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NAMES (Last Name Letter) A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 E F G1 G2 H1 H2 IJK L M1 M2 M3 N O P R S T W QUV-XYZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallagher Patrick, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, NYPD Gallagher Ray, Albuquerque Gallant Eric, Espanola Gallegos Gilbert, Albuquerque Gallegos Jason, Espanola Gallegos John B., Albuquerque Gallegos Richard, Espanola Gallegos Toby, Albuquerque Galvin Jerry, Albuquerque -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARIES G1: BRIEF EXCERPTS/SOURCES NEW MEXICO POLICE Gallagher, Patrick Las Cruces, Santa Fe, NYPD. Las Cruces PD; Santa Fe PD. 2017-hired as Las Cruces PD Police Chief (was previously the Santa Fe PD-Police Chief). Las Cruces Sun 2017/11/07 Santa Fe Police Chief Patrick Gallagher become Las Cruces Police Chief become-las-cruces-police-chief/842540001/ Gallagher, Ray Bernalillo County (Albuquerque area), BCSO/Sheriff, Indicted on criminal charges of interfering in a sex abuse case involving Deputy Darryl Burt. Real Crimes From Real Crimes: “Sheriff Gallagher admitted to having destroyed evidence in the case against Deputy Burt” Real Crimes: Orlando Sentinel 1992/11/26. Grand Jury Indicts Sheriff, recommends his ouster Excerpt: A grand jury has recommended a sheriff's removal because of alleged corruption and indicted him on criminal charges of interfering in a sex abuse case. The grand jury said an investigation of Bernalillo County Sheriff Ray Gallagher found evidence of gross incompetence and corruption. The grand jury also indicted Gallagher on two counts of tampering with evidence and three counts of bribing or threatening a witness. An investigation was initiated nine months ago, after former Deputy Darryl Burt was charged with sexually abusing a man during a traffic stop. The indictment says Gallagher tried to help Burt avoid arrest by destroying two pieces of evidence and by intimidating three potential witnesses. AP News [also seen in Darryl Burt] 1992/11/26 Ex-Deputy Acquitted in Case Related to Sheriff Indictment Excerpt: A former Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputy has been acquitted of sexually assaulting a male motorist in a case that led to this week’s indictment of the county sheriff. Darryl Burt was found innocent Wednesday of kidnap, criminal sexual penetration, criminal sexual contact and of assault with intent to commit a violent felony. On Tuesday, Burt’s former boss, Sheriff Ray Gallagher, was indicted on two counts of tampering with evidence in Burt’s case, three counts of bribing or threatening a witness and a single count of aiding a felon. Gallagher denied the allegations. It was Burt’s second trial; the first ended in a jury deadlock. Gallagher had invoked Fifth Amendment guarantees against self-incrimination and refused to testify in Burt’s retrial. However, his testimony from Burt’s first trial was read into the record. In that testimony, Gallagher admitted throwing away two potential pieces of evidence: a tissue reportedly wrapped around the alleged victim’s car keys and a letter that reportedly referred to a potential witness. The alleged victim, a Mexican national, also didn’t appear at the retrial. Assistant District Attorney Paul Spiers had said the man, who was in Mexico, was afraid, ″and he has been frustrated with the on-again, off-again nature of the trial.″ Prosecutors had contended that Burt pulled over the alleged victim on the pretext of a traffic stop, searched his car, walked him to the patrol car, fondled and performed a sex act on him, and then pulled a gun. Burt said he only searched the man, because he suspected the man was concealing drugs. AP News-1992/11/26 Accessed from internet 2019/05/07 Gallant, Eric Espanola. Espanola PD. Sergeant. 2018/03 two complaints lodged inestig inyo misconduct 2018/05 city conducts investigation into Esparza and Gallant. See also Greg Esparza Rio Grande Sun 2018/05/24 City keeps cop investigation secret. By Wheeler Cowperthwaite 5eca-11e8-8114-07550f66dad3.html City Manager Kelly Duran said, in a Monday telephone interview, that a “third-party agency” will conduct the investigations into the conduct of Greg Esparza and Eric Gallant 2018/03/29 Residents lodge complaints against police department. By Wheeler Cowperthwaite. dept/article_73a09d2c-3382-11e8-b6cf-1bd24046c927.html Gallegos Gilbert (Gil), (07/11/2003) Albuquerque. Police Chief. Appointed 2001 by Mayor Chavez, replacing a reformer, returning things to corruption. Messing with commission findings, letting guilty officers off. Excerpt from Real Crimes: 7/11/03 Albq. Journal: The Police Oversight Commission discovers that APD Chief Gil Gallegos overstepped his authority by arbitrarily reversing the commission’s findings in two police-shooting cases, exonerating the officers and classifying the shootings as justified. Gallegos said in commission documents that the case files were his and he could change the findings at any time. abuse-cover-up-and-scandal/?utm_term=.94b75e07579d 