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Cults-2 Soka Gakkai
IN THIS SECTION     Cults-1 - Introduction     Cults-2 Soka Gakkai (here)     Cults-3 Subud     Cults-4 Hare Krishna     Cults-5a Other Religious Cults - Mormons, Adventists, Jehovah, Dominionism, Quiverfull, etc  Cults-5b   Other Religious Cults, cont - Catholics - Catholic Sexual Abuse, Offshoots     Other Cults-6:  Scientology, Monarch/MKULTRA (See also Notes - Islam/Danny Pearl Case  on Mariane Pearl on River Gold dot net) ARTICLES OR WEBSITES Forbes 2004/09/06   Sensei's World: Soka Gakkai, a strikingly wealthy Japanese sect, tries again for U.S. glory with a splendid new campus. Daisaku Ikeda’s unaccountable empire can thank lax treatment of the nonprofit world.  By Benjamin Fulford David Whelan https //www forbes com/forbes/2004/0906/126 html Excerpt:  Soka Gakkai (literally, “value-creating society”) brings in, conservatively, $1.5 billion a year to the top line, according to our best estimates of its membership, its tithing demands and its commercial activities. Most of that revenue is collected in Japan, where the sect sells its flock funeral plots, assorted religious paraphernalia and a newspaper (5.5 million subscribers). The group’s far-flung international assets include estates in France and the U.K. In gilded Santa Monica, Calif. a Soka-owned office high- rise and auditorium sit across Wilshire Boulevard from each other, near the town’s beach. In the nearby hills a Soka affiliate holds the King Gillette Ranch– which was used for footage of “Tara” in the film Gone with the Wind. A thousand spiritual centers worldwide include a site worth $6 million near New York City’s Union Square. https //www forbes com/forbes/2004/0906/126 html Save the Manatee CONSUMER BUDDHISM: NSA, PATRIOTISM, AND AMERICA.  By Harry S. Pariser http //www savethemanatee com/Articles/nsas html Excerpt:   Japan, Soka Gakkai is at the forefront what is termed Shinko Shukyo or "Newly Created Religions." Springing out of the spiritual chaos following the Second World War, these movements (others include Seicho no Ie, PL Kyodan, and Tenri Kyo) have bloomed like plum blossoms in February, supplying new spiritual fabric to patch over the gaping rent that the Emperor's old clothes had once covered. Some of these movements (such as Tenri Kyo) have their roots in the 19th C. Others--like Soka Gakkai--represent the resurgence of a pre-World War movement based on an ancient sect. Founded in the 1930s by Makeguchi Tsunesaburo--a teacher from Hokkaido who combined his own eclectic philosophy with his fervency for Nichiren Shoshu, Soka Gakkai became a mass movement only in the 1950s when membership, under its very authoritarian and intolerant President Toda Josei, leaped from a few thousand to 750,000 from 1951-57. Evangelism, called "shakubuku" ("break and subdue") was seen as a duty as well as conferring a spiritual blessing. The recruitment methods practiced by members--which allegedly included insolence, intolerance, coercion, intimidation, blackmail, and terrorism-- although gaining the organization infamy with the public at large, were nevertheless extraordinarily effective. Its fanatical image has softened since the accession of Ikeda Daisaku to the presidency in 1960. A smoothie from way back, the highly charismatic Ikeda has managed to tone down the organization's image while formalizing Komeito, the sect's political party and revising the religion for export. Founded in 1964, Komeito ("Clean Government Party") has technically been a separate entity since 1970 when Soka Gakkai was censured for attempting to supress a book critical of the organization. As the third largest political party within Japan's conservative politcal structure, Komeito has joined up with the Japan Socialist Party's right wing and the anti-Communist Democratic Socialist Party to form the central pillar of the Sha-Ko-Min opposition. The party's avowed aim is to establish a "Buddhist Democracy" or a "parliamentary democracy in which every individual has been awakened to the principles of Buddhism." It goes almost without saying that this awakening involves conversion to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism (or "True Buddhism") and renunciation of all other "heretical Buddhisms" as well as every other religion on the planet. https //www forbes com/forbes/2004/0906/126 html [extracted from  internet 09/08/2017] Reddit - SGI Whistleblowers - blog area"Soka Gakkai is turning into an invincible terrorist group in Japan" (self.sgiwhistleblowers) https://www.reddit.com/r/sgiwhistleblowers/comments/3y196s/soka_gakkai_is_turning_into_an_invincible/ Blog excerpt:  submitted 1 year ago (apparently 09/2016) by BlancheFromage.  