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INPUT: News Clips selected for key topics, political leader statements. Some opinions are provided. This website takes the view that the source of problems can be either, neither, both or several. Recent months-2023: Oct Sept Aug July June May April March OPERATION LONE STAR: Texas Border Wall and Security (info and donations) https //www operationlonestar 2023 Dec 7 Deseret News via MSN 2023/12/06 Texas bill allowing officers to arrest migrants crossing the border illegally, including in churches and schools, awaits gov’s signature Story by Eva Terry allowing-officers-to-arrest-migrants-crossing- the-border-illegally-including-in-churches-and- schools-awaits-gov-s-signature/ar-AA1l75al Dec 6 Note: Bensman also discusses this problem in his book Overrun Dallas Morning News via Texas View- OAOA dot com 2023/12/06 Texas DPS needs to rein in high- speed chases through border towns THE POINT: New study showing rise in deaths and injuries should prompt policy review. view/texas-view-texas-dps-needs-to-rein-in- high-speed-chases-through-border-towns/ Excerpt: We don’t support the end goal of Human Rights Watch, which is to see Operation Lone Star abolished. Texas has a border crisis and the governor and law enforcement have been left to deal with the failure of the federal government to secure the border and pass meaningful immigration
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Above Photo: 1919 approx. Border Patrol History - Early Air/Cavalry 12th Aero Squadron Dayton-Wright DH- 4 flying liaison with US Cavalry on United States/Mexico border patrol https //en wikipedia org/wiki- United States_Army_Border_Air_Patrol --------------- *We often use the term democracy in its broadest sense here on this website, meaning democratic, freedom loving, not controlled by dictators, protections against corruption, and legal systems meant to protect most of the people most of the time. It also includes an effort at a true sense of balance and fair play. Image Above: Early New Mexico territorial seal depicting larger American bald eagle wing arms outstretched over smaller Mexican eagle (See Seal, Coat of Arms information below) OPERATION RESTORE OLD FORT RETRIEVE NEW MEXICO TO US TERRITORY Stand Tall for the USA Nothin’ Like the Good Ol’ USA Old Coat of Arms and info New_Mexico_Territory The Territory of New Mexico was an organized incorporated territory of the United States from September 9, 1850 until January 6, 1912. It was created from the U.S. provisional government of New Mexico, as a result of Nuevo México becoming part of the American frontier after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. It existed with varying boundaries until the territory was admitted to the Union as the U.S. state of New Mexico. This jurisdiction was an organized, incorporated territory of the US for nearly 62 years, the longest period of any territory in the contiguous United States. New_Mexico_Territory Seals, Coat of Arms On the Seal: Territorial symbols Illustrated coat of arms of the New Mexico Territory, published in State Arms of the Union in 1876 A coat of arms of New Mexico was adopted by the territorial legislature in 1887, formalizing an earlier design, introduced in the early 1860s, already used in the territory's great seal. The legislation, titled "An Act adopting and establishing the coat of arms and great seal of the territory", was approved by Governor Edmund G. Ross on February The coat of arms of the territory of New Mexico shall be the Mexican Eagle grasping a serpent in its beak, the cactus in its talons, shielded by the American eagle with outspread wings, and grasping arrows in its talons. The date MDCCCL [1850], under the eagles, and above that, on a scroll, the motto: Crescit Eundo. That the great seal of the territory have the coat of arms thereon, being the same seal now used by the secretary of the territory, and that the same be adopted and established as the official seal and coat of arms of the territory of New Mexico. The "American" bald eagle's outstretched wings over the smaller "Mexican" harpy eagle represents the territory's change of sovereignty. The territorial motto, Crescit eundo (Latin for 'It grows as it goes'), was later added to the seal. The same design was later adapted for use in the seal of the new state of New Mexico in 1913. New_Mexico_Territory
*Wanton Violence Does Not Solve Life’s Problems*
