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DISCUSSION - THE CONNECTION BETWEEN MILITARY AND POLICE This section covers veterans, but also political arenas which can and do impact their viability and safety. The veterans, active duty military and related systems continue to have an enduring association with our policing systems. Many veterans enter some kind of policing or security related occupation after retiring from the military, many of these with combat duty experience and higher level technical and diverse life skills knowledge. Whereas not all police officers have served in the military or vice versa, we need to acknowledge that there is often an interconnection between the two worlds. Related Issues Some issues plaguing military veterans also impact police and national security agents: PTSD, job related injuries, violence and retaliation from various groups, including anti-American and organized crime operations both abroad and in the United States. To consider are the long years spent by military people in Middle Eastern operations, some with repeat assignments to the same country. With extended exposure to various Middle Eastern cultures, lines of what is truly American and what is not can become blurred. People can lose touch with what is truly American. Some can go to the other side. They can wind up cynical. Others can develop bad habits of looking the other way at things like war zone cruelty, mass shootings, rapes, illicit drug sales and more. In addition, some can experience a variety of things the government has suppressed, making avenues to responsive healing difficult. Some of this might be hidden warfare from Islamic extremists from within our camps, or from takeovers of them. This sort of thing can be brought back to our policing systems both as police people but also in terms of the crimes they have to deal with when veterans go on the blink and shoot themselves or others. It is likely some of these violent erratic behaviors have far deeper roots than the government is letting us know. In the meantime our veterans and society suffer. Whatever is going on, the truth must get out. The longterm contact and joint ops can open the door to anti-American operatives and games. For example, on the surface, we can be working together over there. The idea is to have coalition forces including persons of the native Middle Eastern countries bent on ousting Islamic extremist criminals. Unfortunately, once our doors are opened, we can let Dracula in - tricky agents and power mongers. Tyrannical people who are supposed to be on our side, but instead are continuing their agendas under our umbrella. This means they can do terrible things, or pull our people in with them, and we will get the bad wrap. The power trip in this case is to slowly weasel in the notion that Americans are less endowed than they are and need to take the second row seat. Iran is likely doing this as we speak in so-called joint efforts with the USA; these can include Soviet antics, with much of the military operations beyond the radar of the general American public. So pay close attention to the most newly developing Iran-American interactions with Iran trying to supersede Americanism with a mixed Iran-Communist strain while old Iranian contingencies and the USA battles still continue elsewhere. One of the key signs after the invasion of Iraq was the almost overnight infusion of Iranian power mongers over the border into Iraq as well as leaders already there who took over the newly developing government, fought our efforts at true democracy and carried out severe civil warfare with Sunnis. The hatred between Sunnis and Shiites overcame our efforts to civilize Iraq and now we are paying for it through new insidious trends with Iran. We need to understand that Iran is highly sophisticated, continues to have large sums of money and technology poured into it, has underground stuff going on with the USA and has both an old Russian Communist connection as well as a North Korean one. All of this impacts our policing and various security systems both here in the USA and abroad, because if we don’t know what to look for, we will miss it. That is, we still have to fight old games but there are new ones afoot, and sadly much of it is because our own countrymen are playing second fiddle to Iran. In the middle of war, those Middle Eastern groups pretending to be working with Americans can influence them in ways not normally be found in most operations sponsored by the USA. One reason for this is that these persons have been through tough times since birth and can often be more street and world-wise than many (but most certainly not all) of the young Americans sent abroad. Our people might not be adequately trained and prepared to deal with either the aggressive war zones nor with people from other cultures. On the other hand, there are many brave and honorable people from other countries in these war zones, people to learn from. Many of them truly want their countries to stop being hell holes run by tyrants. However, on the down side, some of the complaints coming in from several of our American veterans and their families is that some nasty policies might have been in effect over there which leaned toward Middle Eastern biases. It is suggested that this insidious trend in war zones might have put some of our personnel at tremendous risk with unnecessary injuries and lost lives. We must allow thorough investigations into these horrors; it must not be lost in the mud throwing about a so- called racist religious right projected by those who don’t want the truth to get out. People have a right to ask whether Islamic extremism is interfering with our operations, messing with our heads, destroying our integrity and killing our people. We must understand the deep-seated psyops that can be involved in these matters which prevent real analysis. The maturing process for former Trump supporters is this fact. Will they step up to the plate and evolve? So often it is sex and relationships which sour the well; this fact is as old as humankind and