Drugs o Arkansas - state of actual arrest/Air Force Academy/SAUCIER, JOSEPH/Cadet 1st Class-Air Force Academy Football Team/2019-court martial-Drugs-Usage and Trafficking Cocaine/Marijuana; he was arrested in native Arkansas o Nevada/Nellis Air Force Base/REIMERS, MICHAEL/Master Sergeant/2019-trial- drug trafficking-coke,meth/guns Murder, High Crimes o Arizona and New Mexico/Luke Air Force Base/GOOCH, MARK/Airman/Sasha Krause Case/abduction from 3Farmington, New Mexico, murder-body found near Flagstaff’s Sunset Crater area; brother SAMUEL GOOCH also arrested for tampering/obstruction
Air Force (Mil Crim-1)
Sexual Crimes, Rapes o Arizona Senator/alleges former rape by Air Force leader o California-near San Francisco/Travis AFB/SOMMER, HEATH J/Clinical Psychologist-patients included those with PTSD/2018 article- 2014-2015 incidents Rape o Colorado-Colorado Springs: BURNS, TRAVIS J./ 2019-Special Operations Pilot/Rape minor o Colorado/VELARDE, ALVARO PABLO/Air Force Academy cadet/article-2020-raped female cadet o Idaho/Mountain Home AFB/BRIGGS, MICHAEL/Lt. Col/2005-rape o New Mexico-Cannon Air Force Base/3 airmen involving alleged rape/2019- Rape charges dismissed against all 3 o New Mexico-Albuquerque/Kirtland Air Force Base: LOWTHER, ADAM/Dir. of Air Force’s School for Adv. Nuclear Studies/2017-rape-minor (4 year old girl) o Texas: JACK, DYLAN ANDREW/Texas/2019-Sexual Assault of Minor Air National Guard o Nevada-Reno/supervisor/2020-alleged multiple rapes by anonymous whistleblower who feels yet others might also be impacted ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MILITARY CRIMINALITY In several cases, both rape and murder occur, but subjects broken down into Rape or Murder, with exceptions made AIR FORCE Air Force/Drugs Overall Air Force and Drugs Air Force Times 2016/05/29 The Air Force's quiet war on the Latin American drug cartels. By Stephen Losey. https //www airforcetimes com/news/your-air-force/2016/05/29/the-air-force-s-quiet-war-on-the-latin- american-drug-cartels/ Perpetrators Nevada/Nellis Air Force Base/REIMERS, MICHAEL/Master Sergeant/2019-trial-drug trafficking- coke,meth/guns Air Force Times 2019/09/27 AK-47: Feds accuse Nellis master sergeant of trafficking guns, drugs https //www airforcetimes com/news/your-air-force/2019/09/27/coke-meth-and-an-ak-47-feds-accuse- nellis-master-sergeant-of-trafficking-guns-drugs/ Arkansas area of actual arrest/Air Force Academy/SAUCIER, JOSEPH/Cadet 1st Class-Air Force Academy Football Team/2019-court martial-Drugs-Usage and Trafficking Cocaine/Marijuana; he was arrested in native Arkansas Air Force Times 2019/10/03 Court-martial for Air Force Academy running back on cocaine charges begins. By Stephen Losey https /www airforcetimes com/news/your-air-force/2019/10/03/court-martial-for-air-force-academy- running-back-on-cocaine-charges-begins/ Air Force/EHM, KYLER/football player/cocaine Gazette 2019/10/23 Another Air Force football player faces court martial over cocaine By BRENT BRIGGEMAN and TOM ROEDER https //gazette com/sports/another-air-force-football-player-faces-court-martial-over- cocaine/article_79d5418c-f4e9-11e9-be5f-9f0fb664fc4d.html Air Force/Murder, High Crimes Arizona Arizona senator alleges former rape by Air Force leader Military Times 2019/03/06 2019/03/06--https //www militarytimes com/news/pentagon-congress/2019/03/06/arizona- senator-reveals-she-was-raped-by-a-superior-officer-while-in-the-air-force/ WASHINGTON — Arizona Sen. Martha McSally, a former Air Force colonel and one of the first female combat veterans elected to Congress, revealed she was raped by a superior officer during her military career but kept the attack secret out of fear of reprisal. Arizona and New Mexico/Luke Air Force Base/GOOCH, MARK/Airman/Sasha Krause Case/abduction from Farmington, New Mexico, murder-body found near Flagstaff’s Sunset Crater area; brother SAMUEL GOOCH also arrested for tampering/obstruction Military dot com 2020/05/05 2020/05/05--https //www military com/daily-news/2020/05/05/brother-airman-facing-murder- charge-arrested-arizona html KRQE 2020/04/22 [Murder] New details released in murder of Mennonite woman. By Rebecca Atkins 2020/04/22--https //www krqe com/news/crime/new-details-released-in-murder-of-mennonite- woman Excerpt: Coconino County deputies arrested an airman, 21-year-old Mark Gooch at his home on Luke Air Force Base outside Phoenix. Arresting documents say a gun was used in the crime, they also say Gooch was charged with theft, for taking Krause’s head covering and underwear. “I can tell you we didn’t have any prior record or prior contact with him criminal wise,” said John Paxton with the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office. The arresting documents provide an address in Wisconsin and according to people on a Facebook page called “Justice for Sasha Krause,” those in the Mennonite community say Gooch’s family are members of the Nationwide Mennonite Fellowship. However, people on the page that know of his family, said he was not heavily involved in the church. Mark Gooch is expected in court in Flagstaff on Friday. Investigators not given a motive for the crime or said if Gooch knew Krause before kidnapping. 2020/04/22--https //www.krqe.com/news/crime/new-details-released-in-murder-of-mennonite- woman Air Force/Sexual Crimes, Rapes California California-near San Francisco/Travis AFB/SOMMER, HEATH J/2018 article- 2014-2015 incidents Rape AJC 2018/05/18 California military base psychologist accused of rape 2018/05/18--https //www ajc com/news/national/california-military-base-psychologist-accused- rape/1nf6e0rKmhzLr4xtQI8VgP/ Excerpt: A clinical psychologist who treated military veterans with post-traumatic stress has been charged with raping female service members who were in therapy as victims of sex assaults, officials said Tuesday.Heath J. Sommer was ordered Monday to stand trial on three felony sexual assault charges after authorities said he targeted female service members in 2014 and 2015 while working at Travis Air Force Base's David Grant Medical Center, about 50 miles (85 kilometers) northeast of San Francisco. Colorado Colorado-Colorado Springs: BURNS, TRAVIS J./ 2019-Special Operations Pilot/Rape minor Military dot com 2019/05/19 2019/05/19--https //www military com/daily-news/2019/05/19/special-operations-pilot-faces- charges-raping-child-under-12-years-old html Colorado/VELARDE, ALVARO PABLO/Air Force Academy cadet/article-2020-raped female cadet Former Air Force Academy cadet sentenced to 5 years in prison for rape Alvaro Pablo Velarde, of Peru, convicted of aggravated sexual assault and abusive sexual contact 2020/03/11--https://www.denverpost.com/2020/03/11/rape-air-force-prison-federal-court/ Air Force Academy cadet sentenced for assault of sleeping, intoxicated womanBy ELLIE MULDER ellie.mulder@gazette.com Aug 6, 2019 2019/08/06--https://gazette.com/news/air-force-academy-cadet-sentenced-for-assault-of-sleeping- intoxicated-woman/article_cae1bcdc-b893-11e9-ac27-333c4ec088d1.html Court martial acquits Air Force Academy cadet accused of rape By ELLIE MULDER ellie.mulder@gazette.com Sep 17, 2019 2019/09/17--https://gazette.com/news/court-martial-acquits-air-force-academy-cadet-accused-of- rape/article_bf3760b8-d971-11e9-ac9b-577a3411be3f.html Wikipedia Air Force Sex Assault Scandal 2003 https //en wikipedia org/wiki/2003_United_States_Air_Force_Academy_sexual_assault_scandal Twelve percent of the women who graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2003 reported that they were victims of rape or attempted rape while at the Academy. Of 659 women enrolled at the Academy at the time, 70 percent of the 579 women at the academy alleged they had been the victims of sexual harassment, of which 22 percent said they experienced "pressure for sexual favors."