Notes 2019 and 2021 1979 AA Flight 191 Crash
2019 April 6, 2019 notes on American Airlines Flight 191 crash from earlier River Gold dot net notes 09/06/2018Looked in on this today and still getting goosebumps in the process.09/03/2018Have removed typological error section found in the earliest notes on this.06/24-25-26-27, 29-30; 07/01/2018 see added notes in yellow Chicago O’Hare Airport’s American Airlines 191 crash; . Some personal notes summarized and clarified 06/27/2018:07/02/2018 The 07/01/2018The things that have been coming up, with increased flow-clarity as the geode crust was dissolved, are: a sense of airline uniforms on plane higher up and crew personnel; a sense of equipment and gauges; some of the personalities, two to three like the captain and one stewardess seem to come in most clearly; a vague sense of something not right about what I currently think might have been the engineer on board during the crash. A weak sense of an older woman who might have been one of the literary group members going to LA for a conference or some such thing. A weak sense of another stew```````ardess who might have been blondish, but whereas I seemed to be picking that up a few days ago, it has not held as an ongoing impression, whereas the one around the captain and the darker haired stewardess seems to have not only held, but gotten more distinctive. The sense now in terms of timing it is OK to start doing more reading on the issue now, including to go back and read more carefully what I had already read in a few news articles to tighten up the details, names, et, timing of departure, etc. Something that did come up last night was a reminder of the heavy and unusual snows Chicago had had earlier that year,k ,as if in some way this is a factor.The other thing that came up was background scripts; I can go away from this case, but even a brief shift in my mind back to it will show it is still there with me on an energy level like a background script or program on a computer. This seems to mean there is an “inness” or that a deeper connection has been made.06/30/2018The old crash site is like a zone; entering it is like hitting a live wire. Making contact with the energy of the space is an encounter; the inhabitants react and can start coming into your field, into your world; things can start happening and shifting. When I say spiritual healing or intervention is needed, understand I don’t mean biblical; although I believe various organized religious groups can and do access true spiritual vibrations, some of it gets lost in the ego, the space of the mind and the wannabes. When I call on spiritual intervention, I mean a living expanse of energies that are reflective of the idea there is something more to existence than the physical, but I want to keep things open and breathing, with open-ended questions. I am not demanding formula or voodoo. Spiritual intervention does not mean we come at things as if we are on some higher plane bringing in the light or the answers, but it’s more like teamwork involving multifaceted approaches - even trial and error. It is the sort of thing we would want done for us if we were in a similar stuck situation. I do think souls can get stuck in something which manifests as a haunted area; whether it is a time and space loop or something else, it can seem in our narrow perspective that whatever it is blocks evolution and moving on. Whether it comes from heat, pressure, interdimensional jagging or overlap, blocked emotions like fear, pain, hatred, non-forgiveness, secrets, guilt…something seems to keep people from moving on in these haunted spaces. I feel it could happen to any of us and none of us is ultimately immune from such things. What it takes is receptivity, keeping an open mind, humility, admitting one’s own limitations but also being willing to stretch our gifts and abilities perhaps beyond their limits, finding the core of what is drawing us to these things, finding the core or center of the situation, what is the core expressing, what is it we cannot hear, or do not want to hear in that core? My feeling is in this case one of the victims was also a type of perpetrator of the crash and that this is part of the core of the haunting with its unfinished business. This is one of the places we need to go for making shifts in the energy field and the beings themselves. I don’t feel he is the only ghost but a primary aspect. I lean toward the engineer but know that at this point, June 30th, I only read about an engineer on board with the crew once - have not delved into it further - and am not 100 percent sure I read it right. But at this point, that is who I am thinking is a primary player on all levels of the crash, both before and after during its unsettled, haunted stage. There have been more than one ghostly light seen on the crash site field, and I do think there are more than one spirit. Perhaps it has to do with the quickness of the crash, the suddenness - not enough time for people to process their own deaths - I don’t know if there is an interdimensional rift or overlap from the explosion, but let us consider the possibility. I do think some healing and spiritual energy has intervened since I started looking into this issue, both because I looked into it and started shifting things around, but also because I have had helpers both independently and within my energy field adding to my potential and power/knowledgeanddoingsoethingsontheirown. I don’t think it is a monologue with these people; as things start flowing again, I feel there is increased dialogue. Also the original sense of a patina or shell built up over time (the rough outer side of the geode) seems to be lessening - partly because of helpers - the distance in time seems less disstance - more current, the people more here, now - less like looking down a telescope into the past - things seem less aged or brittle - I can almost here the captain think or speak, sense his way of analysis - I suspect one of the stewardesses might have been married or in a relationship with someone still alive connected to the airline industry. I think at least one other person has indeed stepped in to help - perhaps someone I made contact with or someone he in turn contacted.I think the 1970s were an important time period in terms of what has followed since into the more current time; by looking back we can sense the before and after.6-29-2018To be clear, as was written in earlier notes on this subject, I had the feeling that because of the terror, pain and overall horror of this incident, including the unnecessary loss of human beings with feelings and a life to live, in our best morality and common sense, we would ground most planes and other aircraft, leaving just a few for specific tasks and under the control of a tight ship of aviation professionalism. I don’t think we are addressing the realities of the dangers of of public air transportation, and have not been for many years. We keep hearing “flying is safer than driving” - that statistically, there are less plane crashes than automobile ones. I think this glosses over the fact each incident of pain and terror is one accident too much. Each crash is an independent incident and deserves individualized respect. There is no such thing as “just another crash.”The other thing I want to talk about today are helpers. There have been helpers on this 1979 AA 191 crash issue in terms of psychical and spiritual energy help. So I have been made more than I normally am, and was taken to broader depths. What I have learned from this is that you can have an energy connection long distance, and that there is a strong enough blend of energies that the other person becomes part of the psychic work on the crash site even if he is not consciously meaning to participate; something about his energy in my space with me helped add spiritual energy and the retrieval of psychic information on this crash site. I think it relates to his past wartime experiences with things like bombings, explosions and fires. I don’t think he consciously intended to help, and probably would prefer to avoid the subject, maybe his oversoul was here - new information and help came in between the two of us - almost like birthing a baby together. Also maybe his own age and feelings of possible death were part of this. I think perhaps some of the Marines have been involved in surreptious activities or covert operations which were not according to the old, traditional and true blue United States. Some of our Marines got off track and now have secrets they don’t want to talk about with the rest of Americans and it is as if they don’t really connect with the mainstream America as most of us know it. So that came up for me around this help in energy-space from an a person. If he participated in covert acts in this way, this is his opportunity to help and to come back to the fold - or even to come to the fold maybe in a way he never really was before. I think he is someone with deeper levels of soulful information which has helped in this crash issue, in other words. In addition, I feel other helpers in one way or another have been on board with us.I also realized there are people still living who knew and had relationships with the crash victims. Their feelings are important and addressing that brings in more awareness and sensitivity to the overall situation both past and present.The other thing that has come up around this is I will return the older material originally started on this because I feel it from the energy around this space to do so. The biggest issue was typos with letters getting off sync. I will this up later today. Something that was said relates to something of essence between victims, theliving and the crash; it can be information or the quality of energy connection made while being in a certain space while writing about it. I sometimes channel or go into another space when I write about high spiritual content iincidents. I am feeling I am making a mediumship like connection with this crash incident.6-28-2018These are my psychic impressions:-workers in hangar possibly leaving for a lunch break (or other break) and not coming back, leaving things on the plane area of the wing where they were working-a car left parked at the airport by someone who was in the crash; feels like captain or admin crew; meant to be temporary, short park - to come back that night or next day; something in car important - papers, id etc, maybe mostly near front seat/dash-the sense we need to investigate the crew-related engineer on board-the sense we need to investigate news article writer Krishnamurphy wo wrote on crash years later-the sense there are still unknowns associated with the crew related crash victims-the sense there are still secrets and tight-lippedness among the living--something ominously off-hauntings might be related to: engineer, blondish female flight attendant (stewardess); children in my tentative opinion-spirits might be in a time/space loop; unresolved issues; secrets;high heat/energy/chemical aspect of explosion might have created interdimensional corridor-if I see photos of crew and others on plane I might tune in better to some of this, including who is likely haunting the site area-general sense of modern civilization waste and excess in aviation fuel consumption and needless waste of human life - large amount of unused kerosene type of aviation fuel created a huge