reform. [However, the writer(s) are encoura review of high speed chases through border towns involving law enforcement and criminals] Dec 5 The Texas Tribune via MSN 2023/12/04 Appeals court halts ruling that Border Patrol can legally cut Texas’ border concertina wire. Uriel Garcia /news/us/appeals-court-halts-ruling-that-border-patrol-can-legally-cut- texas-border-concertina-wire/ar-AA1l07f1 The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday temporarily halted a lower court order that gave Border Patrol agents legal cover to continue cutting concertina wire that Texas has installed on the banks of the Rio Grande. Dec 4 Benton County Republicans, cont. on Corvallis, Oregon city council meeting and approach City Council Meeting Tonight (Dec 4)! I have just received feedback from the City Recorder. They limit the public comments to 10 comments, and those slots have been filled. From the Recorder: "There is limited availability for drop-in community comment and it is first come, first served. To take advantage of this method, you can sign-up on sheet in the back of the meeting room or raise your hand on the virtual meeting platform." The deadline to register for oral testimony and to submit written comments or materials is 12:00 pm the day of the meeting so please do this now for tonight's meeting. Written materials for a specific meeting date must be submitted via email or via the public input form at Register with the City Recorder at the above email address or via telephone at 541-766-6729 X 5075 to orally testify via computer, telephone, or in-person. Each speaker is limited to three minutes unless otherwise granted by the Mayor. Agenda for tonight's meeting You may make your own statement or you may simply say, "I concur with the Resolution drafted by the Concerned Citizens for Israel group." RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF CORVALLIS, AFFIRMING SUPPORT AND SOLIDARITY WITH THE ISRAELI PEOPLE WHEREAS, the City of Corvallis stands in solidarity with the Israeli people who are currently facing a campaign against them of ethnic cleansing and attempted religious domination. Hamas demands that the Islam religion rule in the Middle East and wants complete liberation of Palestine, "from the river to the sea", (referring to the end of Jewish sovereignty in the region). They reject any prospect of peace, or coexistence with the state of Israel. (1,2) WHEREAS, ethnic cleansing refers to systematic elimination of an ethnic group or groups from a region or society, as by deportation, forced emigration, or genocide. WHEREAS, Israel has endured targeted bombing from the Palestinian region, causing them to build an iron dome and to form an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) for protection. WHEREAS, on October 7, 2023, Israel was attacked viciously by Hamas, who murdered at least 1200 innocent civilians, raped, beheaded babies, burned people alive, and abducted 240 hostages of all ages. (3) Hamas posted evidence of their brutality on Facebook. WHEREAS, Israel demands the return of the remaining 130 hostages still in Gaza. (3) WHEREAS, Israel dropped leaflets on parts of southern Gaza warning civilians to evacuate in an effort to prevent innocent bloodshed before they extract hostages and target the terrorists. (4) WHEREAS, IDF uncovered 800 Hamas tunnels that they had spent years and billions of dollars perfecting its underground tunnel network, with many routes leading into Israeli territory. (5) WHEREAS, the Al Shifa Hospital, the largest and most advanced medical facility in Gaza, has become a battleground as the IDF found Hamas headquarters hidden underneath. (6) WHEREAS, Israel is the United States' best friend and ally in the Middle East. Financial support therefore is determined by the Federal Government. WHEREAS, since October 7 anti-Semitic incidences in the US has increased 380% according to US-based advocacy groups. (7) NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Corvallis takes seriously the historical memory of the Nazi Germany holocaust perpetrated against the Jewish people in WW2. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Corvallis vows to combat antisemitism, Islamophobia, ethnic cleansing, and Nazism in all its forms; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Corvallis calls for the support of Israel's endeavor to retrieve her hostages and defend herself as a sovereign nation; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Corvallis supports Israel financially, morally, and ethically in her time of need. References:
1. Wilson Center, (2023, October 20) Doctrine of Hamas, 2. From the River to the Sea, (n.d.) In Wikipedia, 3. Sammy Westfall and Helier Cheung, (Updated 2023, December 2) Here are the hostages released by Hamas and those remaining in Gaza, The Washington Post, hostages-list-names-tracker-israel-gaza/ 4. Andrew Carey and Christian Edwards, (2023, November 16), Israel Drops Leaflets on Parts of Southern Gaza Suggesting Possible Expansion of Offensive Against Hamas, CNN, 5. Jerusalem Post Staff, (2023, December 3), IDF Uncovers 800 Hamas Tunnel Shafts Since Start of War, Destroys 500, The Jerusalem Post, 6. Olive Enokido-Lineham, Ben van der Merwe, Michelle Inez Simon, (2023) Israel-Hamas War; Secrets of Al Shifa Hospital, Sky News, 7. Tori Morales Pinales, (2023, October 29), How Reports of Hate Crimes in the US Were Already at Record Highs, in 4 Charts, CNN, Dec 2 Benton County Republicans Warning about Radical Group To Ask Corvallis City Council To Sign a Resolution To Stand With Palestinians-Corvallis, Oregon is near the Central Oregon Coast Benton County Republicans On October 7, 2023 Israel was brutally attacked by Hamas who savagely killed 1400 people, beheaded babies, brutally raped women, destroyed property, burned people alive in their homes, and then apprehended over 