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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Usage here: The word is used here in a similar manner as the above general accepted definitions, but there is an added framework. See in your mind’s eye a systems network infiltration and parallel running entity working both within our normal structures and alongside them. That is, sometimes the networks are in our government agencies, department store surveillance, parking lot surveilance, homeless shelters and so on, but sometimes they are private citizen groups working like vigilantes, sometimes they are the same or working together. These groups can use retaliation in various ways, with abscondings being a paramilitary type of operation of swoop in, take or destroy, and then swoop out. The actions will have an added element of pointed attack at a target. The abscondings can go hand in hand with local police networks working from an agenda. One scenario in which abscondings might play out: For example, let’s say some of the members of the network have a Christian Nation mixed in with an Islam Nation as part of a God First conception. They got together overseas during battles on the surface to fight Islamic terrorism or radicalism but underneath were largely about oil and gas. As they worked together, they decided they are all saying the same things: Male is head of household and is the prime mover and leader in society; soldiers and the working class are the ones who do most of the work, others are leaches or followers; Christian bible and Islam bible are basically saying the same thing about authority; they both decided to work together to take over the United States and otehr parts of the world using surreptitious actions and strategies. Veterans at home kept up the agendas started overseas as active duty personnel, keeping and using some of the technology used there on the general public. This is where abscondings comes in. Abscondings are a type of overseas portolio used against enemies overseas used against the public, especially people who don’t “fit the the bill” or who seem counterproductive in some way to the agendas. Since the Christian/Islam oil and gas compendium both believe that hetero males are the main honchos in society, some of the people who get targeted are women and gays. Next, blacks who have had knowledge of the Islamic conspiracies might be targeted if the Islam groups are different or working on different Islam agendas. Brighting, Flashing Flashing car lights into the eyes of targets Homeless TI Blogspot: Phoenix AZ from TI Perspective Excerpt: brightening is used frequently - cars parking in obviously inappropriate locations and shining their lights on the target or in the targets eyes. Coding; Labeling “The Enemy”: Shadow government ways of targeting dissidents Coding comes up in gangstalking and other arenas. Codes might not always be codes but could be alerts of other kinds. They are about labeling certain people, usually in computer networks, so when their name, face, license plate, credit and debit card, laptop names and IP addresses come up, police, security guards, gasoline cashiers, mailbox personnel, etc., are alerted. They can apply to both real problem people and those considered antagonists to special interests lurking in a sideline government pretending to do governmental business legitimately. This sideline government is a shadow government and could be linked to the mafias, corporatism, religious fundamentalists and others. Some people are coded for good reasons - like terrorists and suspected serial killers, but others could be fighting shadow government activities and therefore on their blacklists for the wrong reasons. For example, human rights, anti-abortion and environmental activists and Muslims in general, whether they are terrorists or not, might be on black lists. A Christian fundamentalist cop in a small conservative city might code a woman who speaks out against anti-abortion signs and religious dogma or who speaks out on power plant and gas well pollution. Invisible finger internationalists could be manipulating one kind of fundamentalism toward their brand of fundamentalism (ie, Muslims pushing the buttons of Christian fundamentalists) to subdue American women. They also could be spurring masculine driven organizational control toward state control similar to what is present in countries like Saudi Arabia. Russian fascists with expansionist agendas could be tweaking problems between Americans in the United States by enraging those with different religious or political views. This would be a maneuver toward chaos as a form of confusion and distraction, a type of psyops against the United States. It is a way to weaken a country to make it more malleable for a planned incoming takeover and/or attack. A divided country is an easier country to control or bomb. Codes help the police work with the general public by giving them a way to direct behaviors about certain people. The general public does not usually hear about codes per se, but are warned by the police, FBI, SWAT, DEA and other police network groups to keep an eye on certain people. The black box or shadow government police networks will act more