explosion and burn in this crash; multiply fuel usage times numbers of planes flying daily both nationally and globally times numbers of decades since 1979 or even since the beginning of aviation history.added 06/26/2018 morning: Had inadvertently indicated 06/26 rather than 06/25 on yesterday’s added notes. Also had failed to provide full current right name of this website to someone I wrote to in past few days. I sense these errors are related to being in “the zone” of the psychic connection with the 1979 American Airlines Flight 191 crash with no survivors. TThe key words/phrases or concepts related today, plus some additions now are and were:- captain of AA 191 might be one of the spirits haunting crash site - he feels like a smart and powerful man who would try to get information out or help with an investigation but there is a sense of guilt or being part of the problem, too-a female stewardess who might have had blondish hair, natural or colored- this might be someone’s wife or the other one might be; the sheer terror and rage, a certain k nowing and guilt, emotionality contributing to ghostly ambience and unfinished business-might be behind some poltergeist type of activities in terms of getting word out and expressing thru physical the terrorsome anger toward public and knowledge of problems with airlines before and after crash around this person; a fighter but the maybe scattered-some children on the flight might be ghosts-the sense of the haunted site being lost in time and space with a crust developing around it or stagnation entering it the further away in time we get from it; seeing reaching the people involved who might be stuck as needing to be reached or gotten through to. Sensing the life force byond the barrier like a geode with a crystaline center needing to reach the light. Tuckness can have repetivity to it, like an old tape keeps getting replayed. This might lead us to assume the event is etched in memory like sound recorded on a CD or other device, even something in the grounds, walls, buildings nearby or atmosphere - but I think actual souls are involved. We need to work both with the souls and the energy field(s) around them. -people connected to the AA 191 crash and who are still alive are a blessing whether they were positive, negative or partially negative agents in the situation because more can get done than if everyone was already passed over from the physical.-someone living in 1979 not directly connected to the crash but to show up later - like me - might have more bearing on the situation than can be figured by traditional means. People and events can be making contact with one another in the 1970s withoug direct conscious awareness of it until many years later. The body of the person might be like a satellite in space closest to a broken down spaceship with human inhabitants; SOS and help relay to the closest best thing for the situation. What can be happening is something about my presence and its ways might have been like a satellite in 1979 with communication and energy connections started between the crash and its victims back then - with ongoing reciprocity at this very moment. In that case the closest best help is someone currently alive who can act as a conduit to an earlier time. I was miles away from Chicago - probably in Farmington, New Mexico still in high school. I don’t know this is happening; it is coming up as a possibility. Perhaps people like me have an energy configuration which can help in cases like this. There might be other satellites around with equal or better tendencies - I think it has something to do with the way I do energy from my body as a psychci healer. It can send energy into spaces like this to help. I feel I am getting part of the puzzle, but not all of it. Teamwork important. Musicians/artists might be able to help create flow in the stuck energy fields.-I sensed a crash passenger’s car sitting parked at the airport. The energy around this car is the owner intended to come back soon. I feel the owner is male and might be the captain or someone in the leadership crew of the plane. I feel there is something important in the car near the dashboard. I would check to see when the captain or someone in the flight crew planned to be back. Was the flight to what I now think was intended for Los Angeles to be something that would have a relatively immediate return trip on another plane? Would the captain or someone else be flying another plane back that night or the next day? I am also feeling someone might have had children at a babysitter’s for an intended temporary period to cover a short departure and return. This is weak. Back to car, maybe part of papers is a a military clearance document or id card, but again this is weak.-TSA official still alive might be an issue hee.-The sense of a clock in the repair/maint plane hangar might be a bleed-thru from a clock I have seen yesterday and today in a public facility, but I think at least one heler might have been trying to get me to identify the time of the repair.-high heat, including chemically related explosions, might alter the time/space continuum, creating splits, distortions, etc. Perhaps people in the crash are scattered across different dimensions. -Perhaps there is an old Native American burial or related site in the area. perhaps the two are blending together - the crash and old history - in some way.