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NAMES (Last Name Letter) A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 E F G1 G2 H1 H2 IJK L M1 M2 M3 N O P R S T W QUV-XYZ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brown C.J., Albuquerque Brown Eric, Albuquerque Brown Josh, Albuquerque Buckner Ryan, Albuquerque Burns Larry, Jal Burt Darryl, Albuquerque B Name-Unknown, Gallup ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B SECTION, Tables and Related Information Table all names of New Mexico Police on this website: See also Victim Incidents/Cases Police - Blue Lives Matter Locations by City and Names A to Z Indexes SUMMARIES B3: BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE Brown, C.J Albuquerque-APD Roswell-Roswell PD, Detective involved in killing Christopher Torres. Detective multiple issues, suit, Victim Torres/ (04/12/2011) Articles New Yorker (2015/02/02) Excerpt from The New Yorker (02/02/2015: Brown had already been rejected by the Albuquerque Police Department, in 1995, because he had bad credit, which was seen as a sign of recklessness. He ended up in the Roswell Police Department, three hours south of Albuquerque. While he was there, a city councilor brought a civil-rights lawsuit against him—she alleged that he had arrested her for exercising her right to free speech—and five citizens filed complaints. He was accused of injuring a man by throwing him to the ground; of humiliating a mother when arresting her for speeding; and of pointing his gun at someone who got out of his car too slowly. Later, he estimated that he had drawn his gun during a traffic stop on at least ten occasions. In 2005, he applied to work for the police department in Rio Rancho, just north of Albuquerque, but he was rejected for having a bad attitude. Since the last time he applied to the Albuquerque Police Department, Brown had been in two car accidents and filed for bankruptcy—events that the department typically considered indications of instability—but his second application was accepted, and he was given a signing bonus of five thousand dollars. He didn’t take a psychological exam. His training lasted six weeks…[after a struggle with Christopher…) Brown unholstered his pistol, a nine-millimetre handgun that he’d owned since he was sixteen. He pressed the muzzle against Christopher’s back and pulled the trigger. He didn’t hear any noise, and wondered if the gun had malfunctioned. He squeezed the trigger again. This time Christopher said, “Ow.” Christopher was still trying to get up, so Brown shot him in the back a third time. KRQE 03/11/2014: On Tuesday, the Torres family attorneys brought in a former Massachusetts State Police officer and firearms expert who claimed evidence doesn’t match the officers’ stories about what happened the night of Torres’ death. KRQE Expert Hammers Officer in Torres Trial 2nd NMDAS incidents/Christopher%20Torres/Torres%20NEW%20Shooting%20Review.pdf shooting#sthash.WHBQuo5k.dpbs America Al Jazeera (2014) http :// america. aljazeera .com/articles/2014/6/11/albuquerque-policeschizophrenic.html According to authorities, Detectives C.J. Brown and Richard Hilger shot Torres in the back at close range while serving an arrest warrant on a felony charge of aggravated auto burglary for trying to carjack a woman at a traffic light. During the confrontation with police, Torres tried to punch Hilger and grabbed his gun as they scuffled in the suspect's backyard, police said. But Bacon said the officers did not present the arrest warrant when they confronted Torres in his yard. http :// america. aljazeera .com/articles/2014/6/11/albuquerque-policeschizophrenic.html Brown Eric, Albuquerque. APD. Officer at time of Hinz shooting. Sergeant at time of Lovato shooting, 2010/06/10 shot and killed suspect Chris Hinz, fellow officer Anthony Sedler also shot at Hinz. Victims 2010/06/10 Chris Hinz, Gilbert Z Lovato (2017/01 shot and later died in hospital) Articles Albuquerque (Abq) Journal Community Data APD Under Fire Incident Summaries Excerpt: Officer Eric Brown shot and killed 43-year-old Chris Hinz after he approached officers armed with a rifle after police were called to his home by