240 hostages--babies, children--young and old. There was even a report of a baby cooked in an oven as Hamas made the parents watch. The cruelty is so barbaric, that the Israeli people will never be the same. While the Israeli people are still trying to get their loved-ones home, tone-deaf people in our community are choosing not to stand with Israel, but instead celebrate their enemies and forbid Israel from defending herself and to use any means necessary to retrieve their family members. Why is the left and the West calling for a cease-fire when there has never been a possibility for peace between Israel and Palestine? The Wilson Center, a non-partisan think tank, reports of the Doctrine of Hamas: "Hamas is an Arabic acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement. It has called on members of the other two Abrahamic faiths—Judaism and Christianity—to accept Islamic rule in the Middle East. "It is the duty of the followers of other religions to stop disputing the sovereignty of Islam in this region, because the day these followers should take over there will be nothing but carnage, displacement and terror," it decreed. Hamas also rejected any prospect of peace or coexistence with the state of Israel. "Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors. The Palestinian people know better than to consent to having their future, rights and fate toyed with."" [...] Here is a statement from Corvallis Palestine Solidarity who is organizing anti-Israel/pro-Palestine events in Corvallis and is encouraging people to make public comments at the next City Council meeting: "During Israel's attacks on Gaza, we have organized funeral marches through the Corvallis Farmers Market, a mourning tent on the Oregon State University Quad, vigils and protests. We have collaborated with other Palestinian solidarity groups to host speakers and authors on tour through our region, worked in coordination with the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and partnered with allies in our local faith communities in hosting educational events and film screenings. We support the Palestinian people in their struggle for justice and human rights, and in their resistance to oppression and occupation, including their call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS). We welcome those who wish to join us." How would you feel about the Corvallis City Council signing a resolution on behalf of all Corvallis residents? Do you believe that local government and city leaders have the right and moral authority to make this decision, and deprive the tax-payer and community member from having their own opinion? Concerned citizens are encouraging solidarity with Israel, our ally and friend in the Middle-East. We are asking people to make a stand now to protect our local Jewish community. Even extreme left-wing CNN is reporting in support of Israel, and are warning about the uptick in anti-Semitism: "US-based advocacy groups are reporting a spike in hate incidents against Jewish and Muslim individuals amid the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas. The Anti-Defamation League said this week that since the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, anti-Semitic incidents in the US increased 388%, according to preliminary data. [...] Please make a public statement in support of the people of Israel at the next City Council meeting. Public speaking instructions are on the meeting agenda below. Thank you! Downtown Fire Station, 400 NW Harrison, Corvallis Mon. Dec. 4, 6:00 Nov 30 PF Opinion: Hamas’ attacks on Israeli are heinous crimes The Hamas attacks are excessive acts of barbarism, are unacceptable on all levels, and require not only the swift response by Israel and allies already actuated, but intense and high level focus, study, and organization. Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah have been dangerous for many years and only get worse, we have to really understand the enemy in order to effectively combat and stop it, Iran was attacking Americans in Iraq through its proxies for many years, as well, we could always figure if Americans in Iraq were abducted, they could experience barbaric acts of cruelty and likely death, Iran had provided the makings for or construction of road bombs that brutally killed Americans and many others, including fellow Iraqis, for many years, at least 30 Americans have died already in related battle zones, Israeli babies and children did not deserve to die the terrible deaths they experienced, the women did not deserve to be raped, Over 1000 Israelis killed in one attack is a slaughter Washington Examiner 2023/11/1-28 Its Obamas Middle East Mess. Sean Durns House lawmakers view footage of Hamas Oct. 7 attacks against Israel by Mike Brest, Defense Reporter November 14, 2023 attacks- Nov 29 PF Opinion: Christian Nationalism can cause national security problems It can be linked to Hispanic/Catholic authoritarianism with male gender and ethnic pride Possible unhealthy relationship with the idea of work, ideas of sin and shame, along with overly rigid and mean- spirited ideas of work, discipline and punishment, work