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LINKS LIST alejandro-mayorkas-cd8be459e8234021a48fa42660a8a342 ethics.html#:~:text=Artificial%20intelligence%20has%20been%20a%20point%20of%20concern,as%20good%20as% 20the%20sum%20of%20its%20inputs. 7f3d44b8abe3#:~:text=Autonomous%20flying%20machines%20or%20drones%20use%20the%20computer,in%20dr ones%20to%20make%20this%20flying%20machine%20smarter. mitigating-fraud-risk/ etc… ARTICLES AP News 2021/09/23 MEDIA ADVISORY: OCT 6-8: Cyber Cartels, Ransomware, AI, & Cryptocurrency Among Cyber Trends Explored at Billington Cybersecurity Summit alejandro-mayorkas-cd8be459e8234021a48fa42660a8a342 GT In 2020, a Reckoning for Law Enforcement and Tech Ethics From worldwide protests to policy moves from technology giants like IBM and Amazon, the past year saw police use of tools like facial recognition and body cams come under scrutiny like never before. ethics.html#:~:text=Artificial%20intelligence%20has%20been%20a%20point%20of%20concern,as%20good%20as% 20the%20sum%20of%20its%20inputs. Medium dot com How AI Based Drone Works: Artificial Intelligence Drone Use Cases 7f3d44b8abe3#:~:text=Autonomous%20flying%20machines%20or%20drones%20use%20the%20computer,in%20dr ones%20to%20make%20this%20flying%20machine%20smarter. From security surveillance to aerial view monitoring, AI drone is now used by online retail giant Amazon to deliver the products at customer’s doorstep revolutionizing the transportation and delivery system by logistics and supply chain companies. Quantaverse dot net The Role of Advanced Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Mitigating Fraud Risk mitigating-fraud-risk/ Excerpt from a business: While organizations can’t stop all fraud, it’s essential that their internal audit and anti- fraud teams proactively protect against these destructive acts by, among other things, conducting on-going audits of company data from core accounting systems and other financial systems. However, as criminals become more advanced and adjust their techniques, identifying fraud can become increasingly difficult. Technology can help tremendously, but legacy data surveillance solutions are unable deliver the insights needed to effectively uncover suspicious activities and, ultimately, identify new types of fraudulent activity. Advancements in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) provide organizations with the ability to efficiently address multiple and complex fraud cases. When it comes to uncovering fraud, AI is particularly useful in identifying complex patterns and anomalies hidden in the data. By employing a set of AI agents to query a firm’s core accounting/finance system, travel and expense reporting system, trade finance data, third-party vendor lists, and internal e-mail systems, AI and machine learning solutions can detect and report activities that are anomalous to typical patterns indicating the possibility of fraudulent activity whether occurring internally or externally. Today’s advanced data analytics and techniques, such as Benford Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), graph search algorithms and predictive analytics, can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of fraud detection programs. Corporations of all sizes and types should ensure that they have strong internal audit and anti-fraud programs in place to protect their organization from financial, legal and reputational risks associated with fraudulent activity. Through the utilization of advanced data analytics and AI, organizations can improve the way they protect themselves from would-be criminals and how they conduct business. Shearman 2018-antitrust-report/artificial-intelligence-and-algorithms-in-cartel-cases cartel-cases ROBOTICS AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Summary of Links in this section NSA Insections/biological weapons We might be better off to wait to send in robotic spies until we have partial human, partial robot units or transhumans with additional capacities and assisted brain power….There will someday be a crossing point I suppose where there are enough human beings with non-natural parts that it might be difficult to tell which are totally human, which are partly human and which are cyborgs or a combination of species created thru biological DNA, RNA manipulations. Lance Winslow, Spy Robots of the Future (2002) Youtube: NSA Insects & Biological Weapons OS Fact Based Theory A fact based theory on the use of robotic, cyborg, or lab raised insects to effect illnesses on Targeted Individuals using non-lethal biological weapons. Also touches on Micro UAV's used in Organized Stalkings, easily used to deploy smaller units, i.e. mechanical insects and such, and also touches on the theory of Microwave weapon capable Micro UAVs. When you look at what is already in existence (technology), and what is openly planned in either military or private sectors, and other facts concerning Organized Stalking and Targeted Individuals, this is not such a far out theory. BBC: The greatest myths about cyborgs Engadget: Brain implants control robot arm well enough to grab a beer (2015) Geeldon: Implantable Microchips Excerpt: The technology is rooted in surveillance devices, such as audio and video bugs, through-the-wall and remote sensing devices, and biosensors both remote and implanted. This provides the feedback for the influencing, as well as any “entertainment” value for voyeur/sadists and intellectual property theft for thieves. Coupled with the surveillance is some sort of “effectors” or feedback path for influencing an individual. Excerpt: Some people also experience electronic harassment. This is extremely distressing, painful and invasive, and feels like one’s mind and body is undergoing constant rape, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The technology used to do this is unknown, but hundreds of victims report the same physical sensations and experiences. Many take their lives in an attempt to escape the horror. It is so distressing that only fellow targets can really understand what another target is experiencing. In either case, the attacks are so well orchestrated that only the victim is aware of them. This is intentional, and it appears that these groups have perfected these techniques over many years. Mistakes are rarely made, and clearly the perpetrators are successful at what they do, since new targets are completely bewildered as to what is happening to them, having never heard a peep out of the media about such occurrences (except in relation to mental illness). Their actions are based on many of the same tactics as those employed in ritual abuse, and are designed to weaken the target’s mind and perpetrators are becoming increasingly addicted to this game of predator/prey, always needing more targets to satisfy their unending thirst for a thrill. Wikipedia: Excerpt: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines. In computer science, an ideal "intelligent" machine is a flexible rational agent that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at an arbitrary goal.