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New Mexico (BORDERS-1e)
Borders-1: a) Gen Info b) ‘22-’23 c) ‘21 d) AZ e) NM 2022 NM Will Allow Illegal Migrants To Obtain Law Licenses Daily Caller- 022/08/24 2021 New Mexico rancher says property is 'under siege,' details how illegal immigration is poisoning livestock and driving cattle away from food. The Blaze-2021/06/07 CBP arrests 22 fugitives El Paso West Texas NM ports entry. El Paso Times- 2021/03/12 2020 U.S. to temp. close border crossing in NM amid coronavirus LC Sun- 2020/04/17 2019 Sunland Park [NM] Shooting border patrol agent involved. El Paso Times- 2019/11/04 US cartels using migrants distract drug smuggling at border. Wash. Exam- 2019/07/23 First-ever private border wall built in NM. Close gap border. Wash Times- 2019/05/27 Cartels Reopen Old Migrant Routes Through Arizona, NM. Insight Crime- 2019/01/23 Video: trial for man accused of kidnapping off duty border agent begins. KVIA-2019/04/15 New Mexico ranchers frustrated w/ situation along U.S.-Mexico border. KOB-2019/01/27 Nearly 200 illegal immigrants apprehended crossing border in New Mexico Area Rancher shares experience along SW NM border Border patrol closes highway checkpoints in New Mexico 2018 2017 Border patrol agent kidnapped and tortured in New Mexico o By Publication, Magazine, Journal
LINKS LIST (Borders-1d) The Blaze-2021/06/07 El Paso Times-2021/03/12 LC Sun-2020/04/17 Wash. Exam-2019/07/23 Wash Times-2019/05/27 Insight Crime-2019/01/23 KVIA-2019/04/15 KOB-2019/01/27