-the sense of waste and excess in petro usage in general and during an energy shortage. The sense maybe planes need to be grounded for the most part and only used in small numbers for special cases. Multiply the large amount of petro on that one plane across large numbers of aircraft used over several decades and the depletion of oil and gas reserves on the planet overall, and the large numbers of people who struggle to keep their comparatively smaller cars fueled or who have no car at all. The sense of grave risk actually associated with aircraft - in malfunctioned machines, these flying craft are deathtraps or, at best, wounding machines.-for some reason, I have psychically heard the word “VIACOM” but it might be out of context: what era? -someone living might be angry over how I express feelings about some of the victims - understand it’s not my job to make judgments but I am expressing what comes up for me - right or wrong - in a similar situation, I could have my own guilt, weaknesses, issues - not to say anyone was guilty or should be judged after they experienced such a dire disaster - the real goal here is to get to the bottom of something that is still unknown about the crash - I feel there is yet something here that has remained untapped - the answers might be with the dead of the crash although there seem to be some others who do in fact know somsething and are unwilling to discuss it - we are not talking about a whole lot of people here.I am about to let this subject go and move on, as I told someone recently I tend to do with ghostly cases. I started preliminarily sensing signs of a something up with this crash case and received confirmation when I came across the Prairie Ghosts website; things started clicking and coming into focus then. I want to add some clarifications today. First, by saying I was trying to stay fresh with the AA 191 material, I need to make clear that I had already read 2-3 news articles and watched some video clips in one of those news stories; I had scanned Wikipedia little bit. So I was not entirely fresh by the time I started writing about works in the hangar possibly leaving for lunch midstream of a repair to the engine and wing area and not returning. HOwever, what I was meaning was that I had not delved into the more specific details of the investigation into the crash itself. The missing pieces for me are where the plane was during its repairs and maintenance before it was taken to the landidocking bay for passenger ar loading. The other point is timing; if passengers loaded in the morning - I have to go back and clarify when the plane left that day - then my suggestion that people left for lunch during repairs might mean work had transpired the previous day during that day’s lunch hour. On the other hand, aviation workers might work around the clock, and a lunch break can occur at anytime - even at midnight. However, I will tell you that what I seemed to be picking up was more of adaytime activity - it’s just a general sense. WHen I went back into look at this scenario pschically, it was as if someone was directing me to a round clock on the wall - one of those old style lack rimmed ones with a white face, as if trying to get me to focus on the time of day. I see the cloc well enough - although it might be a symbolic representation of a clock in the room and not the actual shape of it - but I don’t see the time. No, the sense of time of day is more of a general immediate sense in my body’s knowing of such hings, I think, it’s hard o explain, and of course, I could be completely off about all of this scenario. By I add it here to add to the compendium of detail on the subject.I have reached out to Chicago ghost people - psychics, mediusm, and investigators - to work with me as a team on this as I am one who misses details and cannot be relied on to provide an accurate reading - but I can remind you that I do indeed have feedback loops and validations in my own life in certain ways - so let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water - in addition, I seem to receive the attention of “helpers” who seem to help with my clairvoyance by stepping in and looking in on bothmyself and the situation at hand; I see it as a group project and don’t claim that what I am getting is mine alone. When I seem to start losing my humility, I remind myself of the possible helpers, and also of the spiritual aspect that might be coordinating this effort. As I look in on the AA 191 crash further, I continue to have the sense that spiritual intervention is called for. However, there are some places in which ghostly sites might block such intervention. As I understand it at this point, part of this blockage comes from some kind of solidfication of time itself, sort of a like an aging crust or hardening, or encappsulation. As if in this case we try to go back to 1979 as a layer in an energy field, and things are literally stuck in time, including the souls caught in this space with it. Perhaps people who are more inclined toward music migor the arts might have a more flexible predisposition o get into the grooves on this, to lend fludit to the stuck places. It’s a spontaneous thought here, just came up as a possibility. I think I am indeed bringing “fresh energy” into the situation, I am adding my two bits to the healing project, in other words, but I sense where things are being left intact without much movement. I am getting at part of it, but there is wmore work to be done. Diversity in team work can bring in yet others who might have that fluidity to help open up the life soul in the geode, releasing the crystal to the light.I have my own stuck spaces in my psyche which might not be as flexible as it could be in the right ways for this project, but others might be more intact or developed in these areas where I am not.Beyond this, I began to sense a female in terror last night who might be one of the ghapparations seen around the crash site. I sense she might be yet another female flight attendant (stewardess) - soemone