unprofessionally by telling the public the person is mentally ill or a national security threat. This could be a red flag of an international component. Most legitimate officers or agents would not say things like that, but we live in a society in which people might not know better. The general public often feels the police have good reason to go after someone. In addition, to many police people, codes mean something real, that there are usually good reasons for them. Here is the thing about codes today: both the police and the public need to acknowledge them. Then we need to acknowledge sometimes they are there for a good reason (legitimacy) and sometimes they are not there for good reasons. They could be based on vindictive blacklists used by shadow government types. Always keep in the back of your minds that countries like Russia have the technology to mess with our heads. NWO types want dissidents out of the picture. Religious fundamentalists might want to control people by saying the real United States is a Christian Nation. Stay flexible about who might want to do something along sectarian lines and don’t take all codes or alerts at face value. Policing today is needed to be taken to a higher level because decoding the codes requires intelligent and sensitive assessment of such things. Like the military, police systems are hierarchical and rules driven, making individuality in the face of group pressure difficult. Bad codes mixed in with good ones mean police people might have to make personal decisions going against orders in order to follow the a legitimate United States, not the shadow United States. Go back to the original Constitution and Bill of Rights to find the real United States. Payoffs by mafia types might be part of the problem in keeping police groups from recognizing an innocent until proven guilty legal system. Shadow governments could be some kind of organized crime with international connections. They could be acting like bossy Catholic mafia-infested domains wanting everyone to believe the same thing, to wear a cross in one hand and a gun in the other. The mindset could be something like “She doesn’t believe in my Lord Jesus, so anything goes; blow her head off.” We have some people who use kind of a sexy or I’m cool attitude while wearing crosses on chains around their neck. There is a machismo thing in some cultures where they are kind of saying “Mess with that cool dude Jesus and you’re gonna mess with me.” In other words, people are personifying Jesus as if he is their best buddy and he would smile at them for killing people if they insult his name. What kind of spirituality is that? It becomes a mix of cultural identity and personal identity to the point a religious icon is given a life of its own. On the other hand, you could be dealing with non-spiritual people whose consciences are shut down and whose main theme is money, survival, dog eat dog. Codes could be put out by by various types to support their world views and agenda Driving Home a Point From Notes 02/23/2017: t can also be to drive home a point, like to punish what they feel is racism; a lack of: religious propriety, gender specific propriety, or work ethic; and having it too easy because of parental help or having too much money (like a famous wealthy singer who was assassinated) or countless other issues. For example, blacks or whites can be punishing other races for what they feel is racism using gangstalking tactics. They can “send in the ravens” to people of opposite color as a form of punishment-ridden psyops. The psychic vibe around them has often been their comparing what I received in life from parents compared to where they grew up, which seems to have been something like poor villages or areas in third world countries; this indicates an international anti-American problem when I psychically pick up that particular group of people doing the stalking. Some of the stalkers have felt like women trying to demonstrate religious propriety, which includes a feeling of female based martyrdom for so-called submission according to “God’s plan.” This self-acclaimed holy submission is filled with worms as the females feel self-pity, and that is one psychological basis for stalking. “Because I am just a poor woman doing Gods work, taking all kinds of bullshit from male leaders, I will show other women how to be submissive to God’s plan, too.” This martyrdom seems to create a kind of hysteria in which the women don’t take charge or responsibility. It seems to be a cultural problem which programs these particular women to never shift gears. It is the same old repeated patterns year after year. They don’t pull out of it, they stay subjected and subjecting, filled with fear and rage, taking it out on other women while following the rules of men leaders in their midst. This vibe has been coming up for years. Elusivity From Notes: As I mentioned in yesterday’s notes (which have been archived in the recent notes area, along with some others notes that were in this section) one way to think of the organized crime network is as a single line of rope consisting of several different threads twisted together, each thread a different color but adding strength to the rope. You can think of this