his murder. I feel Danny got caught at somethng and it is related to Jewishness and ISrael. THey might have taken some of his stuff. I also feel ransom was indeed a huge issue around him. Just exactly what the nature of that ransom is needs to be gone over again - we are told this and that, check it all out. ALso the sense that the issue was an embarrassment to the Americans involved in 9/11. Something was messy; what I would check out is if the conspirators on the American side had Danny killed, and during the killing, there was some messiness or slip-up which was an embarassment. The Pearl story is at the heart of the whole 9/11 issue. He was sent to Pakistan the day after 09/11. He apparently had been doing stories which upset someone in the USA - one of which is in the HBO below. I think there are some false pieces of information in the HBO video, and several important things happened after that, like Khalid’s death and other captured kidnappers and killers, but the film gives a person a sense of the issues involved and takes us into the Middle East and certain historical events so we are reminded of the issues involved around that time and around Pearl. updates page started danny pearl 2021/01/03 moved from River Gold dot net
Danny Pearl Devil’s Advocate Consider several of the people around Pearl at the time of his death complicit in organized crime networking and/or personal vendettas or business competition. Look at things from that angle when seeking resources. Whether true or not, it takes us down different and often interesting corridors. It opens up new possible leads and information. 09/18/2017 Correction: It looks like Pearl had come from Islamabad with his wife from where he was staying to Karachi to Nomani’s dwelling there rathern than India. Earlier there was confusion in my notes here whether he came directly from India to Karachi. In terms of earlier concerns about Nomani, I encourage people to follow the trail of what she said she was doing in Karachi at the time, what she was writing about around his death and and shortly thereafter. One of the works seems to have been about yogic tantric sex, which might indicate psychic knowledge and/or ability - at least awareness of bioenergy. This might or might not be a hint of her abilities with the paranormal, including things like psychic attack, telepathy, working around investigators, planning tactics and more. If so, this could potentially create a space for coyote magic or “The Arabian Nights Effect” (see this website). Tantric knowledge is generally more advanced psychic/energy knowledge, although it can be bandied about by amateurs or low-lives who just see it as cruder forms of sex. When you hit those tantric fields - and I am not saying Nomani does - you can potentially manipulate things. Some people use it as healing energy, so it’s not just about sex. She seems to be using it in yogic contexts which includes body movements, stretches, knowledge of kundalini, acupressure points, the third eye and more. Raising kundalini to the brain’s pineal and pituitary glands and upt to the crown chakra’s spiritual energy centers is potentially part of tantric knowledge - sex applied to this kundalini/energy center and field system. It’s not necessarily a sign of something negative, but if my memory serves and she was actually thinking about such things shortly after Pearl’s death to write a book, we have to wonder why or how it might apply to anything around that case. When I first ran across her on the internet some time ago (not sure of year, but it was after this website was started in 2013), I was interested and inspired by what seemed like a progressive woman; I was touched by her material. I felt she was sincere, the real deal. I think I ran into her material looking into Daniel Pearl for the first time. As soon as you start digging into his stuff, you run into stuff on her, as if they are permanently intertwined. I remember at the time wondering if Nomani’s unborn son was Pearl’s, I am sure others have wondered the same, since they seemed to be so close - several photos showing warmth and friendship. Both Danny’s wife and she had babies in the womb at the time of his death.
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