Switching (PSY-14)
There is precedence: Geller was a witness to deflated news coverage, for example- From Notes Section: Repeating the concern about the possibility that criminals are being protected by putting someone else as the front guy in police work; so a criminal does the shooting or other crime; the cop gets blamed; a deal is made behind the scenes; the media are either in on it or are given the wrong story and the wrong name; cops in this situation could be bullied, threatened or bribed, so it is extortion. There is a Sleight of Hand aspect to it. There could be a particularly insidious habit of getting white cops in minority dominated states or areas to be the fall guy. Updates: 2023/03/24; 2021/01/14 page Switching started, some of it copied from Notes-Personal for this general time period.
Definition Related Concepts Contextual --------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION Replacing a hostile entity who did the bad deed in question with a legitimate or otherwise innocent one. RELATED CONCEPTS Making the Other Guy Look Bad, Co-Opting, Invisible Fingers, Running Strings (Psy) See also Media-2/Geller CONTEXTUAL “Switching” is a process in which the actual extremist group who did the bombing or mass shooting is replaced by another one in the news media, to make the other guy look bad. There are several indications that after an Islamic extremist event, the news is covered up or distorted to the point it is hard to identify the players, what actually happened or how bad it was. It is possible that whites are held responsible for something they did not do, not only in connection with an Islamic Extremist attack, but during a police event. It is possible the stories and names are changed and various other things.
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