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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION: What is Human Trafficking? Human trafficking is the illegal recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of a person with the intent to hold the person captive or exploit the individual for labor, services or body parts. From Daily Times-2018/01/24 by Noel Lyn Smith. See more below. Three participants are involved in the sex trafficking transaction — the buyer, the seller, and the victim, who can be a man, woman or children. Furthermore, there is an intersection between sex trafficking and missing and murdered indigenous relatives, said Crotty. Sex trafficking is prevalent at casinos, hotels, and highway truck stops or gas stations, where there are a lot of people coming and going, and the buying and selling of sex can occur largely undetected. Additionally, sex traffickers use online resources and social media to seek out vulnerable youth, said Brown. Facebook and Instagram are used to lure and trade victims, he said, and there are also apps that can be used to buy sex. Crotty said it’s important to monitor your children’s online and phone activity. “Someone’s being groomed and someone’s being exploited,” Crotty said. “It’s not happening by accident.” --Navajo Times-2020/02/20 By Rima Krisst. See more below. 11 Facts about Human Trafficking https //www dosomething org/us/facts/11-facts-about-human-trafficking #1 Trafficking involves transporting someone into a situation of exploitation. This can include forced labor, marriage, prostitution, and organ removal. This kind of exploitation is known by a few different names -- “human trafficking,” “trafficking of persons,” and “modern slavery” are the ones accepted by the US Department of State. […see more at website] Security Magazine Human Trafficking: Recognizing the signs https //www securitymagazine com/articles/92350-human-trafficking-recognizing-the-signs MALE HUMAN TRAFFICKING Human Trafficking Center dot org Men and Boys https //humantraffickingcenter org/men-boys/ Combating Male Sex Trafficking https //www ranchhandsrescue com/sex-trafficking/ The Epoch Times The silent victims a hidden world where boys are trafficked https //www theepochtimes com/the-silent-victims-a-hidden-world-where-boys-are-trafficked_2958903.html STASH HOUSES - Human (Human and Drugs Common) Human Smuggling Stash Houses (p. 17 here) Drug Stash Houses (p. 337 Marijuana Farms, Houses, Labs, Drug Stash Houses) Breitbart 2020/08/29 160 Cartel-Connected Human Smuggling Stash Houses Busted in South Texas this Year. By Jaeson Jones south-texas-this-year/ CBP dot gov 2021/07/16 El Paso Sector Agents locate stash houses and $600k worth of Methamphetamine https //www cbpgov/newsroom/local-media-release/el-paso-sector-age nts-locate-stash-houses-and-600k-worth Excerpt: Chaparral, New Mexico: -67 undocument migrants: 44 Guatemalans, 16 Ecuadorans, five Mexicans, one El Salvadorian, and one Honduran. San Elizario, Texas: 43 undocumented; 0 Ecuadorans, 11 Peruvians, 10 Mexicans, one Honduran, and one Unaccompanied Child from Guatemala. Vado, New Mexico: 24 undocumented migrants: 18 Ecuadorans, four Guatemalans, and two Mexicans. The Epoch Times 2019/05/22 tash Houses: A Hidden and Horrific Phenomenon on Border Massive increases in illegal border crossings is stretching resources thin, while smugglers pack more illegal aliens into hous es. By Charlotte Cuthbertson Fox News 2021/04/02 Texas ‘stash houses,’ used by human smugglers, busted as border crackdown continues Since October, agents have increased busts on stash houses by 400% compared to the same time last year, a report said. By Brie Stimson by-authorities Washington Post 2017/09/19 What is a 'stash house?' d178cf3524eb_video.html Stash houses are a vital part of immigrant and drug smuggling networks on the U.S.