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- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOKS Holding the Line: A Lifetime of Defending Democracy and American Values Hardcover – July 26, 2022 by Ronny Jackson (Author) LINKS LIST A-C Business Insider - see Insider 8906845 D-F 14446139 violated-law-by-using-campaign-funds-for-personal-expenses/?sh=1d8ba4533904 viewed-through-a-management-lens/?sh=50bc3ea93b50 G-I report document-shows J-L M ttps:// AAZJUFc-Newsweek N National Zero NBC n1259437 NewsMax Newsweek NPR finds NY Post NY TImes O-R finds/ S-T UVW drugs/551565002/ says XYZ Fact Checks - Alleged or Actual access-to-ballot-health-care-coverage/ viewed-through-a-management-lens/?sh=28138d273b50 BACKGROUND Jewish Insider dot com [Note from PF: there is a quote* in the article that likely needs a fact check; Jews are looking into the situation one way or another-sometimes pro or against, sometimes watchful fact-seeking observers] previously as President Barack Obama’s personal physician president’s personal White House physician until 2018 served as Trump’s chief medical advisor for much of 2019 as part of the White House Medical Unit under President George W. Bush the 13th district is the most conservative congressional district in the country *quote in article attributed to Jackson: “I just came from the White House. I just worked side by side with President Trump every day,” he told Jewish Insider. “He’s got a lot of trust and confidence in me. I know all the Cabinet secretaries… All of these relationships that I have are going to bring a lot of influence and a lot of authority to our district.” Heavy dot com 2018/01 Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know START HERE In Jackson’s Own Words Jackson an MD? Moron Majority dot com 2018/04/24 Is Dr. Ronny Jackson Really an MD? By John Deprospo Excerpt: A group of senators, both Republican and Democrat, has written a letter to Donald Trump advising him they will not consider Jackson’s nomination to head the VA until he produces his long form medical degree. These same members of Congress became suspicious of the doctor’s educational background when he gave a glowing bill of health to Trump following his annual physical exam. The man, whose diet consists of junk food and little in the way of exercise, was said to be in “excellent” health by Jackson. Note from the About section of the website: is a political blog started April 2015. The name is a takeoff on the “Moral Majority” founded by the Baptist minister, Jerry Falwell, in 1979.The purpose of is to illuminate important political issues through humor and satire. With your help, we hope this site will become a place for a few laughs and a forum for progressive political discussion. TOPICS OF INTEREST Approach Guns [PF: also in Start Here His Own Words] Immigration, Border Protection [PF: also in Start Here His Own Words] Military not Woke Experiment Alleged Problems That Jackson Has Shown Government Report - Inspector General See also: Media dot Defense dot gov 2021/03/03 Excerpt: failed to foster and maintain a healthy command climate in the WHMU, and failed to treat DoD subordinates with dignity and respect; engaged in alcohol-related misconduct, including wrecking a government vehicle while intoxicated; expected rum or other alcohol to be stocked in his lodging room while on official travel, or caused staff members to fear retribution if they did not comply with the expectation; and misused Ambien for his personal use. Alleged Illegally dispersing prescription sleeping pills 8906845 viewed-through-a-management-lens/?sh=28138d273b50 Alleged Drug (Prescription) Problem says Alleged Alcohol Problem viewed-through-a-management-lens/?sh=28138d273b50 Government Report found no evidence on some alcohol usage or expectation of subordinate supplying: We found no evidence to support the allegation that RDML Jackson expected rum or other alcohol to be stocked in his lodging room while on official travel, or that staff members feared retribution if they did not comply with the expectation. We found no evidence to support the allegation that RDML Jackson “got drunk and wrecked a government vehicle. Alleged Personality Problem as Manager or Among Cohorts or Others viewed-through-a-management-lens/?sh=28138d273b50 finds Sexual Other Issues - Jackson Oath Keepers on Jan 6 On Biden’s Mental Health or Prowess LISTED ELSEWHERE ON WEBSITE Leaders for USA 18-Jackson: Congressman Ronny Jackson, Radm-USN (Ret) (MC) (R - TX - 13) Russian Invasion of Ukraine Start of War - Feb. 2022 invasion: Congressional Input by those with Military Experience Rep, Texas) (Retired Navy)(Physician) Rep. Jackson stands by calls for Biden cognitive test amid Russia-Ukraine crisis, says president 'not fit' from Fox News Legislation Overview Cancel Culture o H.R.3507: Stop Cancel Culture from Degrading Honor Act Rep. Ronny Jackson; Texas District 13; COMMENTS July 23, 2022; July 19-20, 2022 There is no desire to vilify Ronny Jackson. I am sorry negativity is coming upon him in the news and from the DOD and congressional world. I think it is important to get to the bottom of things, and if he has done something illegal as a medical professional, including handing out prescription medications irresponsibly, he needs to be held accountable. If he has been drunken and an obnoxious leader on the job either as a medical professional or a member of congress, or while performing military activities, this needs to be addressed and disciplinary action provided. Two things: 1) Alcoholism is a medical condition. If Jackson has this problem, it could have at least three reasons: 2) genetic disposition 3) military - Navy - atmosphere for alcohol usage 4) Possibly a Texas good ol’ boy culture, possibly a rural tendency If Jackson showed signs of alcoholism over the yeears, someone should have done something about it. 1)Addicts can become victims themselves, used for their vulnerabilities in various ways 2) addicts can be manipulated to put out information in the media, or to make reports a certain way 3) used to make a certain person or group look bad - contextual connection - hence the ridiculing and jeers in the media 4) diminished was the potential for making the most of Jackson’s likely true, actual capabilities was diminished, wasting his time and quality of life and that of thosea around him, and reducing professional effectiveness for the United States and for the medical worl 2) Another publicity tool for the infiltrated Democrat Party - China, liberal hacks, etc. China is out to get Trump* and Trump supporters, using its various contacts in the media and big tech to do this. Therefore, we need to weigh the bad press on Jackson against the use of information warfare by our enemies. If he is guilty as alleged, my advice is don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. For example, he has some strong messages that are pro- American, and are against illegal immigration and the woking of the military *This website did not support Trump, but got off the Trump-bashing train some time back when it realized the warfare being exerted against him and his followers in the media as psyops (information warfare); there are some things Trump said and did which are true or useful. The American media has been tainted by a Democrat infomercial style of fake news using opinions and editorials against Trump and Republicans as so-called news. People like Jackson are easy fodder for this ghastly machine. Updates: 2022/07/23 added Government Report-inspector general DOD and entriees to Comments section; 2022/0720-22; 2022/07/19
Position: Congressman, Texas 13th, Retired Navy-Rear Admiral, Physician Books Links List Start Here o In Jackson’s own words o Article: Is Jackson a Real MD? Background Topics of Interest o Jackson’s Approach Guns Immigration Military Not Woke Experiment Questioning Biden’s acuity closely related: Fox material that Jill Biden might be giving Joe medications before speeches o Jackson’s Alleged Problems Government Report Alleged Illegally dispersing prescription sleeping pills Alleged Alcohol Problem see above listed Government Report o no evidence certain allegations Alleged Drug (Prescript) Use on Job allegedly under the influence of prescription-strength sleeping medication Ambien while on the job Alleged Personality Problem as Manager or Among Cohorts and Others Sexual o Jackson - Other Oath Keepers wanted to protect Jackson during White House riots because of info Jan 6 Committee Letter - response Jane Ely (wife) On Biden’s Mental Health or Prowess Comments
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