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RESOURCES FROM AMERICANS FIRST PAGE Start Here #1 - It’s About Power brief youtube video on Illegal Immigration, with Tucker Carlson [Not a promotion for Fox News or Carlson himself. Both are often dismissed by Biden supporting Democrats as far right and not accurate in their news presentation material - to the point these objectionists won't even listen to what is indicated. However, the video clearly shows how Democrats themselves have shifted gears on illegal immigration - like Democrat Hispanics who even crossed the border into Mexico to violently attack Latin American immigrants who were trying to work in the United States to work, because of competition and by working for less than the union-driven higher wages; data should be double-checked for accuracy.) Tucker's question is what changed? Why do the very same Democrats who said one thing in those years support immigrants today? https // ( #2 Takeovers of small US towns by Cartels Post Millenial and Daily Caller 2021/11/04 Mexican drug cartels' operations in southern California exposed...[ Daily Caller field reporter] Jorge Ventura's new documentary "Cartelville, USA,"... "I really wanted to shine a light on what was happening in my hometown," Ventura told The Post Millennial. "I felt that Americans living in these towns needed a voice on this story."Jorge Ventura [shows in this] investigative documentary on Mexican drug cartels in Southern California that [they] are starting up illegal marijuana operations, taking over small towns, stealing water from local communities in the targeted areas, and threatening working-class Americans. By Mia Cathell https // The Common Sense Show [often referred to as "Far Right Conspiracy Site"] https // lateExcerpt: received the following email from a citizen of Demming [sic-correct spelling is Deming]: Dear Dave, I don't know where to turn, our small town of about 15,000 people is being overrun. These people are not just immigrants looking for work. I have seen MS-13 and you can tell who they are by their special tatoos. Our governor is forcing our people to take on these people. One police officer told me that we are getting 300 immigrants per day. Soon the immigrants will outnumber the Americans who live here. I am afraid to let the kids play outside. I don't know who these people are and what they might do. What can we do? Thanks… #3 Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher on Serious problems in US Military and from Chinese domination/submission threats US Woke Military Problem Discussed by Congressman and Marine Combat Veteran During a Hillsdale Collegecollege lecture: Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin (Republican) 2022/02/14 Woke Warriors: How DEI Risks Destroying DoD Rep. Mike Gallagher outlining concerns over identity politics infecting the military and the consequences it has on U.S. national security. He also discussed how the Department of Defense's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) bureaucracy has been built on bad social science and fringe history, which is being exploited by our adversaries. https //www On La Raza or Unidos 2018 Christians For Truth 2018/07/01 La Raza Changes Name but Still a Racial Advocacy Group. By CFT Team https // Excerpt: Of course they changed the name because it was politically incorrect–a racist group demanding an end to discrimination was simply an absurd platform to constantly defend. The most disturbing part of this article is the admission that many members of La Raza “marry out”, meaning they enter into race mixed marriages with Whites resulting in millions of mixed race children who will turn America into Mexico just as La Raza always demanded. 2014 DANGER: AZTLAN IN TEXAS AND THE U. S. By Donna Garner https // 2011 American Thinker 2011/03 Stop government funding of La Raza. Ralph Ater https // 2006 Human Events dot com 2006/04/07 The Truth about La Raza. By C Norwood (dated but applicable today) https //humanevents com/2006/04/07/emexclusive-emthe-truth-about-la-raza/ 2006? No date, but close to the C Norwood era https // Note: it is the opinion of this website that these groups might be using witchcraft, dabbling in the occult, using bioenergy to influence, psychic/psychotronic attacks, group hypnosis, kind of an energy drain thing; maybe some of it stems from old historic Spanish bullring cults in certain parts of Spain although this is purely an intuitively derived suspicion, they might have a ritualized way of circling their targeted victim before finally killing him or her, there might be secret courts, people could be suicided or disappeared. It’s the opinion here the concerns are not hype about a planned takeover by these groups. Illegal Immigration The New American 2015/10/21 Sen. Sessions, Rep. Brat Warn Colleagues to Curb Immigration. https// FAIR US 2020 March Illegal Aliens Taking U.S. Jobs https // Terrorists crossing Border CIS dot org 2018/08/13 Terrorist Infiltration Threat at the Southwest Border https // Mexican Consulates Promoting Illegal Immigration into US City Journal 2005-Autumn Mexico’s Undiplomatic Diplomats: It’s time for Mexican consulates to stop aiding and abetting illegal immigration. [Also listed under Mexico’s Tricks below] https //www city-journal org/html/mexico%E2%80%99s-undiplomatic-diplomats-12891 html Ukraine vis a vis US Border Problem - Two Republicans Stance The Federalist Papers from Western Journal 2022/03/02 GOP Congressmen Introduce Bill to Ban Aid to Ukraine Until US Border with Mexico Is Secured. Isa Cox, The Western Journal https // https // Chinese Cartels Fox News 2020/11/12 Chinese 'cartels' quietly operating in Mexico, aiding US drug crisis. The next US administration will have to counter the growing operation, which is claiming a growing number of American lives annually https // Immigrants hooking up with or marrying American citizens NBC Washington dot com 2018/02/13 Americans Say Immigrants Duped Them Into Marriage, Then Claimed Abuse to Stay in US https // stay-in-us/149456/PM Cartel Expansion KVOA dot com on Jalisco Cartel in Arizona 2020/08/05 Digging Deeper: New cartel expanding power beyond Mexico. By Paul Birmingham https // Cartel Barbarism BELOW: GRAPHIC, VERY, VERY GRAPHIC. Breitbart has a good number of such articles. This is what the USA do not want let loose in our country. It is vital to maintain border protection and to remove illegal aliens from the country. Breitbart 2016/01/12 9 Reasons to fear Mexican cartels more than ISIS https // than-isis/ [this is very graphic with a series of severed legs of various different persons lined up in a row etc] 2020/01/19 Graphic: Los Zetas leave severed head outside of border state prison https // 2020/12/14 Graphic: exclusive photos Mexican cartel severs hands of three thieves https // 2021/01/24 GRAPHIC: Cartel Gunmen Torch 19 Bodies in Mexico near Texas Border [2021] httpsn// A fierce shootout between rival cartels in Northern Mexico is linked to the discovery of 19 torched bodies a short distance from the border with Texas. The discovery took place on Saturday afternoon when authorities responded to reports of a shootout along rural roads near the town of Santa Anita, near the border city of Camargo, Tamaulipas. When authorities responded they found multiple torched vehicles with human remains inside, information released by the Tamaulipas government revealed. Authorities found three rifles at the crime scene located near the bodies. 2016/01/11 Graphic warning: the most brutal murders linked to El Chapos Sinaloa cartel https // cartel/ Marxism The Marxism Connection to Border Violation and Immigrant Intrusions into USA Marxism & Latin America. By Jeffery R. Webber https//
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