organization as both a singular and a plural, a recognizable entity but also consisting of different groups. The tendencies to stalk targets run the same across the organization, but there are different nuances based on who is actually handling the stalking at a given moment. In addition, there will be years of stalking by the same people, yet with newer or different people over the years. Also, part of it could be associated with turf or geographic location, using the notion of cells. Their main thrust is elusivity. Low Lifing Smear Games in Tweaked Zones See also: zone of influence/exclamation point/calling in the troops/turfing; making the other guy look bad; beware of bad counseling; coding; gangstalking Character defamation in movie-like sets - mini-worlds with invisible fingers as directors and film crews Making the target come across as dangerous, like a national security threat, crazy, irresponsible; putting warning or high risk codes about that person out on police networks, etc. This refers to zone of influence/exclamation point/calling in the troops/turfing linked experiences in which applying the idea the person is a low life, people feel they are being protected from that person by the police or security, and that injured parties or those with similar potential for injuries (like men who say they felt harassed by a woman) are vindicated. It can include looking for or calling up dirt on the person to further justify policing response. Low lifing can give places like schools a reason to keep such types off not only that college campus, but all college campuses. People who have been gangstalked might have acted out early on not knowing clearly how their behavior was being provoked. The acting out can then later be used as justifications for calling that person a low life. In other words, psychotric attacks using electronic harassment can irritate people in certain ways so they don’t behave rationally. It can take several electronic harassment experiences before a person truly brings to the conscious awareness what is happening. The target could slowly realize that his or her behavior and personal relationships are being messed with by others watching and manipulating energy and events. In the process, that target can act out in various ways not normally deemed professional or balanced by normal standards. The target was being tweaked, in other words, but cannot prove it. An example: This can include things happening in emails with strangers when weird energies come up and odd responses occur from the target which can be thought of as harassment. Low lifing a woman can include working on the biases or fears in males so they respond in certain ways to women they feel are despicable - beyond the pale, typical bitches, the types they hate, women they feel had it coming to them. Now those men feel justified in having the cops, security or military go after these low life women as extensions of their own judgmental recoiling - like shutting her mouth or blocking her actions. The men in this case could be being influenced by unseen forces such as electronic influencing. For example, if the psychotronic influencing is coming from Russia, it could have an old Nazi-Bolshevik theme. If it is coming from Islam, it could be appied through white American males. If it is coming from Communist China, it could be similar to the abusive tendency of showing preference for males over females. There could be a KKK-religious right link. Beyond this, no psychotronic influencing is needed; the men are doing it of their own volition. What they are doing is building up often shallow reasons to target someone, sometimes breaking and entering emails, mail, cars and homes illegally to get at personal information to come up with ideas and justifications for using a smear campaign against that person as weak justification to target him or her. Low lifing a man might include having women feel sorry for a man she is told is mentally ill by bringing in police who will take him to real help. She is using misguided sympathy because she is basing it all on false information - namely that there is something wrong with him because of something broken inside or that he is of poor mental capability - not on the facts that he is being electronically tortured through gangstalking. She then becomes part of the zone of influence which sends him to the jaws of hell - that is, to the hands of the criminals already beating up on him psychotronically. Now he very well could receive physical abuse, not just electronic harassment, thanks to her ignorance and lack of true awareness. Victims are often acting out under pressure; this acting out makes them look bad. Perpetrators are keeping lists of those targets’ acting out behaviors to be used against those victims later. Acting out can be like pimples bursting from squeezing - people either catch on hey are being pressured like that or they don’t. In the meantime, bad press (note taking, gossip, weird emails during times of acting out, etc.) can be used to say to the cops and the world: “See this person is a low life. He/she needs “real help” or to be punished for his bad behavior/bad deeds. Take him/her away.” Low lifing someone can give the setting