USA SECTION USA What’s Good Made In USA Honor-Country Police Positive No Honor No Country means… Don’t Blow People Up in Public Places! The Vigilante Approach can and often backfires, prepare in advance in your mind how it can backfire because we could lose valuable people off our team, innocents can be wrongly targeted by vigilantes in a flame of emotion, mob mentalities can develop obscuring reason and common sense. The Biden presidency with the aggressive Harris vice presidency can be and is very frustrating to many. Just remember that a third party could be attempting to get Democrats and Republicans to hate each other and fight. Third party orchestrations can come from countries wanting to misuse distractions and spur chaos as well as monetary attrition of the United States. We know that sitting around like a doormat while the country is being sucked out from under us increases the desire to set up response teams not in cahoots with the Biden approach. To sit and do nothing feels to many to be letting Dracula in the door, and once he is in, to let him drain, misuse and abuse our country, turning us more into a tyranically controlled state like China. We look in various directions and see the faces and hear the voices of various enemies, asking ourselves who is mostly behind the current Biden catastrophe. Is it China? Is it the Muslim Brotherhood? Is it the communists and socialists and far left spread across China, Russia, Hispanic Americas? Is it a Russian Oligarchy takeover? Is it an old Nazi issue now under the thumbs of multi-racial Nazi International? Is there an old Jewish reprisal for the Holocaust, or a leftist Zionist core? Are they Satanists? The point with all of this when faced with fake news and third party interference, it can be very difficult to assess the core group(s) behind the current takeover problem. This issue is compounded by the fact people who voted for Biden are still in a fog, not realizing how bad the situation actually is. In this controversial climate, it can seem one’s only choice is to be a vigilante. Why sit around and wait for a Holocaust directed at white Americans as more and more blacks and Hispanics seem to take over everything, as well as Native Americans from large composites like the Southwest, or Asians in Hawaii? The problems are two-fold. First, the past history of “bad press” by a sick press that bad-mouthed Republicans and Trump also are in high gear to smear any attempts at self-defense. Second, chaos through fake news or uncertain information. Third, reprisals against individual actors. This is why we suggest: unite despite religious differences, share what you know with others, be aware of potentially being misled, know that even political leaders might be unsure of what is actually going on and also questioning news sources. --Written 2021/04/05 In A Nutshell…Inside the United States Don’t blow up or do drive-by shootings of Islamic mosques Don’t blow up people in public places Don’t blow up or violently attack persons of color Don’t blow up gays or otherwise LGBT Don’t go nuts in a public area, killing yourself after killing a bunch of people first Don’t blow up abortion clinics Don’t target blacks because they are black Don’t target whites because they are white Don’t lie in the media - deception includes omission and exaggerated bias If you are itching to hole up with weapons, have a private weapons collection or fantasize about making a statement through public displays of violence, you have lost your footing and are no use to our team Don’t get sucked into cartels or fanatical organizations; be mindful when you seem to be going off on a dangerous tangent; read diverse materials, understand opposing viewpoints as much as possible Use a cosmopolitan approach. This includes incorporating diverse peoples all geared toward freedom, human rights, a sense of fair play for all, common sense and mutual economic support and opportunity, church and state separation, smart and balanced environmentalism - together diverse peoples can protect each other against extremism and tyrants; always remember that attempts at unified utopias wind up either as chaos or tyranny Stop friendly fire from military connected males - both active duty and veterans - in the sense of stopping antagonism including anger and resentment, misogyny and porn directed at females; stop male-to-male sexual harassment, rapes and mental anguish. Such meanness toward either males or females is without question a form of friendly fire because it attacks us from within and usurps our power and dignity. Call a Spade a Spade Mosques truly do have a history of harboring and supplying terrorists and are rightly considered national security threats; it’s because we cannot know for sure who is in there and what is going on; there is precedence for terror-driving imams (religious/political leaders) to operate from them; actual known terrorists in this country’s bombing attacks are definitely linked to mosques in one area of our country or another Racially driven groups are truly networking among themselves and taking over various forms of infrastructure; this is not hype, paranoia or crude racism to realize this Be on guard about non-American intrusions, including various racial, political and religious agendas If cliques and networks are taking over areas, companies, neighborhoods, departments, communications, post office and other mail delivery systems and more, identify the turfing going on for what it is: in this day and age, it can be a new form of reverse discrimination toward persons of less skin pigment; black Somalians can truly be taking over parts