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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARTICLES - VARIOUS ASSORTED, VARIOUS WEBSITES Fight Gangstalking http //fightgangstalking com/what-is-gang-stalking/ [note 2021/10/23 fight gangstalking is still up] also see: https //fightgangstalking com/tactics-for-fighting-back/#computersecurity Gangstalking Mind Control Cults also see 911NWO - put out by same person https //gangstalkingmindcontrolcults com/the-stasi-and-gang-stalking-similarities-coincidence/ Gangstalking Surfers https //gangstalkingsurfers wordpress com/ Gangstalking is Murder https //gangstalkingismurder wordpress com/cointelpro/ [2021/10/23 website is still up] 9/11 NWO also put out by Gangstalking Mind Control Cults https //911nwo com/?p=5404 ROGS Research Organized Gang Stalking: ROGS Analysis https //researchorganizedgangstalking org/ Excerpt: When I began to write ROGS around three years ago, as a reaction formation to the most famous case of gang stalking denialism ever written, where the partisan newspaper the New York Times published the now discredited journalist Mike McPhates gang stalking disinformation dangle, headlined “United States of Paranoia: They see Gangs of Stalkers” and quoted forensic psychologist and gang stalking denialist Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, I had no firm idea about how to answer the questions in the headline of this post. https //researchorganizedgangstalking org/ [2021/10/23 website still up] Stop Gangstalking dot com www stop gangstalking com [2021/10/24 website still still up] The Mother of all Black Operations: Organized Stalking Campaigns Have Become A Silent Holocaust In America Excerpt: Organized Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person's life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, and/or commit suicide. http //9-11themotherofallblackoperations blogspot com/2015/09/psychotronic-directed-energy-weapons html [2021/10/24 website is still up] Oregon State Hospital 2011/04/25 Ted Gunderson and Associates/Oregon State Hospital dot net: Gunderson ex-FBI. Signed/Notarized statement 04/25/2011: http //www oregonstatehospital net/d/otherfiles/gunderson pdf Excerpt: Based on my investigative work which includes intelligence from sources such as active and former members of the Intelligence Services (including the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the N.S.A. and Military Intelligence), information from informants active in criminal enterprises and victim testimonies, I have come to the conclusion that thousands of victims have been targeted by an illegal government rogue criminal enterprise that is active 24 hours a day in the U.S… http //www oregonstatehospital net/d/otherfiles/gunderson pdf Veterans Today [note from PF: VT is thought to be a Russian thing] 2015/04/23 The Strange Case of Ted Gunderson. By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor 04/23/2015 http //www veteranstoday com/2015/04/23/the-strange-case-of-ted-gunderson/ Excerpt: (Includes videos with Gunderson speaking, He remarks on Barbara Hartwell, whose material is seen below) Some people call themselves whistleblowers. When we look into them, who they are, where they were, what they really knew, some are total frauds, most are fabrications and the majority are “stooges” or “informants.” Ted Gunderson was a senior FBI official who, during his career, investigated a number of famous cases. In the process, one of two things happened: Gunderson stumbled on a secret satanic child murdering cult and included two American presidents, Reagan and Bush (41) or No such things exist and he is utterly irrational. I have never met Ted Gunderson. I have been told repeatedly, Stew Webb in particular, that Gunderson, who died in 2011, was a total fraud, every word out of his mouth a lie. Then I began checking. http //www veteranstoday com/2015/04/23/the-strange-case-of-ted-gunderson/ PETITIONS OR REACH-OUTS TO CONGRESS Petition to Senators and Congressmen Note: This petitioner thinks it is the NSA and Cointelpro; this might have a MPM slant Change dot org Senators & Congressmen: Investigate Cointelpro Harassment Now Being Used To Silence Activists & Whistleblowers. Rosanne Schneider started this petition to Reporter Amy Goodman and From: https //www change org/p/senators-congressmen-investigate-cointelpro-harassment-now-being-used-to-silence- activists-whistleblowers [2021/10/23, webpage is still up] Excerpt: Senators & Congressmen Investigate & Dismantle Prejudicial Cointelpro Attacks on Innocent Citizens by Corrupt NSA Officials: All across the country ( and the world ) innocent citizens are complaining about well organized covert attacks … attacks that are identical to past Cointelpro tactics. The Cointelpro program was a government “silencing” program which was exposed in 1971 and supposedly dismantled. It targeted the women's movement, anti-war activists, Martin Luther King, and many other innocent people who were trying to improve our world. …We ask that our elected officials re-open Cointelpro and MKUltra investigations, …. We also ask for a thorough investigation into any other government programs of harassment, experimentation and surveillance which might exist under another name.... We further ask for the establishment of a citizen watchdog committee which will oversee complaints of false NSA investigations and covert harassment .... We further request that strict penalties be levied against any government contractor who is found guilty of these crimes. [see links and bulk of petition below links-the material has been organized differently here for clarity] Schneider’s Petition includes these link resources: nervous-system/ (see book list from this petition on on Notes - Books recommended by others) Excerpt from Schneider Petition But was it (Cointelpro) really dismantled ? …. Strong evidence suggests that it was not, … instead it was refined and pushed underground again ... Many witnesses report that the program is very much alive and targeting groups like the Occupy movement along with African-Americans, independent women, whistle-blowers and activists … the new victims of this atrocity call it “gang stalking” and there are thousands of references to this abuse on the internet … but make no mistake, gang stalking is none other than Cointelpro raising it's ugly, hate-filled head once again in attempts to eliminate, silence and control some of our best and brightest citizens … This is a total, 100% attack on our Constitutional freedoms and it must be stopped ...This is a program of total destruction which employs ex-criminals and neighborhood groups to do it's dirty work. If you are unfortunate enough to be targeted by this program, you can expect: Slander in the community ... involving neighbors, shop keepers, church groups, neighborhood watch groups, the local police, etc. … targets are portrayed as mentally unstable, terrorists, sexual deviants, criminals, etc. Black-listing … targets are denied jobs and apartments leading to poverty and homelessness …Financial sabotage … businesses are tampered with, real estate is compromised, possessions are destroyed, legal issues are exacerbated …Framing … targets are often framed for crimes which they did not commit ...Harassment … targets are harassed continually with noise, stalking, unwanted phone calls, rude encounters, vandalism, computer sabotage, petty theft, break-ins, etc…Surveillance … targets must endure 24 hour surveillance including home surveillance, GPS automobile surveillance, phone taps, computer monitoring, etc….Infiltration … every aspect of a targets life is infiltrated including their home life and their work environment, … people are placed in the targets life pretending to be friends and associates for the purpose of harassment and information gathering …Psyops … psychological operations … everything is done to distract, confuse, and emotionally wound the target … the target's family is attacked, pets are attacked, everything near and dear to the target is destroyed ...Physical attacks … including chemical exposure, poisonings, and directed energy weapons ( look it up ) … targets are also used for non-consensual government experimentation … occasionally targets are assassinated ….You can read some of the comments of those targeted by reviewing my last petition which was meant to expose gang-stalking … at that time, I wasn't sure that gang- stalking was connected to Cointelpro, but after a lot of research, I am now sure of it …Because of repeated reports of revenge motives, I now believe that some of these victims were brought into this program by corrupt NSA officials. The current political climate, including the complete lack of NSA accountability supports this point of view. We the undersigned are tired of secret policies of prejudice, silencing and hate... We are tired of corrupt government officials who believe that they are above the law …. We are tired of secret agendas that limit and destroy our constitutional rights … https //www change org/p/senators-congressmen-investigate-cointelpro-harassment-now-being-used-to-silence-activists- whistleblowers ALTERNATIVE VIEW - GANGSTALKING UNLIKELY New York Times 2016/06/10 United States of Paranoia. By Mike McPhate https //www nytimes com/2016/06/11/health/gang-stalking-targeted-individuals.html?