Forbes dot com 2015/10/13  Chinese Information Warfare: Leveraging The Power of Perception.  By Paul Coyer [also seen on index home page under Recommended Readings]       Updates:  2021/05/07 Diplomat-204/06 and Forbes-2015/10/13 added;  2021/04/29 PAGE STARTED-Info Wars;
Info Wars (PSY-3)
Resources and Input Policing, Borders, Drugs, Cartels and System Corruption
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Definition Contextual o Global Movements - Islamic, Marxist-Socialist o Chinese ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION info war: the use of computer technology to disrupt the activities of a state or organization; cyberwar. propaganda war waged via electronic media. (from a generic dictionary - the first thing that came up in a browser search) CONTEXTUAL (PSY) Global Islamic Movement and Marxist Socialist Movement Understanding the Threat “If we are to truly understand the threat we face from the Global Islamic Movement and the Marxist/Socialist movement, we must know their primary battlefield is in the media, not on a piece of open ground on which tanks and troops engage each other…This is warfare in the information domain. 2016/08/07 Information Dominance: A Snapshot of the War https //www understandingthethreat com/information-dominance-a-snapshot-of- the-war/ [also seen on Index home page under Recommended Readings] Chinese Information Warfare Campaign The Diplomat dot com 2014/06 China’s Information Warfare Campaign and the South China Sea: Bring It On! As its dispute Vietnam continues, China is trying to have it both ways at the United Nations. By Carl Thayer south-china-sea-bring-it-on/