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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NURSES-WW2 Buffalo Wallow dot com Excerpt:Nurses-WW2 Facts About Army Nurses in World War II Did you know the following about the service of nurses in World War II? In World War II over 57,000 nurses would serve across both European and Pacific theatres. The U.S. government covered all educational expenses for student nurses between 1943 and 1948. Nurses received 1,619 medals, citations, and commendations during the war, reflecting their great courage and dedication. 67 World War II nurses served time as prisoners of war. Overall, 201 nurses died while serving in the U.S. Army during the War. 16 nurses were killed during World War II as a result of enemy action. These included 6 nurses who died at Anzio, 6 who died when the Hospital Ship Comfort was attacked by a Japanese suicide plane, and 4 flight nurses who were shot down. Thirteen other flight nurses died in weather-related crashes while on duty. Defense dot gov Former Army nurse 100 recalls WW2 experiences/ E-ANCA dot org Reenactment Group - Living History Army Nurse Corps WW2 dot com: Re-enactment in Poland and Czech Republic Excerpt: The Army Nurse Corps z. s. is a reenactment group consisting of young women, who share an interest in the history and culture of the United States of the 1940s and World War II. Our main topic of interest are American Army nurses. The Army Nurse Corps has been an official part of the US Army since 1901. Our task is to authentically represent the appearance, uniforms and equipment of nurses and the conditions prevailing in American medical installations during WWII. Through collecting, travelling and contact with veterans we try to recreate historical realities as faithfully as possible. We take care of details such as hair, makeup and personal items. We want to show that ladies like us, over 70 years ago, had to deal with much worse conditions, while working with the awareness that the lives of hundreds of soldiers are in their hands. At present, we are the only organized and all-female reenacting group portraying the Army Nurse Corps in Poland and the Czech Republic. Our activities are based on participation in historical reenactments in Poland, Czechia and abroad, organization of static display and lectures, as well as cooperation with historical institutions and those promoting American culture. We are open to new collaborations. Input/Help Email dated 9/24/2022: The scanned envelope on your page shows the name of the unit where Norma served - 103rd Evacuation Hospital. And indeed, she is listed among the personnel (see the attached map). We also know from the map exactly where she was stationed: 20 July 1944 - 9 August 1944: Carentan, France 10 August 1944 - 17 August 1944: Yvré-l'Évêque, France 17 August 1944 - 27 August 1944: Saint-Gervais-du-Perron, France 29 August 1944 - 12 September 1944: Normée, France 12 September 1944 - 18 September 1944: Germay, France 18 September 1944 - 24 September 1944: Saint-Remimont, France 24 September 1944 - 15 October 1944: Châtel-sur-Moselle, France 15 October 1944 - 21 December 1944: Briey, France 21 December 1944 - 26 January 1945: Longuyon, France 3 February 1945 - 22 February 1945: Baccarat, France 6 March 1945 - 31 March 1945: Bergheim, Germany 10 April 1945 - 20 April 1945: Göttingen, Germany 26 April 1945 - V-E Day: Zeulenroda, Germany I found some clippings about other nurses from this unit. It seems that after V-E Day, the hospital moved to Austria, where it took care of prisoners from liberated concentration camps. I'm still trying to find some information about Norma. Emi Weiss Association President Army Nurse Corps z. s. 103rd Evacuation Hospital Map . 103rd Evacuation Hospital Map Closeup Standard Speaker July 21, 1945 The Paxton Record May 31, 1945 Austria Prison Reports are True Sentinel Nov 19 1945 Army dot mil Army nurses played key role in WW2 [ “…historian shared of First Army nurses wading onto Omaha Beach.”] Excerpt:Over the years, I’ve seen hundreds of photos of our brave troops fighting their way onto the beaches of Normandy, that First Army-led operation that changed the fate of the free world. But last month, as we paused within our headquarters to acknowledge Women’s History Month, I was blown away by images our historian shared of First Army nurses wading onto Omaha Beach. The women of the Army Nurses Corps – our historic block-A patch clearly visible on their left shoulders – pushed their way through the surf, weighed down with medical supplies and equipment, en route to set up the 51st Field Hospital. …In the Hollywood movies and newsreels we see, the heroes of World War II tend to be men. We call them the Greatest Generation and know some of them by name: Dick Winters, Audie Murphy, Francis Currey. But the unsung patriots of the First Army Nurses Corps should be added to that list: Lois Grant, Madalyn Andreko, Josephine Jennis, along with dozens more. At First Army, we often say we stand on the shoulders of giants. Some of those are certainly the courageous nurses who “Earned the A” in the Second World War. RED CROSS WW2 Red Cross shows up in various Orian-connected letters See also Wynn-4 Nurse Corps History Learning Site Excerpt: The Red Cross played a very important role in World War Two with the help they gave to prisoners of war. The Red Cross worked within the confines that war puts on it – that the belligerent powers will allow the Red Cross to do its work. If warring nations do not allow this to happen, then the Red Cross can do little. War History Online Perhaps linked to this which includes a discussion on Mauthausen: In March 1945, permission was given for Red Cross delegates to visit the death camps, but on a condition to stay there until the end of the war. Ten delegates volunteered. They visited Dachau, Mauthausen, and Theresienstadt. Louis Haefliger, one of the delegates, prevented the forceful eviction or blasting of Mauthausen-Gusen by alerting American troops, thereby saving the lives of about 60,000 inmates. Even though this was a direct violation of the ICRC neutrality claim, it was a human thing to do. But, he was condemned by the ICRC and rehabilitated only in 1990, when his reputation was restored by the then-president of the Committee, Cornelio Sommaruga. Genealogy Jude WW2 Prisoner of War Records from the Archives of the Red Cross Updates: 2022/10/20 editing; 2022/10/03 Red Cross material added; Austria and Nurse Corps newspaper clips edited; 2022/10/02 Emi Weiss/Nurse Corps; 2022/10/01-PAGE STARTED-Wynn-4 Nurse Corps; Red Cross-WW2; *
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