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Articles, cont. *C* Dealers [1991-Who Helped Arm Saddam-Ehrmann, etc] facts/index.html facts/index.htm *D* *E* *F* *G* *H* *I* www/worldnow/la-fg-operation-inherent-resolve-isis-20141015-stortps colon //www dot marinecorpstimes dot com/news/your-marine-corps/2017- to-deaths-of-500-u-s-troops-in-iraq-afghanistan/ ligmobile-many- *J* *K* *L* *M* *N* 31f1-11ea-af15-cbfa5e8cd596.html https://www.npr.or/from-deep-in-the-iraqi-desert-a-new-u-s-fire-base-targets-isis-in-syria u-s-s iraq.html? chirac-says.htm *O* *P* *Q* *R* https //www reuters com/article/us-iraq-airforce/iraq-air-force-wants-iran-to-give-back-its-planes- idUSCOL54415720070805 *S* https //smallwarsjournal com/ https //www stripes com/news/tall-task-for-10th-mountain-in-mahmudiyah-1.55134 *T* https //www technologyreview com/s/403319/how-technology-failed-in-iraq/ *U* https //www usnews com/opinion/world-report/articles/2017-11-08/5-ways-the-us-can-build-off-optimism-in-iraq *V* *W* https colon //washparkprophet dot blogspot dot com/2006/03/humvee-problem html [1990-How Saddam built his war machine-Frankel] d003-4a78-88ef-476c183b21dc/?noredirect=on ublic.pd https colon//en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Improvised_explosive_device) https colon//en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Iraq_War https colon//en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Car_bomb en dot wikipedia dot org › wiki › MRAP https://en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Bradley_Fighting_Vehicle https ://en dotwikipedia dot org/wiki/Iraq_conflict_(2003%E2%80%93present) https://en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Operation_Inherent_Resolve https://en.wikipedia dot org/wiki/American-led_intervention_in_Iraq_(2014%E2%80%93present) https colon //en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/First_Battle_of_Fallujah tps colon//en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Second_Battle_of_Fallujah https://en to wikipedia dot org/wiki/Mahmudiyah_rape_and_killings https colon //en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Mahmudiyah_rape_and_killings https colon //en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_Iraq_War https colon //en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Iraqi_chemical_weapons_program https colon //en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/UAVs_in_the_U.S._military *XYZ* BOOKS FROM IRAQ-1 SECTION MOVED HERE TO THE LINKS SECTION Endgame-Gordon, Trainor (Note from PF: Have read, recommend) (2012) The Endgame: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, from George W. Bush to Barack Obama. By Michael R. Gordon and General Bernard E. Trainor. Note by RG/PF: Boo is recommended. Good as a resource using the index and maps. Didn’t care for the sections covering SOFA later in the book, felt it was tedious. Bolger, the author below, gets only brief (although not negative) coverage on a few pages including the drawdown period. Kershaw (listed elsewhere in this section) positively commented on by the author(s) regarding his tactical abilities. Danbaghdad-Morris (Note from PF: Have read, highly recommend; I am not sure I trust the few Iraqis he trusted) Danbaghdad: The Untold Story of Iraq - By Dan Morris. Added: ISBN 9798500073433 Why We Lost-Bolger (Note from PF: Have read, recommend) (2014) Why We Lost: A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. By Daniel P. Bolger. Note by RG/PF: Book is recommended.Bolger is telling us that he feels he is partly to blame for the lack of success in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He gives a quick overview of Desert Storm and buildup to 9/11 by covering two embassies being bombed, Mogadishu, USS Cole bombing by Al Qaeda; his is one of the best descriptions of what actually happened the day of 9/11 I have seen so far. Update on reading book: 2020/02/19 I am still reading Bolger’s book; have gotten through the first part of Afghanistan, the full section on Iraq and am in the second and final section on Afghanistan. I wonder if he glossed on some things. War Journal-Engel (Note from PF: Have read, recommend) (2008) War journal : My five years in Iraq. By Richard Engel. Note by RG/PF: Book is recommended, but watch for some signs of possible yellow journalism. It is encouraged you read up on Engel and see what critics say about him and his work. Engel embedded with different branches of the military; stayed longer in Iraq than many journalists; experienced severe repeated bombings in Baghdad, some of which almost got him in places like his hotel room; as part of this, he saw things like large bombed out craters from suicide truck bombings and falling body parts. When reading about “falling faces”, like after one such bombing event, the second story triggered a suspicion