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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! They’re lying and cheating, over and over! They want attention - fight back constructively with gusto SEE: RRT INDEX 1-22 IN THIS SECTION Summary of Links List of Lawsuits: General Info on Navajo Nation Lawsuits-Supreme Court Cases & Litigation Tendencies Further Comments Trump Era Financial Support of Navajo Nation and Other Tribes (Yes, there was a lot!) -$46 million construction contract to build two pumping plants for the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project -Navajo NAPI-China Trade Agreement Obama Era Financial Support of Navajo Nation and other Tribes Articles By Who Was Sued By Navajo Nation: -Government Sued EPA over water related issues Federal Government over resource usage Trump US Treasury Census Issues -Big Business Sued Opioid Issues: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart - opioid crisis Wells Fargo -Large Religious Groups Sued Mormons Navajo Nation Internal Affairs Lawsuits, etc.-List of Several Cases Tribal Complicity: Milking USA finances; Working with Actual or Potential International Threats -Tribal Group Complicity or Similar Lawsuits -Islamic Complicity or Times of Connection -Turkish support of American Indians, including Oregon ones -Saudia Arabia Complicity/Business Relations Montana Tribal S&K and Saudi Arabian Royal Air Force Language of Resilience - word choices and ideation supporting idea tribes are still fighting back, reclaiming, showing strength in the face of adversity: IDEA: all people of all races need this, including whites facing adversity from BIg Bucks-Supported MPM groups SUMMARY OF LINKS [2020] bureau/5707531002/ [2017] https //arizonadailyindependent com/2017/01/21/navajo-nation-doj-epa-enter-into-settlement-with-freeport- mcmoran/ [2016] church/504944/ [2018] https://www azcentral com/story/money/business/health/2018/04/11/navajo-nation-lawsuit-blames-opioid-makers- purdue-pharma-walmart-others-overdose-deaths-addiction/507540002/ https //www cair com/cair_in_the_news/navajo-muslim/ [2016] https //www ed gov/news/press-releases/obama-administration-announces-new-resources-help-ensure-opportunity- native-students https //genindigenous com/ trumps-negligence-has-put-lives-at-risk-tribal-assistance-is-overdue/ https //thehill com/policy/energy-environment/363311-navajo-nation-sues-trump-over-utah-monument-reduction [2006]https //www indianz com/News/2006/07/20/controversial_l.asp https //www https //www clan,108407396-art coal-mine--XgsK2XZzEy0dV3uocUHAw/ https //navajotimes com/reznews/cases-now-at-1282-tribe-to-sue-treasury/ https //navajotimes com/50years/50-years-ago-tribe-files-50-million-lawsuit-against-feds/ [2020] https //www over-arizona-n1239328 [2020] https //www npr org/sections/codeswitch/2017/04/25/485887058/cherokee-nation-sues-wal-mart-cvs-walgreens-over- tribal-opioid-crisis [2016] [2014] https //www nytimes com/2014/09/25/us/navajos-to-get-554-million-to-settle-suit-against-us.html [2019]https // [2019]https //www sltrib com/news/nation-world/2019/08/23/navajo-nation-settles/,_Tribal_Litigation_CLE.pdf https //time com/3427628/navajo-nation-554-million-s/ https //tucson com/news/arizona_news/navajo-nation-files-lawsuit-over-mail-in-ballot-counting/article_fe35fcdc-8cd0- 56b6-8114-22dedafaf6cc.html https //www usbr gov/newsroom/newsrelease/detail.cfm?RecordID=72343 [2016] http //vjel vermontlaw edu/topten/obama-administration-distributes-554m-navajo-nation/ https //www wmicentral com/news/apache_county/navajo-nation-responds-to-issues-of-waste-corruption-with- navajo/article_73e98c6b-745f-5a0a-951e-9b06e9824af0.html [2020]https //www 12news com/article/news/local/arizona/navajo-nation-files-lawsuit-against-us-over-covid-19-funding/75- aa67ba71-2ace-4fb8-8f64-3f016aa32b31 LIST OF LAWSUITS: GENERAL INFORMATION ON NAVAJO NATION LITIGATION TENDENCIES Wikipedia List of United States Supreme Court cases involving Indian tribes https //en College Influencing - Monies for Native Americans from Suspicious Entities TRUMP ERA SUPPORT OF TRIBES (Yes, A Lot!) Bureau of Reclamation USBR dot gov 2020/09/02 https //www usbr gov/newsroom/newsrelease/detail.cfm?RecordID=72343 $46 million construction contract to build two pumping plants for the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project Excerpt: FARMINGTON, NM – The Trump Administration is building facilities that will provide secure clean and reliable water to the Navajo Nation and rural communities in northwestern New Mexico. In order to meet this goal, the Bureau of