-Mexico border. SUMMARY OF LINKS Arizona https //www acf.hhs gov/sites/default/files/otip/arizona_profile_efforts_to_combat_human_trafficking pdf https //www 12news com/article/news/crime/woman-arrested-for-child-sex-trafficking-after-trying-to-sell-teen-for-sex-in- phoenix/75-a649b643-eecf-491b-bbce-585fdc6a4851 https //www azfamily com/news/continuing_coverage/coronavirus_coverage/phoenix-still-a-hot-spot-for-sex-trafficking- amid-covid-19-expert-says/article_784963b6-876a-11ea-9bac-ebd5f58db2a6 html https //patch com/arizona/phoenix/5-arrested-arizona-sex-trafficking-sting-including-former-cop New Mexico Human Trafficking trafficking/1064019001/ mexico/5864718/#:~:text=A%20report%20from%20the%20Human,ranked%2035th%20in%20the%20nation. harrowing-story/2681341001/ https //www nmag gov/human-trafficking-task-force aspx Mexico Illegal Alien Sexual Predators entering USA also includes Americans with sexual criminal records helping illegal aliens cross border In general: Some articles on Mexico illegal aliens with criminal sexual histories entering, or trying to enter United States. Although not immediately “human trafficking” it might be and often is linked to human trafficking. This section might be moved to another area later. https //www cbp gov/newsroom/local-media-release/border-patrol-arrests-rapist-child-sex-offender https //www ice gov/news/releases/unregistered-convicted-sex-offender-living-reno-arrested-ice https //www ice gov/news/releases/previously-convicted-child-sex-offender-mexico-sentenced-4-years-prison-illegally#wcm- survey-target-id http //www scielo https //www borderreport com/news/convicted-sex-offenders-caught-smuggling-migrants-in-california/ ARTICLES AND RESOURCES Arizona Arizona Health and Human Services https //www acf hhs gov/sites/default/files/otip/arizona_profile_efforts_to_combat_human_trafficking pdf Arizona Family dot com 2020/04/25 Phoenix still a hot spot for sex trafficking amid COVID-19, expert says. EMMA LOCKHART https //www azfamily com/news/continuing_coverage/coronavirus_coverage/phoenix-still-a-hot-spot-for-sex-trafficking- amid-covid-19-expert-says/article_784963b6-876a-11ea-9bac-ebd5f58db2a6.html 12 News dot com 2020/08/24 Woman arrested for child sex trafficking after trying to sell teen for sex in Phoenix According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, last year there were 234 trafficking cases reported in Arizona alone. By Bianca Buono https//www 12news com/article/news/crime/woman-arrested-for-child-sex-trafficking-after-trying-to-sell-teen-for-sex-in- phoenix/75-a649b643-eecf-491b-bbce-585fdc6a4851 Patch 2020/09/11 5 Arrested In Arizona Sex Trafficking Sting, Including Former Cop The sting, called 'Operation Home Alone 2', resulted in five arrests, including a former Maricopa County Sheriff's Department detective. By Lindsay Walker, Patch Staff https //patch com/arizona/phoenix/5-arrested-arizona-sex-trafficking-sting-including-former-cop New Mexico Some Resources or Help groups for Human Trafficking Issues: US Department of Health and Human Services Region V1 Strengthening Families Program/Navajo Nation Division of Social Services Street Safe New Mexico DeliverFund Across Country U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Region VI New Mexico: Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking ACF dot hhs dot gov AP News 2019/03/15 US attorney in New Mexico focuses on human trafficking Excerpt: ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Organized criminal groups are using the crush of asylum seekers from Central America and elsewhere as cover for smuggling immigrants across the state’s remote border with Mexico, according to federal authorities in New Mexico. “We are making a concerted effort to investigate and prosecute organizations involved in human trafficking,” U.S. Attorney John C. Anderson tells the Albuquerque Journal . He said that includes smugglers as well as those who are taking advantage of asylum seekers. Anderson described New Mexico as a “transit point” for people entering the country illegally or through the asylum process. The border state in recent months has seen a surge of large groups — mostly Central Americans — being taken into custody at remote spots such as Antelope Wells or areas further north near Deming. U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s El Paso sector — which includes New Mexico — processed thousands of asylum seekers just in February. Shelters in the area have run out of space, resulting in hundreds of the migrants being bused to Las Cruces and Albuquerque while they await travel to other destinations pending formal hearings. Homeland Security Investigations and Border Patrol agents have identified several organized criminal groups that have been smuggling immigrants across the southern border to ultimate destinations in Alabama, New Jersey, Tennessee and elsewhere. Agents have arrested human smugglers in the small towns of Hachita in southwestern New Mexico and Dexter south of Roswell as well as Albuquerque and Birmingham, Alabama. Just this week, Maximo Gonzalez-Sebastian of Guatemala was convicted of holding migrants in the country illegally at a rented