with more emotion than the first one I seemed to have encountered yesterday or in the past few days. this one has a different personality, more volatile, expressive, I feel her terror at the time of the crash and explosion but also her anger at the airlines and even the public who boards planes. She might have a vindictive streak and a los a demand for getting information out about what happened and who was involved. If she had lived, she would have sued the airlines and fought back and so might be doing this in a certain way from behind the veil. I cannot possibly insist that what I am getting here is real or accurate, but I am simply writing down what I pick up, or what is coming to me. I almost sense her as blonde, or having colored her hair blondish. Maybe a little thicker or heavier than the first female attendant I picked up, who seemed to be thinner, darker haired and maybe more athletic - maybe even with some martial arts or self-defense training. The other female attendant does not feel like she hung around that much after death; she was more calculating and aware, more in control of her emotions, seemed to take a gritty response to the crash, not surprised over it that much.. Behind some of these people is anger over the public, as if that anger is part of what got them into this mess of the crash in the first place. this is a factor I am not sure is brought up in the investiations, but I will look for it. This anger might have encouraged certain people connected to the airlines in the know to keep their mouth shut about repair and maintenance problems; it can also have to do with airline salaries vis a vis the public attitudes and demands from carriers adn attendants -- this is an ongoing issue and is one I read about online later over other issues -- however, this has come up in aa 1979 context so is not just what I have read before. That anger and non-forgiveness of the public from certain airline personnel shoudl be considered in trying to open up the geode here. Also what has come up for me is the idea or feeling that people I might be talking about are known by people who are still alive today, people who could be reading this and comparing what they know to what I am saying. That came up for me yesterday or in the past two days since writing to Prairie Ghosts website. This would be a way to try to identify whether I am a fraud. Others have tried to enter this psychic space around the situation. The few remaining living people close to the crash might still have secrets or things they don’t want to get out. The news writer with Krishna in her name who wrote on this crash years later should probably be checked out. What is going on forme on that woman is I tune into her and cannot find her center very welland that bothers me. Krishna does not sound Islamic, but when I checked out her articles for this newspaper with the AA 191 article of hers in it, she had one article ona Muslim event, the rest of it mostly on education n the area. She does not seem to often write on aviation crashes, but perhaps she has a portfolio with other journals to that effect. I would check out her religious and political eaffilations and whether she is associated with any groups that would have sabotaged repairs and maintenance of AA 191 during that 1979 time period, quite frankly. I don’t know that I am picking up sabotage, but I will disclose that I went into this subject predisposed to believing the crash was related to faulty repairs and maintenance adn not terrorism; as such, I have found myself trying to break through that barrier by addressing the possibility of hidden terrorism, but perhaps it is more than that - perhaps I am being guided.The blessing is some people are still alive who knew the victims added 06/25/2018 morning:My intuition suggests:at least one person who was on board when the plane crashed is significant behind the hauntings for a reason we need to pay attention and look into in more detail-check out the crew/captain in detail, I am getting a tentative feeling about an engineer type connected to work on the plane on board - find out more about this one; also, a female flight attendant seems to have been conscious and aware about something - awake to what is going on- a smart, strong woman but maybe not particularly ethical, maybe keeping mouth shut type-tune into the apparition of a young man trying to make a call at a nearby pay phone: who would he have called and what would he have said if he had managed to be alive to get to a phone that crash day?-something is coming up for me on the topic of petro in general, petro in the nearby area,and, for whatever reason, NASA and Jimmy Carter; there were apparently nearby petro plants in the airport area and when the explosion was first seen on aerial photos, they thought it was the nearby petro plants exploding, learned later it was the plane; there is something around this issue which is snagging my psychic energy in some way, so look into it more; one thing that comes up as a possibility is were workers at airport shared with petro plants in some way? or were mechanics shared with some other function in area around that time or even on day of repairs and maintenance for that plane? I have not read the details on the plane investigation, but there might be something in my subconscious if I had read through it in my original go-through on the aviation crash site for this website - I was going over a number of different crashes and aviation issues at that time and it is possible I went briefly into more detail on this one, although I don’t consciously remember it right now; I have added a good detailed investigation report here in this section - a master’s degree