-smart alack, a lot of defiance, it is like: you want us out, we will push YOU out; one-upmanship (competitive vendettas)
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INPUT: News Clips selected for key topics, political leader statements. Some opinions are provided. This website takes the view that the source of problems can be either, neither, both or several. Recent months 2024: May Apr Mar Feb Jan 2023: Dec Nov Oct Sept Aug July June May April March OPERATION LONE STAR: Texas Border Wall and Security (info and donations) https //www operationlonestar texas.gov/ Study Group information moved to its own page: go here; NOTES Study Bensman-Overrun here 2024 June 16 Happy Father’s Day; Chinese Immigrant Security Risk-CIS/Bensman CIS 2024/05/16 Testimony Security Risk: The Unprecedented Surge in Chinese Illegal Immigration. Security Risk: The Unprecedented Surge in Chinese Illegal Immigration House Homeland Security Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Accountability By Todd Bensman on May 16, 2024 https://cis.org/Testimony/Security-Risk- Unprecedented-Surge-Chinese-Illegal- Immigration June 14 PF Opinion PF Opinion Far left causing a banana republic that will wind up being an Iranian-style authoritarian government. Far right Hispanic and Latino Catholics on anti- abortion and male-first approaches also dangerous. New York Times
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Above Photo: 1919 approx. Border Patrol History - Early Air/Cavalry 12th Aero Squadron Dayton-Wright DH- 4 flying liaison with US Cavalry on United States/Mexico border patrol https //en wikipedia org/wiki- United States_Army_Border_Air_Patrol --------------- *We often use the term democracy in its broadest sense here on this website, meaning democratic, freedom loving, not controlled by dictators, protections against corruption, and legal systems meant to protect most of the people most of the time. It also includes an effort at a true sense of balance and fair play. Image Above: Early New Mexico territorial seal depicting larger American bald eagle wing arms outstretched over smaller Mexican eagle (See Seal, Coat of Arms information below) OPERATION RESTORE OLD FORT RETRIEVE TROUBLED AREAS TO US TERRITORY Stand Tall for the USA Nothin’ Like the Good Ol’ USA Old Coat of Arms and info https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ New_Mexico_Territory The Territory of New Mexico was an organized incorporated territory of the United States from September 9, 1850 until January 6, 1912. It was created from the U.S. provisional government of New Mexico, as a result of Nuevo México becoming part of the American frontier after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. It existed with varying boundaries until the territory was admitted to the Union as the U.S. state of New Mexico. This jurisdiction was an organized, incorporated territory of the US for nearly 62 years, the longest period of any territory in the contiguous United States. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ New_Mexico_Territory Seals, Coat of Arms On the Seal: Territorial symbols Illustrated coat of arms of the New Mexico Territory, published in State Arms of the Union in 1876 A coat of arms of New Mexico was adopted by the territorial legislature in 1887, formalizing an earlier design, introduced in the early 1860s, already used in the territory's great seal. The legislation, titled "An Act adopting and establishing the coat of arms and great seal of the territory", was approved by Governor Edmund G. Ross on February The coat of arms of the territory of New Mexico shall be the Mexican Eagle grasping a serpent in its beak, the cactus in its talons, shielded by the American eagle with outspread wings, and grasping arrows in its talons. The date MDCCCL [1850], under the eagles, and above that, on a scroll, the motto: Crescit Eundo. That the great seal of the territory have the coat of arms thereon, being the same seal now used by the secretary of the territory, and that the same be adopted and established as the official seal and coat of arms of the territory of New Mexico. The "American" bald eagle's outstretched wings over the smaller "Mexican" harpy eagle represents the territory's change of sovereignty. The territorial motto, Crescit eundo (Latin for 'It grows as it goes'), was later added to the seal. The same design was later adapted for use in the seal of the new state of New Mexico in 1913. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ New_Mexico_Territory