_r=0 TED GUNDERSON Note from PF: There is convoluted, very involved and extensive material on Ted Gunderson on the internet, everything from he investigated and exposed satanic cults/child porn/killers to he was one of these criminals himself. It’s a subject that would take a long time to read through, to pull in all the suspected or known details, and to weed through the likely fake information from the more likely real. My suspicion is that Gunderson might have been into some far right stuff which could have impacted his judgment and approach. Here are just two dire claims by someone named Barbara Hartwell, whose website is below; she expresses strong Jesus-oriented religious fundamentalism on this site. In 1998 Ted L. Gunderson married the widow of Anton Lavey, Diana Rively. Lavey is the founder of the Church of Satan in America. She apparently dissolved the connection almost immediately. In Feb. 2000 Gunderson was caught stealing from the trust of Mary Schiebe of Las Vegas, Nevada (Public administrators records). Articles involving Ted Gunderson Barbara Hartwell 2009 Ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson Exposed https //barbarahartwell blogspot com/2009/12/ex-fbi-agent-ted-gunderson-exposed html [extracted from Internet on 2021/10/23] Excerpt from Barbara Hartwell Blogspot: Accomplices of Ted Gunderson: General John K. Singlaub (Op Phoenix, CIA Black Ops mind control handler) John DeCamp (former senator, Nebraska, CIA Op Phoenix assassin) Ken Adachi (government stooge, PR shill for Gunderson) Timothy Patrick White (predicate felon, career criminal, fed snitch, government stooge, psycho stalker, sex pervert/predator, child porno freak) Brenda Negri (fed snitch, government stooge, psycho stalker) Pamela Schuffert (fed snitch, government stooge, psycho stalker, false Christian) Todd Brendan Fahey (blackmailer, identity thief, sex pervert/predator, child porno freak, criminal stalker, plagiarist, government stooge) Linda Minor (government stooge) Don Nicoloff (disinfo monger, government stooge, known accomplice of Ken Adachi) Alex Jones (CIA asset, disinfo monger) Barbara Crouse Brown (government stooge) Aaron James (government stooge, accomplice of Tim White) "Xena Carpenter" (real identity unknown, sponsors moronic website filled with outrageous lies about whistleblowers, including Barbara Hartwell, known criminal accomplice of Todd Fahey and Tim White) There are many more of these accomplices and government stooges, but I've exposed the most notorious here. For more information on Ted Gunderson, see the reports on this website. Barbara Hartwell Percival December 14, 2009 https //barbarahartwell blogspot com/2009/12/ex-fbi-agent-ted-gunderson-exposed html GONE OR HARD TO ACCESS Examiner How NSA Spies ruin 1000s of America’s greatest people [note 2021/10/23- this website is not coming up, perhaps because it is an insecure site] Civil Rights Consult dot blogspot dot com 2013/01 About Covert Stalking, Harassment and Surveillance. Your Secret Enemies. Cathy A. Meadows, M.A., Clinical Psychology serves Americans who have lost their privacy and civil rights and are experiencing group stalking, harassment, surveillance, defamation, abuse, and even micro-chipping for reasons of whistle- blowing, domestic break-ups, revenge, financial gain, or because they are not the right political or religious flavor, and more http //civilrightsconsult blogspot com/2013/01/covert-crimes-against-women html [note 2021/10/23 this website seems to be gone: got this message-Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.] http //www nowpublic com/world/gang-stalking-conversation-sheriff-mack [note 2021/10/23 the website seems gone] Now Public [note 2021/10/23-24 this website seems gone-got this message-Not Found 404.0] Youtube Stasi: Paving Way Global Gangstalking-Targeted in Aberdeen.Published on Mar 2, 2017 [note 2021/10/24 video seems gone] BLOGSITES Topix Alamagordo “…..83NU” From a blogger on well dont do meth either!Books Mobbing,Bridging the gap ,closing the Gap ,those are some books on the subject!Also has any one done any research on this ? About a Ex Army person who couldent get disability - http;// tary! look this up if you dare! human traffick cop wrote: The crooked police assist the gang stalkers by alerting them when they have been called, sending corrupt cops to the scene, routing the caller of emergency to the hospital to have them falsely labled as delusional......the gang stalkers also get assistance by the hospital staff that sneak the girl in for treatment because the gang stalkers keep beating them profusely also they transport the girls to various locked areas assisted by the security that work at the hospitals allowing the gang bangers to beat the girls and force them chemical to induce death everybody gets paid from the insurance fraud off of this so they ignore the screams thinking about the money they will collect Many calls for insurance money are made from the hospital staff and homeless shelter staff. From a blogger on There has been documented cases where law enforcement