becomes a bad taste in the mouth, this is an additional way open borders mentalities can happen, along with ethnically driven Marxism Millenialism can be linked to defeatist mentalities of certain kinds There can be ego and pomp and circumstance “in the name of Jesus”, along with defiance and wanting to take charge (like in the local post office) Catholics of all racial and ethnic backgrounds can cooperate across national as well as international lines Protestant, Catholic and Mormon anti-abortionists can work together in a conservative national movement, but actually driven by a secretive group with additional hidden agendas Marxism and ethnic Hispanic/Latino Catholicism can be linked in terms of infiltrations and corruption inside American CBP, ICE and local/state police Marxism, Hispanic/Latino ethnic and religious movements, Muslims can be cooperating in at least San Diego County, an example is American banks there, this can include open borders and and a brown power movement squeezing Anglos out of the job market Watch for cross-overs in these groups between Democrat and Republican parties Nov 28 CIS dot org 2023/11/28 Who Is ICE’s Newest Chief of Staff, and Will He Promote the Agency’s Mission? Or will he follow his fellow Biden appointees in abolishing ICE from within? Jon Feere Nov 24 List Resources; Jews Canaries in Coal Mine (Pay attention to their concerns about US national security) Brief List of Resources Recommended website Overrun by Todd Bensman (I first learned of it on John Guandolo’s website material on Radical Islam and Communism, I found Red Thread below is a newer addition that seems promising: Red Thread A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy by Diana West https // Thread.pdf?ver=1700581380261 Frank Gaffney’s Muslim Brotherhood video series City Journal dot org [I learned of this article from Oregon Union County GOP website) Spring 2021 The Child Soldiers of Portland: Public schools are training children to become race-conscious revolutionaries. Christopher F. Rufo https// the magazine's Education, The Social Order sections Of note: of Brazilian Marxist Paulo Freire Excerpt: City Journal Spring 2021 The Child Soldiers of Portland Public schools are training children to become race-conscious revolutionaries, Christopher F. Rufo This is a pedagogy not of education but of revolution. It’s also textbook cult indoctrination: convince initiates of their fundamental guilt; present a remedy through participation in the group; manipulate emotions to achieve compliance; identify and organize against an amorphous scapegoat; demand total loyalty to the new orthodoxy; proselytize through personal circles; isolate from old friends and family; and keep the ultimate solution always out of reach. A veteran teacher who requested anonymity, out of fear of reprisals, told me that the “big change” happened when the new superintendent and equity and inclusion director took over the district. Immediately, the focus shifted from academics to politics, and employees were expected to fall in line with the new ideology. The teacher described one professional-development training that left some of her colleagues in a neighboring school devastated: “They had teachers actually crying because of their ‘whiteness.’ ” Several resources I recommend have a Jewish link. I will continue to use and recommend them, but with any resource, we need to maintain our objectivity as much as possible, aware of the possible biases and pitfalls that could take us off course or cause us to be used as pawns, or keep us from seeing additional so-called help. That is, it might be help, but it might also simulateously be something else, too. There seems to be a certain Jewish link to several important resources on Marxism, Radical Islam and border security concerns, resources I tend to take seriously and recommend. I feel American Jews can be especially sensitive to and alert to national security threats. However, we should consider duplicity in any Jesus-based sects promulgated by certain Jewish sects (ie, “Jesus is your Lord and Savior”- ie, a Jewish king of Kings?) We should consider Jewish false flag operations designed to spur the US toaction for money and military ops against Israeli enemies. We should consider Two Horns operations (See Psyops section) Nov 23 Happy Thanksgiving; PF Opinion on giving thanks; How some American Revolutionaries evolved beyond slavery Happy Thanksgiving PF opinion - Giving Thanks Today We Americans still have much to be thankful for, although many of us realize we have been witnessing and directly experiencing an erosion of our cherished freedoms. We can thus be grateful for an opportunity to learn and evolve and move up and on during these complex times, or we can wither away and go under the thumb of some dictatorship. Inflexibility and apathy will surely result in the latter. So the gratitude is in still having a moment to choose and also to make use of the still remaining freedoms. We can be thankful for those early times in United States history when indigenous groups chose to help the English newcomers by offering sustenance, for times both Native