Reclamation awarded $45,945,150 to Archer Western Construction, LLC of Phoenix, Arizona to construct the Tooh Haltsooi Pumping Plant (Pumping Plant Number 4) near the community of Sheep Springs, New Mexico and Bahastl’ah Pumping Plant (Pumping Plant Number 7) near the communities of Twin Lakes and Coyote Canyon, New Mexico. “Today, we take another step to provide clean, reliable water supplies to the Navajo Nation and the other project participants in rural communities,” said Commissioner Brenda Burman. “These pumping plants will help deliver water from the San Juan River to communities along the San Juan Lateral pipeline.” The Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project will provide a long-term, reliable water supply for 43 chapters on the Navajo Reservation, the southwest area of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation, and the City of Gallup, New Mexico, which is a 7,814 square mile service area - roughly the size of New Jersey. When completed, it will include approximately 300 miles of pipeline, two water treatment plants, 19 pumping plants, and multiple water storage tanks. The plants are just two of several pumping plants associated with the project and will help convey water through the project pipeline from the San Juan River to Navajo communities and the City of Gallup. Under this contract, construction will include installation of canned vertical turbine pumps and associated electrical and https //www usbr gov/newsroom/newsrelease/detail.cfm?RecordID=72343 NHO News 2020/01/21 U.S./China trade agreement opens new economic opportunities for Navajo Nation https //www nhonews com/news/2020/jan/21/uschina-trade-agreement-opens-new-economic-opportu/ Excerpt: WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Jan. 15, Myron Lizer, vice president of the Navajo Nation, attended the signing ceremony for the Phase One Trade Agreement between the United States and China at the White House in Washington D.C. During the signing, President Donald Trump signed off on the agreement that requires structural reforms to China’s economic and trade regime in the areas of intellectual property, technology transfer, agriculture, financial services and currency and foreign exchange. The agreement also includes a commitment by China to future purchases of U.S. goods and services in the coming years. “The reopening of the Chinese agricultural market is a win, not only for the economies of the United States and the Navajo Nation, but for the global economy. Currently, the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, an enterprise of the Navajo Nation, has more than 8,200 acres of crop production specifically designated for export to Asian markets,” Lizer said. OBAMA ERA SUPPORT OF NAVAJO NATION $554 million to Navajo Nation Vermont Law dot edu Obama Administration Settles with Navajo Nation for $554M Student Michael Andrew Settle and Professor Hillary Hoffmann http //vjel vermontlaw edu/topten/obama-administration-distributes-554m-navajo-nation/ Ed dot gov 2016/09/27 Obama Administration Announces New Resources to Help Ensure Opportunity for Native Students https //www ed gov/news/press-releases/obama-administration-announces-new-resources-help-ensure-opportunity-native- students “Generation Indigenous” https //genindigenous com/ COMMENTS Read this first - a view of what happens to countries taken over by Communist regimes; Indian Tribes are letting such monsters in the door. Read this article and be aware, and beware. It does take a stance on the Catholic Church in Venezuela as one group that has stood up to the tyranny. As such, discussing it offers a pivotal point of contrast. There are also times members of the Catholic Church have stood up to the Islamic extremist tyrants in thie USA. Native Americans in their right mind do not want to let a Venezuela type Communist Dracula in the door. The Public Discourse Venezuela’s Agony, the Catholic Church, and a Post-Maduro Future MARCH 12, 2019BY SAMUEL GREG https //www thepublicdiscourse com/2019/03/50316/ One of history’s less palatable lessons is that dictatorial regimes can stay in power a long time. We can talk endlessly about humanity’s insuppressible yearning for liberty, but if a government retains its security apparatus’s loyalty and the will to use force, dictatorships can be very resilient in the face of popular discontent.Venezuela’s Catholic bishops, priests, and religious have been downright heroic in their clear-eyed critique of the regime. Despite endless government provocations and even physical attacks on senior clergy, such as