neighbors, according to police…Two tactical team officers, Eric Brown and Anthony Sedler, shot at Hinz, who died on scene.During Hinz’s funeral, his friends and family members expressed concern over APD’s use of force. They emailed city officials, including former police chief Ray Schultz, asking why officers didn’t try to first shoot the gun out of Hinz’s hands.Both officers were later found to be justified in the shooting. Washington Times (2017/01/17) Alb. Police ID officers involved in fatal shooting. By Assoc Press. s/ Excerpt: Albuquerque police released a statement Tuesday saying the three officers fired on 38-year-old Gilbert Zambronio Lovato after he pointed a BB gun at them earlier this month. Lovato was taken to a hospital, where he later died. Officers and witnesses told investigators they saw Lovato hold a gun to his getaway driver’s head. s/ Brown Josh, Albuquerque, APD, Lieutenant at time of Info piece: I, Info 2018-discusses and assists in bait cars on streets Articles [Information] KOB 2018/07/26 APD planting more bait cars around the city Buckner Ryan, Albuquerque, APD/Sergeant at time of memo written 2010/02/03 (Criminal Intelligence Unit-covert operations wing Sgt, Wrote a memo in 2010 warning about Aryan Brotherhood (AB) plot to kill an Albuq. police officer, -, Article ABQ-2012.07/17 indicated “recent credible and multi-source information” of an “Aryan Brotherhood plot to kill an Albuquerque police officer.”,Summary of police shootings Articles ABQ Albuquerque Journal 2012/06/17 Did Aryans target APD. By Jeff Proctor Excerpt: A memo written Feb. 3, 2010, by APD Sgt. Ryan Buckner of the Criminal Intelligence Unit, the department’s covert operations wing, cited “recent credible and multi-source information” of an “Aryan Brotherhood plot to kill an Albuquerque police officer.” APD Cmdr. Doug West of the Special Investigations Division downplayed the significance of the warning in Buckner’s bulletin, saying officers receive similar information on a regular basis. He said the department was never able to establish 100 percent whether it existed.Sgt. Dan Porter of the Special Investigations Division said police never determined whether Ellis or Aaron Renfro — the other man shot fatally by an APD officer in January 2010 whom Buckner referenced in his bulletin — were members of the Aryan Brotherhood. In another email obtained by the Journal, Buckner informed West nearly a year after the initial tip that his intelligence unit had used physical and electronic surveillance, controlled drug buys, undercover operations and other tactics to disrupt the alleged threat. There might be information relating to this officer also here: Burns, Larry Jal, JPD/Chief, Off-duty photos taken by subordinate police officer Joshua Terrell of him having sex in ambulance, Officer Burns experienced an invasion of privacy from Terrell’s photography.,The Blaze-2014/06/01; Opposing Views dot com; 2014/05/16; updated 2018/03/02; KRQE-2014/05/15 Articles The Blaze 2014/06/01 This police chief was caught on camera doing something obscene but one of his officers got fired for it something-obscene-but-one-of-his-officers-got-fired-over-it KRQE 2014/05/15 Police chief caught on camera Daily Mail 2014/06 Cop is fired for secretly filming his police chief for having sex in ambulance, in uniform. By James Nye. ambulance-uniform-cop-secretly-filmed-one-got-sacked.html Excerpt: That discovered that Terrell planted the camera and led to his dismisal for violating eight different policies including using a key to access the ambulance bay when he was not authorized to be there….And, because he did not keep the video evidence internal, he is not protected from the sack as a whistleblower, because he released it to the public. ambulance-uniform-cop-secretly-filmed-one-got-sacked.html Opposing Views dot com 2014/05/16; updated 2018/03/02; New Mexico Police Chief Caught Having Sex In Ambulance. By Jonathan Wolfe Excerpt: Despite no criminal activity taking place, Gallagher twice asked New Mexico State Police to conduct an internal investigation of Burns’ actions. They turned him down both times. The only hope of Burns seeing any real punishment for his actions