Orian Wynn Schooling and Shortly After (MIL-Downed In Austria-Docs-4aa)
---------------------click to enlarge each item------------------- SCHOOLING ERA LETTERS WALLA WALLA, WASHINGTON incl. 316 Sq. 88th Bomb Grp; SWAH PROV GRP -seems to include Walla Walla hope to sort this out later Letter List-Walla Uncertain Dates-88th Bomb Grp o Tues o Thurs o Sun 9-8-1943 10-6-1943 10-9-1943 Uncertain Dates Tuesday 88th Bomb Group Thursday 88th Bomb Grp Sunday 316 Sq 88th Grp - Jess Coppedge as copilot/pilot; Dear Mom and Marene Walla Sept 8-1943- Swah Prov Grp 72nd Airdrome Sq. Walla Oct 6, 1943 Walla October 9,-1943 BIG SPRINGS, TEXAS 1943 Big Spring Army Flying School (Bombardier) Big Spr. March 21, 1943 Big Spr Mar 28 1943 Big Spr. April 11 KELLY FIELD, TEXAS Sept 1942 Sept 25-1942 San Antonio, Texas Kelly Field Letterhead Squadron 113 To Mom and Marene ELLINGTON FIELD, TEXAS Nov. 1942 Nov 11-1942 Nov-30-1942 MOSES LAKE, WASHINGTON Saturday (No date) 396 Bomb Grp Sq 595 BOQ 7 - History Note Excerpt: But it was on the verge of boom. The first hint of things to come came in early 1940 when rumors circulated that the U.S. Army was interested in buying a huge chunk of land near the lake for use as a desert bombing range. That didn’t happen, but when World War II started, the Army opened the Moses Lake Army Air Base just north of town for training P-38 pilots and later, B-17 Flying Fortress crews. Moses Lake, in the rain shadow of the Cascades, turned out to have ideal flying weather -- clear weather most of the time, high cloud ceilings the rest. Larson Air Force Base Meanwhile, the Moses Lake Army Air Base was mothballed at the end of World War II, although not entirely abandoned. Then, in 1948, Moses Lake landed the biggest windfall in its history: The installation reopened as a U.S. Air Force base, the headquarters of the 325th All-Weather Fighter Wing, bringing in more than 1,000 military personnel and civilian employees. In 1950 it was renamed Larson Air Force Base, a tribute to the late fighter pilot Major Donald A. Larson (1915-1944) from nearby Yakima, who was killed in a mission over Nazi Germany. One of the tasks of the new base was to patrol the skies over Hanford’s atomic facilities and the Grand Coulee Dam. The base grew even bigger through the 1950s as it acquired a troop carrier…(cont at website) https://www.historylink.org/File/8349 April 10, 1943 Hill Field, Utah , , SHORTLY AFTER SCHOOLING November 11, 1943 Post- Schooling Waiting to go overseas Packing UPDATES: 2022/09/25 Big Springs no date AAFBS Class 43-6 D 6; 2022/9/24 Big Springs letters added; Swah prov grp letters added; 2022/09/22 Moses Lake, Ellington Fld, Big Springs; 2022/09/17 Schooling Era Letters started; Mar 1944 5, 6, 8, 9 added; 2022/09/16; 2022/09/14 added April 1944 section and two letters-MIA letter by War Dept and Orian’s final letter on Apr 1 1944; 2022/09/13 more on Feb 1944, mostly adding missing materials and links, added two letters for march 1944; 2022/09/12 more Jan 1944; added Feb 1944 section and some letters; 2022/09/11 Jan 1944 section added; 2022/09/10 December 1943 Orian letters added; 2022/09/09 added Family Photos section; Added Burial Site 1950s photo; 2022/09/08 Orian Correspondence section added; ; 2022/09/07 Coppedge - more added; 2022/09/06 Bailey second page added; 2022/09/04 more Campbell and Silberman letters added; War Dept and Telegram added to Irian-Military section; 2022/09/03 Silberman section fleshed out and added to; 2022/09/02 Silberman added and started; Petschaur added; Miller added; Comments moved to Wynn-4; 2022/09/01; 2022/08/31; 2022/08/28 2022/08/27-4--PAGE STARTED-Orian T. Wynn Comments, Scanned Documents
1-Orian US Army Air Forces Bombardier 1942-44 o Schooling era letters Walla Walla, Washington Uncertain Dates-88th Bomb Grp Tues Thurs Sun 9-8-1943 10-6-1943 10-9-1943 Moses Lake, Washington o unknown date- 96 Bomb Group Sq 595 BOQ7 Kelly Field, Texas o 9-25-1942 Scolding sister Marene over dating Big Springs, Texas 1943 Ellington Field, Texas
1943-Sept 8 Sept 8 1943 school uncertain at this point Swah Prov Grp 72nd Airdrome Sq.
“Tuesday” 88th Bomb Grp
Flight D
Big Spr. Thursday, no date
SWAH PROV GRP seems to include Walla Walla hope to sort this out later
Big Spr Sunday, no date
Big Spr No Date says AAFBS Class 43-6 D
Big Spr 2-23-1943
“Sunday” 316 Sq. 88th Bomb Grp - Jess Coppedge as copilot/pilot
San Antonio, Texas; Sept 25, 1942 Dear Mom and Marene, Just wanted to tell you that my mail has finally started finding me. I got the book from Grandpa, two letters from you, Marene’s cookies, and a letter from Thelma last night. It was held up some place because the squadron number wasn’t included. I am looking for another bunch because Lenore’s haven’t caught me yet. Marene, listen here, young lady, be careful or I’m coming up there and turn you over my knee. You’d better be a good child. Just because I’m tied up by the Army and can’t take care of your social appointments doesn’t mean you can go with boys without my permission. Someday I’ll get a furlough out of this scout camp, then look out! It’s surely nice to be living in barracks instead of out in the open. It is cool in here compared to the tents and so much cleaner. I have a nice closet in which to hang my clothes. My laundry which was lost finally showed up, so I am pretty well situated now. I guess it just takes
p1: Dear Folks, Now I know why I got all the grins everytime I mentioned Moses Lake as my destination! Believe me, this is the jumping off place! The field is just under construction, and was not to be occupied for another two to three months. The barracks are pretty nice, but that’s all you can say on the advantages. Disadvantages are many, and too many to mention. We are about 7 miles from the town of Moses Lake. It’s just a little larger than Flora Vista, not so large as Aztec! It has one combined theater and grocery store - shows are three nights each week. There is p2: a large lake that stretches from below town out to the field. I saw a notice that fishing tackle can be checked out at the officer’s club, so I guess that is the main form of entertainment.
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