Cardinal Jorge Urosa, the bishops haven’t minced words when describing the reasons for Venezuela’s meltdown. In a January 2017 pastoral exhortation, for instance, the bishops stated that the “fundamental cause” of Venezuela’s problems was that it was being subjected to a “totalitarian political system” in the name of “21st-Century Socialism,” despite what the bishops called the “utter failure” of “Marxist socialism in every country in which this regime has been installed.” https //www thepublicdiscourse com/2019/03/50316/ Indian Country Problem For USA: Must Not Be Forgotten tribal complicity and support for BLM-Navajo Lawsuits and Money Grabs during 2020 Black Lives Matter protests and riots. Many tribes are working together around the nation, with several phony-sounding lawsuits using civil rights arguments to get millions of dollars. The Navajo Nation and other tribes were allocated literally billions of dollars in aid for COVID-19 related purposes. Leftist tribal groups at San Juan College, Farmington, New Mexico promoted BLM protests. The Durango Herald of Durango, Colorado was and continued to be a particularly aggressive spokesperson for BLM during and after the riots. There are several Native Americans working at the Herald and at the Farmington Daily Times newspaper of Farmington, New Mexico likely aiding and abetting the BLM. THis is just a local example; there are likely hundreds of similar examples of complicity between tribes, newspapers, colleges, leftist groups and BLM related events around the nation. Hold the tribes involved accountable and keep at top-of-mind awareness during all Black Lives Matter related investigations. These groups are the enemy within. They are not using critical thinking about the true nature of cults and mind control operations behind the Black Lives Matter movement and have been too quick to jump into the melting pot of a global movement that erases the lines of each tribes true cultural identity in favor of a communist-like group think. We are not dealing with Indian tribes; we are dealing with a large mafia-like Big Business entity posturing as indigenous support to get at extremely huge sums of money at the expense of the rest of the American system. These money grabs should be taken extremely seriously in terms of national security for the broader American system. In addition, the tribes have been working with dangerous anti-American groups across the world through Black Lives Matter and other avenue. Many of those countries have experienced huge human rights violations. The tribes are opening a door to these dangerous groups by working with them. Again, the tribes need to be held accountable for their dangerous and treasonous activities against the broader USA. They are endangering the lives of all of us while also destroying what is left of their indigenous roots and heritage. Every moment spent thinking and acting like a Communist or Muslim of color takes them further from their true origins. Having black racial mixes among the tribes does not instantly mean the tribes have to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Concerns are from the perspective of American citizens concerns for the health, well-being and safety of the broader United States and its inhabitants from enemy combatants both within and outside the country. Unfortunately, the Navajo Nation has shown itself to be contrary to these interests in a number of different ways. Complicity with numbers of tribal groups across state lines ie, Cherokee, Oregon Confederacy Complicity with potential and actual threats involving national and international groups Complicity with Black Lives Matter protests Nation of Islam Hamas/CAIR/MSA (Muslim Student Association) Turkey (Turkey was working with Oregon Tribes; Navajo Nation has cooperated with Oregon Tribes in BLM) Etc…. Not letting history rest in peace - ongoing warfare against the United States - endless demands for reparations Racial reverse discrimination - hiring practices in government and business; college campus takeovers Attacks on Whites living in Border Towns near Reservation o Gangstalking and Running Strings can happen in Reservation Border towns; Navajo/Hispanic cops might be part of the games; some of it might have a Mormon or other religious connection - large family networks; this can include gossiping about someone to spread information to keep person from receiving help (ie, from area mechanics) or to punish the person (ie, that person is a lazy white person who had it too easy from parents) in other words, an odd group punishment occurs through