FARC, Hezbollah, Columbia Cocaine (CARTELS-2b)
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notice: As mentioned elsewhere, Police Factor is not an expert on police, gangs or cartels FARC Justice Interrupted New York Times 2016/09/11: JUSTICE INTERRUPTED. The Secret History of Colombia’s Paramilitaries and the U.S. War on Drugs After decades of atrocities, the warlords were finally being held to account. Then the Americans stepped in. Hernán Giraldo Serna has gone from being a fearsome paramilitary commander in Colombia to a docile prisoner in the United States. By Todd Heisler https //www nytimes com/2016/09/11/world/americas/colombia-cocaine-human-rights html List of Attacks Attributed to FARC https //en wikipedia org/wiki/List_of_attacks_attributed_to_FARC 2020/11/15 Why Former FARC Fighters are Abandoning Colombia’s Reintegration Camps by Alicia Flórez and Laura Calderón https //www insightcrime org/news/analysis/farc-fighters-colombia-reintegration-camps/ COLOMBIA AND COCAINE Colombia Reports 2019/01/12 Colombia’s drug trade https //colombiareports com/colombia-drug-trafficking/ Excerpt: Some 4% of the world’s population, some 300 million people, has consumed cocaine in their life. Colombia produced an estimated 70% of the cocaine consumed over the past year. In 2018, 18.1 million people used the illicit drug worldwide, consuming almost 2,000 tons of cocaine that is produced in the Andean region, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The demand for the drug comes primarily from the United States and Europe, but South America has also grown into a major consumption market. …Combating cocaine production is complicated. Many farmers have no alternative and Colombia’s government lacks the capacity to confront the industry that is protected by illegal armed groups with huge financial resources to corrupt state officials. Furthermore, foreign powers disagree on how to combat the illegal drug trade, which has led to to different counternarcotics efforts undoing the work of the other. While the United Nations and Europe have been pushing crop substitution and rural development, the United States has been pushing for repressive methods like forced eradication and aerial fumigation with chemicals. https //colombiareports com/colombia-drug-trafficking/ HEZBOLLAH AND LATIN AMERICA HEZBOLLAH and Latin America/Mexico cartels: a link to today’s issues with Foreign Affairs Committee, upcoming chair Gregory Meeks [Note from PF: Although from 2014, which as of this writing in Dec. 2020 was 6 years ago, there is still some useful information. One piece is a good introduction to the Hezbollah and FARC connection in Latin America] Govinfo dot gov 2014/02/04 Terrorist Groups in Latin America: The Changing Landscape Serial No. 113-121 House of Representatives Hearing, 113 Congress, Foreign Affairs Committee, Hearing before Subcommittee on Terrorism, Non-proliferation and Trade [Note from PF: See list of names on committees down below at bottom of this section for 2020/12/04] https //www govinfo gov/content/pkg/CHRG-113hhrg86587/html/CHRG-113hhrg86587 htm Updates: 2020/12/06 added, Hezbollah and Latin America; 2020/12/06 page started Gangs/Cartels-1b FARC etc
FARC o Nov. 2020 article by Insight Crime Why Former FARC Fighters are Abandoning Colombia’s Reintegration Camps o FARC Colombia natives of American interdiction and alleged less punishment in USA contrasted w/crimes see NY TImes-2016/09/11 o List of Attacks attributed to FARC - See Wikipedia article Colombia and Cocaine: Cocaine production in Colombia - see Colombia Reports for good introduction Hezbollah and Latin America - see
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