2024/06/13 What Exactly Did Justice Alito Say That Was Wrong? June 13, 2024 https://www.nytimes.com/2024/06/13/opinion/supreme-court-alito.html Justice Samuel Alito has been widely criticized this week for remarks he made to a self-described documentary filmmaker who on two occasions engaged him at social events, secretly taped him under false pretenses and released the recordings. What did he say that was wrong? Nothing. None of his remarks was improper for a judge to make. Furthermore, he did not even say anything especially controversial — or at least nothing that would be controversial in a less polarized moment. For those who have not heard the recording, here is what happened: Justice Alito assented to the filmmaker’s remark that the country is deeply polarized, and he said that given the depth of our disagreements over various issues and the inability to compromise on them, “one side or the other is going to win.” He stated that nevertheless “there can be a way of working, living together peacefully.” He said that “American citizens in general need to work on this” — that is, polarization. But he said that solving polarization is not something that the Supreme Court can do, because “we have a very defined role, and we need to do what we’re supposed to do.” He added: “That is way above us.” June 7 Hoodline 2024/06/07 TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL PAXTON ACCUSES BIDEN ADMINISTRATION OF UNDERMINING BORDER SECURITY IN FIFTH CIRCUIT COURT. By Matt Mitchell https://hoodline.com/2024/06/texas-attorney-general-paxton-accuses- biden-administration-of-undermining-border-security-in-fifth-circuit-court/ June 3 Hoodline 2024/05/31 Texas bolsters border-defenses-unveils-new-military-base-in- eagle-pass-as-part-of-operation-lone-star By John Martins https://hoodline.com/2024/05/texas-bolsters-border-defenses-unveils-new- military-base-in-eagle-pass-as-part-of-operation-lone-star/ June 1 PF Opinion-Trump PF Opinion: Last minute decision to vote for Trump - Why Devil’s Advocate Wild Card 1) Unfair Long-Term, Relentless Targeting of Trump: Massive far left, pro- minority, non-white (black, brown, mixed race) and also white (wealthy or economically strong white or mixed race white liberals) ganging up on Trump a) Suspected DNC dishonesty in secretly tweaking outcomes b) External influences: Chinese, Russian and Marxist Hispanics/Latinos; radical Muslims; Suspected extraordinary secret attacks as mind control/influencing, c) Two sets of legal/judicial practices: favoritism toward minorities and radical Muslims; Democrats in blue areas; Biden and his group have not received the same level of scrutiny for criminalistic and national security problems 2) Trump’s work on border security ------- May 3 American Coast Guard; EW Mycg Sept. 13, 2021 New division strengthens operational partnership with U.S. Navy . By Janki Patel, MyCG https://www.mycg.uscg.mil/News/Article/2765986/new-division- strengthens-operational-partnership-with-us-navy/ USNI 2018/02 Now Hear This - EW Remains At Bare Steerageway in Coast Guard. By Michael Milburn Proceedings Vol. 144/2/1,380 https://www.usni.org/magazines/proceedings/2018/february/now-hear-ew- remains-bare-steerageway-coast-guard#A%20Possible%20Way%20Forward Defense One 2024/05 Air Force adds two EW squadrons The new squadrons will focus on software capabilities and defending against spoofed signals. https //www.defenseone.com/defense-systems/2024/05/air-force-levels-ew- capabilities-new-squadrons/396266/ Aspistrategist 2016/08/24 Electronic warfare in the South China Sea |Brendan Thomas-Noone https://www.aspistrategist.org.au/electronic-warfare-south-china-sea/ -everyone says the same thing, it feels unnatural -Marxist revolt -Immigrant caravans -Word Choices and Gaslighting they act like U.S. border security is racism about racism, not wanting foreign trespassers is racism; border security is dated, silly, beneath them, misguided (see words “racist” and “cruel” below -they act like that the news on mass-scale immigration are lies - Rationale and Approaches -part of their problem is they have varying forms of fear
-a fear of being alone, having no one: “I have no one”; I have to go to extremes to protect my interests so I won’t be left alone and unsupported they feel bored or stale; they feel they have already gone too far and there is no redemption or hope;-part of it is they figure you don’t like them or their kind; it’s hard to admit they are wrong -competition with a target: jealousy, resentment, competition from a non-white toward a white; smart aleck, a lot of defiance, ego. It is like: you want us out, we will push YOU out; you say we are bad, we will say YOU are bad; one-upmanship (competitive vendettas) - “We are going to show you up”; cat calls, name-calling, derisive foul language, making fun of you -using shaming for two reasons: to actually shame for the issue in question, like to say white Americans having systemic racism; secondly, to poke at American moral compass and conscience and sense of exceptional loftiness as soft or weak -making a quirk or minor problem in a targeted person an exaggerated focal point; looking for dirt; suggesting someone is crazy, unstable, unfit for duty or for handling important things, dishonest. -trying to make you seem small, silly, small fry, not intelligent, dis-empowered, want you to lose face in public; trying to create self-doubt -wanting sexual attention from a white American citizen female as power, competition with white males, using subtle and overt cues, some of this seems to be coming in from gang culture, women trying to get tricks from women (female to female prostitution) -whites or American whites or Americans have it too easy -homosexual targeting: trying to get white males to become homosexual to destabilize America, weakening the nuclear family and American institutions that