Also see Greek Terrorism LINKS LIST https //www fbi gov/investigate/terrorism https //www journalofdemocracy org/articles/fighting-terrorism-the-democracy-advantage/ AAt4yR4?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp does-not-regret-murders.html ements 4173-a0dc-77a9c276aa4b/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d8a1c3ce2893 4173-a0dc-77a9c276aa4b/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d8a1c3ce2893 BOOKS Huffington Post: Ten books about Terrorism that are not stereotyptes Global Terrorism: Potentials of world terrorism (2003) Ramesh Chandra Inside Terrorism (2006) Bruce Hoffman How Terrorism Ends (2009) Audrey Kurth Cronin ORGANIZATIONS FIGHTING TERRORISM OR DISCUSSING IDEAS ABOUT WHAT IT IS AND HOW TO FIGHT IT Combating Terrorism Center CTC welcomes new director JANUARY 28, 2021 The CTC is very pleased to announce that LTC Sean Morrow has joined the Center as its new Director. Sean was selected two and a half years ago to replace LTC(R) Bryan Price as part of a planned transition in military leadership of the Center. However, before assuming the position,... Journal of Democracy https //www journalofdemocracy org/articles/fighting-terrorism-the-democracy-advantage/ FBI on Terrorism https //www fbi gov/investigate/terrorism TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS - LIST US Department of State Wikipedia 5 Deadliest 15 Most Dangerous Thoughtco Tracking Terrorism NATIONALIST OR COMMUNIST TERRORISM PFLP Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Secular/Marxist/Leninist revolutionary leftist organization founded in 1967 DFLP PFLP CG IRAN Hezbollah Iranian Security Forces AAt4yR4?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp EUROPE PBS How Europe left itself open to terrorism Italy Wikipedia: The Red Brigades Italy: The Red Brigades (Italian: Brigate Rosse often abbreviated BR) was a left-wing[1] paramilitary organization, based in Italy, responsible for numerous violent incidents, including assassinations, kidnapping and robberies during the so-called "Years of Lead".The Red Brigades were founded in August 1970, mostly by former members of the Communist Youth movement who had been expelled from the parent party for extremist views.[43] The largest terrorist group in Italy, its aim was to overthrow the government and replace it with a communist system.[44]…Models for the Red Brigades included the Latin American urban guerrilla movements. The group was influenced by volumes on the Tupamaros published by Feltrinelli, "a sort of do-it-yourself manual for the early Red Brigades", and the Italian partisan movement of 1943–45, which was interpreted as an example of a youthful minority using violent means for just end… New York Times 1988 Greece Won’t Extradite Italian France Related: Action Directe - France Telegraph: Terrorist group Action Directe founder 'does not regret murders' (2008) does-not-regret-murders.html EXCERPTED LINKS STASI, EAST GERMANY (GDR) RELATED TO TERRORISM Washington Post 1990/10/14 East Germany’s Dirty Secret. By Lally Weymouth 2ae1-4173-a0dc-77a9c276aa4b/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d8a1c3ce2893 The defector, who insisted on anonymity, described a GDR that has been a haven for terrorists of all kinds. "Carlos" (Illich Ramirez Sanchez), an international terror chieftain, was welcomed to East Berlin, as were George Habash, head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; Abu Nidal, the ultra- radical Palestinian, and Abu Daoud, who organized the massacre of the Israeli Olympic team at Munich in 1972. Yasser Arafat, the PLO leader, was a frequent visitor. In East German training camps, terrorists and would-be terrorists were taught sabotage and related arts -- some of the "students" were Sandinistas, others were Chilean "dissidents." 2ae1-4173-a0dc-77a9c276aa4b/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d8a1c3ce2893 SINGAPORE Jemaah Islamiya a clandestine organization that has cells in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Eight of them had gone to al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan for training that included use of AK-47s and mortars and study of military tactics, they said, and the group's leader in Singapore, Ibrahim Maidin, underwent military training in Afghanistan in 1993. Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines: Two of the 15 people who were arrested were released, but ordered not to contact any terrorist organization for the next two years. They had donated money to religious organizations involved with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines, where they had visited a training camp, but were not members of Jemaah Al Qaeda -Singapore Plots: Jemaah Islamiya What is Jemaah Islamiya? Jemaah Islamiah is a Southeast Asian militant extremist Islamist terror group dedicated to the establishment of a Daulah Islamiyah in Southeast Asia Possible Australia link to Jemaah Islamiya - Halal (a few Australians involved in Fat Leonard) Plot: Afghan related organization called Jemaah Islamiya in Singapore: Plot against Navy in January 2002, very shortly after 9/11: The plot, these sources say, included plans to attack U.S. Navy ships, sailors and the nightspots they frequent. The 17,000 Americans living in Singapore and other expatriates were also among the targets. People: Ibrahim Maidin, underwent military training in Afghanistan in 1993. Mohamed Khalim bin Jaffar, Mohamed Elias. What was under surveillance by the terrorists: the Embassy and Australia came up in Fat Leonard The group also carried out surveillance of the U.S. Embassy, the Australian High Commission, the Israeli Embassy and commercial buildings housing U.S. companies in conjunction with a group from outside Singapore Three terrorist cells: Authorities said three cells were involved in planning attacks: First cell: One was to target a shuttle bus service used by U.S. personnel in Singapore, and Singapore official said a videotape made by its leader, Mohamed Khalim bin Jaffar, was found in the rubble of an al-Qaeda leader's house in Afghanistan. For unknown reasons, the plan was not carried out. Under a second plan, U.S. Navy vessels northeast of Singapore between Changi and Pulau Tekong may have been targeted for bombing. Khalim's possessions included a map that showed observation posts in Singapore and Johor and a "kill zone" in the channel between Changi and Pulau Tekong. Authorities said he had a list of more than 200 U.S. companies in Singapore, two tampered Singapore passports, 15 forged Malaysian and Philippines immigration stamps, night-vision binoculars and papers describing how to make bombs. Second cell: The second cell obtained photographs in April 2000 of Paya Lebar Air Base and the U.S. planes there as a potential target. The pictures were found among bin Jaffar's possessions. The group also carried out surveillance of the U.S. Embassy, the Australian High Commission, the Israeli Embassy and commercial buildings housing U.S. companies in conjunction with a group from outside Singapore, two members of which told the cell they had stockpiled four tons of ammonium nitrate in Malaysia and needed 17 more. Mohamed Elias, a 29-year-old manager, tried to make the purchase but was arrested by Singapore authorities before he could do so. Third cell: Authorities said a third cell formed after last September's terror attacks in the United States. They observed targets that included U.S. companies, but stopped when they heard other suspects had been arrested by Singapore authorities. Earlier plots discovered as early as Dec. 2001 Wikipedia Singapore embassies attack plot The Singapore embassies attack plot was a plan in 2001 by Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) to bomb the diplomatic missions and attack personnel of the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Israel based in Singapore. There were also several other targets. The plot was uncovered in December 2001 and as many as 15 people were arrested in Singapore within a month. Further investigation and intelligence prompted the detention of another 26 persons from 2002 to 2005. As of 2006, 37 of them were still being detained without trial, under the Internal Security Act. Four had been released on restriction orders. 2003 and beyond: TPP, Australia, etc.: Free Trade Agreement (Singapore and related issues involving free trade agreements) corruption-and-promote-democracy/ them the%20TPP%20(Final).pdf s Earlier Pre-9/11 Environment (Singapore-USA) Singapore Window: Lee's memoirs reveal covert aid to Khmer Rouge (10/02/2000) http //www singapore-window org/sw00/001002sc htm Excerpt: South China Morning Post AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE in Phnom Penh: CAMBODIA'S genocidal Khmer Rouge and allied non-communist insurgents received massive sums of largely covert aid from China, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in the 1980s, according to Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew.As much as US$1.3 billion was spent supporting rebel groups fighting Vietnamese and allied Cambodian forces after Hanoi's invasion of Cambodia, which toppled the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979. "Our representative on the Thai-Malaysian- Singaporean-US group that met in Bangkok to co-ordinate our programme estimated that the United States dispensed a total of about US$150 million in covert aid to the non-communist groups," the former Singapore leader said in his recently published memoirs. http //www singapore-window org/sw00/001002sc htm 1988: Hendrickson Affair 2006 (est) - Current: Fat Leonard Case 2015: Asian Summit/Obama Wikipedia https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Singapore%E2%80%93United_States_relations 2015 Asian Summit - Obama Bilateral relations Hendrickson Affair (1988) Free Trade Agreement (2003) Visa Waiver Country Military Relations: Singapore has long standing military relations with the United States. The United States sells arms to Singapore and provides access to its bases to train the Singaporean armed services outside of their small city- state.