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INPUT: News Clips selected for key topics, political leader statements. Some opinions are provided. Last month: Backlog Feb. 2023 Mar 23b, 2023 Repeated support for Bensman’s book Bensman, Todd. Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History . Bombardier Books. Kindle Edition. [PF note: I still very strongly encourage all concerned Americans to read this book; - Please be sure to check Chapters 11-12: A United Nations of Mass Migration and Terrorists in the Wire. I am still reading it, having progressed to a little past half of book] Mar 23a, 2023 “The Group” Below (a few comment sections back in March) is a letter to DFPI discussing The Group as linked to Capital One and their debt collector/attorney. This concept also applies to New Mexico’s overall provincial aspect as it interconnects with The Group on a national and global level. The provincial state-wide government ties in with local cultural and racial power elements, like old-time ethnic Hispanics in Silver City (ie, Western New Mexico University (WNMU) and its policing ties) and Navajos in Farmington and Gallup. The intertwined networks see The Group as a funding, job, political leadership and communications power hub - and also a Marxist-style rebellion operating to topple the United State. The Group is linked to the Democrat Party, although not all Democrats realize fully what is going on. Mar 18b, 2023 Unfair and bad treatment of J6 prisoners Headline USA 2022/06/16 J6 Political Prisoners Speak Out about Conditions in DC Gulag 'I destroyed a part of me and signed a paper full of exaggerations, lies and more importantly a narrative that fits what they want... 'By Tony Sifert Fox 2023/03 Tucker Interview - Julie Kelly on J6 prisoners Mar 18a, Mar 21 (revised letter) 2023 Concerns about Capital One credit card services and Nelson and Kennard, their wealthy attorney group/debt collector agency - likely members of the Chinese-leftist-RGI complex - Capital One was one of horrifically numerous companies that donated to Black Lives Matter or related entities See also on this website: Companies 8-Credit Card--b-Cap One OPINION/DISCLOSURE My opinion: Paying Capital One is like asking someone to attack oneself and the legitimate American system. Disclosure: I decided to stop paying Capital One on two credit cards because of this. I strongly feel Capital One is one of the corporate bad guys working in unison with other corporations to exploit American money for anti- American warfare. They have sent N & K on me. I very strongly support American red states pushing back against the monopolizing effect of woke culture such as is demonstrated by Capital One and other corporations. The next step after each state’s self-protective legislation is each citizen stepping up to the plate by refusing to feed the monster that attacks us. Making these against-the-grain decisions is similar to the decision to not to take the COVID 19 vaccine. I did take the vaccine, but support fellow Americans’ right not to. I also strongly suspect Walmart-Capital One collusion in giving a credit card debtor jobs using a fake background check company that is only a mere extension of both. I feel it could be linked to Hispanic or black store managers who have ties to Mexico or California gangs and who are in on the gig. Added signs could be hyper-vigilance surveillance of the employee and a desire to keep the employee on-site and buying Walmart food products during all breaks. Abbreviations RGI = Race Grievance Industry DEI = Diversity Equity Inclusion N&K = Nelson and Kennard Capital One’s DEI Approach signifies an RGI, Marxist and Chinese Link Capital One website 2020/06/04 Capital One's Pledge to Social Justice for Black Communities Committing $10 million and establishing a dollar-for-dollar associate gift matching program Black lives matter. Today, Capital One is announcing an initial pledge of $10 million to organizations advancing the cause of social justice for Black communities. This pledge builds on our recent commitment of $50 million to support long- standing non-profit partners struggling to pursue their core missions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, including many organizations dedicated to meeting the most pressing needs of the Black community. Washington Post 2021 Corporate America’s $50 billion Promise Attorney Website shows consumer complaints and various litigious activity against N&K 9[PF Note: This is for educational and awareness raising purposes, not to advertise this particular or any lawfirm.] Lemberg Law Excerpt: Nelson & Kennard (N&K) is a law firm based in Northern California that specializes in third-party debt collection. N&K has received consumer complaints alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) such as failure to verify debts and attempting to collect debts not owed. If you have been contacted by N&K, make sure you understand your rights before responding. Nelson & Kennard or N&K is a debt collection agency, which receives a lot of consumer complaints to our law firm for debt harassment. In December 2016, a complainant indicated that Nelson & Kennard had taken all of his money from both his checking and savings accounts, leaving