home in New Mexico. Prosecutors say he told at least one of the Mexican nationals he was keeping that he would not release them until he received payments by wire transfer from family members or others. Daily Times 2018/01/24 Navajo Nation conference centers on human trafficking: Special agent from AG's Office leads presentation. By Noel Lyn Smith https:/ human-trafficking/1064019001/ Excerpt: Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry worldwide and is the second-most profitable industry behind drug trafficking. A task force that operates through the state Attorney General's Office has limited authority to address human trafficking on the reservation, but it can work cases through the FBI or the Navajo Nation police. The conference was organized by the Strengthening Families Program, a service under the Navajo Nation Division of Social Services. Excerpt: Navajo Nation officials enacted a law against human trafficking in August 2017. The measure allows tribal courts to exercise jurisdiction for crimes related to human trafficking committed by Native and non- Natives when a federal law enforcement agency or a federal court declines or does not exercise jurisdiction to prosecute the crime. Deseret 2012/04/25 Feds nab 28 NM gang members linked to trafficking. By Associated Press https //www deseret com/2012/4/25/20409124/feds-nab-28-nm-gang-members-linked-to-trafficking Excerpt: ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Federal agents and local police have arrested 28 suspected gang members and associates in New Mexico as part of a national roundup of gang members linked to drug and human trafficking. Officials with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations announced Wednesday that members and associates affiliated with the South Side Locos and Brown Pride gangs in Albuquerque, southern New Mexico and the Four Corner's region were in federal custody following a quick probe of the area. Authorities also seized heroin, cocaine and meth with a street value of close to $300,000. In addition, federal agents and local authorities seized more than a dozen or so illegal firearms and two expensive vehicles. "This was a coordinated effort that resulted in the arrests of a number of high ranking gang members," said Dennis Ulrich, Homeland Security Investigations Acting Special Agent in Charge of West Texas and New Mexico. "We believe they were involved in drug trafficking and human smuggling." https //www deseret com/2012/4/25/20409124/feds-nab-28-nm-gang-members-linked-to-trafficking KOB 2020/09/16 Human trafficking continues to be a major concern in New Mexico. By Colton Shone. mexico/5864718/#:~:text=A%20report%20from%20the%20Human,ranked%2035th%20in%20the%20nation. Excerpt: Human trafficking is an issue affecting states all over the country. Local advocates say the problem in New Mexico is particularly bad. "We have absolutely seen national rings that come through the state of New Mexico," said Excerpt: Shelley Repp, spokesperson for the New Mexico Dream Center. "We are on a known route and minimally that route is Denver, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City and Compton." A report from the Human Trafficking Institute shows the latest numbers for New Mexico: There are 8 trafficking cases, ranking New Mexico 23rd in the nation for active cases. Nationwide, there are 606 cases. Street Safe New Mexico, an Albuquerque-based nonprofit that aims to help victims of human trafficking, said the conviction numbers don't compare to the amount of cases they see mexico/5864718/#:~:text=A%20report%20from%20the%20Human,ranked%2035th%20in%20the%20nation. KRQE 2020/03/09 DeliverFund combats human trafficking across the country. By Allison Keys Sex trafficking is happening all over America and New Mexico is ground zero for the hunt for human traffickers all around the country. Kara Smith hunts traffickers around the country from a small office in Albuquerque for New Mexico. DeliverFund Senior Targeting Analyst Kara Smith visits the set to discuss the fight against sex trafficking. DeliverFund is a nonprofit private intelligence organization that equips, trains, and advises law enforcement on how to combat human trafficking nationwide. Kara explains that DeliverFund primarily works with domestic sex trafficking and they look for individuals that are forced to have sex for-profit and their traffickers take those proceed from them. She says that 96% of trafficking victims are women. Las Cruces Sun Stolen and erased: One