Running Strings (PSY-6)
(Contextual-Introduction, cont.) the ignorant or reluctantly submissive American public. The latter is reluctant because they know this group is monopolizing goods and services, leaving few or no other choices. More Information Running strings is about how people cooperate with one another in a secretive, illicit and defiant manner to perform operations against the grain of the mainstream (legal) side of a country’s system. Closely connected to the acts themselves are why they do it. It’s how they move information, finances, and players in a coordinated manner for set goals. The concept is closely tied to ZOI, Zone of Influence, as well as to Strands of Interconnection, both discussed elsewhere. The importance of Identifying Pulse Running strings has a pulse to it and an identifiable set of characteristics when a particular emotional basis is behind the defiance. For example, if drug selling is tied to anti-American agendas, the pulse can take on an old historic pattern among the Chicanos or blacks involved. If running strings involves a male-first orientation, men could be attacking and defying women as “a bunch of bitches” as part of their defiance pulse. In both cases and others, there might be habits of networked attacks giving the strings identifiable characteristics. Part of it might be cultural. Drug-Related Strings The most comprehensive thread connecting all of them might be drugs. The next most unifying theme might be an anti-American feeling. This rebellious attitude pervades the different groups for different reasons, but the common thread is in the USA but not of the USA…or THIS is my USA, not THAT. An example would be minorities or disgruntled and bitter veterans (see below). The next most common theme might be a male-first or all-male, anti- female approach. To sum this one up might be the banner of “Guys Rule, Gals Drool.” At the local levels, running strings is about how one specific interest group connects among its own members. It includes surveillance (keeping tabs) and communication. One group or several can be working together, but whether individuals or groups, each might has separate agendas, cultures and outlooks and either way, they might be like separate instrumental sections which become an orchestra at the point of cooperation. The rest of the time they might be like bands or loose interest groups. People might move in and out of their affiliations. One drug group might dissolve with members going to other drug groups. One individual might break off from one and start another. Strands of old gangs might find each other working with a new gang. Members of the police or military might join gangs. All of the connections can aid and abet running operations in an area. Updates: 2023/03/20; 2021/04/19 editing and additions.
Definition Related Concepts Contextual o Introduction o More Information o The Importance of Identifying Pulse o Drug-Related Strings ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DEFINITION Running strings means running secretive and calculating operations among a conspiratorial group of people to thwart normal and legitimate civilian and/or governmental activities. The way the people do this in geneeral is planned out in advance. It usually generally counters or focuses on one or more “types”, but also can hone in on persons specifically via a black list. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- RELATED CONCEPTS The Zone of Influence, Strands of Interconnection, Co-Opting, Cons-Piracy, Sending in the Crows, Deep State, Switching, Turfing, Watch for Antics, Softening CONTEXTUAL Introduction The general idea is to imagine a spider web of operatives around a business, downtown shopping area or parking lot, any location in which members can more easily watch and target members of the public. Then apply that basic concept to other scenarios, like collusion between certain postal workers and the local police, or between Amazon and UPS and Fed Ex in such a way the operatives even know what is inside and the intent of someone’s mail because it is sent by the same kind of operatives and they have a plan together to have funds directed to their overall group. Thus Amazon, UPS, Fed Ex and the US Post Office have members part of the Deep State who have a collective fund that benefits all of them. This collective fund is provided for by
Resources and Input Policing, Borders, Drugs, Cartels and System Corruption
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