07/29/2013-- Gallegos, Jason Espanola. Officer on patrol upon rehire, demoted from Sergeant. Misconduct and complaints from fellow officers. Rio Grande Sun 2018/03/01 Officer Rehired Despite Colleagues’ Protestations, Letter. By Wheeler Cowperthwaite letter/article_b897fc56-1d7d-11e8-933c-e3a9fc1a38a6.html Excerpt: Jason Gallegos is back at the Española Police Department, despite a thwarted internal affairs investigation and a memorandum sent by anonymous police officers outlining problems with his past and future employment…City Manager Mark Trujillo said he signed the hiring paperwork, following a directive from Mayor Alice Lucero. Gallegos is one of the three officers implicated in a investigative report about officer misconduct authored by Det. Manuel Romero, Aug. 24, at the direction of Sgt. Eric Gallant, who was the interim police chief. That report and the attached surveillance video were the center of a public records lawsuit filed by Albuquerque Attorney Thomas Grover letter/article_b897fc56-1d7d-11e8-933c-e3a9fc1a38a6.html Gallegos, John B Police Lt. (1995, etc.) Albuquerque. Lieutenant. Supervisor APD Internal Affairs Unit. Burglarizing. Excerpt from Real Crimes: “supervisor of the APD Internal Affairs Unit, was caught burglarizing a liquor store while on duty” from Real Crimes (06/2/1995): Albuquerque Journal: APD LT. FACES PROBE: Lt. John B. Gallegos, 14-yr veteran of APD and supervisor of Internal Affairs division, faced criminal investigation for burglarizing a liquor store in May, 1995. He was on duty at the time of the burglary. from Real Crimes (09/20/1995:) APD Lt. John B. Gallegos, supervisor of APD Internal Affairs Division, was indicted on counts of commercial burglary, evidence tampering and larceny. APD said Gallegos was no longer with the department but refused to say if he was fired or resigned” Real Crimes: Gallegos, Richard Espanola, Espanola PD/Chief, 2015/INFO - missing file older case, -, SF NM-2015/06/04 2015/06/04 Espanola police chief to probe missing records in drug drug/article_e4bac0b3-b339-5247-8a7c-28590a58c9de.html Excerpt: Current Española police Chief Richard Gallegos said this week he has begun looking into the missing file after learning about it in a front-page story May 26 in The New Mexican. “I read the story and I said, ‘Wow’,” Gallegos said. “We’ve been meeting and looking into this case going back to 2010 to find out from the initial report, affidavits, search warrants, where we go from here.” Gallegos said from what he can tell, the department never conducted an internal investigation into the case, even after the family’s lawyer filed a lawsuit against the department in 2012. Gallegos said he also plans to meet with the city manager, his legal department, and possibly the District Attorney’s Office to discuss Vigil’s allegations that a former officer destroyed the department’s file on the informant. “It’s not something we are just going to turn our head away on,” Gallegos said. “Rest assured that I’m going to do anything and everything I possibly can with the information that I have. Even though it happened some time back, it’s my responsibility to look into those things and ultimately hold those people responsible.” If he finds anything amiss, Gallegos said, he’ll likely refer the matter to an outside agency for investigation. drug/article_e4bac0b3-b339-5247-8a7c-28590a58c9de.html Gallegos, Toby (1980s-1990s) Albuquerque. Officer. Excessive force, tampering with evidence, larceny. Overturned law case. Excerpt from Real Crimes: APD Officer 1993: Albuquerque Journal: APD Officer Toby Gallegos was fired by Police Chief Bob Stover for hitting a car-chase suspect in the back of the head with his nightstick. Gallegos said he didn’t remember doing that, and the firing was rescinded in favor of a 60-day suspension from Excerpt from Real Crimes 06/02/1995: 1995: APD Officer Toby Gallegos was fired by Chief Joseph Polisar, who labeled him a “brutal cop” for hitting a suspect several times with his large metal flashlight and kicking him in the groin. A city hearing officer ruled the firing justified, but it was later overturned. Gallegos returned to work and collected $35,627 back wages from his termination date to his reinstatement date.” Real Crimes: Galvin, Jerry (1990s) Albuquerque. Police Chief. Reformer. Mayor Chavez fired him, restoring “business as usual” in Alb. police corruption. abuse-cover-up-and-scandal/?utm_term=.94b75e07579d Garcia, Esther (2006) Albuquerque. False Arrest. Victim Renae Harbin. $100,000 settlement. Casemine excerpt: HARBIN V. CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE 12 Apr 2006 | United States District Court, D. New Mexico. Leagle excerpt: KENNEY v. CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE Case No. 15 CV 00414 JAP/WPL.United States District Court, D. New Mexico.January 20, 2016. r Garcia, Holly (2016) Albuquerque. Detective. Undercover detective in association with Lt. Greg Brachle and Jacob Grant shooting/injury case. (Abq Free Press 01/13/2016) Garcia, Jennifer