him with zero balances, apparently without having sent notifications of judgement or writs of garnishment. Capital One has a link to Walmart [italics and quotation marks added] 2019/09/17 Capital One and Walmart “Reimagine” Retail Credit Card Program https //www capitalone com/about/newsroom/press-release-walmart/ DFPI Department of Financial Protection and Innovation Consumer Services Office 2101 Arena Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95834 About the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation: The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) regulates a variety of financial services, products, transactions, and professionals. For more information about the industries and the financial services and products regulated by the DFPI, please visit and Email to DFPI-California: ( - 3/18/23 DFPI ASK_DFPI I am getting letters from Nelson and Kennard (referred to here as N&K) over two credit card debts linked to Capital One. On their letters they indicate they have a California DFPI License Pending. I have looked into this and have determined it means their license is on hold for things like background checks and other processual completion. It is vital that DFPI is working to the best of its ability on those background checks, doing as thorough a job as possible. The reason for this is it is too easy for dishonest, aggressive or downright dangerous people to get into debt collection, and they can do the public a lot of harm. In addition, if these companies and those they hire have mafia-like connections and agendas which range into political, ideological and racial agendas, they can behave in a particularly pointed adversarial manner against the public from whom they are attempting to collect debts. I am thus reporting a concern regarding what seems to be possible extraordinary secret practices of N&K to go after debtors while it is a debt collector for Capital One credit card services. I suspect they are surveilling debtors in an unusually invasive manner, possibly using a network of like-minded and unethical people in local areas. In my opinion, this possible surveillance behavior effectively operates as a gangstalking network referred here as a group. The participants in these networks are likely politically, racially and ideologically connected. I suspect this orientation is linked back to Capital One, the main company they are doing debt collection work for. It is hard for a member of the public to identify who all N&K uses to spy on a debtor, but the first to come to mind of course would be the local state N&K attorney in New Mexico on their letter at the top of the page where various of their attorneys from many states are listed. However, that attorney is in Albuquerque, three hours away from where I live. It then seems possible yet other people associated with or working for N&K are involved, including unlisted N&K or yet other attorneys in the local area of Farmington, law enforcement, criminals or students paid off to do surveillance, people in like-minded civil rights organizations (like the ACLU, Chicano or Native American associations), or someone else. N&K has a bad reputation with the public and among defense attorneys for having a history of ruthless debt collection approaches. Some concerns are their affiliates bad-mouth their debtors behind their backs. The behavior is usually done in such a way to get locals to go along with it [their debt collection surveillance]. If any of this is true, several to many Americans could be victims of N&K's secretive and particularly abusive surveillance and public interference tactics. I feel it includes watching people come and go from their residence, watching them get their mail (with secret camera filming showing in particular the person did get their recently sent N&K mail). I feel it includes communication with the local post office with those who are part of the group. It also includes watching them around town in terms of where they go and watching what they purchase, even at the local grocery store. It also involves communication with banks with an eye on pouncing illegally on someone's bank account funds without properly going through a civil court and getting a judgment first, and that this communication also involves the group. I also feel they connect with private mail companies like UPS and that this communication, and again also involves the group. In short, I feel these networks include like-minded people in the local police departments, post office, private mail companies like UPS, one's bank, and perhaps even the FBI in such a way the communicaiton, surveillance, monitoring and revelation of private information of the debtor. That is, I feel these networks constitute a political, racial and ideological framework used as a mafia or mafia-like enterprise to target people who owe them money, but also to exact a particularly pernicious form of targeting against people with different political views. That is, the targeting is worse against those not of the same race or political and ideological orientation. The targeting is mostly over money, but the additional issues are akin to the social justice and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) issues we members of the