Americans and colonists came together in mutual celebration, perhaps accompanied by wine and festivities. We can learn from these old stories that despite differences and conflicts of interest, we can choose to come together and help each other out, to have a good time and celebrate life together. Beyond history, we can look to the exact current moment for what to be thankful for. Looking around at who is still here with us; will they still be here in six months, a year, ten years from now? Take a moment and really look at one of your loved ones, I mean, really look. Try to encapsulate that image into a permanent part of your memory so later you can recall you did take time to do that and you can feel grateful and satisfied with yourself that you did. Also, as always, take time to smell the roses both literally and symbolically. Not just for today, but as a general life habit. Notice both the big and small. fry to see something new today that was always there that you never quite took the time to pay attention to. Give this year’s Thanksgiving ritual, if you have one, a little bit of a different twist, a little added something, maybe a slightly different flair, to make it stand out from the other ones. Pay attention to who is with you and give each person a certain bit of attention, identify in your mind how this person is unique and what you like best about this person, identify any quirks that, whether or not you particularly like them, help make that individual who she or he is, it is part of the person’s overall makeup. Notice how a person expresses his life force, how that presents itself to you and the room. Like post-Revolution and pre-Civil War days in the United States, in which slavery was a subject up for debate, we can use this time of turmoil to respond effectively to Open Borders mentalities and approaches which often use anti-racism as an argument to leave aliens alone. Anti-racism, including anti-discrimination, is still appropriate today and in any era, but not in the context of national security. That is, in terms of protecting our national borders from foreign people breaking in, it is anyone doing that, not the race: FOX News 2023/11/22 Texas’ new immigration statutes are common sense, not racist Opinion by Matt O’Brien AA1km33b Slavery in the United States Britannica The Founding Fathers and Slavery https //www britannica com/topic/The-Founding-Fathers-and-Slavery-1269536 Excerpt: Although the Founders, consistent with their beliefs in limited government, opposed granting the new federal government significant authority over slavery, several individual Northern Founders promoted antislavery causes at the state level. Benjamin Franklin in Pennsylvania, as well as John Jay and Alexander Hamilton in New York, served as officers in their respective state antislavery societies. The prestige they lent to these organizations ultimately contributed to the gradual abolition of slavery in each of the Northern states. Although slavery was legal in every Northern state at the beginning of the American Revolution, its economic impact was marginal. As a result, Northern Founders were freer to explore the libertarian dimensions of Revolutionary ideology. The experience of Franklin was in many ways typical of the evolving attitudes of Northern Founders toward slavery. Although enmeshed in the slave system for much of his life, Franklin eventually came to believe that slavery ought to be abolished gradually and legally. Franklin himself had owned slaves, run ads in his Pennsylvania Gazette to secure the return of fugitive slaves, and defended the honour of slaveholding revolutionaries. By 1781, however, Franklin had divested himself of slaves, and shortly thereafter he became the president of the Pennsylvania Abolition Society. He also went further than most of his contemporaries by signing a petition to the First Federal Congress in 1790 for the abolition of slavery and the slave trade. Nov 20 dnt-vpx.cnn Nov 19-21 PF Opinion Groups Vying for Dominance and Takeovers of the United States Nov 21 Added: white fundamentalists with unhealthy connection to work, many browns and blacks have unhealthy connection to power and ideas of power, for example, machismo, Catholic and Muslim authoritarianism, gang dominance, all races of religious fundamentalism can have particularism, fixation of points (see Psyops section, controlling attitudes toward females. Gangs can insist all female members are sexually available to the male group. Cultivating an idea of having been oppressed can spur oppression; it can drive emotions and thought processes. Repeated messages can lead to fixations and tunnel vision (thinking, emotionally responding and acting inside a cave). Indigenous cultures often had group dances, chanting, repeated messages and ritualized sets - things done in a group; so-called Communism is trying to create a global indigenous movement as Marxist rebellion that actually obliterates individual differences; Nov 19 As mentioned previously, watch for four main strains of extremism: 1) Marxist rebellion and takeover operations, almost fully linked to minorities, white liberalism (often