Albuquerque, APD, - Garcia, Michael Las Cruces, Las Cruces PD/Detective (Incident 2011, Reported 2013). See NM Police Victims Names - Diana Guerrero. Sex Minors-History-Suit-Settle-Prison, Victim Guererro Excerpt from Photography is Not a Crime 03/2016: Now, the city of Las Cruces, N.M. has settled to pay $3 million to a woman who was sexually abused by a city police officer during the ride-along. The officer in question, Detective Michael Garcia has since plead guilty and was sentenced to nine years in prison. The settlement decision was made on Monday. million-lawsuit-hiv-positive-detective-rapes-woman-ride-along/ Garcia, Mike Albuquerque. APD Sergeant. Excerpt from Real Crimes: “…Supervisor of officers assigned to public schools, was indicted on sex charges involving a 12-yr-old girl who was staying the night with one of his daughters. (When he was tried in 2004, the jury was deadlocked, and the prosecutors did not seek a retrial.)” Real Crimes: Garcia, Richard Las Cruces. Las Cruces PD/Officer. Extensive excessive force/Lying/Video (03/2015) Excerpt from Cop Block (03/09/2015): Video Proves Las Cruces Cops Lied….the video clearly shows Las Cruces police officers – Danny Salcido and Richard Garcia – rushing into Flynn’s holding cell and attacking him. The Lahann Law Firm representing Flynn say that Salcido and Garcia beat their client so badly he sustained multiple injuries including a fractured skull, a brain hemorrhage, broken ribs and multiple contusions. Flynn’s attorneys filed a 12 million dollar lawsuit on Thursday (March 6th) against the city and several police officers involved. beating/86454838/ Another Deadlocked Jury/Mistrial in New Mexico: Garduno, Tom Albuquerque. Sergeant. - Referencing a then current incident involving Moriah Smith and a repeatedly offending, victimizing use of a police dog Lehocky (see listing) stated his supervisor, Sgt. Tom Garduno, told him, "Good job. I'm glad nobody died." Garrison, Larry Portales, Officer, Portland PD, Multiple Issues/history of fraud, force, bullying, being fired (2008, 2011, 2015, 2016) Portales. Albuquerque Journal 2015/10/23 Letter Portales Officers Conduct displayed lack of integrity. By Brittney Cannon 2015/10/23-- integrity.html Excerp: A Portales police officer’s conduct during an internal affairs investigation “displayed a complete lack of integrity and honesty.” That’s according to an Oct. 14 letter from Portales Police Chief Pat Gallegos to District Attorney Andrea Reeb. Reeb said Wednesday that Larry Garrison is no longer employed by Portales police following the investigation. Excerpt from KRQE--2016/03/17: Some names assoc. with case in article: Arturo Aranda (alleged victim); Eric Dixon (Portales attorney). Excerpt from My High Plains-2016/03/15: According to previous reports, Garrison used to be a deputy in Curry County and was charged with assault and disorderly conduct back in 2008. And was named in a use of force lawsuit in 2011 as a member of the Portales Police Department 2015/10/23-- integrity.html 2015/11/10 Letters defend terminated Portales officer. By Brittney Cannon 2015/11/10-- Excerpt: Seventeen individuals who have worked with former Portales Police Officer Larry Garrison came to his defense last month before he was terminated from the Portales Police Department. Letters from the 17 were sent to Portales Police Chief Pat Gallegos, noting Garrison’s character and moral standards. 2015/11/10-- 2016/03/17-- 2016/03/15-- investigation/400353222 Geier, Mike Albuquerque/Formerly Rio Rancho, APD/Chief; Rio Rancho PD/Ex-Chief; -, KOB-2017/12/05 Excerpt KOB 12/05/2017: With an interim police chief and two deputy chief, the Albuquerque Police Department is now under new leadership. Their work to move the department forward will not be easy, but Police Chief Mike Geier said he feels like he's right where he's meant to be. It's not a job he said he'll take lightly considering the skyrocketing crime in the city. geier/4694747/ Updates: 2020/05/02 Gallegos Richard-Espanola added to list with article about missing evidence; 2020/03/18 technical editing; 2020/03/01 G1 and G2 separated out from Gs creating two pages; table G1-G2 created; 2019/12/08 Grossete Moises added 2015 case Hernandez v. City of Albuq., Fox, Grossetete, etc. 2019/12/07 Grossetete Moises added to list. 2019/07/09 Gallagher Patrick added to list. 2019/06/24 Gallant Eric Rio Grande Sun-2018/03/29 article added. 019/06/10 Golson Lou added to list; 2019/05/07: Gallagher Ray articles added AP News-1992/11/26 and Orlando Sentinel-1992/11/26; 2019/05/05 Gallant Eric name added w/article Rio Grande Sun -2018/05/24, Gallegos Jason name added w/ article from Rio Grande Sun-2018/03/01; 2019/04/29 edited/cleaned up the page from a recent transfer; going over information to add or consolidate, , this will be ongoing. G SECTION, Tables and Related Information Table G1-G2 Table all New Mexico Police Names on this website: 1 See also Victim Incidents/Cases Police - Blue Lives Matter Locations by City and Names A to Z Indexes
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