American public have seen promoted by China and various leftist and racially driven groups (I refer to these as members of the Race Grievance Industry). The advertising and approach have been very apparent on Capital One websites. They indicate they have donated large sums of money to groups that sponsor these ideas and approaches. It seems likely N&K are part of an overall mafia-like group linking itself with Capital One and various other entities which share mutual support and funding. I feel that legitimately operating security agents and local detectives should self-evaluate whether members of their local, county and state policing departments as well as federal agencies are going too far in cooperating with corporate-driven collection agencies and, by extension, companies like Capital One. If they are, it would act as an almost seamless space, one that creates an illegal form of collusion between big business and governmentally endowed policing and national security. Local police and FBI groups need to understand they do not work for these big corporations, and it is not their job to act as an extension of companies in such a way it unfairly targets the American public. They don't work for Capital One or Nelson and Kennard, nor do they work for China or any one US political party like the Democrats. It is not their job to go the extra mile in exacting a Capital One or Nelson and Kennard style of extrajudicial rendering on the American public because someone owes Capital One money. Americans should seriously question whether a large, highly well-funded outfit like N&K, which apparently works from a California-style framework out of that state but is nearly ubiquitous in the sense it also has offices in many states across the country, should be doing debt collection work while its DFPI License is still only pending. The American public has a right to know that background checks have been properly done on the debt collectors they use in California and in our respective local areas before they set out to engage with the public. If they are using extended personnel of various affiliation level and capacity as I think they are, then these to should also have been thoroughly checked out before doing debt collection activity of any sort, including surveillance and the wide array of possible communication scenarios suggested here. The American public also has a right to full disclosure if [Nelson and Kennard persons] have been cooperating with local police and the United States Post Office, or anyone else, as a form of invasive and secretive surveillance of debtors. High level surveillance of debtors of this sort goes well beyond the scope of private party work. I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Capital One and by N&K and their like-minded mafia-like groups are acting illegally in their extraordinary surveillance tactics of Americans, particularly those who are racially, politically and/or ideologically at odds with them. Companies with large amounts of money at their disposal like Capital One and N&K can do the public a lot of damage. It is vital that DFPI thoroughly check out debt collectors like N&K out before they are let loose on the largely unaware and vulnerable public. I feel N&K is predatory in their debt collection practices while using an otherwise legitimate-looking paper trail That is, on the surface, they try to appear like they are following protocols, but under the surface, they are using mafia- like tacts against people who owe them money. They are interfering with the person's whole life in a strange, hard to identify manner that is best referred to as "gangstalking." Again, I suspect they use like-minded people in the area for overly aggressive and invasive surveillance, gossip and interference that goes way beyond mere private party debt collection activities. It is vital that DFPI starts looking into these kinds of extraordinary debt collection practices and do everything it can to expose it and put it through the criminal justice system with an eye on punishing these abusive groups. No one in the United States who owes a company money should be suffering from a mafia or mafia-like targeting. This type of targeting is representative of what occurs in authoritarian countries, like those of the now defunct East Germany and its Stasi, and also in China, Saudi Arabia and various other countries. China has no right to use its approaches for excessive monitoring and control in the United States even if it currently has ties to the finance companies like Capital One. Chinese and Stasi-like practices should not be allowed to occur here in the United States. Although I don't have proof of what I am telling you, I have the ongoing feeling of being watched and monitored by these groups. I don't feel any company that targets Americans in this way should be financially rewarded or supported in any way. I feel these tactics are a form of warfare against the American people and a legitimately operating American democratic system. Please have DFPI do a thorough and very real investigation into Nelson and Kennard and don't allow them to continue to debt collect with their DFPI license pending. I suspect people convince themselves it is just delayed paperwork and