thesis - but have not delved into it beyond the first introductory clause added as an excerpt here. I am trying to let the impressions come in fresh without reading the investigation reports, in other words. When I do start reading them, I might discover what I say is counter to what was discovered or reported, but I will leave my impressions as I found them. There is an overall ominous sense of something being off around this crash and that what it is is something unknown. I feel maybe someone on board the plane knew what it was, and that person might have been connected to engineer work on that plane. Note some of the passengers belonged to a literary guild and were heading to LA that day for a group function of some kind. Sometimes literary types are more psychically awake, and this could possibly be one source for the hauntings, which can be a form of attempt at communication with the living. Sometimes hauntings happen because of too abrupt of death for awareness of one’s own death;there can be a stuck energy, a block of some kind, from moving on as a spirit;as mentioned elsewhere on this website, this can be a form of post-mortem trauma; sometimes it is about unfinished budsiness; it can be about a need to get the word out about what really happened or even ongoing secrets; it can be about deep-seated pain and angsguish; it can be something in the Tao that says this is too much, something is off here, it’s been taken too far, so an unwinding or a balancing, a healing is the most moral avenue to take in this regard; maybe an object that survived in full or at least partially from the crash has an energy around it that is drawing attention for more analysis and it is snagging my psychic energy, too. I have also indicated to someone else that we need to be on alert for possible terrorist zone of influence by noting who is writing about the event even years later - watch for Islamic and/or red/green coalition types; although I sense a mechanical issue around the engine as reported, there is an energy around the whole thing that is ominous that I currently cannot quite put my finger on it it, so we need to keep our eyes and ears open for things yet unknown. Who in Chicago at the time was in the aviation mechanics pool of workers? Would some kind of authority have called the mechanic workers off of their job and why? Would the bulk of the buddies have been overseas in a war somewhere around the Middle East conflict? Chicago had a strong civil rights orientation - witness Obama and his tendencies when he was in Chicago. The anti-American tendencies are in the state, in other words. What was going on politically around those petro plants near the airport? Were any planes used for commercial (public) flights also quietly being doubled for military use in some way? Please note the large amount of fuel that was on the plane that exploded . 2021 On Victims: Some Notes Several people associated with media (journalism and books) were on the plane. THe captain was a longterm and experienced pilot. Note from PF: 2021/02/20 Some of this is from photos found in Chicago Trib-2020 below it is my feeling this is one of the persons who might still be trying to shed light on some of the fine points of the case, including what happened and whether there is something still in the ground buried beneath the crash site, these things might offer more information. I feel his mind is very technically oriented (math and science) and detailed and that he would leave no stone unturned, he’d know where to look, he would understand the facets; there is something that comes up around the ticket booth area or gate area near where the ghost was seen around the payphone that gate or ticket area - not necessarily the phone booth closest to that area - has an energy around it. It is possible some of the things that keep coming out over the years on this 40 year old crash are spurred by the deceased captain and other victims of the crash. If there is something still unturned or unrevealed, maybe in old papers, remains of victims’ belongings, something in the main pilot’s homes vacation or otherwise regarding investigations or something internal about American AIrlines, maye something about company culture. Notice he was asked at the last moment to get on board by another pilot who asked a favor, even his family did not k now about it - could that pilot have known the wing had a crack); several people had premonitions about the plane crash, Lindsay Wagnar was said to have kept herself and her mother off, a man who worked with one of the Playboy magazine victims stayed off because of knowledge of DC-10 plane problems. I got a “whop” in the stomach when I saw Linda K Bundens photo, as if maybe this is a source of anger or other strong emotion over the ordeal. Got something on this when I came to it: Gail Susan Dhariwal EAST LANSING, MICH. kind of a sense something is up with this one. Get kind of a whoozy feeling over Sheldon Wax, I have even gone to the internet to see if he had been into Satanism before his death. Get a feeling of possible spirit in Craig Valladares (had a reaction when looking at his photo); both pilots might be in there, too. My suspicion is that the hauntings are real, much of it has to do with too rapid a death for conscious awareness, jet lag-types of things, extreme volatility of the fire-heat ball/burning, a lingering sense of issues over the mechanics behind the failure by one or both pilots, something around possible culpability around the flight engineer (I think I read this previously), one of the female stewardesses had an issue around money and paying bills that might have cut off her spiritual nature, there were several very educated and gifted