audiences who become part of the drama and who are used to help the target be caught in the midst of acting out. Men who hate women like that are more than happy to see her put away. Women who feel sorry for men like that are more than happy to support efforts to have him taken away for real help. Acting out becomes associated with mental illness, criminality, danger, strangeness, loose wires, etc. and helps a target dig his or her own grave in a variety of ways. It is part of provocation measures designed to upset the person their behavior seems erratic and out of control. Low lifing becomes a way of justifying the punishment, isolation and removal of a dissident. Sending in the Crows (Previously Ravens) Police Stalking - An Introduction to Police Stalking by Reidar Visser. Excellent article. Excerpt: The near universal knee- jerk preparedness among large parts of the general population in many countries to do anything the police asks without considering the legal aspects of these actions (i.e being accessory to an act of stalking) is a sad but very prominent feature of many so-called liberal societies today. From Notes 02/23/2017: Street theater and dished up recipes Part of the street theater (see gangstalking) uniquely targeting me seems to involve black people. Street theater is best seen as a brew made from a recipe based on your profile designed to bug you. In Police Stalking above, VIsser mentions the idea of sending in handicapped people around a stalked target; that is a perfect example, too. Imagine stalkers sending in crows, a cluster of strange, annoying birds. It could be anything designed to encourage nervousness, paranoia, distraction or anger. Influencing the crows, like a Hitchcock thriller zoned in from a twilight They are doing something apparently with remote influencing by bringing in black people to process paperwork for me, to be shown in a leadership position, to be in some kind of position of power in reference to my circumstances, and to make comments which suggest I would be in a secondary role (like being hired as an assistant for that person). Another example would be sending in women with high-pitched voices or dyed dishwater blonde hair around a man whose ex- wife had those characteristics. I would give this psychic impression a “high” rating. I am certain the experiences are being contrived through something like remote influencing. I feel the people behind it are angry blacks with agendas against whites. The actual blacks I meet up with as a result of the influencing are usually just nice and normal people. They don’t know what is going on. What causes us to come together is the remote influencing, not the blacks themselves. I feel we are dealing with influencers on a power trip - implacable, vindictive and chess game playing blacks. These people will try to say I am someone who dislikes their positions in jobs or authority; that is an overly simplistic way to respond. We are not denying the right to have the jobs. We are not denying the right to be in positions of authority. What is suggested is that we need to face the reality that racism is more complex than assuming certain behaviors are an obvious sign of racism. Sending in the Troops All the King’s Horses, All the King’s Men… (Will be sent in to knock some sense into you or kill you if you don’t shut up or conform) Who Sends In The Troops? High income people with corporate ties, agendas Colleges with conservative administrations or those receiving grants for specific interests like Native Americans, Oil and Gas, etc. with Infected Security Christian fundamentalists with views like America is a Christian Nation A variety of other religionists: Muslims, Mormons, Off-shoot cults Fascists with old Nazi ties to both Russia and Germany The Mafia Who Might Be the Troops? Security Guards and the Veteran Owned Surveillance Networks/Privately Owned Companies/Native American Companies look for: male-first orientation, Christian Nation views, veteran me-first orientation because I was used as fodder by the USA, etc., Russian sympathies, minority sympathies with links to mafia types Shadow Government Police Networks Corrupt ranchers, land owners, private citizen watch groups in rural areas - places like Flagstaff, Williams and Cottonwood, Arizona; paramilitary police-security operations in New Mexico; religious gun toting radicals in Idaho Russian Mafia La Raza Networks (includes Hispanics, Muslims and sympathetic no border whites) Zionists or other Jews teaching Germanic related people what it felt like to be a victim during the Holocaust (misery loves company, tit for tat) Old Latin/Romance language groups - Italians, Corsicans, South Americans, Spaniards, Mexicans, Portuguese, Jews from their areas, etc. with mafia-like links Strategic Transparency Not just regarding gangstalking, but any sort of transparency that is deceptively up front and open. For example, if a government seems to be acknowledging a book that discusses Operation Paperclip, is there something else going on, even if the author does not know all of it? IS it a full transparency or a partial one, or is it a transparency with hooks or hawks? In this case, the hawks would be watchers watching who gets the output of the