red tape, but in fact the American public deserves better than this. In short, I feel Capital One and Nelson and Kennard are the bad guys. By way of summary, Capital One has a bad reputation for high interest rates and predatory lending tactics which target low income people. Over the years, repeated litigation against them occurred for overly aggressive collection tactics. The general trend at Capital One for a long time has been to service Americans from overseas call centers, mostly in India and the Philippines. This fact involving other companies who also do that has generated many American complaints and dissatisfaction. This use of foreign call centers in and of itself is not in the best interest of the American public because it exposes American private information to potentially adverserial groups around the world - to the employees themselves and over data that is surreptiously sold to others outside of the company. Capital One, then, creates an unpleasant call service and risky business environment for the American public. Beyond this, Capital One has been seen to operate like Big Brother. That is, it cooperates with other large business corporations in such a way it seems likely they are all workinq together in a negative manner. This combined approach - like Social Justice and DEI -create a monopolistic effect which is frankly sinister feeling and is likely dangerous. Although Capital One and N&K's approaches after much litigation appear to have evolved to now create a paper trail to show proper efforts at collecting a debt, it seems likely something additional is going on behind the scenes in their debt collection practices in a way it does not show up on paper. Beyond this, who Capital One chooses to handle their debt collections work tells people the old aggressive collections tactics are still afoot, but have become more secretive. There is a long list of complaints from the American public about N&K's abusive practices. Without proper oversight from agencies like DFPI, these companies act like a mafia organization with likely political, racial and ideological agendas. In this way, it is not just about debt collection, but likely involve covert attacks against the American in addition to the drive for money. To help put a stop to this, local police forces and federal agents around the country need to be advised not to create a seamless line of continuity with private debt collection composites like Capital One/Nelson and Kennard. It is not their job to help these large, well-connected (possibly even with China) and well-financed companies target Americans for private debt collection concerns. of damage. It is vital that DFPI thoroughly check debt collectors like Nelson and Kennard out before they are let loose on the largely unaware and vulnerable public. Mar 16, 2023 Inside Edition 2023/03/16 Bryan Kohberger Investigation: Is This the Murder Weapon Used to Kill University of Idaho Students? Mar 12, 2023 Kohberger, Moscow, Idaho Campus Area Murders Significant Developments: Numerous warrants served to various large companies-Amazon, American Express, Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, Banner, Door Dash… Fox via MSN Idaho murders: Kohberger court filings show where warrants were served, including Tinder, DoorDash, Reddit Story by Chris Eberhart • Yesterday 8:48 AM include-tinder-doordash-reddit served-including-tinder-doordash-reddit/ar-AA18v33Z Mar 11b, 2023 PF Note: I strongly recommend the book listed below; I have started reading it in past two days: 2023/02/21 Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History. By Todd Bensman (also available as ebook) Mar 11a, 2023 I recommend supporting legislation and policing activity targeting cartel spotters. A recent example, this might not be the only one on key cartel activity abetting types and might not be most current: o 2022/07/22 Tillis Co-Sponsors Legislation Targeting Cartel Spotters and Increasing Penalties for Anyone Abetting Illegal Activity on Southern Border o penalties-for-anyone-abetting-illegal-activity-on-southern-b Sodexo (public school and college food services, etc.) seems to me to have cartel activity in upper management in at least Cottonwood, Arizona; if an Anglo makes one of them mad, they seem to me to be targeting the person around town, including in the medical centers and some of the mechanics businesses Mar 10b, 2023 Material from American Military News, CNN, Fox-Carlson, Heavy, NY Post Fox 2023/03/08 Tucker Carlson: Police officer [Tarik Khalid Johnson] reveals how [Capitol] force was unprepared for Jan 6 https //www youtube com/watch?v=rMmF-_iIQcA [Yoganda Pitman did not respond to security seeking direction and permission-rewarded-UC Berkely, Social Justice type Tarik Johnson treated unfairly Tucker: The government hid this from you about Jan 6 https //www youtube com/watch?v=Vs-il4uS5mM Heavy NY Post 2023/03/06 Capitol cops say they couldnt get physical with rioters as new Qanon video reveals hands-off approach https //nypost com/2023/03/06/capitol-cops-say-they-couldnt-get-physical-with-rioters-as-new-qanon- shaman-video-reveals-hands-off-approach/ Excerpt: In contrast to the running battles between cops and rioters supporting President Donald Trump outside the