college educated), antifa and LGBTq. Blacks can be seen a lot in insurance, internet and cell phone customer service corporations. Hispanics can be seen alot in car insurance and health insurance call centers notice larg 2) religious fundamentalism (various Christian groups, Mormon) turned sour by being controlling, obsessive, sneaky and retaliative. Among these, watch for Mormon and Hispanic/Latino Catholic strains in the American government, including in policing and the post office, the idea is to control speech along religious-ethnic lines by blocking mail, running ops inside a post office to control who gets hired or how certain members of the public are treated (something is going on inside the post office when you start seeing mostly Hispanic/Latino/Native American post masters and personnel in an area with a strong presence of whites) 3) and male-first, networks, like among the active military and veterans, motorcycle gangs, Chicano organization police officers, often associated with porn proclivities and anger toward women, but also among Hispanic/Latino Catholic and Muslim males an authoritarian approach toward women, watch for Hispanic/Latino/Native American Catholic or religious fundamentalist approaches in police, CBP, ICE, FBI and the US post office, they might try to run strings within a state and across state lines with like-minded men, it can include Hispanic/Latino women who go along with it. 4) LGBTq radicalism as its own category, although linked to item #1 above. This extremism can operate across the two main political parties in the United Sates, the Democrats and Rep’s Hawaiians and Native Americans: Pay attention to rebellious Native American groups across all American platforms, there is often a link between Native Americans, Hispanics and Latinos, ties to Marxists, ties to American religious fundamentalists, cooperation with China, Turkey, Muslims, etc. Links to Hawaiian gangs and Hawaiian nationalists or ethnic power types with Native American gangs, incl. prison gangs Provocateurs: trying to tease or upset a person to get them to “pop”, getting a sick joy out of getting to people, getting on their nerves, pushing them to speak out in anguish, getting them to feel bothered in their increasing levels of dis-empowerment Marxists, far left LGBTq trying to undermine the American family; Religious authoritarians, including male-first males trying to control the American family and relations between a man and woman Religious fundamentalists might want to control your religious attention more than focus on national security, they might be saying one thing about national security (like border protection) and doing something else or not following through, they might be overly hungry for money, some might be misusing “Jesus is Your Lord And Savior” ideas to cause people to become fixated on authority in general and their brand of authority in particular, fixations like this can lead to sexual abuse, anger, tuning gout other ideas, becoming more isolated inside a clique, turning too much power over to a religious leader and church, encouraging a strong work ethic but also simultaneously angry over work and feeling like martyrs over work so an unhealthy relationship to work and making money from work (another strain of anger running through the group is related to issues over work); There can be paranoia about a “tricky devil (Satan) and projecting that onto other people, causing people to be sneaky to keep up with it, fearful, wanting to stay one step ahead of “that tricky devil”, this fear can lead to people who themselves are not trustworthy and who are sneaky and evasive. Not wanting to work with people who do not believe the same way they do, including a fanatical approach to Jesus - it is our way of doing Jesus or the highway mentality. This means Americans are undermining other Americans with this religious approach they are being defiant and rebellious inside our communities, convincing themselves they are of Jesus and doing good, they actually cause a lot of harm to their fellow Americans by being so obsessive and stubborn, deceitful and sneaky, angry and controlling. Both Marxists and religious extremists might try to use funneling to destroy your other interests and connections, or to prevent you from having access to them, in order to try to force you to put your attention on them - like sexually, on their religious approach and group, on their tribe or racial affiliation, etc. They can be trying to get rid of everything around you that distracts you from them, that you prefer or like better, that keeps you healthy and balanced, that keeps you economically solvent and self-reliant, etc in order for you to have no further options and finally turn to them with no other choices. This is referred to here at PF as "Funneling" as is found in the Psyops section. It is often closely associated with gangstalking, because a group of people are involved, and thus includes group networking, spying, manipulating of people and events. The people can be on drugs and more open themselves to similar types of manipulation. There can be the sick tendency to try to pass