Tribune (photo right) (2012/05/14 ) Fatwas against women from the one who wears bangles. By Fouzia Saeed PHOTO T FROM TRIBUNE ARTICLE LISTED ABOVE SHOWING FATWA APPROACH AGAINST FEMALES: Sex in exchange for food, etc. Shariah Islamic Fatwa (2017) Pamela Geller: Fatwa: Hunted in America Geller recounts the battle to defeat the sinister Ground Zero project; the ISIS attack at Geller’s Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas; the fatwa issued to her and plot to behead her, and more. Definition of fatwa a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized authority. What fatwas means to Americans and others: Fatwas when applied to punish women are edicts to male followers to go after women and do bad things to them. It is usually obsessively compulsive in how they won’t stop trying to meet these objectives. It involves head and power trips and shutting down empathy or any form of ethics. It’s a numbing out of the soul’s compassionate side. Once dirty by killing and acting cruelly they can feel themselves to be in the point of no return. The people feel they can’t go back to normal ever again, and tend to want to make others dirty like that. We need to consider martial arts quality energy attacks and gangstalking types of tactics in fatwas. The use of psychic energy to attack people is not yet fully mainstreamed into American consciousness, so things can happen without people checking for this. We need to change that by getting the word out. Also to consider are mixed blooded males in the USA with Hispanic, Native American, African American and other racial and cultural mixes involved in Islamic Shariah Law agendas. Anyone of any color who gets caught in an Islamic camp somewhere can be beaten and mind controlled to the point they become a member of the gang. The mind control can run very deep inside the psyche. There might be various triggers. Experts will need to be called in to counter this. Men might exhibit multiple personalities with different aspects speaking different languages. There might be technical psychotronics involved. It can get inside our police forces and federal policing agencies. White American, Irish, Scottish and other men who have been caught in war zones overseas by the enemy might come home exhibiting these problems. A good way to think about it is they have become infected by something. You cannot discount they don’t have a small implanted device, but only ethical professionals should look into this - don’t presume or second guess. Although not written in stone, consider using prayers for the return of the soul can help alongside modern, technically advanced professional remediation; Psalm 23 has been included in the Prayer for Police Officers website. It is suggested here The Navajo Nation, as well as some Pueblo and other tribes, are involved with Islamic cartels through certain civil rights movements and that signs are takeovers of previous white or mixed white areas. They usually pull in whites to their causes by marrying them and convincing them of their agendas, so the whites become full supporters, aiding and abetting the cause. Understand that racial agendas of this nature can include whites who become very emotionally involved and supportive. Some whites are so loyal to the civil rights agenda they truly feel whites who speak out are hopelessly racist and misinformed. These whites will set up road blocks. Some believe the Natives that there is a prophecy at hand for the Natives to take their lands back. One way to fight back: insist on true diversity in the work force that includes whites when things start going brown with only a few white supporters in the back non-public areas; know that “brown” is a form of turfing in public areas. Another way is to insist on drug tests, preferably intermittent, spontaneous and across the board and done by different managers so that some managers themselves get tested. Drugs are almost always involved in gangstalking and cartel takeovers. Another way is preventive and maintenance: that is, up front sincere and thorough background checks by the real deal: some background check companies are part of the problem, not the solution and relate back to being part of the cartels themselves; another way is to do background checks several times a year to see if things have changed or something old has finally showed up on the record, as it can take awhile. Know that reverse discrimination is discrimination and can incorporate a form of retaliative bullying using police and surveillance networks in the area. Watch for tribes using family members that extend into Hispanic and white arenas. The day when you can identify a person’s loyalties from their skin color alone are long gone. Some Native Americans and Hispanics have figured out what is going on and don’t want to play; they give you a no-nonsense form of assistance in fighting this. Fatwa - Wikipedia Excerpt: …is a nonbinding legal opinion on a point of Islamic law (sharia) given by a qualified jurist in response to a question posed by a private individual, judge or government.[1][2][3] A jurist issuing fatwas is called a mufti and the act of issuing fatwas is called iftāʾ.[1] Fatwas have played an important role throughout Islamic history, taking on new forms in the modern era.[4][5] Resembling jus respondendi in Roman law and rabbinic responsa, privately issued fatwas historically served to inform Muslim populations about Islam, advise courts on difficult points of Islamic law, and elaborate substantive law.[4] In later times, public and political fatwas were issued to take a stand on doctrinal controversies, legitimize government policies or articulate grievances of the population.[6][5] During the era of European colonialism, fatwas played a part in mobilizing resistance to foreign domination.[5] Muftis acted as independent scholars in the classical legal system.[4] Over the centuries, Sunni muftis were gradually incorporated into state bureaucracies, while Shia jurists in Iran progressively asserted an autonomous authority starting from the early modern era.[5] In the modern era, fatwas have reflected changing economic, social and political circumstances, and addressed concerns arising in varied Muslim communities.[5] The spread of codified state laws and Western-style legal education in the modern Muslim world has displaced muftis from their traditional role of clarifying and elaborating the laws applied in courts.[1][4] Instead, modern fatwas have increasingly served to advise the general public on other aspects of sharia, particularly questions regarding religious rituals and everyday life.[1][7] Modern public fatwas have addressed and sometimes sparked controversies in the Muslim world, and some fatwas in recent decades have gained worldwide notoriety.[5] The legal methodology of modern ifta often diverges from pre-modern practice, particularly so in the West.[3] Emergence of modern media and universal education has transformed the traditional institution of ifta in various ways.[5][7] While the proliferation of contemporary fatwas attests to the importance of Islamic authenticity to many Muslims, little research has been done to determine how much these fatwas affect the beliefs or behavior of the Muslim public.[3] Terminology. The word fatwa comes from the Arabic root f-t-y, whose meanings include "youth, newness, clarification, explanation." A number of terms related to fatwa derive from the same root. A jurist issuing fatwas is called a mufti.The person who asks for a fatwa is known as mustafti.The act of issuing fatwas is called iftāʾ. The term futyā refers to soliciting and issuing fatwas.
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