Capitol building, clips aired Monday show Chansley — clad in his eye-catching horned fur headdress with red, white and blue face paint and holding an American flag and a bullhorn — leisurely strolling through the building, hardly being challenged or acknowledged by police. At times, Chansley walked alone in the hallways on the Senate side of the Capitol, occasionally pausing to look at his phone. In September 2021, Chansley pleaded guilty to one count of obstructing an official proceeding and was sentenced to 41 months in prison that November. https //nypost com/2023/03/06/capitol-cops-say-they-couldnt-get-physical-with-rioters-as-new-qanon- shaman-video-reveals-hands-off-approach/ Viewpoint of Riot as Resurrection and attack on Republic: CNN 2023/03/06 footage/index.html Excerpt: Carlson, who used the footage in an attempt to downplay the violence and defend the pro-Trump mob, claimed he had Capitol Police review the footage before airing it. WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 06: Pro-Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol following a rally with President Donald Trump on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. Trump supporters gathered in the nation's capital today to protest the ratification of President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College victory over President Trump in the 2020 election. Analysis: Tucker Carlson, with help from Kevin McCarthy, tries to sanitize the very real violence of the January 6 attack “We do take security seriously, so before airing any of this video we checked first with the Capitol Police,” Carlson said. “We’re happy to say their reservations were minor and for the most part they were reasonable. In the end, the only change that we made was in blurring the details of a single interior door in the Capitol building.” Multiple sources on Capitol Hill, however, told CNN that Carlson’s show provided only one clip to review and not the others. Pipe Bombs 2021/01/29 Pipe bombs found near Capitol on January 6 were placed the night before, FBI says By David Shortell, CNN https //www cnn com/2021/01/29/politics/washington-pipe-bombs-dnc-rnc/index.html Excerpt: CNN was first to report Wednesday that the bombs were eight inches long and made of galvanized steel, according to a law enforcement official. They had been rigged to egg timers and filled with an explosive powder, the official said. Investigators have been scrutinizing the remains of the devices at the FBI lab in Virginia and urging the public to submit information, concerned that the bomber could still be at work. The bombs were discovered within minutes of each other around 1 p.m. ET on January 6, just around the time that a mob of angry supporters of President Donald Trump descended on the building after a nearby rally with the President, according to an account the acting chief of the US Capitol gave to lawmakers Tuesday and the FBI poster. CBS 2021/03/04 Pipe bombs near capitol national explosives American Military News 2023/03/10 Video: People are asking why Jan. 6 cops walked ‘QAnon Shaman’ through Capitol. Justin Cooper Excerpt: Capitol Police officers have testified at Jan. 6 trials that protesters faced little resistance in the building because officers felt outnumbered and feared provoking violence, as reported by CNN. through-capitol/ Mar 10a 2023 Clarification of “peaceful and tourist-like” as applied here on Jan 6 Riots. Most of the violence that could have been actuated was not: CBS 2023/03/08 Republicans push back on Tucker Carlson's claims about Jan. 6 assault: "Just a lie". BY MELISSA QUINN About 140 officers were assaulted on Jan. 6, and many suffered injuries including head wounds, cracked ribs and smashed spinal disks as a result of the violence. While Carlson described the rioters as "sightseers" who were not destroying the Capitol but "revere" it, a number wielded weapons like Tasers, tomahawk axes, crowbars, flagpoles, baseball bats, chemical sprays and fire extinguishers, according to court filings. During a June hearing of the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack, a top Secret Service official listed weapons found on attendees outside Trump's Jan. 6 rally at the Ellipse. They included knives, pistols, rifles and spears on the end of flag poles, according to Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. These arguments distract from the fact the really, really bad guys took over when Biden moved in. Trump is no saint, but Biden and Harris are worse. Also, the concern here is not that Trump lost, nor that there was a steal of votes or an election that would have otherwise favored Trump, but that there is a steal of Americanism and a legitimately operating American government. Mar 9, 2023 Certainty Level 10/10: YES, it is really happening! I have said it before: Amazon is linked to the Chinese-Marxist-RGI Complex, which includes spies and operatives locally, largely through the shipping companies and the post office. Stasi-like, includes Navajos (Native Americans) and Hispanics in Farmington, New Mexico and mostly Hispanics in Santee, California, but is in many places. Mar 8, 2023 Unfortunately, Carlson’s approach only fed into the Chinese-Democrat-Marxist-Race Grievance Industry (RGI)Complex. Most of the major news groups are corrupt in providing that side of the story. The counter-narrative Carlson used denigrated honest Republicans and all Americans who have a right to the full truth, not a Carlson truth and not a Democrat-Chinese Complex truth. It could be Carlson had something to do with some of the entry attempts or break-ins, but not all of is. Part of Carlson’s problem is he possibly was resenful of being given the responsibility of the video footage - and work load - to check things out appropriately. He might have consorted with China or other groups to see if there was a way to make money off the footage. He has an issue with coming in all the way for the American people because of defiance, a bruised ego, and other loyalties. He also had that Dominion lawsuit on his back. He could have been someone to break the ice over the Democrat-Chinese Complex control games, but it seems he could not make himself step up to the plate. Part of it could be Carlson was trying to protect the feelings of some people, and in this regard I feel his sincerity. Also almost any alternative view to the uni-media is welcome, and Carlson does shake some stuff in this way. Most of the attackers of Carlson shown in the “news” are unquestionably black or Jewish - that should tell us something right there. For example, Schumer brings up the Holocaust at intervals and has indicated border protectionists are racist, and blacks bring up the “n” word and slavery. The so-called Republicans most vocal against him include those with questionable backgrounds and approaches. d The truth is, it does seem that most of the people around and entering the building that day were indeed peaceful and like tourists, like Carlson sug; however this downplays the violence which not plentiful, packed a punch. We need to know what happened and who was behind it in an old-school American news journalism way - not in a Democrat-Chinese Complex nor Carlson way. What we are hearing about the violence is slanted on both sides and leaves too many unanswered questions. Banana Republic, Kangaroo Court, sinister fake leaders in the White House and Congress, too many Americans thinking the Democrat Party is in the know and right so operating legitimately. The ‘Qanon Shaman’ might have been meant as a distraction, as an eye-catcher. Mar 7, 2023 7:50 am mst; A. Fox-Carlson Tonight. B. Verdict A. Fox News 2023/03/07 Tucker Carlson releases exclusive Jan. 6 footage, says politicians, media lied about Sicknick, 'QAnon Shaman' 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' was the first to look at over 40,000 hours of surveillance footage from the Capitol Building on Jan 6 By Joseph A. Wulfsohn | Fox News about-sicknick-qanon-shaman Video Clips #1 Tucker: Tape we reviewed shows Jan. 6 was neither an 'insurrection,' nor 'deadly': Fox News host Tucker Carlson says Democrats used Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick’s death for their political agenda on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #2 Capitol police officers were seen escorting Jacob Chansley, a Navy veteran widely referred to in the liberal media as the "QAnon Shaman," around the building without incident. Carlson reported that officers were seen showing Chansley around, even trying to open locked doors for him. At one point, at least nine police officers were seen in close proximity to Chansley, and none of them slowed him down, as Carlson noted. Chansley was later arrested and federally charged for "knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds." He was sentenced to nearly four years in prison. #3 The second batch of footage addressed the widely promoted narrative by Democrats and the media that the events of Jan. 6 was a "deadly insurrection," often citing the death of police officers, most of whom who died by suicide after the riot, while others died of natural causes. Only one person, an Air Force veteran and Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer. #4 Carlson also refuted the viral footage singling out Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., who the House Select Committee claimed "fled" from the mob in a cowardly manner when in reality the full footage shows he was among several lawmakers who were rushed away from the Capitol by police with him on the tail end of the group. "The clip was propaganda, not evidence," Carlson said. B. Verdict [clip starts at approx. 9:00-to get past ads] 2022/01/14 Who Is Ray Epps? | Ep. 104. Verdict with Ted Cruz Excerpt: With one simple question, Senator Ted Cruz sets the internet on fire—Who is Ray Epps? Now, the Senator joins Michael Knowles and Liz Wheeler to ponder the answer to this and several subsequent questions. What was the FBI’s involvement in January 6th? Why are they stonewalling the Republican’s inquiries? And because a hard day’s work is never done, Biden and his band of hooligans continue to fight against the Senator on Nord Stream 2 and the filibuster. Mar 6, 2023 Cartel Activity - List Mar 5b, 2023 My suspicion is that cartels are among Santee (southern CA) PD and border protection agents nearby in San Diego County. I feel cartels are behind takeovers of Santee’s infrastructure. I feel part of the problem among policing