[14] Under the US-Singapore Strategic Framework Agreement, some US Navy littoral combat ships are to rotationally deployed to Singapore.[15 https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Singapore%E2%80%93United_States_relations Some sources listed on this wikipedia page: Crossette, Barbara. (1988-05-08), "Singapore Asks Removal of U.S. Envoy", The New York Times, retrieved 2010-03-03 Brabenec, James. (2010-11-24), "Singaporeans get HIMARS qualified.",, retrieved 2011-03-17 Tomkins, Damien. (8 June 2011), "US Reaffirms Asia Role", The Diplomat, retrieved 2011-09-05 "Singaporean student numbers at US varsities hit 10-year high". Retrieved 11 February 2012. "Channel Newsasia". Retrieved 11 February 2012. Ambassador CHAN Heng Chee, Washington, D.C.: Singapore Embassy, retrieved 2010-03-12 Kirk Wagar. retrieved 2016-12-16 Bittersweet farewell for US ambassador to Singapore Kirk Wagar, hours before Trump's inauguration. MSN. 2017-01- McFarland reportedly offered Singapore ambassador post. The Hill. 2017-04-01. Retrieved 2014-04-10. Straits Times: The hidden journey of a Singapore JI detainee. By Shefali Rekhi, Assistant Foreign Editor (04/07/2013) Excerpt: What is it that turns an individual to terrorism? And how difficult is it to get them to return to a life of normalcy? The life stories of those who take this journey and return offers insights…The training was to prepare JI members to be operationally ready to overthrow the regional governments and establish a Daulah Islamiyah based on Syariah. Related Navy Corruption Robert C. Martinage, acting undersecretary of the Navy….and others Stripes: Navy civilian’s affair uncovered during contracting probe Washington Post: Navy’s second ranking civilian resigns amid criminal investigation. By Craig Whitlock. (2014) Excerpt: In that case, three senior Navy intelligence officials who reported to Martinage are under investigation for an alleged contracting scheme that charged the military $1.6 million for homemade silencers that cost only $8,000 to manufacture, court records show. Involves Mark S. Landersman mechanic (brother of one of the Navy intelligence officials under scrutiny) and others. investigation/2014/01/15/9305ece2-7df8-11e3-93c1-0e888170b723_story.html?utm_term=.a7aad05e9f64 Tailhook Wikipedia: Tailhook Scandal: Macho culture which belittles women New York Times: Revisiting the Military’s Tailhook Scandal. Michael Winerip. (05/13/2013) Related Issues: Old Vietnam material, Cambodia - Khmer Rouge; Corporation Corruption Other Parts of Military Other Corporations - Military contractors (supplies, technology, ships and human intervention/protection services) General Dynamics Corp Watch: General Dynamics Corporation Blackwater, the questionable use of private military contractors Brookings dot edu: Peter Singer - The Dark Truth About Blackwater (10/02/2007) Excerpt: When we evaluate the facts, the use of private military contractors appears to have harmed, rather than helped, the counterinsurgency efforts of the U.S. mission in Iraq, going against our best doctrine and undermining critical efforts of our troops. Even worse, the government can no longer carry out one of its most basic core missions: to fight and win the nation’s wars. Instead, the massive outsourcing of military operations has created a dependency on private firms like Blackwater that has given rise to dangerous vulnerabilities….Our dependency on military contractors shows all the signs of the last downward spirals of an addiction. If we judge by what has happened in Iraq, when it comes to counterinsurgency and the use of private military contractors, the U.S. has locked its national security into a vicious cycle. It can’t win with them, but can’t go to war without them. Later articles added 2020 Updates: 2021/07/20 some editing of excessive bold; 2021/02/24 This page likely was moved from Rivergold dot net in the past few months, along with a 9/11 section. It’s currently not one of the most organized or best thought out pages on the website. There are far more terrorist incidents and terrorist groups than listed here. The main point behind having this section is that in dealing with police activities, drugs, cartels, narcoterrorism, urban terrorism and more, there are often multiple points of intersection. Some of the most dangerous groups inside and outside the United States include those linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Saudi Arabia-oil and gas continuum, as well as the old and new OPEC and derivatives continuum. It can be argued that Biden and Harris are part of the corruption continuum that has plagued the Democrat Party for decades.
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