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Native American Gangs (CARTELS-6)
Comments Native American Gangs and Certain Crimes o More Current, Ongoing or Generally Informative Indian Country Crime-FBI website [Ongoing list of reservation/tribal crimes] The Native Mob-Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin o Older Gang Violence On The Rise On Indian Reservations-NPR 2009/08/25 o The Social Determinants of Native Youth Gang Involve-Conservancy Spr. 2016 o Native Amer. Youth Gangs 2008-Jrnl of Ethnicity Hawaiian Gangs and Certain Crimes o Gangs, Org. Crime o Hate Violence Against Whites ------------- COMMENTS Watch for power mongering over Show Respect and Turfing motifs like “We control this territory”, “Completely stay out of this territory”, “Don’t act like you own the place.” This can lead to hate crimes in general, including against whites. PF Opinion: It has some similarities to male gorilla primate domination and submission tendencies in the natural environment. It is useful to study videos on that and to absorb information from experts in the field on how male gorillas want others to be smaller. Perhaps there are similar brain, genetic and biochemical aspects in both human and gorilla males.
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NATIVE AMERICAN GANGS More Current, Ongoing or Generally Informational FBI Indian Country Crime [Ongoing list of reservation or tribal person crimes] https //www fbi gov/investigate/violent-crime/indian-country-crime Keloland dot com 2019/08/17 Gang warfare on native culture by: Angela Kennecke https //www keloland com/news/investigates/gang-warfare-on-native-culture/ The Native Mob Wikipedia https//en wikipedia org/wiki/Native_Mob Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota has been centered among Sioux tribes in Minnesota includes Twin Cities The Native Mob is a Native American street gang. The Native Mob is one of the largest and most violent Native American gangs in the U.S. and is notoriously active in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.[3] The gang was created in the 1990s in Minneapolis, Minnesota to control drug turf, and has since established itself in prisons, and was estimated (2015) to have around 1,500 members. The Native Mob has been present in tribal communities in the region since the gang began in the 1990s. Gang experts say the small town of Cass Lake, Minnesota on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation and Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Tribal has been the center of the gang's operations, also runs operations out of the Twin Cities, Naytahwaush, and Prior Lake. Members routinely engage in drug trafficking, assault, robbery, and murder. Older Conservancy 2016 Spring The Social Determinants of Native Youth Gang Involvement By Ross VeLure Roholt, Katie Johnston-Goodstar, and Don Eubank eubanks.pdf;sequence=1 Journal of Ethnicity 2008/10/03 Native American Youth Gangs Linking Culture, History and Theory for Improved Understanding, Prevention and Intervention Matthew T. Theriot &Barbara “Sunshine” Parke Pages 83-97 | Accepted 01 Dec 2006, Published online: 03 Oct 2008 NPR 2009/08/25 Gang Violence On The Rise On Indian Reservations https //www npr org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=112200614 OJP https //www ojp gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/native-american-youths-and-gangs https //www fbi gov/investigate/violent-crime/indian-country-crime/indian-country-news https //nativenewsonline net/currents/native-gang-members-sentenced-to-prison-for-violent-crimes-in-minnesota HAWAIIAN GANGS AND CERTAIN FORMS OF CRIME Gangs 10 Things To Know About Gang and Gangsters in Hawaii https //danielshawaii com/gangs-in-hawaii-mafia-crime-in-paradise/ 2021/01/15 Robbie Dingeman https //www honolulumagazine com/murder-kidnapping-drug-trafficking-and-money-laundering-heres-how- hawaiis-crime-scene-is-changing/ Since the 1970s, organized crime in Hawai‘i has rippled through the community, from gangland-style slayings, gambling and drugs to diverse global operations. But things seemed quieter lately, until a July federal indictment portrayed a Honolulu businessman as a crime boss, who ran an extensive enterprise sustained by a reputation for violence and intimidation. As stories surface of murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking and money laundering, we take a closer look at how organized crime has changed over the decades….S. Attorney Kenji Price declared: “These arrests are part of a sprawling federal investigation into the activities of an organized crime group that has wreaked havoc in our communities for years.” Price said the charges send a message that “no one in Hawai‘i is above the law.” Human Services Office of Youth Services 2005 Volume 1 Gangs in Hawaii Center for Youth Research Social Science Research Institute University of Hawaii at Manoa 2424 Maile Way Room 704 Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 Report No. 418 Hawaiian Hate Crimes Against Whites ABC News dot go A hate crime lays bare Hawaii’s complicated race relationsByJENNIFER SINCO KELLEHER Associated Press March 1, 2023, 11:07 PM HONOLULU -- Two Native Hawaiian men wouldn't have brutally beaten a man if he weren't white, a U.S. judge said Thursday in sentencing them to yearslong prison terms for a hate crime in a case that reflects Hawaii's nuanced and complicated relationship with race. A jury convicted Kaulana Alo-Kaonohi and Levi Aki Jr. in November, finding that they were motivated by Christopher Kunzelman's race when they punched, kicked and used a shovel to beat him in 2014. His injuries included a concussion, two broken ribs and head trauma…