ARIZONA cecil-ash-take-money-from-neo-nazi-jt-ready-6500426 CALIFORNIA FBI dot gov: Corruption in a San Diego Motor Vehicle Office (02/25/2014) A (Driver’s) License to Steal Corruption in a San Diego Motor Vehicle Office Excerpt: You could call this scam a license to steal, and it certainly was—until it all came crashing down on the corrupt state employees and their accomplices who were selling California driver’s licenses for cash. For at least three years, though, between 2009 and 2012, the scammers had a nearly seamless operation that netted a tidy profit. Here’s how it worked: A man who owned a driving school let his students know that—for a price—he could guarantee them a license, even if they had already failed the driving test. Often they didn’t even have to take the test, thanks to the man’s connections at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office in El Cajon, California. Those willing to pay anywhere from $500 to $2,500 to corrupt DMV employees could get a license with no questions asked. The driving school catered mostly to Middle Eastern immigrants, and soon word of easy licenses in that community spread north to Los Angeles and beyond.“One guy flew in from Dallas, took a cab to the DMV office, paid for his license, and flew back to Dallas a few hours later,” said Special Agent Mike Peters, who investigated the case with Special Agent Kim George out of our San Diego Division. “It was so blatant,” Peters said, “that our surveillance showed the driving school operator brokering multiple deals in the DMV parking lot.”“They had gotten away with it for so long,” added George, “that they were extremely confident and had no plans to stop.” LA Times: Six arrested in latest of several DMV bribery cases. By Patrick McGreevy/Kurt Chirbas (08/11/2015) Excerpt: Federal authorities have charged six people, including three workers for the California Department of Motor Vehicles, with conspiring in a bribery scheme to issue driving licenses for truckers without requiring them to pass mandatory state tests. Prosecutors said Tuesday that the scheme involved owners of truck-driving schools who obtained more than 100 commercial driver's licenses for their clients by paying up to $5,000 each for the documents. CITIZEN BLOG Youtube video: The Department of Motor Vehicles Exposed as a Corrupt Agency. Blog/Opinion site by Big Steel Guy. Excerpt: They love your money, but they will send a bunch of thugs in costumes as cops out to collect… Comments from responses: Taxes and car registrations are a super-scam… KANSAS KMBC: Massive driver's license fraud uncovered at local DMVMore than 30 arrested in Johnson County. By Kisha Henry Apr 24, 2015 Excerpt: OLATHE, Kansas: A driver's license examiner is accused of taking bribes to make driver's licenses for people who could not legally obtain them. Johnson County investigators said Samantha Moore, 28, worked at the license office in Mission. She is accused of taking $2,500 each to make licenses for dozens of people. Another arrest made in Johnson County DMV fraud case "That was the purpose of this conspiracy -- to allow people who would not be able to get a driver's license to obtain one," Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said.Moore is in the Johnson County Jail and faces 51 felonies. Howe said the scheme has impacted the entire region."Clearly, the federal immigration system is broken, and that leaves state and local officials holding the bag, so to speak," Howe said when he was asked if the driver's licenses were for people in the country illegally. MASSACHUSETTES Massachusetts RMV employee charged with producing false driver's licenses (07/18/2012) survey-target-id NEW MEXICO NM Politics dot net: Colbert embezzling from NM MVD as MVD agent (2010) Excerpt: Kimberly Colbert was convicted of fraud, ordered to repay $600,000, and is currently serving a two-year prison sentence for embezzling funds from the Motor Vehicle Division as an MVD agent. Related Issue/department Tax and Revenue resigns/4346019/ warrant-details-tax-special-deals-for-former-clients/ WASHINGTON D.C. Washington Post: Department of Corruption? (Don’t see author listed) (2003) 305a-46e4-88cf-669be4169d4d/?utm_term=.7538318b4bff Excerpt: THE D.C. DEPARTMENT of Motor Vehicles is earning quite a reputation for itself. Already renowned for its long lines, rude and indifferent customer service and erratic and error-plagued computer systems, the DMV is now making headlines for having dishonest workers in its ranks. Where this is all going, no one knows. But the department is headed in the wrong direction, and only a strong hand at the top will keep it from sliding farther downhill. 305a-46e4-88cf-669be4169d4d/?utm_term=.7538318b4bff NEW YORK Queens New York Times: 13 Named in Bribery Plot At a Motor Vehicles Office By MARVINE HOWE July 13, 1989 Updates: 08/24/2017 page started
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