that gossip/running strings to “teach the person a lesson” and “to make that person get his/her shit together” this can have a religious authority approach as well as a tribal anti-white one; gangstalking can include being followed around town, across state lines, photos taken constantly of that person, getting neighbors to spy and share information o Outside the Box Warfare - includes psychic and psychotronic attacks not known and understood by many in the mainstream American public; reservation border town whites might be particularly secretly attacked o Although no proof at this point, it is suspected whites in border towns might have been experiencing sexual wrong attention (targeting, retaliation if the white does not respond to subtle flirting or direct advances) and sexual abuse; signs that perhaps whites are being manipulating into treating Navajos as royalty, prophets, elders, and otherwise a “special people” with punishment if they don’t conform to that; there might be bullying in public schools, including ostracizing-see Turfing below; problems whites have getting real counseling, medical, banking or social services help with minorities manning front desks/management; Examples: Navajo bankers (like in bookeeping0 might be using Reservation culture to control or watch a white customer in retaliation for questioning “brown” only employees or other issues at bank; a Navajo female answering the phone at Family/Children (mostly manned by browns, a Hispanic male is at front desk and often answers phone) might refuse to help a white female calling in, saying she “does not have real problems”; a Navajo and a Hispanic refuse to help a white female being overly critical and non-responsive to the responses on the application for help, a white authoritarian type manager lets the “browns” steer her decisions to decline the applicant, but also seems to have her own issues with fellow whites seeking social services type of help as if there is something wrong with that (ie, she must be sinful, whites should be better than that, etc.) o No real legal help to help whites out, one-sided lawsuits, white cops and others might be falsely accused and put through a falsified investigation and trial period, honest attorneys, judges, juries sidestepped An attitude of “Hands Off” - Don’t tell me no, I cannot do it, I did something wrong spurred from a flick of anger Strong Biden/Harris campaign support - lots of political signs seen on Navajo Reservation, Border Towns Turfing places off the Reservation: A sense or “Tribal Space” even in a general American city like Farmington Complicity with New Mexico State government -Attorney General (ie, Hector Balderas), Governor (ie, Martinez) etc. Lawsuits against Navajo Nation, ie, coal Low education among several whites in border towns might make them more vulnerable, easier prey to Navajo Nation’s antics - outside intervention likely needed; low education does not mean people are of low acumen, but that they might not have the interpretative, legalistic and response tools to deal with the Navajo Nation’s Big Business, Mafia-like antics in cooperation with broader Minority Power Movement monies that can include funds from wealthy minority entertainers, Islamic Big Oil and other international groups, etc. Want attention: Larger MPM antics include wanting to feel they got the attention of whites; includes a desire for roll reversal in which minorities were the ones “begging” whites for fair treatment - power and head trips likely ARTICLES Mail-In Ballot AP News 2020/10/16 Court rejects bid to extend ballot counting on Navajo Nation. By JACQUES BILLEAUD 57804bf790e99ff158c635d3d6b9eaed Tucson dot com 2020/08/28, updated on 2020/10/13 Navajo Nation files lawsuit over mail-in ballot counting. By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services https //tucson com/news/arizona_news/navajo-nation-files-lawsuit-over-mail-in-ballot- counting/article_fe35fcdc-8cd0-56b6-8114-22dedafaf6cc.html NBC Trump campaign seeks to block Navajo Nation voters' lawsuit over Arizona mail-in ballots The tribal voters claim a requirement that mail-in ballots be received, rather than postmarked, on Election Day places "unconstitutional burdens" on them. https //www nbcnews com/politics/2020-election/trump-campaign-seeks-block-navajo-nation-voters-lawsuit- over-arizona-n1239328 Federal Government Lawsuits - BIA, EPA, Treasury, etc. Tribal Resources: Government Sued, Alleged to Have Mismanaged Tribal Resources BIA Navajo Times 50 Years Ago: Tribe files $50 million lawsuit against feds Bill Donovan By Bill Donovan | May 30, 2019 | Governing dot com Time Magazine 2014/09/24 Navajo Nation to Receive $554 Million Settlement From U.S. Government. Maya Rhodan https //time com/3427628/navajo-nation-554-million-s/ New York Times 2014/09/24 Navajo Nation receives $554 million to end claim feds mismanaged tribal resources https //www nytimes com/2014/09/25/us/navajos-to-get-554-million-to-settle-suit-against-us.html Climate Case affairs/ DOI 2020/04/28 Navajo Nation Sues DOI For Holding Back Forest Funds US Census 2020 Federal Government Sued - US Census Arizona Central 2 Arizona tribes join lawsuit against U.S. Census Bureau for plan to end count early census-bureau/5707531002/ EPA Sued Allegedly Responsible for Poisoning of Colorado River New York Times 2016/08/16 Navajo Nation Sues E.P.A. in Poisoning of a Colorado River. By Julie Turkewitz 2017/01/21) Navajo Nation DOJ EPA enter into settlement with Freeport McMoran mcmoran/ Treasury - COVID-19 2020 - $8 billion relief funds meant for tribes - United States Treasury Sued - Tribes won Congress allocated $8 billion from the Coronavirus Relief Fund to help tribal governments handle the pandemic, but the Navajo Nation says the Secretary of the Treasury is allocating much of those funds to more than 230 Alaska Native Corporations Alaska Native Corporations are for-profit corporations that generate billions of dollars in revenue and are owned by shareholders, including non-Native Americans, the Navajo Nation says. Tribal officials said they had previously opposed the CARES Act because of the funding for Alaska Native Corporations. https //www 12news com/article/news/local/arizona/navajo-nation-files-lawsuit-against-us-over-covid-19- funding/75-aa67ba71-2ace-4fb8-8f64-3f016aa32b31 Navajo Times/Rez News 2020/04/; Tribe to sue Treasury. By Arlyssa Becenti https //navajotimes com/reznews/cases-now-at-1282-tribe-to-sue-treasury/ Grivalva dot house 2020/05 strongly supported COVID-19 money for tribes heroes-act-trumps-negligence-has-put-lives-at-risk-tribal-assistance-is-overdue/ Chair Grijalva: I'm Proud to Push for More Tribal Funding Through the Heroes Act – Trump's Negligence Has Put Lives at Risk, Tribal Assistance is Overdue Wednesday May 13, 2020 Tucson, Ariz. – Chair Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) today said he’s pleased the Heroes Act, the newly unveiled House Democratic plan to improve public health and support the American people through the coronavirus pandemic, includes $24 billion in funding for tribal governments and tribal organizations. Grijalva is an original cosponsor of the measure and has committed to voting for it later this week. The money, Grijalva said, is long overdue in Indian Country and for urban Native communities, where the Trump administration’s incompetent response to the coronavirus pandemic has failed to improve limited health care infrastructure and has left tribal nations at the mercy of high coronavirus mortality rates. Doctors Without Borders sent a team of medical and sanitation experts to the Navajo Nation earlier this week, and the organization has been assisting Pueblo communities in New Mexico since mid-April. “Tribal assistance funding in the Heroes Act makes it possible for Native communities to begin to address the damage the president’s negligence has caused, and I’m proud to have pushed for its inclusion,” Grijalva said. “The federal government has a legal obligation to support health care for tribal nations and improve the lives of their citizens, and the Trump administration has openly ignored that obligation in a crisis. Trump Sued The Hill (2017/12/05) Navajo Nation sues Trump over Utah Monument Reduction. By Timothy Cama reduction Big Business Wells Fargo Sued $6.5 million Salt Lake Tribune (2019/08/23) Navajo Nation settles lawsuit against Wells Fargo $6.5m. By Assoc. Press Opioids Issue: Pharma Sued CVS, Walgreens, Walmart Arizona Central (2018/04/11) Navajo Nation lawsuit blames opioid makers Purdue Pharma Walmart others overdose deaths addition. By Ken Alltucker https //www azcentral com/story/money/business/health/2018/04/11/navajo-nation-lawsuit-blames-opioid- makers-purdue-pharma-walmart-others-overdose-deaths-addiction/507540002/ Religious Organizations Sued Mormon Church The Atlantic Why Several Native Americans Are Suing the Mormon Church Participants in the Church-sponsored Indian Student Placement Program have filed at least three sexual-abuse lawsuits. LILLY FOWLER OCTOBER 23, 2016 https //www theatlantic com/politics/archive/2016/10/why-some-native-americans-are-suing-the-mormon- church/504944/ Tribal Complicity, Similar Lawsuits by Other Tribal Groups https //www npr org/sections/codeswitch/2017/04/25/485887058/cherokee-nation-sues-wal-mart-cvs- walgreens-over-tribal-opioid-crisis Islamic Complicity or Times of Connection Islamic CAIR Article about Navajo-Muslim who wanted to express Muslim beliefs https //www cair com/cair_in_the_news/navajo-muslim/ Navajo & Muslim Excerpt: One piece of cloth. “Before I was just some girl, you know,” Amber Tom says. “But then, after, it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s that girl. She’s the girl with the scarf.’ I think that’s what people around here call me. They don’t know my name.” Since we’re talking about labels, these are Amber Tom’s: 20-year- old. Navajo. University of New Mexico-Gallup student. Devout Muslim. It’s the last identity that Tom has worn literally for the past two years. “I just showed up one day with my head covered. I didn’t talk to anyone about it,” Tom says. “But I never took it off after that.” Tom’s decision to begin wearing a hijab, the women’s head covering that is prescribed in the Quran, was a public statement of something Tom had never hidden from her Navajo friends and classmates at Gallup High School, but something she had never advertised, either. “I actually wanted to do it in high school,” Tom says. But high school is a hard place to be different. “I wasn’t brave enough. I just couldn’t take the criticism yet.” In high school, when Tom was just another Navajo girl, she heard the kind of prejudice that people express when they think they’re with their own: anti-Arab, anti-Muslim. People who didn’t know Tom well never would have guessed those slurs were also pointed at her. Amber’s mother, a Navajo jewelry maker, was divorced with three kids when she met a Palestinian immigrant who was working for one of the many Arab-owned jewelry companies in Gallup. Annabelle Wilson and Mustafa Ismail married when Amber was less than a year old and her brothers were 5 and 7. They all moved into Annabelle’s one-room home in Tseyatoh west of Gallup and began to make a life as a blended family: blended races, blended cultures and blended religions. While her older brothers were raised with Navajo traditions by their grandparents, Amber and her two half-sisters, Layla and Haya, were raised Muslim. Amber was the only Navajo praying with the other women in the ornate green and white mosque that sits on Gallup’s main highway. One day. One piece of cloth. “It just hit me one day: You know, I’m so dedicated. I believe with all my heart, without a doubt, that this is the religion that I want to have. So I was doing everything according to the Quran except for the hijab,” Amber says. “When I first started wearing the hijab I had a lot of criticism. Actually, I lost all of my friends, all of them.” (Full Story) https //www cair com/cair_in_the_news/navajo-muslim/ Indian Z 2006/07/20 Controversial leader Farrakhan visits Navajo Nation https //www indianz com/News/2006/07/20/controversial_l.asp Excerpt: Louis Farrakhan, the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam, visited the Navajo Nation this week. Farrakhan arrived sometime on Tuesday but his visit was not disclosed publicly. Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr. would only say that he came to address economic development and other needs on the reservation. On Tuesday night, Farrakhan had a private dinner with several Navajo Nation Council delegates at the Navajo Inn in Window Rock, Arizona. The media wasn't allowed inside and wasn't allowed to take pictures, The Gallup Independent said. On Wednesday, Farrakhan held a series of meetings with Shirley and other leaders. He addressed the council and touched on recent race-related incidents in the border town of Farmington, New Mexico. "It creates anger among the Navajo people and it should," Farrakhan said, the Associated Press reported. "But why do the border towns look down on us? Why do white people look down on Black America? Is there something we can do to change the ugly picture?" Shirley said he wasn't all too familiar with Farrakhan's background. Farrakhan has been denounced as sexist, racist and anti-Semitic. Farrakhan left the reservation on Wednesday. https //www indianz com/News/2006/07/20/controversial_l.asp Language of Resilience CAIR Center for American Reslience notice Note: Islamic CAIR namesake at Northern Arizona University - no immediate sign connected to Islamic CAIR when looking at home page, but it probably needs to be checked out CAIR Intern Health Literacy Projects 2016 The following are CAIR Intern Health