of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities; other blacks can be taking over other sectors of the country; Hispanics can be taking over areas that used to be white or of mixed races, they also can be increasingly heard dominating calling centers, several are working out of Mexico, it can be impacting major shopping centers and malls, some areas are worse than others, but it also can be across the board in large corporations…pay attention to who is answering the phone, who is at the front desk, who is working in the back rooms. Calling a Spade a Spade does NOT mean go out and blow people up! If you have hit that level, you are not where it’s at. You have to work the problem legally by exercising old and new forms of anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws, reverse discrimination lawsuits, public media outcries and various written formats; violence should be a last expediency against absolutely undeniable enemy combatants who are actively a threat. Creeping forms of jihad, Russian, Chinese and other infiltrations need to be met with professional investigations and legal intervention. Keep in mind at all times the notion of Making The Other Guy Look Bad - for one thing, much of our news can be hype to make opponents look like the ones who did something violent when it was the other group who did it. Many Americans still have not caught onto this problem. Yet again, not all media writers are corrupt and some of the more honest and sincere ones have been murdered or are in precarious positions. We cannot all of the media together, but much of the media is corrupted. If you are Jewish, with or without Israeli leanings, call a spade a spade when the Islamic Extremists keep hammering you verbally in the media, from mosques, from the backs of buses and anywhere, everywhere else If you are a “person of color” standing against the mainstream CRG movement (Civil Rights Groups with far left leanings that go back at least to the Vietnam War), stand your ground; forgive those of us who are persons of lesser pigment who might at least at first lump you in with all other persons of color and their antagonisms toward America and western values of freedom; understand that sometimes it takes getting to know one another, practice with trial and error and patience to get it right, to learn to trust one another no matter our skin color - we are very divided up in this nation over race; just remember we want a cosmopolitan approach that allows for local/regional/individual differences Do recognize problems with the Native American tribes, particularly the largest ones; acknowledge the networking between tribes; acknowledge the networking between tribes and various CRGs; put into place highly dedicated political and legal action to break up the federal-tribal nexus, starting with the largest tribes first; do make the distinction between undeniable tribal “loyals” - people who have a commitment to the United States and integration in cosmopolitan matter with all freedom loving people, but call a Spade a Spade where the tribal groups have been playing some of those CRG games which suck money, distract, and shift power centers to deleterious operations, including cartels and anti-American groups (China, Russia, Latin America, etc.) Do not forget the Tribes when cleaning up America. They are a force we need to contend with. The games must stop immediately. Enough is Enough. We call it as we see it. Period. Core Issues Related to This Section Victory or Death Letter "To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World" February 24, 1836 Written by Colonel William B. Travis Fellow citizens and compatriots; I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna. I have sustained a continual Bombardment and cannonade for 24 hours and have not lost a man. The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken. I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, and our flag still waves proudly from the walls. I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch. The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily and will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days. If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible and die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country. Victory or Death. William Barret Travis Lt. Col. Comdt. P.S. The Lord is on our side. When the enemy appeared in sight we had not three bushels of corn. We have since found in deserted houses 80 or 90 bushels and got into the walls 20 or 30 head of Beeves. Travis Discussion The United States has been experiencing several hits to our prestige and dignity from both within and outside our borders. Some of it is a form of long-term terrorism. Other parts of it are culturally driven. Remember a house divided will fall, and that is exactly what certain anti-American groups are attempting. This means there is a goal to make the American mainstream, the backbone, look racist, silly, mistaken, unstable, hapless, lost, corrupt, foolish, stupid, limpid, hollow and misguided. They will want homeless veterans sitting along our streets looking feeble. Corrupt leaders and cartels in or linked to our military will be teaching other members of our active duty personnel bad habits which can be retained as thieving, drug dealing veterans, including those with sour and corrupt business practices (like a few veteran mechanics). A strong point of focus should be our military and policing personnel, both during and after active duty. We need post-duty sustainability. Below are some suggestions. How to Do Honor Make the drug dealing and using, as well as sexual abuse issues in the