I just ran across this, and I'm going to copy it here, in all its Engrish glory - it's from Aug. 30, 2011: Soka Gakkai is a mastermind of gang stalking.  Soka Gakkai and Japanese Yakuza have become a source of funding al-Qaeda.  Soka Gakkai has assets of 10 trillion yen.  Soka Gakkai Honorary President Daisaku Ikeda has a 1 trillion yen in personal assets.  Obama last month, made ​​the financial sanctions to the Mafia.  Are also included in the Japanese yakuza.  Japan's biggest yakuza is yamaguchi-gumi.  Soka Gakkai adheres to Yamaguchi-gumi.  Soka Gakkai and Yamaguchi-gumi are killing a lot of people in Japan.  Soka Gakkai and Yamaguchi-gumi are existence like Mexican Mafia.  Soka Gakkai has infiltrated the politician, the mass communication, and the police organization.  Therefore, the police do not arrest Soka Gakkai, and the mass communication doesn't criticize them either.  (I've heard from other sources that, due to the Soka Gakkai's huge subscription numbers and influence money, the mainstream media won't print anything negative about the Soka Gakkai. The tabloids do, but Soka Gakkai has proven just as litigious as Scientology, and Soka Gakkai has the deep pockets to bury a tabloid. - Blanche)  Soka Gakkai is turning into an invincibility terrorist group in Japan.  The Self Defense Forces are military forces in Japan.  Airborne Brigade that is the elite force of the Self Defense Forces has been taken over by Soka Gakkai.  It is not only the Self Defense Forces that taken over by Soka Gakkai.  There is a believer of Soka Gakkai in an important post of Japanese organization such as the public office, the hospitals, and the schools anywhere.  Soka Gakkai is sending the spy to all the organizations like Stasi in the East Germany.  It shadows when we criticize Soka Gakkai even once, and it is erased socially.  Bullying and annoying are received at the company and the school when Soka Gakkai is criticized, and it is driven in to the retirement and the truancy.  It is a cause. there are a lot of suicides and neet in Japan.  Gang stalker's true colors is Soka Gakkai and yakuza in Japan. Soka Gakkai has the branch all over the world.  There are a lot of believers of Soka Gakkai also in the United States and Britain.  Soka Gakkai in the United States also does the stalking as much as Soka Gakkai in Japan.  Soka Gakkai might not be able to purchase the police and the mass communication in the United States.  And, it might be easy to fight with the gang stalker in the United States.  When the gang stalker in the United States is defeated, I also want the victim in Japan to help it please.  There is a reason why Soka Gakkai had entered the elite force of the Self Defense Forces.  The reason for Soka Gakkai is that the whole revolution is framed, and the elite force of the Self Defense Forces should be made a dysfunction for that.  I have been working near the Airborne Brigade base in Narashino. The family of the soldier of Airborne Brigade was working at my office.  The stalking was done in the office, and the office was driven out to me.  Even if I still change my job to which office, I encounter annoying. The line of my home has been inadvertently tapped until recently. It is difficult for me to change job any further in Japan. I want help.  It's from what appears to be a white-trash meetup site, and since the poster of the above is apparently from Funabashi, Japan, I can only imagine how the above ended up with the rest (whining about fat-ass country neighbors and pit bulls and somebody's goat got eaten by dogs I'm not kidding). https://www.reddit.com/r/sgiwhistleblowers/comments/3y196s/soka_gakkai_is_turning_into_an_invincible/ [link applied 09/08/2017] Updates: 2020/12/20 Cults/Soka Gakkai page started, moved from River Gold dot net today.  Previous updates on River Gold dot net for Soka Gakkai: Updates:  09/08/2017 Page started after looking into Mariane Pearl and finding her connection to Soka Gakkai