people on board in a variety of ways, probably need to look into whether anyone who serviced the maint/repairs of this plane had ties to the Continental Airlines DC-=10 that also had a similar flange/pylon issue after a similar unauthorized repair. See if this might have been a channel for why the other pilot asked Lux to cover for him on this flight shortly before the flight. Look over the articles showing 1979 era AA activity (NY to Texas transfer of HQ; cheap fares) around that time period, as well as for the country as a whole. I had earlier notes on this from a few years ago I need to round up and put here to keep all in one place. More material is coming up this time. I have sent in more prayers and healing energy in the past several days (this is 2021/02/21). I suspect old history around the aviation world linked to AA, the airport grounds, old “players” (leaders, businessmen), and even an old aviation museum (old war planes can have death and ghosts associated with them) that used to be housed in or near the previous WWII Douglas manufacturing facility, and two old graveyards could have something to do with the hauntings. It would be prudent to check old historical records to see if any notes had been made of previous hauntings around the nearby old graveyards, or if there were any known Indian burials there or thereabouts. Also a good idea to check if the old Douglas manufacturing plant had had any accidents or tragic incidents during its time in the 1940s. Also check if AA had a hidden political climate among employees, secrets, things suspected or known. Were there any tendencies to mask downing a vehicle with know defects while putting certain “unwanted employees” on board? The flight is labeled an accident, but there is a slight suspicion in the air as if a few could have known or suspected the DC-10 might have issues before it took off, and that some of this might not just have been AA, but in the control tower or airport staff in some way. It feels like a small number if it all existed. Added 2021/02/22: I suspect one of the two captains is an angry spirit who would try to trip things up among the living physicality, things like causing someone to trip over tools on the floor, have a car wrect, etc. Need to see if there is an influence from an old WWII airplane of the enemy (like Germans) that might have been in the old Douglas-related air museum that was later moved to California or elsewhere. Old debris or belongings from one of those planes might still be left in a hangar or on the grounds with a haunting attached - this is one place to consider “old baggage.” It could be a trajectory or point of continuum. Spirits might be influenced by or conjoined by other spirits, with some dominating or controlling a haunting, the biengs might fuse together at some times and seem more separate and identifiable at other times. Whether influenced by an earlier spirit or not, I suspect an angry copilot Dillard is one to run dark in his intentions, and I suspect it was a personality quirk already started in his lifetime. At first I thought the haunting might be the captain (head pilot) Lux, as I was picking up a strong “captain” energy, along with a feeling of a uniform and flight leader energy, someone in charge looking over and addressing mechanical things post-crash, as if his spirit lingered around the items, issues, plane parts, diagrams, and repair/maintenance hangar or gate area partly because he recognized the problem areas and partly because he wants to show interested (maybe especially sensitive or psychically reachable) onlookers what happened; I feel that there is some communication coming from one or both pilots as well as some others who were crash victims. I would look into whether Dillard had any known abuse, alcohol or other problems in his life, if there were any sexual aberrations, and what is known about his past Air Force history. He and the main pilot were both Air Force vetrans apparently, and the captain lived in Phoenix and apparently the copilot Dillard was planning to live there, as well, might look into any connection in that regard. As they get stirred up, like Dillard, there might be more paranormal activity, maybe someone on staff knew or suspected a problem before they got on board. It also seems possible the male Playboy editor might have some dark energy linked to hauntings. A couple of flight attendants come up as possible one female mentioned above had a particularly strong energy that leaped out or made itself known when I looked at her photo. Notice there was a Catholic priest and Muslim family on board, a black stewardess, a mystic who wrote a book about his mystical beliefs, a Hawaiian Asian (they can have mystical beliefs) - some of these people might be more prone to try to communicate through the paranormal world. The thing I pick up most is pain and burning of bodies to the point of disintegration, broken bones before the fire perhaps, post-partum trauma. I have sent a lot of healing energy in for the pain as if it gets stuck in time and space. There is something that comes up today (2021/02/22) about a possible hanging, maybe in the hangar or work area where the plane had been worked on, I feel angry, vindictive spirits as wellas a mafia-like “hush-up” through one of the following American AIrlines, Workman’s Union if any, Airport, etc might be involved. I feel some living are still jumpy even to this day. You might look into whether Lux was an Irish or German Catholic. I suspect the deceased flight attendant might be paranormal-vocal and might have said something to the effect “you just want to blame me” or somemthing to that effect.
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