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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cont. ARTICLES/SOURCES Online Input-Articles, Blogs, etc. this section is not kept up as much as links list and in-section input Express 2022/12/12 Idaho murder victim's family take matters into own hands as killer still at large Excerpt: One victim's family is looking to raise reward money to find out what happened to their daughter, who was killed in a horrific quadruple homicide last month. By ROSIE JEMPSON police-family-dxus Fox Bangor 2022/11/16 Two University of Idaho murder victims seen in video footage hours before attack, police say Fox News Fox News via yahoo 2022/12/31 Idaho murder suspect Kohberger's Pennsylvania classmates say he was 'bright,' awkward, bullied in school. Chris Eberhart bright-awkward-bullied-school Fox via yahoo 2022/12/28 Idaho murders: 90 white Elantras were registered to park on campus as cops struggle to find vehicle Michael Ruiz Wed, December 28, 2022 at 11:2 Fox via MSN Idaho murder victims' hands bagged at scene to preserve possible evidence: coroner. Story by Alexis McAdams, Audrey Conklin, Michael coroner 2022/11/23 FOX News 2022/12/18 Kaylee Goncalves' dad gives update on Idaho murder case as Christmas approaches Story by Joshua Comins • 3h ago FOX News 2022/12/16 Idaho murders: Police still seeking Hyundai 33 days after campus coed massacre Story by Michael Ruiz • MOSCOW, Idaho – Idaho police released a bare-bones update Friday, 33 days into their investigation they are still examining surveillance video in and around Moscow and across a wider radius as they continue their search for a white car seen near the crime scene. Investigators said last week that they believe the occupant or occupants of a white Hyundai Elantra, model year 2011 to 2013, may have "critical" information in the case. They continue to seek the public’s help cracking the case while downplaying concerns that the killer may be outside the state by now. via MSN: campus-coed-massacre/ar-AA15mIII 2022/12/3 Idaho murders: Kaylee Goncalves' mom says police ruled out certain people 'very fast' Idaho police have released a list of multiple people detectives believe are not involved in the murders of four students very-fast 2022/12/21 Idaho murders: Experts caution public against rush to judgment as police pursue 'each and every lead' every-lead Heavy Jack Ducoeur 5 fast facts ducoeur/#:~:text=Facebook%20Jack%20DuCoeur%20Jack%20DuCoeur%20is%20the%20ex- boyfriend,a%20combined%2010%20times%20shortly%20before%20the%20homicides. 2022/12/14 Moscow Murders Update: Gas Station Video Shows White Car, Clerk Says. Jessica McBride Independent 2022/12/18 Idaho murders – live: New video shows two victims speaking about man called ‘Adam’ on night of stabbings. By Rachel Sharp, Andrea Blanco moscow-b2247161.html 2022/12/14 From campus to club to crime scene: What happened in the Idaho murder victims’ final hours. They did what they’d do on any Saturday night. Could clues to the Idaho killings lie in victims’ ordinary evenings? Reporting from Moscow, Sheila Flynn outlines the four young students’ final hours update-b2245419.html 2022/I12/6 daho police offer new details about slain student Kaylee Goncalves’ dog at the crime scene Investigators previously revealed that the dog was found inside the home when officers arrived on the scene of the murders on 13 November b2239774.html Inside Edition Could Handprint found on window be from the killer of 4 idaho students KTVB 2022/12/22 'We will solve this': Moscow police chief is confident the murder case will come to a close Moscow Police Chief James Fry said they hear all the rumors about the department, but that doesn't stop them from believing the case will be solved. Alexander Duggan chief-is-confident-the-case-will-come-to-a-close-moscow-murders-university-of-idaho/277-8ddfb5c2-1ebb- 4370-9ff9-870a01d53f4d MEAWW dot com 2022/11/19 Idaho massacre: Many people knew code for keypad door lock of house, Kaylee Goncalves's sister says 'I will say, due to the closeness of the community and due to the safeness of it, I think a lot of people had access to that door,' Alivea Goncalves said. Divya Kishore murders-happened Idaho massacre: Many people knew code for keypad door lock of house, Kaylee Goncalves's sister says NBC 2022/11/16 A late-night food truck camera appeared to show 2 of the Idaho victims hours before they were found dead. Tim Stelloh The video helped authorities