is if the state Law Enforcement Academy Board reviews his case. If they find his actions inappropriate enough, Burns could lose his police license. Former New Mexico State Police Chief Robert Shilling thinks there is plenty of evidence to take action against Burns. “It certainly falls in the preview of misconduct in a multitude of ways,” he said. “I can only imagine, defrauding the taxpayers of being on duty or conducting yourself on duty when you’re saying you’re doing something else. I think would fall under the purview of the Law Enforcement Academy Board.” Burt, Darryl D Albuquerque, BCSO-Bernalillo County Sheriffs Office/Sheriff-Deputy,See also Sheriff Ray Gallagher/cover-ups/indictment, etc. (1990s) Sex-minor-same sex- indict/prison-1995.-Multiple issues as deputy and after no longer associated with police department, NA w/cocaine/heroine/other issues. In 1992/11 an article shows Burt was acquitted; Earlier serious charges found on Real Crimes: as Deputy and senior officer in Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Gang Unit, Cont… involving kidnapping/criminal sexual penetration + other felonies linked to traffic stop of 24 year old male as well as 34 counts of sexual assault and extortion of a 16 year old; Indict/prison-1995, Caselaw-1998/01/20; Real Crimes/Albuq Jrnl-1998/10/16 & 1996/081995/04/25; AP News-1992/11/06 Case(s) Caselaw 1998/01/20 UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Darryl D. BURT, Defendant-Appellant. Book Bad Apples: A 21st Century History of America's Worst Law Enforcement. W.E. Wilson This very brief excerpt on Darryl Burt in this book: I did not write about Bernalillo County Sheriff's Deputy Darryl Burt, who raped two boys at gunpoint in the 1990s and went to federal prison for distributing heroine… Articles Real Crimes Excerpts From Real Crimes, in turn from Albuquerque Journal Albuquerque Journal 1998/10/16: Albuquerque Journal: Former BCSO deputy Darryl Burt, now a federal inmate, has instigated a civil rights suit against the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department claiming he is owed back pay and benefits denied him after he was charged with 34 counts of sexual assault and extortion of a 16-yr-old boy. In 7/99 a federal judge dismissed the suit.(From Real Crimes) (1996/08): Former BCSO Deputies Darryl Burt, (once an undercover narcotics agent) and Michael Disney were taken into federal custody as the result of drug raids in their homes, after being videotaped selling drugs in a parking lot across from Eldorado High School. Both men were working at The Wild Side, Disney’s drug paraphernalia shop. At the time of the raid at Burt’s house, Burt and a 17-yr-old male took off through the bedroom window, both wearing only boxer shorts. A loaded 45-caliber handgun, a Fix-A-Flat can filled with cocaine, and a BCSO badge and credentials were among the items found in Burt’s garage. Both Burt and Disney later pled guilty to possession with intent to distribute. The men were described as partners in a heavily armed El Paso-to-Albuquerque drug trafficking operation. Burt was sentenced to 2 years and 9 months on a cocaine distribution conviction in US District Court.” (1995/04/25): Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy Darryl Burt, who was acquitted in Nov. 1992 of sex related charges, was indicted on 34 counts of sexual assault and extortion of a 16-yr-old boy over a number of months and a number of different encounters. (These charges were unrelated to the sex charges filed against him previously.) Burt was placed on unpaid leave from BCSO. He later pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges and was sentenced to 728 days in jail…” (1992/02/22): Albuquerque Journal: District Court Judge ordered Bernalillo County Sheriff Ray Gallagher to keep members of his Crime Suppression Unit away from witnesses in the sexual assault case against BCSO Deputy Darryl Burt Sheriff Gallagher admitted to having destroyed evidence in the case against Deputy Burt” 1991/04/07 Albq. Journal (04/07/1991): Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputy, Darryl Burt, recently named senior officer in the BCSO Gang Unit, was accused of forcing a 24-yr-old, male, Mexican national to submit to forced sex acts in a BCSO vehicle and threatening the victim with a gun.”