won’t go away overnight. But we have to have some frank discussions about what happens when people sleep with the enemy. When it is our sons and daughters receiving the bullet in the back, it’s too late to suddenly start asking these deeper questions. We have to get real about how our society has been changed by hidden antics from elusive, shadowy and overly casual behaviors. It is difficult to have American soldiers and policing persons in our midst who have become overly sympathetic to tyrannical regimes. Overly sympathetic to the racial tendencies of their partners, they may have a tendency to pooh-pooh how bad it is on the other side. Connections to cartels and international extremists through the bedroom make for slippery trails. There can become confusion about an American’s very worth, whether it is alright to be American. Media with anti-American agendas can repeat over and over that Americans are weak, mistaken, abusive, dishonest and corrupt. Trump is the fall guy for putting in something worse than Obama after he leaves or is ousted. Make no mistake: Obama had Islamic connections through his Black Panthers background and his strange upbringing overseas and in Hawaii. Obama was not sincere in his connection to the United States and its interests. He had other agendas. To some, he was cool, collected, intelligent and together compared to pasty old scatter-brained and hollow-mouthed Trumpsky. However, a lot of the bad imagery about him has been given an infinite twist by the corrupt media; as bad as he already was and is, he is being made far worse by those frothing at the bit to put in another anti-American type. Trump has done us a tremendous amount of damage and should never have been put in there in the first place, but he is being used to put in something much worse after he is gone. The truth is Obama should have been put through as much investigation with real pressure applied to be taken out of office. He was quiet and stealthy, got away with more with that comparatively oily reserve of his. He hid far more than we might ever know. And we had eight miserable years with that shadowy president. We Americans need to pull together and make sure the next American president is truly an American supporter with no hidden agendas. Americans deserve better than this. We need someone educated, smart, high energy, alert and watchful, plain spoken and direct, truthful and real….and pragmatic. It would be wise if he has a background in political and military science and will select a cabinet truly knowledgeable in key global areas. We need to stop the big business link to presidencies; that’s awful. We don’t want governmental leaders running personal business through the Oval Office. Everyone who goes into our government needs a full blown background check. No president or others entering the highest levels of government should bypass this. We need an old-fashioned strictness to our approach in these matters. We need media who will support good old fashioned common sense with a bare-bones realism and keep religion out of it all. We might need to set up some new forms of media - private media - and of course non-government sponsored. We must take back our right to real information without all the hooks and hype linked to multi-funded giants. All of our major media is funded by extremely profitable conglomerates. What can we do to stop this and protect ourselves? It is likely some truth gets to us - it’s not all flawed, and not all journalists are lying to us. Some of the articles reflect the real world, but it is really hard to tell what the heck is going on when their jobs depend on such huge corporations. What a sad thing our news has descended to this level. You can find a little bit on “alternative news” on River Gold ( The subject is huge and deserves a lot more attention than that, but it’s a start. The idea here is to always question your news sources. Many news sources are listed on these sites to try to help flesh out their pitfalls and patterns or tendencies as well as to hopefully get at something real in the news about the topics at hand. We need to respect those Americans who refuse to falter in this political mess, reminding ourselves of those who are doing their best. We must notice and respect those in the United States who do in fact do their jobs right and increasingly well, who are strong, good, intelligent, competent and worthy. On the other hand, hard working and brave members of the media overseas can and often do bring back very important insights into the war zones; many have put their lives in peril time and again and must be considered part of the brave American presence overseas. We need a balance in determining when media is for or against us, in other words, in terms of fake news and anti-American agendas on the one hand and real world facts, no matter how grisly and poor a mirror to our true presence over there. We can only operate most effectively from the truth, not sugar-coated lies designed to be happy news or anti-American trickery. On the other hand, there is a time to not tell all to protect our military people and their operations. We could get people killed if we don’t control the media in special cases. It is understandable when we must be elusive and careful in certain key situations. However, once the operation is over, it is vital to tell the truth about it. By protecting our policing systems at home, we protect our military persons overseas. In an atmosphere of strength and vitality, active and retired military people will be better protected and served. When we are sane at home, we are more grounded and anchored for our fights overseas. We also have a better handle on taking care of our veterans once they are home-side. We cannot take care of them with all of their special needs over long periods of time, matching our promises to them, if we are not keeping our act together. We must not permit low grade presidential groups to handle the complex needs of our nation. updates: 2019/05/31 some editing and additions
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