(Contextual, cont.) Visualizations Visualize one horn as the knife or penetrating prong for malicious purposes. The other horn is the trumpet proclaiming its support of the good and desire to fight the bad as a matter of pretense. This is comparable to Christian biblical references to the forked tongue of the Devil. Visualize two columns. Each column represents one side of a debate or viewpoint. Elites own both (all) positions along the polemic divide. They don’t care who is right or wrong; they hold the energy and make the money off both. Minorities are used against whites, whites against minorities. Republicans against Democrats. Males against females. Heterosexuals against homosexuals. The elite are winning either way. Visualize two energy layers. One is the original natural layer. The other is the reconfigured outer layer, a false and shallow layer. This outer layer mocks the first layer by distorting it or leaving certain things out. It is a rebellion against sincerity and naturalness. Duplicity The idea behind the two horns on an animal like a ram or goat is to provide the image of duplicity in concrete form. Envision that one of the horns represents Yes and the other one represents No. As part of this, also visualize that one horn is the destroyer and the other horn is the helper - but a facetious and guilty helper. The destroyer can be something like a behind-the scenes operation that kills, destroys, steals or does some other bad thing. The helper facade can be something that shows up as the White Knight, filled with a bag of tools to apparently fight or overcome the bad thing. The fire-starter can be the most zealous fire-fighter. The reasons behind a murder or scandal might not be what they seem. The helper facade might show up in the media as one of the largest outcrying groups bent on getting at the so-called perpetrators. Special interest groups might use violence to stir public outcry in their direction or to push for government laws or programs that increasingly take away a country’s freedoms. Businesses might look normal on the outside but might be increasingly government operated and funded without the citizens knowing it. People might think they own their bank accounts, but the government privately sees the funds as its own and only allows the people to think they are in charge of them. 9/11 in the USA was probably presented as one thing by the government when it was in fact something else. Multiple personalities or personas The two horns can also represent multiplicity within the human who has been abused and mind-controlled. One part of the personality might honestly hate and dislike the perpetrators of abuse; another part of the personality might be in complicity on some level because of the programming and abuse. Self-sabotage The two horns can also represent self-sabotage, where one horn is the Self that would be self-loving and supportive, and the other one is the self-sabotaging element. Mixed messages The horns can also represent mind control programs designed to confuse a person out of an emotional and intellectual center. By providing complex and conflicting messages, there is no center of gravity and people become lost and uncertain. Also is the idea that a child learns to not rely on or trust adults because they have different faces at different times. People learn to not allow positive feelings of caring, warmth and trust in a sea of dishonesty and inconsistency. Example A police mafia threatens to burn a business unless the owner pays a fee Updates: 2023/03/22; 2021/04/23 editing; 2021/04/20 editing and org. shifts; 01/12/2017; Two Horns section updated 01/11/2017
Two Horns (Psy-16)
Resources and Input Policing, Borders, Drugs, Cartels and System Corruption
Definition (site-specific term) Similar Concepts Contextual o Visualizations o Duplicity o Multiple Personalities or Personas o Self-Sabotage o Mixed Messages o Example --------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION (site-specific term) Someone is working both sides of the fence and could be both the break-it and fee-based fix-it guy. Addition meanings include: 1) the masculine aspect of control and dominance (hence controlling both sides of the fence) 2) duplicity 3) shadow world, government SIMILAR CONCEPTS Switching, Invisible Fingers, Wall of Silence, Co-Opting (Psy section) Firefighter Arson (Case Studies section) CONTEXT UAL Key points: Layers, duplicity, crossing swords, penises like swords - male sexual bonding; swords and shields symbols of family lineages or clan connections, masks or masking as superimposed realities including voice or thought-overs (ie, voice to skull psychotronics)
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