… “Deputy senior officer in the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Gang Unit, was charged with kidnapping, criminal sexual penetration, and other felonies in connection with the traffic stop of a 24-yr-old male, as well as 34 counts of sexual assault and extortion of a 16-yr-old boy. He was also found guilty of drug trafficking charges”… “ AP News 1992/11/26 Ex-Deputy Acquitted in Case Related to Sheriff Indictment Excerpt: A former Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputy has been acquitted of sexually assaulting a male motorist i n a case that led to this week’s indictment of the county sheriff. Darryl Burt was found innocent Wednesday of kidnap, criminal sexual penetration, criminal sexual contact and of assault with intent to commit a violent felony. On Tuesday, Burt’s former boss, Sheriff Ray Gallagher, was indicted on two counts of tampering with evidence in Burt’s case, three counts of bribing or threatening a witness and a single count of aiding a felon. Gallagher denied the allegations. It was Burt’s second trial; the first ended in a jury deadlock. Gallagher had invoked Fifth Amendment guarantees against self-incrimination and refused to testify in Burt’s retrial. However, his testimony from Burt’s first trial was read into the record. In that testimony, Gallagher admitted throwing away two potential pieces of evidence: a tissue reportedly wrapped around the alleged victim’s car keys and a letter that reportedly referred to a potential witness. The alleged victim, a Mexican national, also didn’t appear at the retrial. Assistant District Attorney Paul Spiers had said the man, who was in Mexico, was afraid, ″and he has been frustrated with the on-again, off-again nature of the trial.″ Prosecutors had contended that Burt pulled over the alleged victim on the pretext of a traffic stop, searched his car, walked him to the patrol car, fondled and performed a sex act on him, and then pulled a gun. Burt said he only searched the man, because he suspected the man was concealing drugs. AP News-1992/11/26 Accessed from internet 2019/05/07 Albuquerque Journal 2003/12/19. Former Deputy Back in Prison By Scott Sandlin Excerpt: Darryl Burt appeared again in court this week on new drug charges. It was the third time the former Bernalillo County sheriff's deputy has faced criminal prosecution. Burt's fall from grace began in April 1995 with his indictment on 34 counts related to alleged sexual abuse of a 16-year-old boy. He eventually pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts, attempting to contribute to the delinquency of a minor and attempted sexual contact with a minor, but prosecutors said at the time that he had abused his position as an officer to prey on young Mexican nationals. The next year he was back in court facing federal cocaine distribution charges. He pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute and was sentenced to two years and nine months in the drug case. Burt completed his prison time and supervised release and was working when he was indicted in August on a charge of conspiracy to distribute heroin. He pleaded guilty to all three counts Tuesday. Terms of the plea agreement call for Burt, 40, to spend eight years in federal prison. The indictment alleged Burt conspired with Martin Rivas Munguia to distribute more than 100 grams of heroin in Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties from Sept. 29 to Dec. 6, 2002. Munguia, who also has entered a guilty plea, is set for sentencing in February, but he will be subject to deportation because he was not legally in the United States, according to the prosecution. B---? 