[1] Colloquially, the term "artificial intelligence" is likely to be applied when a machine uses cutting-edge techniques to competently perform or mimic "cognitive" functions that we intuitively associate with human minds, such as "learning" and "problem solving".[2] The colloquial connotation, especially among the public, associates artificial intelligence with machines that are "cutting-edge" (or even "mysterious"). This subjective borderline around what constitutes "artificial intelligence" tends to shrink over time; for example, optical character recognition is no longer perceived as an exemplar of "artificial intelligence" as it is nowadays a mundane routine technology.[3] Modern examples of AI include computers that can beat professional players at Chess and Go, and self- driving cars that navigate crowded city streets. World Think: Spy Robots of the Future, Lance Winslow (2002) Excerpt: The CIA robotic spies will look like you and I, talk, walk, eat, act and even make mistakes like us. But these will not be living, breathing organic humans. The Labs around the country are working on them now, by 2025 they will be everywhere. It is time to a have a serious discussion on artificial intelligence and the future of clandestine spies using artificial intelligence robotics. Isaac Asimov had artificial organic robots in his books. We all saw the movie AI. Will we be fooled in the future by robots posing as people? Will we care? This might be a great opportunity for spying? Create a robot which looks and acts like a person and is controlled thru tele-robotics or constantly monitored thru sensors watching the target by TV Screen and putting in controls and feeding in topics of conversation? Realizing that this technology will be available in our lifetimes, should we be thinking ahead of how best to use this technology for CIA Clandestine efforts. Today we have technologies such as putting a cell phone in someone‟s false teeth. They can then meet with a source and be fed instructions as to what to say and ask. Today we have built Haptic enabled „robotic faces‟ to mimic the person it interfaces with, based on a known human trait of personality called mirroring. Mirroring is often used in the spy industry, police investigations, good guy bad guy routines, dating, sales, negotiation and politics. Whether we realize it or not, we all mirror people we are talking with, it is extremely hard not to do this simply by habit. Science: How Stuff Works CS. UMN Inquisitr: Artificial Intelligence - China SRI: Research Development - Artificial Intelligence Excerpt: Smart machines—those that can learn and make decisions autonomously—have become a reality. Artificial intelligence researchers in SRI's world-renowned Artificial Intelligence Center develop computer-based systems that exhibit intelligent behavior in complex situations. SRI's applied solutions solve problems, communicate with people in new ways, and interact with the physical world. For commercial, industrial, and military clients, core artificial intelligence programs include: Cognitive assistants that reason, learn, and accept guidance to provide effective and personalized support to humans; Virtual Personal Assistants; Applications in support of intelligence analysis; Computer vision, image processing, and graphics; Visual intelligence for unmanned military systems; Robots; Bioinformatics tools and databases; Ontology development; Task management and learning; Natural language technology and applications Robotics/Artificial Intelligence section updated 01/08/2017 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMENTS Kate Brown - Note from PF: it looks like Brown is one of a series of corrupt far left governors in on the BLM gig She has had a link to Spain where she was born and Minnesota, as well as Colorado LINKS LIST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION OFIR Welcome to Oregonians for Immigration Reform - OFIR! Oregonians for Immigration Reform works to stop illegal immigration as well as reduce legal immigration to a more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable level here in Oregon and across the United States. Does OFIR view immigration as an attack on American sovereignty? Not at all! Immigration built the foundation and wove the fabric of our sovereign nation. Yet OFIR is concerned about the utter disregard for existing United States immigration laws, illegal trafficking of people and drugs across the US border, and the environmental, economic, and societal consequences of mass immigration into the United States. A sovereign American nation has both the right and the responsibility to limit immigration and control its borders. ARTICLES On Impeaching Brown Impeachment signatures: OPB dot org 2019/08/27 2 Groups Want To Recall Gov. Kate Brown. Why Can’t They Get Along? By Dirk VanderHart Excerpt: He laid out a list of grievances that included Brown signing a new law providing undocumented immigrants with driver's licenses, her "failed" efforts to address Oregon's pension woes and a high-profile push by Democrats to address climate change by charging large polluters for their greenhouse gas emissions. The climate change proposal failed this year, and Brown has threatened to create the policy via executive order, if lawmakers won't act. “That is not the Oregon way,” Currier wrote. OPB dot org by Aaron Mesh 2018/07/31 Complaint Alleges Gov. Kate Brown's Ballot Deal Was Illegal. By Dirk VanderHart https //www opb org/news/article/complaint-kate-browns-ballot-illegal/ "For the last several years, and escalating in recent months, President Trump has encouraged division and stoked violence," Gov. Kate Brown said in a statement today. "It happened in Charlottesville. It happened in Kenosha. And now, unfortunately, it is happening in Portland, Oregon." OPB dot org 2020/05/29 Oregon Republicans Will Once Again Try To Recall Gov. Kate Brown. By Dirk VanderHart https //www opb org/news/article/oregon-republicans-try-to-recall-oregon-governor-kate-brown/ Misc. Chem Trails (Not linked necessarily to AI, just put here until such time a better spot is available) -- Chemtrails see also Personal Notes 04/07/2016 see also Personal Notes 06/11/2016 Wikispooks Chemtrails section updated 01/07/2017 Updates: 2021/12/11 Misc. Chemtrails was put here temporarily; Another artificial intelligence section that had been started much earlier and that was in the Psyops Conspiracy section was moved here and needs to be incorporated into the rest of the page;;l 2021/09/30 PAGE STARTED--Kate Brown of Oregon
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