types in that area are: race, sympathy for immigrants, male chauvinism and ethno-religionism. To catch them, oversight from non-Hispanic, non-liberal Democrat types are needed. A special team is needed, one regularly checked for drug usage, and whose background checks do not show affiliation to Black Lives Matter, Chicano organizations or far left LGBTq. I have spoken with three at Santee PD, two males and one female and written letter(s) to CBP in that region. The vibe is collusion with border smuggling tunnel ops and working a Hispanic power movement in the area. One of the males offered to help me over a difficult family matter; however, I felt something might be off. Mar 5a, 2023 Fox q13 2023/03/04 Bryan Kohberger lawyer blasts 'grotesquely twisted' media coverage of stabbing that killed 4 Idaho students. By Michael Ruiz that-killed-4-idaho-students In court filings made public Friday, Jay Weston Logsdon, writing for Taylor's office, argued that the media group's efforts are without merit. "What the media really seeks here is a procedural victory, knowing full well it cannot win on the merits of any test, given the pervasive and grotesquely twisted nature of media coverage that has occurred thus far," he wrote. Mar 2a, 2023 Kohberger Important Update (Bryan Kohberger-Idaho Campus Area Murders) 2023/01/07 Bree[someone from high school he was friends with]: I think a lot of people who were close to him are feeling this massive amount of guilt … "Why didn't I see it? Did I miss something? … Where did it go wrong? Buzz Feed News via MSN 2023/03/02 More Unsealed Search Warrants Reveal Authorities Found A Knife, A Gun, And Criminology Books At Bryan Kohberger's Parents' House When He Was Arrested. Story by Anna Betts • 3h ago home-of-suspect-in-university-of-idaho-murders/ar-AA188K76 Law and Crime via MSN Unsealed warrants reveal what was found in car and Pennsylvania home of suspect in University of Idaho murders Story by Jerry Lambe • 4h ago. Unsealed warrants reveal what was found in car and Pennsylvania home of suspect in University of Idaho murders gun-and-criminology-books-at-bryan-kohbergers-parents-house-when-he-was-arrested/ar-AA188YuF Mar 2b, 2023 [PF Note: illegal immigrants being given access to vote should be studied; my instinct at this point without further analysis is that we should exert martial law against the American arena initiators; however, a dark planner could be spurring a civil war deliberately. DEPORT DON’T TRANSPORT] The Federalist 2023/02/10 House Republicans Block DC Law That Would Allow Illegal Residents To Vote. BY: VICTORIA MARSHALL vote/ Mar 1c, 2023 Remembering Fox News has run with wolves 2005 Old article should be remembered Saudi Billionaire Boasts of Manipulating Fox News Coverage by Accuracy In Media on December 7, 2005 2015 Saudi Prince Invests Millions Into Twitter | Fox News WebDec 8, 2015 · DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his investment company said Monday they are investing a combined $300 million into 2017 And this later: Saudi Prince Alwaleed Dumped $15B of Murdoch’s Fox … WebNov 9, 2017 2023 Teller Report For tycoon Murdoch and Fox News, the Trump camp was … WebFeb 18, 2023 · Fox News , lies and claims challenging the election of Democrat Joe Biden were rampant. These revelations are taken from the large file of the defamation lawsuit … Mar 1b, 2023 Earlier Jan 6 footage FREEDOM NEWS TV - NATIONAL REEL: The Capitol Siege - January 6th - RAW FOOTAGE 33,675 views Premiered Jan 18, 2021 Raw footage from January 6th 2021 in Washington DC, Donald Trump's rally, march to the Capitol and the Capitol Riots. Mar 1a, 2023 Watch for legislators who on one hand seem to fight illegal immigration and support border protection but are doing additional other things that are more part of the problem than the solution. An example is seeking $25 billion to build a border fence complex including security and perhaps linked human infrastructure. Such an inclusion to what otherwise seems legitimate legislation is a red flag something is off. First, it is an indication the legislators are not who they say they are. If Republican, they might be cross-overs. If Democrat, they might be making apparent concessions while secretly waving foreigners in across the border. Second watch for money games designed to use American funds for primarily Hispanics and foreigners, like jobs and materials building that fence, or putting them in border security positions. Another is to drain American coiffures, but doing it while helping a certain sector, such as the example here. Third, look for certain affiliations between spouses of legislators. ------------
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*We often use the term democracy in its broadest sense here on this website, meaning democratic, freedom loving, not controlled by dictators, protections against corruption, and legal systems meant to protect most of the people most of the time. It also includes an effort at a true sense of balance and fair play.
Above Photo: 1919 approx. Border Patrol History - Early Air/Cavalry 12th Aero Squadron Dayton-Wright DH-4 flying liaison with US Cavalry on United States/Mexico border patrol https //en wikipedia org/wiki- United_States_Army_Border_Air_Patrol