2019/05/08 Gallup, officer, arrest, illegal strip, retaliation, suit/settle $50K-rumored amount/confidential. Victim Emily Ellison. Incident September 12, 1999. Lawsuit week of January 1, 2001. Issue seems convoluted and difficult to follow, but possible political retaliation against this politically active high school student was behind the various policing activities direction against her, from two traffic stops for possibly minor violations to abnormal arrest and other procedures. Several people involved in problem, not just police who gave her traffic tickets or arrested her Case(s) 2001 Ellison v. Management and Training Corporation-McKinley County Adult Detention Center, which is operated by Management and Training Corporation (MTC), a private company. USDC D NM, Case No. 00cv00254 Names: Ellison sued MTC, the county, Baber, Sanchez, Byers, and others in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and New Mexico tort law. Notice several different Gallup police officers and NMSP were involved in giving her tickets and performing arrests. We are not finding their names easily. Articles Prison Legal News 2007/05/15 arrest-unconstitutional-strip-search/ Excerpt: In the week of January 1, 2001, a lawsuit alleging false arrest and an unconstitutional strip search in retaliation for supporting a particular candidate for district attorney settled for $50,000. Excerpt: Ellison sued MTC, the county, Baber, Sanchez, Byers, and others in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and New Mexico tort law. She alleged, among other things, false arrest and imprisonment, assault, malicious prosecution, abuse of process,unreasonable search and seizure, cruel and unusual punishment, slander,defamation of character, and violations of her rights to due process,freedom of speech, and freedom of association. arrest-unconstitutional-strip-search/ Updates:2020/03/21 B1-B3: links in upper menu area activated where needed; H2 link on top line added/activated; 2020/03/15 technical editing, some fleshing out of already present articles by including excerpted material or titles; 2020/03/11 Page B3 was created; 2020/02/29 Brown Josh material added-info on bait cars-w/ other material corrected; Eric Brown/Lovato shooting Washington Times-2017/01/17 article added; 2020/02/22 Brown, Eric material filled in; removed straggling duplicate names on B1 as Blea to Burns; 2019/12/07 B? moved from B1 to B2. 2019/10/11 a second Christopher Blea was added; there was some confusion at first over the same name with another police officer in Farmington area, am sorting it out today. 2019/07/26 MG Bralley new to list although he has been mentioned elsewhere. 2019/07/24 Eric Brown added to list; David Black added to list with KOB-2019/05 article. 2019/06/04 Benner Gregg named edited and added to, ODMP article added. 2019/05/08 Byers is being changed-probably wrong name for officer was used initially, editing and correction in process-court case added w/more info from article-Prison Legal News-2007/05/15. added. 2019/05/07 Burt Darryl added article AP News-1992/11/26. 2019/05/06 Christopher Blea-article-MADD, case Chavez v. Blea-2015, article Farmington Daily Times-2013/04/10; 2018/12/312018/09/16 Capehart, Daniel NMSP added/Albq Jrnl,, etc; 2018/01/31Artis,JereyHO-SUIT-DISCR;01/18/2018 Carter, Russ-ALBQ DET added; 01/11/2018 page cleaned up incl duplicate names index, etc.; Anders, Billy-CLD added; 01/06/2018: Dear, Jaremy excerpt from Albq Jrnl 2016/06/23; 01/03/2018 approx Duran-SNTA FE; 12/30/2017 Chavez, Gordon ex-CORR FBI record; 12/25/2017 Costales, Sam links incl UNM Youtube video; Brown, CJ links 2nd NMDAS, Occupy; Burns Larry links added TDaily Mail, he Blaze; Babcock Todd 2015-16 material;Avila, Greg status shifted to Deceased from 08/2015; Error correction - suspect, not police officer -Apodaca, Paul removed as police officer and added to Merriman , Ronald as suspect12/24/2017 changes to placement of various sections; codes moved to separate page (see link); some amplification of and changes to codes 11/26/2017 Chavez, Jose (KOD/Hatch 08/12/2016);; Coffman, Rod/DS/Lea County/apparent suicide 2011; Wilson, Dusty; Wallace, Edmund/lea county/sex abuse of inmate; 11/25/2017 Justice dt gov CASA APD monitoring report; 11/05/2017 Threlkeld, Eric/Carlsbad/ letter to editor Current Argus/on domestic violence issues/reforms; Emmert, Richard/Farmington/cleared of charges;Vigil, Matthew/Espanola/Child Abuse; Malone, Casey/Farmington/clearing allegations regarding another officer. 05/29/2017; 03/19/2017
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