[3] Idaho 2019/08--https://www.eastidahonews.com/2019/08/she-recorded-her-rapists-confession-now-the-supreme- court-could-hear-it/ Conviction of man who confessed to raping woman at Mountain Home Air Force Base vacated; Supreme Court may hear case 2019/08--https://www.eastidahonews.com/2019/08/she-recorded-her-rapists-confession-now-the-supreme- court-could-hear-it/ Texas Texas: Jack, Dylan Andrew/A1C/2019-Sexual Assault of Minor (14 year old girl) Military dot com 2019/12/27 2018 'Airman of the Year' Indicted on Charges of Sexual Assault of a Minor 2019/12/27--https //www military com/daily-news/2019/12/27/2018-airman-year-indicted-charges- sexual-assault-minor html Excerpt: Airman 1st Class Dylan Andrew Jack, 24, is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl he met at a mall roughly six months ago, according to News Channel 6. The age of consent in Texas is 17. Texas/Sheppard AFB/COLLINS, RICHARD/Master Sergeant and course instructor/article 2019-2000-Raped student, at first jailed, appeals set him free laterBy Catherine Valentine, Zachary Cohen and Brianna Keilar 2019/05/14--https //www cnn com/2019/05/14/politics/harmony-allen-military-sexual- assault/index html New Mexico 2019 New Mexico Roswell Military Institute 2019/09/17-https://www.kob.com/new-mexico-news/2-new-mexico-military-institute-cadets-accused-of- raping-15-year-old/5496180/ New Mexico-Albuquerque/Kirtland Air Force Base - General Information-Rape area near base KOB 2019/07/24 ABQ street littered with porn, condoms reportedly served as 'rape site'. By Megan Abundis https: /www kob.com/albuquerque-news/abq-street-littered-with-porn-condoms-reportedly- served-as-rape-site/5434374/ Excerpt: A spot in southeast Albuquerque, just outside of Kirtland Air Force Base, has been dubbed a “rape site.” According to the organization Street Safe New Mexico, several rapes have been reported along Moon Street SE and Southern Boulevard SE.The spot is riddled with used condoms, pornography, underwear, trash. 2019/07/24--https //www kob com/albuquerque-news/abq-street-littered-with-porn-condoms- reportedly-served-as-rape-site/5434374/ New Mexico-Albuquerque/Kirkland Air Force Base: Lowther, Adam/Director of Air Force’s School for Advanced Nuclear Studies/2017-rape-minor (4 year old girl) Abq Jrnl 2017/09/02 Nuke expert at Kirtland [Kirkland] accused of raping 4-year-old girl. By Maddy Hayden https //www abqjournal com/1057674/nuclear-expert-at-kirtland-charged-with-child-rape.html Excerpt: The director of the Air Force’s School for Advanced Nuclear Deterrence Studies on Kirtland Air Force Base has been charged in the rape of a 4-year-old girl, according to a news release from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office. Adam Lowther, 41, was arrested and charged Wednesday with one count of first-degree criminal sexual penetration of a child under 13 and two counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor. He was booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center, where he remained Saturday. 2017/09/02--https //www abqjournal com/1057674/nuclear-expert-at-kirtland-charged-with-child- rape.html New Mexico-Cannon Air Force Base/2019- Rape charges dismissed against 3 airmen Air Force Times 2019/03/08 Prosecutors dismiss sexual assault charges against 3 airmen 2019/03/08--https //www airforcetimes com/news/your-air-force/2019/03/08/prosecutors-dismiss- sexual-assault-charges-against-3-airmen/ Air National Guard Nevada My News 2020/01/29 Woman says Nevada Air National Guard supervisor raped her on multiple occasion By Ben Margiott 2020/01/29--https //mynews4 com/news/local/woman-says-nevada-air-national-guard-supervisor- raped-her-guard-confirms-10-total-cases Excerpt: A woman with the Nevada Air National Guard told News 4-Fox 11 her supervisor raped her multiple times at the Reno air base and she believes there could be other victims. The woman, who requested to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, claims that he spent over a year grooming her, then sexually assaulted her 'on multiple occasions.' 2020/01/29--https //mynews4 com/news/local/woman-says-nevada-air-national-guard-supervisor- raped-her-guard-confirms-10-total-cases Updates 2020/05/21 Military Crim/Air Force separate page created; 2020/05/15 numerous additions; 2020/05/14 the sections were re-organized; several articles added to Air Force section; 2020/05/09 Krause case added; 2020/05/08 the Gangs In Military/Graffiti material was moved from Notes to here-War Zone/Military Rapes section; 2020/05/07 War Zone Military Rapes and Abuse section moved from River Gold to Police Factor; 2020/01/27 Defense-2012/04/29 and NY Times- 2019/09/10 articles added;
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