military a top priority. Identify and stop sexually abusive language on the job, discourage low grade activities when off duty, etc. Stop American Military leaders from dealing drugs - heavy penalties for traitors Stop the culture of drugs and alcohol in the military; it should not be commonplace. People should not by lax about it. Close down bars on military bases. Prevent frequent usage of them off bases within a ten mile or so radius during off duty hours - or something to that effect. Make an emphasis in investigating and reviewing exising studies in key American military/American police drug dealing complicity Stop rapes, porn, misogyny and sexual misconduct in general on bases and off duty. The thing about misogyny is the men are not making best use of the resources of the country. By ostracizing, bad-mouthing, and treating women with contempt in various ways, they divide the country which is self-defeating. Everywhere the men go, there is another woman; you cannot avoid nor eliminate them. Everyone can learn to work more smartly and efficiently within the limits of their physical frame with a little forethought. The biggest thing here is to identify that if men are not nurtured and included in the fold, they will project that onto women. Women can be rough and tough, too, using foul language, conducting themselves in a course manner not dignified of any gender or sexual orientation. Women have to do their part in these matters - not to used against them by abusive men who would make any excuses that women are the bad ones - this issue is about listening, feeling and seeing what we are doing, and what the people around us are doing - and calling a spade a spade. Course, vulgar language and behaviors don’t make us look good and do not make our country look good. It’s not about being raw and natural; it is about what we have heard growing up and around us, and the bad habits that we allow ourselves to develop. Women do in fact carry a heavier load with nature’s given menstrual cycles and the making of babies; looking at any bio-energetic photograph shows us the intensification of heat and color in the aura - more “work” is being done by the body. As such, women should continue to be given credit for that as time out and patience, because such things would add bio-energetic, biochemical and physiological strains to anyone. Better to see it as a human thing as much as a woman thing. But the most of the time they can be an asset to any work force if trained properly. Men with tendencies for rape and hard core sex need to learn safer and saner sex relief valves than abusing people for temporary bangs that don’t really go anywhere. People often refer to rape as violence, not sex, but there is a core problem with someone having such a low sense of self-worth as to force sex on someone because he does not feel his own life is worth more than that. As he objectifies the women, so too does he objectify himself. Identify high risk populations for sexual abuse in military based on background checks and criminal records and put through rigorous side-training program upon inception. Do not tiptoe around difficult subjects for fear of racial discrimination. For example, if high risk groups are blacks and Hispanics from the inner city, then step up to the plate and admit it. If far right white guys are spinning Muslims in dryers and killing them out of bigotry, then stop that, as well. Whatever it takes to address the problems in various groups and regarding any individual with a past record. The military has often taken on people with criminal pasts and this will not stop. However, the military can also be a whole lot smarter about how it handles these people once they get in their door. Such people should not become a burden and danger to the rest of the military personnel because the military does not take the necessary precautionary steps through education. Improve military training and on-the-job cultural atmosphere by reducing high psychological pressure, rough and tough, push-push-push mode for a space that cultivates smart, efficient and 360 degree view pro-activity and reflection. Treat each other with dignity and respect; give time and space for deeper longterm learning. Encourage problem solving. Although a toughening is needed to get people used to combat and harsh zones and peoples, we need to go at the training with an eye on honing, not lowering, hampering or abusing our military persons. Do not hire drill sergeants with a history of substance abuse, domestic violence, rape or any form of abuse toward fellow personnel or students. Do not hire drill sergeants with a bigotry problem, either as a white (fair-skinned Caucasian raised in a more traditional western American culture) or non-white person. Blacks and Hispanics can be taking it out on others through a power trip and with a bad attitude gained from the ghettos or inner cities. They can be using high drama and bad language while pretending to be “training” when in fact they are trying to show the whole American thing is a sham. They don’t really believe in America and are there to lower morale. They also can try to be funny in a mean way, exaggerating drill practice to the ridiculous. Whites raised in a largely white Christian fundamentalist environment might clique together with other similar whites to haze people they feel are the enemy overseas amongst them in the military training facility. They can be breaking laws and lowering the honor of the United States. Also they can be taking themselves out of the picture by being put in jail or getting a record, when their help with this country is badly needed; we can lose