transparency only to do bad things to them later. The transparency then would be a type of trap. A stated transparency also might be a way to mock sincerity by putting a twist on it somehow. Strategic transparency is either a real transparency with a plot associated with it, or it is a fake transparency made to look real. Either way, people behind the scenes are controlling it, or have a chess-game association with it. Behind all of it is a desire to negate the truth on the way to the door and also once it hits the door. They are trying to truncate freedom found in truthspeak in open societies playing it straight. Strategic transparency can misuse journalists and their media centers or can be found on the streets when a cop pretends to come out about internal problems in a department he works for. In that latter case, an example of faulty transparency is that the Mafia is guiding his actions to disrupt a legitimate investigation into one of their sectors. In this case, the police department is not at fault, but the police officer and his surreptitious ties are. The transparency is upside down. Stringing/Webbing Here these are bioenergy based informal terms, not computer/physics terms. Stringing has to do with one-on-one links between people in which energy is being manipulated or sucked. Webbing has to do with internet web-like associations across wide networks including stringing between individuals. Going to certain websites might encourage some of this energy vampirism. The energy vampirism might include hooking into people’s finances both physically and on an energy level. We need to ask if downloads are coordinated with a type of energy that is outside the normal current general understanding as part of all this. Are human energy fields somehow parallelling computers they carry with them, and are downloads to the computer paralleled with downloads to the human energy system? These two terms might be related to either or both technical energy sucking and the occult, with the latter being something associated with Satanism, black magic or some kind of psychic practice. I often sense the possibility of stringing being used in association with the internet by certain websites or as hooked into those websites without the website author’s knowledge - sometimes it is being hooked into by internationalists, I think. Banks or credit card companies; large corporate clusters like Infinity (bad stuff has come up around Verizon and Infinity for a long time now along these lines); and some large commercialized churches with costly properties and big budgets. I suspect stringing of an individual is connected to not only energy sucking but a wide range of invasions and assaults using technology and psychically related activities. I feel they hook into that person’s bank accounts, purchases and company purchase choices. It could include watching where that person goes around town to buy stuff and what they buy. Street Theater This has to do with controlling a situation, taking charge of a conversation, subtle or not so subtle ways of letting the target know people are inside his or her head, are in tune with the themes or concerns of his or her life, that he or she is being watched, etc. It can include storytelling to make certain points or to control the attention of the target so he or she cannot pysche out what is really going on. It can also be part of a pretense the target is a terrorist other low life so stories are told to divert his or her attention so she won’t supposedly do bad things; it is a way to make the person feel handled and for the people doing the handling to feel they are winners for being “adult” enough to handle the subject in psychologically clever ways. Likely the bus drivers or cab drivers have been warned in advance who the person is through phone number identification, face recognition etc. If the person has called or texted the bus or taxi company, this is one way it happens; it is likely linked to law enforcement and secret services. Below is an example from another website (HomelessTI), but know I have personally run into this sort of thing, too. I was writing about it before I came to the below website. Oregon State Hospital - Cathy Meadows Excerpt: From Cathy Meadows, M. A., Clinical Psychology Consultant/Advocate for Victims of Whistle-blower Retaliation and of Retaliatory Harassment and Surveillance 707-720-7137 Excerpt: street theater (unusual public behaviors by stalkers including lots of overt rudeness, overt pointing/laughing at the victim, unusual hand signals, mocking behaviors, etc. Homelessti: Phoenix AZ from TI Perspective CAB DRIVERS are a major part of this here. They lead theatres once they get the TI in the vehicle- in other words you may have a theatre going on with outside perps while in the cab with this guy, like at a drive through.. They reveal themselves by talking about things related to your situation. They go further than other cabbies in other cities by actually torturing a TI with what seems like information they should not readily have access to….DIRECTED CONVERSATION was very big here but that was big everywhere years ago in the campaign. Buses were very big for this. Bus riders in this city tend to be nosy and look at