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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BILLS, RELATED ISSUES COVID-19 H.R. 2076 COVID–19 Border Protection (CBP) Act Introduced/Introduced: March 19, 2021 Introduced By: Representative Andrew S. Clyde State: Georgia To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to create a strategy to ensure no individual in custody is released into the community during a public health emergency related to coronavirus if the individual may have a communicable disease relating to any public health emergency, and for other purposes. See: China S.1260: The US Innovation and Competition Act Senate Introduced/Introduced: May 18, 2021 Senate Introduced by: Chuck Schumer Senate Majority Leader Passed by Senate: June 2021 as a substitute amendment to the Endless Frontier Act. Its goal is to counter China’s economic rise and develop a strategy to deal with national security challenges emanating from Beijing Passed by Senate June 2021 The Senate passed rare bipartisan legislation House The House Foreign Affairs Chairman Gregory Meeks introduced a corresponding bill in the House Exit Ban See Articles below Transgender This is a list of states who have opposed some or all of transgenderism activism Alabama House Bill 1 Reps. Wes Allen, Chip Brown, Mike Holmes, Arnold Mooney, Phillip Pettus, and Sen. Shay Shelnutt. (All are Republicans.) Senate Bill 10 Reps. Wes Allen, Chip Brown, Mike Holmes, Arnold Mooney, Phillip Pettus, and Sen. Shay Shelnutt. (All are Republicans.) Indiana House Bill 1456/Rep. Bruce Borders (Republican) House Bill 1505/John Jacob (Republican) Senate Bill 224/Sen. Dennis Kruse (Republican) Kentucky o Senate Bill 83/ Sen. Steve Meredith, (Republican) Mississippi o Senate Bill 2536/Sen. Angela Hill (Republican) “Mississippi Fairness Act” o Senate Bill 2171 /Republican Sen. Angela Hill “Transgender 21 Act.” Missouri o House Bill 33 Rep. Suzie Pollock (Republican) Oklahoma o House Bill 1004/ Rep. Jim Olsen, (Republican) South Dakota o House Bill 1076 Fred Deutsch, John Wiik, Julie Frye-Mueller, Tim Goodwin, Brock Greenfield, Lana Greenfield, Charles Hoffman, Taffy Howard, Kevin Jensen, Phil Jensen, John Mills, Rhonda Milstead, Scott Odenbach, Tom Pischke, Bethany Soye and Jim Stalzer (All Republicans) Texas o House Bill 68/Rep. Steve Toth, (Republican) Utah o House Bill 92 Older Bills, Legislation Applicable to These Topics Ethics in Government Act of 1978 Stock Act 2012 signed into law by Obama Discourages lawmakers from insider trading Must report transactions within 45 days Examples of alleged or actual non-compliance: WHAS11 2021/08/12 Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul failed to disclose wife's stock in COVID-19 treatment company 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act 2017 H.R.4603 - Houthis and Iran Sanctions Accountability Act of 2017 Rep. Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana [R-FL-27] US - HR3498 Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2105 [sic] 2015/09/11 introduced ARTICLES (also see Congressional Leaders) Exit Ban government-policy-banning-americans-from-exiting-china Federal Spending Mark Green, Tennessee Congressmen bills/article_adc23eea-1ca2-11ec-8519-af56438d4e94.html Afghanistan Pull-Out Senator Jim Inhofe - Armed Services Committe Washington Examiner 2021/09/14 Former commander of US forces in Afghanistan disagreed with complete withdrawal, GOP senator says. By Mike Brest, Defense Reporter afghanistan-disagreed-complete- withdrawal?utm_source=Examiner%20Today_09/15/2021&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_Examiner %20Today&rid=24873386&env=1ded5d82a6d8c7ddad68cc9116b0dde6b1030a0c5fac32898bd6af58dd2d31e0 Excerpt: Sen. Jim Inhofe, the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, discussed Gen. Scott Austin Miller’s view on the withdrawal plan on Tuesday night after the general testified in front of the committee in a closed-door session. “I’ll let you know we had quite an event with Gen. Miller, and he did say … that he opposed the effort that took place, and he did not tell the president that because the president wasn’t there, but he did talk to [Defense Secretary Lloyd] Austin, [U.S. Central Command chief Gen. Frank] McKenzie, and [Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen.] Milley and told them that he had been opposed to the total withdrawal,” the senator from Oklahoma said in a statement. Borders, Immigrants News Max 2021/07/13 GOP Senators Introduce Bill to Extend Title 42 Border Expulsions. By Charlie McCarthy Tillis dot gov 2021/08/12 Tillis Leads Push for Answers On Reckless DHS Decision to Release Illegal Immigrants immigrants China CNN Politics 2021/06/08 Senate passes massive bipartisan bill to combat China's growing economic influence. By Ali Zaslav, Jeremy Herb, Ted Barrett and Phil Mattingly, CNN Avlon: This should be an easy win for the Senate, but no Excerpt: (CNN)The Senate passed rare bipartisan legislation on Tuesday aimed at countering China's growing influence by investing more than $200 billion in American technology, science and research. The final vote was 68-32. Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was the only member of the Democratic caucus to vote against the bill. Nineteen Senate Republicans joined Democrats voting for passage...any top Senate Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, warned for weeks that they would block the legislation unless they got more votes on GOP-backed amendments. Ahead of the bill's passage on Tuesday, McConnell again argued that Schumer closed debate on the bill too soon and the legislation is "incomplete." Despite this concern, the Kentucky Republican touted the importance of the legislation and said it "touches on key issues that will help determine our strategic footing for decades." He added that "it includes several smart targeted measures, but leaves many more on the table, and so it will advance as an imperfect approach to an extremely consequential challenge." Transgender CDCR dot CA dot gov 2020/09/29 Governor Newsom signs Senate Bill 132 to respect gender identity during incarceration. By Terry Thornton, Deputy Press Secretary; Office of Public and Employee Communications gender-identity-during-incarceration/ Baptist News dot com 2021/01/28 Anti-transgender bills introduced in more than a dozen state legislatures. By Mark Wingfield legislatures/ CNN [Note from PF: This article seems biased for Transgender people and causes] 2021/04/15 This record-breaking year for anti-transgender legislation would affect minors the most By Priya Krishnakumar, CNN Thirty-one states have introduced bills that ban transgender athletes from participating in sports consistent with their gender identities. Three states -- Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee -- have already signed these bills into law this year. Voting, Election Fraud Threat turnout/6820290002/ Updates: 2021/10/11 Tiffany-RAPID Act; 2021/09/26 editing and additions; 2021/09/15-- Ron Johnson section started with articles including Wisconsin Politics- 2021/09/15 2021/08/27 Andrew Clyde subsection; additions, editing; 2021/08/23 more additions and organizing; 2021/08/22 PAGE STARTED-Legislation Recent Borders etc;
The 117th Congress convened on January 3, 2021, and concluded on January 3, 2023. It convened in Washington, D.C., on January 3, 2021, during the final weeks of Donald Trump's presidency and the first two years of Joe Biden's presidency and ended on January 3, 2023. o Bills Borders [separate page] COVID-19 China Transgender Older Bills, Legislation Related to these topics o Congressional Leaders was moved to Leaders for USA o Articles Involving Bills, Legislation Borders China Exit Ban Afghansitan Pull-Out On Mark Milley -Sen. Inhofe
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