otherwise good men this way. It is better to keep your nose clean and to use your head to fight America’s enemies among us. Don’t feed the enemy: stop American practices of handing over billions of dollars to overseas countries and groups who later turn on us. Those dollars need to go directly to the American people and our own military persons and operations. We often have no control or eventually lose control over dollars and weapons handed over to other countries. Stop it, stop it, stop it. Some Active Duty personnel barely making it financially Non-American and Anti-American groups exploiting the vulnerabilities of the American military issues listed here, and more Post-Battle Honor and Personal Dignity Special task forces for finding and rounding up homeless veterans to offer them real world solutions tailored for certain categories of preference and likelihood for longterm success: this can include low cost highly efficient apartment, trailer and RV parks with excellent “home cooking for morale” food serve centers for the group. Veterans Monitoring Veterans: No Seedy Practices. Identifying Veterans waving flags for business but providing seedy services to the public: veterans monitoring veterans; veterans deterring other veterans from using their past service as veterans to manipulate the public for handouts. Identify “after active duty” downhill climbs: bitterness, cynicism, the sense of feeling taken, etc…that can lead to criminal activity both as civilians and as members linked to the policing communities. A large part of the issues can be inadequate health care. Currently both active duty personnel as well as veterans might be dealing with bureaucratic red tape, long lines or waiting periods, as well as subclass personnel handling the medical diagnoses/evaluations. The frustration that builds up can lend itself to mutiny (anti-American antics) of various sorts (drug dealing with other countries, stealing from the public, etc). In addition, depression and a sense of nowhere real to turn to can lead to sitting on the corner with signs that read “Homeless Veteran, Anything Will Help” or any other similar message to the general public. Having a hot-handed attitude toward work (ie, “good honest work) can make other veterans give up in disgust when their military brethren do this. We need to adjust our attitudes about the Puritan Work Ethic in this country, because it is not hitting home for a lot of people. To try to force things in these matters simply will not work. People will engage when they feel it inside. In addition, there need to be jobs that match the activity and knowledge level of the people at different times of their lives, or for the course of their lives. Many of the low level, low energy or repetitive jobs requiring little or no skill levels are being handed over to people overseas and need to be returned to the United States. Flex time can help, as well. There are several ideas and approaches suggested on River Gold, but many homeless support websites have excellent ideas as well. It should be a given that any American who truly wants a job will have one. To reach these objectives, we will need to change our background, reference and previously employment parameters to make them easier across the board in those companies that don’t truly need such for entry level jobs; we need to reserve top notch background checks/parameters for the jobs that truly need them so that we spend more time on them in the right way. People who have little or no work history, who have a scattered work history or who have not worked in years should not be kept from employment, but added on to a company with that in mind, knowing other ways of working with such employees might be needed. In other words, there can be a plan as to how to work with people who don’t fit the “9 to 5, 10 to 30 year stable employee” status. Consider the possibility that evolution over millions of years might have created human tendencies for roaming, like in nomadic packs, or as winter/summer seasonal movement. In addition, for millions of years, it is likely people banded and worked together in informal settings in which direct survival measured the need to do something, with more immediate gratification for hunting the deer, planting and growing the plants, gathering the firewood and water, with subsequent eating and drinking. Gaining a paycheck can have direct links to personal survival, but there is an intermediary between then and now, a less direct line of connection to the thing felt, seen and taken inside the body. With these things in mind, we need to be more patient and gentler on the spirits of the people we want to see working and taking care of themselves in society by finding different sorts of solutions that really work across a large span of interests and capabilities. Books The reason these two books were included in the Honor section is to demonstrate what can happen when a country descends into chaos and/or tyranny. (1993, 1994) Lenin’s Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire, by David Remnick (1992) Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland. By Christopher R. Browning. Updates: 2022/05/08 some editing on excess bold; 2021/06/27 fixed the bold fonts that showed up here and there intermittently on this page and across website after a software upgrade; 2020/05/11-various insertions; 2020/-5/10 added the summary-based “Don’t blow people up” list at the top. Added the two books Lenin’s Tomb and Ordinary Men. 2019/12/16-Travis’ letter from The Alamo; 2019/11/09 some additions and editing. Page started 2019/11/08.
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