Navajo girl's harrowing story of sex trafficking in New Mexico. By Nick PachelliSearchlight New Mexico navajo-girl-harrowing-story/2681341001/ Excerpt: In New Mexico, only 160 cases have been opened since 2016 — Eva’s among them. And while Native Americans make up about 11 percent of the state’s population, they account for nearly a quarter of trafficking victims, according to data compiled from organizations that provide services to trafficking victims. …Issues remain nationally:States improve on stopping juvenile sex trafficking, but there are still issues That includes Eva, who, according to her own recounting in addition to notes from medical personnel, caseworkers, and therapists, was systematically lured, coerced and threatened by a man who amassed hundreds of pornographic images and videos of her, raped her more times than she can estimate and traded sex with her to others for money, drugs and favors. Her name, along with those of her family members, have been changed for reasons of safety and privacy…. [Note from PF: In summary, Eva is an example of a Navajo girl who was human trafficked time and again and who got lost in the system. There were numerous signs of abuse and psychological problems, but these problems were ignored, including by police]…”Despite dozens of brushes with five law enforcement agencies (Zuni tribal police, Gallup police, McKinley County sheriffs, Bernalillo County sheriffs, and Albuquerque police) and seven healthcare institutions (in Gallup, Zuni, Black Rock, Las Cruces, Albuquerque, and Taos), she was not once questioned or screened for human trafficking.” navajo-girl-harrowing-story/2681341001/ Navajo Times 2020/02/20 ‘Modern-day monster’: Report links sex trafficking to generational trauma By Rima Krisst https // Excerpt: WINDOW ROCKIt can be difficult to talk about and even harder to process, but in the past few years an insidious wave of sex trafficking has hit the Navajo Nation and Navajo Nation Council delegates want people to be aware so they can help protect potential victims N Mag https //www nmag gov/human-trafficking-task-force aspx Human Trafficking Task Force The Office of the New Mexico Attorney General Human Trafficking Task Force is a federally funded collaborative taskforce consisting of local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies, prosecutorial agencies, and service providers from around the state. The sole purpose of the New Mexico Human Trafficking Task Force is to implement a collaborative approach to combating all forms of human trafficking within New Mexico- sex trafficking and labor trafficking- of foreign nationals and U.S. citizens (of all sexes and ages). This multi- disciplinary task force focuses on a victim-centered approach to identify victims of all types of human trafficking, address the individualized needs of victims through quality services, and investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases at the local, state, tribal, and federal levels https //www nmag gov/human-trafficking-task-force aspx Other Areas Texas https //www ranchhandsrescue com/sex-trafficking/ The sex-trafficking industry has stayed expertly hidden across the country, and for far too long we have only seen the effects of it: trafficked children in our counseling center who connect with our animals because they are too scared or ashamed to tell another person, or adults who have fallen into self-destruction because of what happened to them as children. We are tired of seeing the effects of an industry that gives no thought or care for the young lives that are stolen and the critical damage that it creates. Instead of cartoons, birthday gifts, hobbies, and hugs from parents, these children and young adults are subjected to shame, humiliation, denigration, and violence. We can’t erase traumatic memories, but we can bring what is hiding into the light, and we can build more opportunities for people to receive the help and care that they deserve. Mass Transit Mag dot com 2018/05/24 Transit Industry Tackles Human Trafficking Recent legislative victories combined with ongoing investment in employee training and public awareness are helping to stymie this heinous form of modern-day slavery.Gregg Wartgow May 24th, 2018 Updates 2022/05/09 removed excess bold; 2020/11/28 Male Human Trafficking Section added with link to human trafficking center dot org males; 2020/11/24 Arizona added to sections; 2020/11/21 Human Trafficking page started
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