support national security; encouraging self-doubt and insecurity in white males -trying to turn whites (esp. white Americans) into puppets -using planned selfishness - “Do things for me” - going after American things, money, jobs and -even targeting people inside American families and the whole families themselves. It’s not a two-way street. They feel entitled -gaslighting the targeted person or targeted group -gangstalking, surround sound -resentment if you get help from your parents, they judge that, they want that for themselves, they try redirect toward themselves, they try to co -trying to upset someone until they pop or lose it; they are provocateurs; -trying to get you to go , using provocation, upsetting you until you “lose it”, deriving satisfaction in that - feeds ego - dark humor -psychological driving -it can be about Jesus in their minds, in their eyes, like don’t disrespect Jesus, don’t act lofty compared to Jesus, he died for your sins, the least you can do is show respect on his holy days, I am not doing it for me, I am doing it for Jesus, you should be like me, selfless for Jesus. There might have devotees in the public domain mindful of when you are not doing things right according to holiday etiquette respecting Jesus -they want to have the attention away from a white person; this includes sexual attention or showing who is in charge on the job -at least one immigrant is involved -no real dialogue, no two-way conversation with you -they might be miusng your own -if they don’t get their way, they might kill someone -at least one LGBTq, Native American, Hawaiian, black, Hispanic, Japanese is involved -Muslims around - like in yours or your family’s banks -Mexican or Latino or India nationals handle your health, car insurance, cell phone, internet -Mexican nationals move in next door or try to buy your house -you notice Hispanics and Middle Eastern groups are chummy in the area -summary of sexual stuff: gang culture in mainstream; machismo says you need sex, need a man, need to wear nice clothes, tries to control your eating habits, subtle signs of prostitution from work force job position to public from women toward women they figure might be non-feminine; US News 2024/04/23 Migrants Indicted in Texas Over Alleged Border Breach After Judge Dismissed Charges. A Texas grand jury has indicted more than 140 migrants on misdemeanor rioting charges over an alleged mass attempt to breach the U.S.-Mexico border. By Associated Press https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/texas/articles/2024-04-23/migrants-indicted-in-texas-over- alleged-border-breach-after-judge-dismissed-charges “On this Easter, let’s ponder [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, which has killed more than 20,000 women and children, and his restriction of humanitarian aid, which has pushed Palestinians to the brink of famine,” Merkley said in a three-post thread on X. Israel has disputed the number of women and children Hamas claims have been killed, saying it is lower, and has said it is doing everything possible to allow aid into Gaza. AUGUST 3, 2019, 5:44 AM Sen. Jeff Merkley quotes Anne Frank in criticism of US refugee policy Oregon Democrat draws parallel between Washington policies and experiences of World War II asylum seekers By JOSEFIN DOLSTEN 2015/08 Oregon’s Democratic senator Jeff Merkley on Sunday became the 31st senator to announce support for the Iran nuclear deal, as momentum builds behind the agreement the Obama administration and other world powers negotiated with Tehran. Miami Herald via MSN 2024/04/18 Secretary Mayorkas delivered speech at ‘Cuban Day’ event hosted at the White House.Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald Excerpt: A day after the U.S. Senate dismissed articles of impeachment against him, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas delivered remarks to Cuban Americans at the White House on Thursday afternoon at an event at which U.S. officials also discussed Cuba policy and migration. …Navy Secretary Carlos del Toro, who is also Cuban American, delivered remarks ahead of Mayorkas, according to the agenda provided by the White House. José Javier Rodríguez, a former Florida state lawmaker confirmed last month as an assistant secretary of the Department of Labor, almost three years after being nominated, delivered opening remarks. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/secretary-mayorkas-delivered-speech-at-cuban-day-event- hosted-at-the-white-house/ar-AA1nfo2r Task and Purpose 2024/04/08 Former Navy SEAL under fire for gunshot wound story used in campaign for Senate. Tim Sheehy told the Washington Post he lied about his gunshot wound to avoid prompting a military investigation. BY PATTY NIEBERG | PUBLISHED APR 8, 2024 5:19 PM EDT https://taskandpurpose.com/navy-seal-senate-gunshot-wound Montana Free Press 2023/12/04 Who was Tim Sheehy before he started running for Senate? Here’s what we know. Tim Sheehy’s youth, from a Minnesota lake house to the Navy SEALs. https://montanafreepress.org/2023/12/04/who-was-tim-sheehy-before-he-ran-for-senate/
*Wanton Violence Does Not Solve Life’s Problems*
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