How to navigate this website (ABOUT)
Currently, there are several ways to find topics on this website: 1. MENU BARS seen at the top of every page. As of 2/4/2023 these are: Home, For USA, Police Borders, Topics, Taps, About. Things can change over time, and this page might not always be updated right away to reflect that, but the general concepts remain the same. The Topics section on the menu bar has a lot of stuff packed into it. It can be incomplete. An alternative place to look is on a page with menus (See Menus-TOpics below). These are found under About as of 2/4/2023. 2. MENU TOPICS - pages with lists. Index formats: Names, Groups, Alpha. As of 2/4/2023, these need editing and updates, but some basic stuff is still applicable there. 3. SECTION MENUS, often seen in light blue-grayish box on left. More and more pages are getting these. As of 2/4/2023 updates and editing are in effect to make things uniform and to create groupings on otherwise stray topics, like “Case Studies”, “Sociocultural” and such. Topics often cross category lines, like legislation applicable to borders can also apply to cartels or drugs. Headings on each page include the Topic first then the Section in parenthesis and smaller, with dates hi-lited in yellow. Editing and updates are occurring on this as of 2/4/2023. Updates: 2023/02/04; earlier ones not listed.
Resources and Input Policing, Borders, Drugs, Cartels and System Corruption
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