knew there was a problem however could not find suspects or it went well beyond levels they could spend man power on or technology on. Some cases detectives felt officers to federal level officers were involved in a few cases as some evidence suggested corruption of personell involved in black market/organized crime. One woman in Alberta Canada was harassed to point the person's involved would attack her when she was alone, but in a manner that would be inconclusive to one could have done self harm. They would choke her to near death, poison her food and drinks to incapacitate her then rape her using condoms or objects. She was found dead on a road side just after she hired a private firm to investigate. The firm discovered possible law enforcment involvement. The detectives in that PD were questioned by the RCMP GRC. They stated they felt there may have been possible black market organized crime occuring with internal level help of a corrupt officer or persons in government level positions to get access to information but every lead ended in a no return. The woman in question changed her name 12 times, changed her information, moved everytime secretly and the last 3 times had the private firm move her while she left for days to a safe house. Yet the harassment continued. The firm gave her a 2 way radio they used so she could use it in end for rapid response. Oddly only she and they knew about it on unregistered information not in firms name. They was several suspicious transmissions the night of her death. A remote monitor at one incident they heard a deep voice saying, you can hide her, but we will find her everytime. They also used secure radios point and the person's or person got ahold of the security keys and used it to harass her or toy with the firm. Keep in mind this was a high end protection firm not your small town one. From Topix: They had contracts with the DEA and US Marshalls service to RCMP to protect or secure persons in various cases or programs. While this isn't a constant problem yet it does happen. There are a few cases currently in NM where local law enforcment either has no evidence for it or looks other way as there is no solid evidence. These persons operate in such organized high end manners they do not leave trails. One man was harassed to point they had him loose his job, threatened his employers family, had him nearly falsely accused of sexual crimes, to paying low end persons on the street involved in drugs or narcotics to harass the man. He literally in end went crazy and wanted to be locked up to feel safe. They have refused to put him in a medical facility due to fact he is not deemed insane and passes psychological exams. To this day he lives in a reclusive lifestyle and does not go to law enforcment for help as they refuse to help. At one point they were investigating him on the slander and publicly left messages of him doing crimes the harassing organized criminals created. He became crazy to most or a suspect in hear say claims. In end in that case law enforcment found no wrong doing but when they offered to help he said forget it as his trust and desire to seek help faded. He constantly has to look over his shoulder. He receives death threats or note on his vehicle left in public places such as stores to dead birds left in his exhaust. He said all I have is myself. He moved and left leaving behind his home and life. It got to point they harassed his 2 former fiancés scaring them to point they left. They never had problem after leaving but said people were indeed stalking the man and harassed to scaring them to point they felt unsafe. The man has never been deemed insane, mental, or bi polar nor has he had a criminal past of any sorts. It is unknown why he was stalked but looking into it he had a encounter with a person where a verbal argument had occured over minor issues where the threat was released to him you will regret meeting me or crossing my path. Shortly after that incident is when the stalking and harassment started. They tried to enter his home several times. Evidence was present however no finger prints could be pulled from windows or doors. A 9mm slug was left on his door glued wity a sticky type letter saying In time it'll come but for now we thrive off your misery. When it happens all will think you were mental and had committed suicide. He left and has since gone into a homeless type of living on move doing small side work here and there to avoid detection. Say what you will but this is a crime that's occuring not spoken much of in the USA just as much as human trafficking is a problem now in the southwest of kidnapped people taken into mexico and South America human trade. I feel for these people in both cases and the families. -
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