in this reader he might be exaggerating or embellishing for dramatic effect, which put me on alert about the veracitiy and validity of the entire book. Falling skulls with parts of faces yes, but faces peeled off intact seems unlikely, although I have no direct experience. It’s possible he meant something else. One of the face encounters had to do with a face falling off the ceiling to the area near him. Although this might seem trivial - exploded body parts are sad and gross no matter - we need to have the feeling Engel was not embellishing with a sick sense of humor for dramatic effect, and to sell copy. Beyond this concern, I recommend reading the book and checking his resources, as well as reading up on the man himself from other observers, reviewers and critics. I believe he might be part Jewish which made being in Iraq even more dangerous for himself. He apparently lost a marriage over his long stays in Iraq. He also lost at least one female friend whose vehicle was bombed near the Iraq, airport, as I recall it. He felt more respect for the Marine approach than the Army one, feeling there was more no-nonsense professionalism in battle there and maybe less time in the FOBs. Having read diverse materials on the Army, I am not so sure this is a fair measure of that branch of the military, but apparently FOB cloistering occurred among some and at certain points, especially during the earlier post-Saddam years. Engel offers some observations about too much time wasted on trying to create a post Saddam democracy, attention diverted to bureacracy and not enough to war zone securing. Kabul to Baghdad-Ballard, Lamm, Wood (Note from PF: Have read, recommend) (2012) From Kabul to Baghdad and Back : the U.S. at war in Afghanistan and Iraq. By John R. Ballard, David W. Lamm, and John K. Wood Note from RG/PF: The book largely shows how by running two theaters of war largely along parallel lines, Afghanistan lost out in terms of attention, resource and military dedication from US, deferred to NATO with its various problems, and national as well as global attention. Please note that Bolger’s book also compares to the two operations. At least as of time of book publishing, authors Ballard was dean of faculty at National War College and the other two Lamm and Wood were affiliated with Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies at National Defense University in Washington. Prisoner (Note from PF: have not read) (2019) Prisoner: my 544 days in an Iranian prison--solitary confinement, a sham trial, high-stakes diplomacy, and the extraordinary efforts it took to get me out. By Jason Rezaian. (Not read yet-included in Iraq section because of mixed battle zones/tensions between USA, Iran and Iraq) Warriors of Anbar-Darack (Note from PF: Have read, recommend) (2019) The warriors of Anbar : the Marines who crushed Al Qaeda : the greatest untold story of the Iraq War. By Ed Darack (Not read yet - looks interesting) (2009) None Left Behind: The 10th Mountain Division and the Triangle of Death. By Charles W. Sasser. Not from RG/PF: Book is recommended. The main points are I know someone who was in this Division who was maimed in 2007. I read the book because of that and with it in mind. The author Sasser was a Vietnam Vetearan and author of other military related books. He fleshes out the lives of the troops from New York to Iraq and back. We gain an understanding of leaders and casualties in their struggle to control Malibu, a particularly gruesome and dangerous small stretch of road south of Baghdad. The book is a mix of fiction and non-fiction, with fiction where he fills in blank spots missing from the record with his version of a likely feeling for personalities and conversations. There are ample pictures and more detailed information of what happened during the ambush that killed five, with three missing in action for awhile. Those men are mentioned in this Iraq section. We are informed one precognitive event and other paranormal feeling ones (coincidental, precognitive-like). I did not expect this latter about the story, but it did not surprise me, because I had been feeling something along these lines around the man I spoke with and around the situation, as if drawn into the story by something.) Operation Iraqi Freedom US Army (Note from PF: Have read, recommend) (2010/07) Operation Iraqi Freedom US Army : Abrams, Bradley and Stryker. By Andy Renshaw Updates: 2022/07/13 added Morris-Danbaghdad); 2020/05/05-06 a variety of changes underway; the entire section was moved from River Gold; various links might not work as a result of the transition but are being worked on; 2020/02/02 this page is being revamped and added to, linked to pages 1 and 2 of Iraq section; 2019/01/01 Added CNN (2013)Iraq Page Started 07/07/2018
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