determine where two of the students were before they were fatally stabbed, a police official said Wednesday. hours-found-rcna57624 New York Post 2022/12/04 Locks on Idaho college house were fixed weekend before killings, victim’s mom says. By Katherine Donlevy 2022/12/05 Police detail possible ‘stalker reference’ made by slain University of Idaho student Kaylee Goncalves. By David Propper So far, detectives have received an extraordinary 2,645 emailed tips, 2,770 phone tips and more than 1,000 digital submissions as the killer or killers of Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin remain on the loose. The horrifying Nov. 13 discovery of the four stabbed bodies has rocked the small college town. 2022/11/17 Sister of slaughtered Idaho student urges others to leave town with killer still on looseBy Yaron Steinbuch town/ 2022/12/23 Cabbie who drove slain Idaho students home said they were ‘excited’ to go home and eat pasta. By Snejana Farberov Newsweek 2022/12/12 Idaho Murder Victim's Father Shares Details on Who He Thinks the Killer Is. Story by Matthew Impelli the-killer-is/ar-AA15cfvv Excerpt: During his interview with Fox News Digital, G claves explained that he recently spoke with the local coroner, Cathy Mabbutt, about the wounds his daughter sustained. Goncalves also said that his daughter's wounds "definitely did not match" the wounds sustained by Mogen. They were believed to be in the same bed when the stabbings occurred. "She said these were big open gouges. She said it was quick. These weren't something where you were going to be able to call 911. They were not going to slowly bleed out," he said…Last week, police revealed that they were looking to speak with the occupant(s) of a 2011-2013 white Hyundai Elantra, which prompted an array of different tips flooding in via MSN Kaylee Gocalves injuries suggest killers target ex fbi profiler 2022/12/13 Idaho Murder Victim's Mom Warned Against Raising Reward Money: 'Bad Plan' BY MATTHEW IMPELLI Radar Online via MNS 2022/12/16 Moscow Vape Shop Manager Says Kaylee Goncalves Expressed Fears About Alleged Stalker Weeks Before Quadruple Murder Twitter EXPLORE FURTHER Global web icon Jack DuCoeur on Twitter: "If I had a dollar for every time she lies… Deaf to Bullshit this is from internet does not say who is he is talking about extracted 2022/12/12 Washington Examiner 2022/12/17 Idaho murders: Coroner under fire for dismissing potential clues from toxicology tests Story by Heather Hunter toxicology-tests Updates: 2023/01/03 more added on Links-10a; 2023/01/02; /2022/12/26; 2022/12/24; 2022/12/21; 2022/12/19 Case Study 10badded; 2022/12/18; 2022/12/17 PAGE STARTED, some taken from Current Commentary News Notes
10a Main Part 10b Arrest of Kohberger 10c-Links List 10d Articles List Links List-Comprehensive Links List 10a Links List 10b Arrest-Kohberger Articles/Sources ----------------------------------------------------------------- ABC events/story?id=93575278 Abc13 2022/12/28 Idaho murders: Police issue new appeal for information in stabbing deaths of 4 college students ByMola Lenghi via ABCNews logo of/12624309/ CNN 2022/12/13 A month after 4 students were killed, police have yet to name a suspect as University of Idaho enters final exam week By Aya Elamroussi, C month-later/index.html Daily Mail EXCLUSIVE: Retracing the murderer's steps: Blueprints show where each Idaho student was found stabbed to death in their off-campus three-story house - with the slayings taking place on the top two floors. Janon Fisher steps-Blueprints-Idaho-student-stabbed-death.html 2022/12/12 Idaho murder victims' HANDS were bagged at scene to try and preserve crucial evidence that could lead to killer: Cop says he found glove outside Idaho cops have bagged the hands of the four University of Idaho students who were murdered in their sleep last night Authorities say the victims' hands may contain evidence such as skin or hair under the fingernails of their attacker if they tried to fight back Idaho State Police would then be able to run that DNA through state and national databases to find a match The process, though, could take weeks as there are likely multiple DNA samples found inside their off-campus home It comes as a retired cop says he found a glove outside the home that police apparently missed during their initial sweep of the crime scene By Melissa Koenig update-Victims-hands-bagged-scene-preserve-e
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