you, alot Turfing: -Taking Over Areas -Barring entrance to locations, often using spy networks, private coding and secretive operations -Making it uncomfortable to stay at a place, to advertise in certain spheres, to make money -Making it hard to do your own thing, have personal space or privacy, sit alone as a female in a public area like a cafe or restaurant in an area dominated by male-first types - can include sending in male or female bible thumpers to read or pray next to your table if you don’t seem to be properly indoctrinated and submissive as a female -Controlling the “happy face” - the religious right and shallow male-first males often feel signs of success or proper femalehood include having a happy face. The religious right feel that a happy face shows signs the person is saved and in flow with Jesus and God. If you don’t look happy, it is a sign of vulnerability and neediness. Cowboy typse or other head of household types of males - men who like to be assured of a dominant position with women - like complacent, submissive and non-combative body language from women; lack of happy faces can mean to them the woman is not having adequate sex or is a bitch. Places where the happy face seem to be most in demand are on city buses and in areas of town where people tend to be noticing who and how others are out and about, particularly around holidays with days off. To these types, holidays are about happy faces, following certain cultural rules, and isolates or loners - especially those without a happy face - get noticed. This is a typical gangstalking sensitive’s type of awareness point. It’s things like the issue around happy faces that targets notice - strange little quirky things. Written Oct. 21, 2016, Friday, Some edits January 3 and 4th, 2017 This is a phenomenon brought more firmly to conscious awareness. I had already been picking it up, but it has hit home that it is part of a strategic operation on targets. It has to do with using etheric doubling type of fields on areas to keep targets from entering those places. It includes low lifing that target, building energy toward manifestation (exclamation points), precognitive discernment (see weird precognitive events in personal notes) and sending in the troops (ie, security guards on a college campus or on a private business complex’s parking lot, SWAT, etc). The perpetrators are using various forms of surveillance to watch where the target goes around town then waiting for them to show up to block entry or to make it difficult to be there. Privately owned security companies, including those owned by veterans, could be part of a network interlaced with regular police groups. In this case, there might be both a past or current Middle Eastern war front and Jesus Saves connection. That is, veterans with a history of secretive missions overseas coupled with religious fundamentalism. We need to be on alert for male-first orientations linking Islamic and Christian fundamentalism where white males are involved, and Islamic, mafia and La Raza connections where both Hispanic males and females are involved. Native Americans could also be involved in this latter, especially those with Hispanic connections. I have seen it happen around a community college in the past 60 days and at a Flagstaff business complex parking lot. In both cases, security were involved. One was college security with possible off-campus policing networks linked to that (this latter part is conjecture based on psychic intuition). The second incident involving security involved a guard who worked for a veteran owned private security company. There is an energy of being in a zone of influence around these events, a sense of intuitive warning about going into that space beforehand, with actual manifested events validating the precognition. Updates: 2021/10/25 a separate page, Gangstalking-3 Tactics, was created. This is mostly an opinion piece. It had previously been moved to Police Factor and held without editing in limbo for awhile until the Gangstalking section as a whole received more editing attention the week of 10/22, 2020. Earlier River GOld update: Updates 02/27/2017
Tactics (CASE STUDIES - Gangstalking-3)
Abscondings Brighting/Flashing Coding Driving Home a Point Elusivity Gaslighting Low Lifing Sending in the Crows Sending in the Troops Strategic Transparency Tactics-section Street Theater - Leading Stringing/Webbing Turfing GANGSTALKING TACTICS Related Terms or Concepts: exclamation points, gangstalking, invisible fingers, making the other guy look bad, tagging, zone of influence Abscondings Typical definition and understanding of the word “abscond”: ab·scond: verb gerund or present participle: absconding leave hurriedly and secretly, typically to avoid detection of or arrest for an unlawful action such as theft. "she absconded with the remaining thousand dollars" synonyms:run away, escape, bolt, flee, make off, take flight, take off, decamp; More (of someone on bail) fail to surrender oneself for custody at the appointed time. (of a person kept in detention or under supervision) escape. "176 detainees absconded" absconding&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.2418j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8