Literacy Projects for the year of 2016. These resilience projects were developed by the interns with the mentorship of CAIR staff. Interns were tasked with finding a topic that revolved around resilience, health literacy, American Indian communities, and developed a project proposal for approval. Turkish Support of American Indians 2013/11/15 Support to American Indians from Turkey. Montana and Saudi Arabia Intelligence online dot com 2020/05/27 Native American S&K a favourite with Salman clan https //www clan,108407396-art College Influencing - Monies for Native Americans from Suspicious Entities Inside Higher Ed dot com 2020/05/05 College Infiltration and Influencing by suspect and hostile entitites. House Republicans Probe Chinese Funding By Elizabeth Redden Excerpt: The ranking Republicans on seven congressional committees wrote to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos on Monday to request information on the department’s investigations of foreign funds flowing into American universities. The letter asks for documents and preliminary findings related to the inquiry into U.S. universities' compliance with federal reporting requirements for all gifts and contracts from foreign sources valued at $250,000 or more. The letter expresses concerns “about the potential for the Chinese government to use its strategic investments to turn American college campuses into indoctrination platforms for American students.” It further raises the question of whether U.S. colleges “receiving federal taxpayer dollars should be allowed to accept funds from China, the CCP [Chinese Communist Party], or other affiliated organizations.” The Education Department has opened investigations into foreign gifts at at least nine different universities, most recently requesting documents regarding the University of Texas system’s relationship with a virology lab in the Chinese city of Wuhan that U.S. officials are investigating as a possible source of the coronavirus outbreak. (There is no publicly available evidence to support the theory that the outbreak originated at the lab.) The lawmakers wrote that their “inquiry is in furtherance of Congressional Republican’s [sic] efforts to investigate the Chinese government’s propaganda and cover-up campaign surrounding this pandemic.”​ The Education Department's investigations have so far led to the reporting of approximately $6.5 billion in previously unreported foreign gifts and contracts. A spokeswoman for the department, Angela Morabito, said DeVos "is grateful for the support of these members of Congress as we continue our work to hold institutions accountable for accurately reporting their foreign gifts and contracts." Morabito added, "American students and taxpayers deserve transparency from schools that receive funding from foreign countries and individuals or their agents. This work is especially important because we know some institutions solicit and accept large s INSIDE NAVAJO NATION LAWSUITS - INFORMATION FOR THE BIG PICTURE OF LEGAL ACTIVITY INVOLVING NN Civil Litigation in Navajo Courts,_Tribal_Litigation_CLE.pdf Navajo Housing Authority - waste, corruption, etc. WMI Central (2017/02/17) Navajo Nation responds to issues of waste, corruption with Navajo Housing Authority By Trudy Balcom The Independent https //www wmicentral com/news/apache_county/navajo-nation-responds-to-issues-of-waste-corruption- with-navajo/article_73e98c6b-745f-5a0a-951e-9b06e9824af0.html Excerpt: The people of the Navajo Nation have been struggling with a lack of adequate housing for many years while the Navajo Housing Authority has been sitting on top of a large pile of cash. That’s one of the findings of a recent investigative series published by the Arizona Republic. Now, the Navajo Nation is looking for ways to reform the agency that has been tasked with a challenging job and has suffered under mismanagement and corruption. Lawsuits against Navajo Nation Coal News Maven Appeals Court says env. groups cannot sue Navajo Nation over coal mine nation-over-coal-mine--XgsK2XZzEy0dV3uocUHAw/ Updates 2020/11/18 several insertions, organizational editing; 2020/11/16-17 Page Started Navajo Nation Lawsuits Big Problem for USA Several articles on this page are derived from an earlier NOTES section Navajo Issues in the Farmington area Several articles: some Navajo Nation lawsuits; separate topics - one dated in 2010, the other in 2016. The 2010 one shows a brief history of Navajo-white relations and issues. The 2016 one shows Navajo tribal political corruption.
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