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IN THIS SECTION Irish Catholic Networking, Culture MPM Backlash Against Complicity with Radical Islam Old Anti-British Warfare Possible Anti-USA Warfare o o FBI Infiltration 9/11 o etc… Historic Tendencies o Graft, Craft Catholicism: Hispanic/Italian/Irish ties White/Non-White Catholics could have been learning from each other for centuries Cultural tendencies for self-pity, feeling like martyrs, revenge, authoritarianism COMMENTS I myself likely have some Irish and/or Welsh. Maybe some Scottish, but not sure. It is too far back to make a real cultural connection. There is also likely some English. My discussions on the Irish are more like from a distant observer. As a person interested in preventing crime, terrorism, police abuse and anti-American infiltrations of various sorts, the Irish come up in a number of ways. My intuition suggests a possible FBI-Irish link to 9/11 along with Al Qaeda Irish Mafia Irish Ties to Islamic terrorists Irish had at one time wanted to take over Canada Long-standing battles with England Irish crime associated with Irish sYmbols like cloverleaf Updates: 2021/12/26-PAGE STARTED-Irish
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