on the bad thing to other people both as a subconscious effort to describe what they themselves have gone through (what has happened to them) almost like a pantomime and as a type of anger of "Misery Loves Company" (also found in the Psyops section). This is cult behavior to try to get someone else to join the cult, and if they cannot get the person to join voluntarily, they will try to force that person using these obnoxious and often secretive tactics. It is likely they would kill someone who is an ally in this sort of funneling, trying to get rid of all helpers that keep the person from becoming dominated and under the thumb of the cult. There can be subtle mind control tactics like mesmerism, hypnotism, repeated subliminal messages, psychotronics (technical) and psychic attack. The main thing to understand is they will keep whittling away at you and your life and get cheap thrills out of upsetting and undermining you. It's an ego trip, they won't listen to reason, they no longer or never had broader and deeper rational thinking processes, the more you speak out or try to stop them, the more defiant they become. These types and their group are very dangerous and they cause much human misery in others. The main thing to understand is they will not listen, they don't hear the word NO, they won't listen to rational discussions about how they are in a cult, and you are being hammered across all platforms if you are a victim. It's hard to get other people on board to help you because they don't see what is happening to you, because the gangstalking is largely invisible. You can be a victim for years and years and years and nothing real gets done. These groups seem to manipulate people with low self esteem and who don't have deeper thinking capabilities, like the kind of mind that can question authority. They seem to work on people who are more comfortable fitting into a group and not rocking the boat, people who look for superficial outward appearances of attractiveness, being well dressed and job or economic related success, rather than the real motives and approaches of these people beneath the surface. They tend to coax and manipulate conformists fairly well and go after people who come across as a challenge for not being conformists. They are looking for a challenge in going after people who seem different and who have a spark. Their tendencies are to bring themselves and everything around them down to mundane levels while pretending it is all about God, a Marxist priority or some other ideal. In order to deal with these radicals, you have to set up a big NO that means NO and you have to be consistent, or they will keep working it until they chop away at everything normal and decent. Getting people who can hold the line and hold it over time in a consistent way is the main thing. This holds for border protection and stopping illegal immigration, other forms of national security and personal safety in your local communities. This discussion has been provided several times over the years, there are others commenting on gangstalking who are making similar observations. In order to combat extremism, you have to get good at discussing human networks, which includes sociology, psychology, humans like animal packs, and so on. There can be sexual games. “Prove to They might befriend the family member who is your enemy in the process, and get things for themselves through that family member. So it is a head trip and a real game. They deceive themselves into believing time you are not racist by having sex with me.” If you don’t show interest in my subtle flirting, I will assume you are a racist. This is linked to domination-submission gang mentalities, and dominated- submission religious authority extremism mentalities. Religious abuse is linked to turning Jesus fixations into something sick and dirty, but it is also linked to showing that the man is in control, or that male priests are the only ones with ties to Jesus and god. “If you play your cards right….” If you do what I want, then things will go well for you, if not, I will not help you, I will make things rough for you. The Jesus fixations might be via an attack on American loyalists with Christian tendencies.[added 11-24-23] Using your enemies against you. Showing favoritism and giving help to your enemies. Creating an atmosphere of betrayal and no-trust doing this. Angry that you seem to think you are better than other people, trying to take you down a notch or two. Trying to get you to sing for your supper. Trying to make you feel ashamed for receiving family assistance, trying to get hold of that family assistance for themselves while making you feel guilty about it. They resent what you get from your family because they want it for themselves. But they pretend they have this approach for the good of your fmaily who you take advantage of, that they will step in and right those wrongs. The people in the cults cannot be reached, people deep in the middle of religious fundamentalism taken too far cannot be reached, die-hard Marxists cannot be reached, Islamic radical cannot be reached, Chinese Communists cannot be reached, cartel