Gatekeeping (PSY-24)
How it Operates Gatekeeping has to do with someone blocking a target from entering. I have covered this variously elsewhere, but this means both preventing entrance and exit, and also blocking access to information or goods and services. It can mean controlling what someone wants you to feel, say or do, or modulating your quality of self-worth or self-gratification experience. It can blocking yourself from yourself. Shaming aspect - a way of showing deserving Gatekeeping in this scenario has a disciplinary and shaming aspect, as if to say “You are sinful and dirty; you don’t deserve to go in there; those other people deserve more than you do; you should not give to yourself. You are overweight and have high blood pressure, it is because you are a wrongful white person.” Psychic control aspect Unfortunately it can have both a remote influencing and gangstalking aspect. Remote influencing stalking might include a psychic link that is spying in an ongoing manner. This is what might make you feel constantly watched to the point you wonder if stores and streets are monitoring you with interconnected cameras. Catholic Abuse Examples: a Hispanic male who was abused and influenced by the harshest Catholic systems, perhaps in New Mexico, but also might have experienced discrimination and/or abuse from Anglo America in his youth and perhaps in other arenas (like work-related) later in life. The other could be an Islamic extremist. When the person has old residual sexual abuse pain related to Catholic authoritarian systems, with unresolved anger and shame, he tries to project it onto not only a woman, but a white woman, because there is an ethnic- religionism associated with his mental anguish. There is a combination of wanting to be the man, the man in charge, but also to be the Hispanic in charge of the white race. It can include the feelings of wanting to take back lands -like from whites in the US who seem linked to the original European colonists who took everything from original indigenous people in the Americas. MACHISMO The machismo gets mixed in with religious feelings about sin that become projected onto women who will not be demure, will not submit and who are sexually aloof to a man’s control. The gatekeeping has a Hispanic machismo connection in this scenario. Machismo is covered a good deal elsewhere, but gatekeeping is not just about machismo. PLAYING GOD Gatekeeping is close to playing God with other people’s right to move around at will. The gatekeeper tries to block a person from going where they would go normally. It can even happen in grocery stores. GATEKEEPING AND GANGSTALKING constant surveillance, plus turfing - it is all linked There is this constant sense of being followed and watched….but the gatekeeping part adds to that in the sense that they are not only watching, they are turfing. The turfing is they convince themselves they don’t want you in this place or that, or buying this or that, or giving yourself this or that, or spending money on this or that. If it is a non-white group against a white, it could be they want the food and supplies to go to their group, not whites. If it is the Shiites, they could want to keep goods and services away from Sunni. If it is a black neighborhood, they might want to keep things from Hispanics and whites. HIS PRETEND MATE Being treated like how they’d treat a mate but you aren’t Someone is treating you like he would his wife or girlfriend, but you hardly or never met Gatekeeping can be an extension of what abusive boyfriends and husbands do to wives or girlfriends, except you never met this guy formally. Maybe you talked briefly somewhere, maybe there was a brief interaction, or maybe he has just seen you around , on the Internet or heard about you. I feel there might be an ethnic and racial as well as gender connection to my experience with gatekeeping, but that it can have other qualities (like the pretend mate syndrome) given other problem people. CONTROL FREAK Gatekeeping personalities are obsessive and compulsive about control, petty and mean-spirited, tenacious and unwilling to work on their own psychological problems. Their gatekeeping is an outward manifestation of their internal issues; it is a projection. TOTALITARIAN SYSTEMS We can argue that totalitarian systems are huge Gatekeepers. Human beings have decided they have the right to gatekeep other humans. Gatekeeping might be used as a type of mind control and psyops. SHAPESHIFTING - shrinking reality and self The idea might be to shapeshift a person’s reality to an ever-reduced state of self-worth and personal identity, to make their world smaller and smaller. I feel it has various groups and types of individuals doing it, but gangs and cartels seem like one likely source of the problem. I have been meaning to put this topic up for quite some time now. It has been coming up to my psychic apparatus repeatedly in various contexts. They don’t want you to have a Self, to be separate from their group reality. I feel some tribal groups do this, like the Navajos in New Mexico and Arizona. ANTIFA BLOCKING THOSE THEY DO NOT LIKE - Example of Gatekeeping “Writing for The Atlantic in September 2017, Peter Beinart was probably among the first to observe that Trump’s rise bred “wider sympathy” throughout “the mainstream left” for antifa’s cause, violence, and political ideas.148 “Since antifa is heavily composed of anarchists, its activists place little faith in the state, which they consider complicit in fascism and racism,” Beinart wrote. “They prefer direct action: They pressure venues to deny white supremacists space to meet. They pressure employers to fire them and landlords to evict them. And when people they deem racists and fascists manage to assemble, antifa’s partisans try to break up their gatherings, including by force.”* *Bensman, Todd. Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History . Bombardier Books. Kindle Edition. Updates: 2023/03/13 editing started; 2022/03/22; 2022/03/21 page started moved from River Gold dot net
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