members with multi-generational abuse and violence cannot be reached. You have to try to reach those who are still together or intact enough. Nov 17 Calif. gangs inside Calif. police depts-LA Rolling Stone 2021/09/14 ‘Executioners,’ ‘Reapers,’ and ‘Banditos’: Gangs of Sheriff’s Deputies Are Wreaking Havoc in L.A. A new official report finds efforts to clean up the decades-old gang culture within the department are failing. TIM DICKINSON https:/./www.rolli Nov 16 Mike Gallagher Congress should terminate Biden’s Iran waiver Washington Examiner 2023/11/16 Roughly 45 US troops injured in Iranian-linked attacks in Syria and Iraq since Israel war began by Mike Brest, iraq-israel-war Nov 11 Remembering Veterans on Veterans Day KTVX Salt Lake City via MSN 2023/11/11 What Korean and Vietnam war veterans want the next generation to know. Sarah Murphy know/ar-AA1jJIEE Excerpt: Seventy-three veterans from Utah, Idaho and Wyoming traveled to the East Coast with Honor Flights to see the war memorials dedicated to their service. At Arlington, veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars paid tribute to their comrades, shared their stories, and experienced their own recognition. Excerpt: “They should know it shouldn’t be black or white or green, they should be Americans,” said Roger Bredsguerd, an Air Force veteran. “The time may come when we have to defend our country again,” said Larry Petersen, who served in the U.S. Army. Some shared their messages directly to their children and grandchildren. “I want my grandson to see the military experience and see the value of our country, to see what our servicemen went through,” Hatch said. “I hope my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren can enjoy the freedoms that I’ve enjoyed,” said Thomas Lightfoot, who served in the Air Force during the Korean War. “What a great example we have as a nation to set the example.” Dozens of local High School students lined the walkway of the Air Force Memorial in Virginia, honoring the veterans. The scene offered the veterans hope that the youth are listening to their stories. “I’ve learned so much from him,” said Kyson Hayden, Hatch’s grandson. “I would not be the man I am today without him.” Nov 10 Texas-Bills on Border Protection; China; Iran; PF Opinion Texas CBS 2023/11/09 Texas House & Senate poised to quickly pass identical border security bills texas. BY JACK FINK bills/ China Washington Examiner 2023/11/10 Biden to sit down with Chinese President Xi Jinping next Wednesday in San Francisco. Naomi Lim 2023/11/07 Brewing Global Disruption. Rebeccah L. Heinrichs China, Russia, Iran and N. Korea are cooking up a nasty recipe for global instability. (front page of magazine). Those who dismissed the Iran or Russia threats Via MSN 2023/11/10 Pro-Hamas TikTok videos hint at a broader Chinese influence campaign Iran CBS News 2023/11/7 Iran sanction changes passed in Florida House. CBS Miami Team PF Opinion Cult indoctrination in DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) programs - see Child Soldiers of Portland below Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) almost always blocks Republican efforts on borders Nov 9 Article found on Union County GOP website - La Grande, Oregon and vicinity - City Journal Spring 2021 The Child Soldiers of Portland Public schools are training children to become race-conscious revolutionaries, Christopher F. Rufo This is a pedagogy not of education but of revolution. It’s also textbook cult indoctrination: convince initiates of their fundamental guilt; present a remedy through participation in the group; manipulate emotions to achieve compliance; identify and organize against an amorphous scapegoat; demand total loyalty to the new orthodoxy; proselytize through personal circles; isolate from old friends and family; and keep the ultimate solution always out of reach. A veteran teacher who requested anonymity, out of fear of reprisals, told me that the “big change” happened when the new superintendent and equity and inclusion director took over the district. Immediately, the focus shifted from academics to politics, and employees were expected to fall in line with the new ideology. The teacher described one professional-development training that left some of her colleagues in a neighboring school devastated: “They had teachers actually crying because of their ‘whiteness.’ ” Nov 4-5 China; Texas; Nov 5 Veterans Day coming up on Nov 11 China 2023/11/03 Problem with Australia Australia's Albanese to highlight trade on China visit as ties warm. Story by By Kirsty Needham • AA1jmkGt Texas Chron via MSN 2023/11/05 Texas Capitol is flooded with immigration bills. Here's how they work. One failed Texas bill sought to allow rapid DNA testing at border checks. By Zachary-Taylor Wright Fort Worth Star Telegram via MSN 2023/11/02 The border is so bad, it’s time to let Texas police enforce immigration laws | Opinion Opinion by Nicole Russell, Fort Worth Star-Telegram immigration-laws-opinion/ar-AA1jgnNk Texas sued Biden over border patrol agents cutting razor wire, but state police do it, too Story by Aarón Torres, The Dallas Morning News •