About-a (Home) Brief Introduction About-b List of Topic Menus About-c (Reading Materials) About-Current Input Police Factor covers policing, border protection and national security. It is put together by someone who is not a police officer, agent or other professional, but a member of the public. This website is a small library of sorts, collecting together various resources involving police and national security work. It is also a blog site with intermittent comments and opinions.
BRIEF INTRODUCTION Factors THE GOOD Support the Blue Police Positivity Blue Lives Matter Prayer for Officers BAD OR GOOD Search and Seizure Tasers Stingrays Intrusive Radar DNA identification BAD AND UGLY Police States o Stasi/East Germany o China’s Police State o Former USSR o North Korea Soka Gakkai Modern Slavery Verifiable Police Abuse Corporate-State-Cartel Fusion
Reading zaps us into broader dimensions
Examples of What is Covered Noble Causes Police Vigilantes https://opentextbc.ca/ethicsinlawenforce ment/..noble-cause-corrup Miranda Rights New Mexico Encyclopedia of Law https://new-mexico.lawi.us/miranda- warning…http://www.mirandarights.org/ Police Ethics Analytical Look https://leb.fbi.gov/articles/featured- articles/police-corruption-an-analytical-look- into-police-ethics De-Escalating Use of Force- Agree w/ Chiefs? https://www.policeone.com/chiefs- sheriffs/articles
Reading List and Focus In order to offer a broad response to crime, conceptual tools like these are needed: Systems Approach STOP Gangs/Cartels Responsiveness Softening Turfing Zone of Influence Masters of Networking (Running Strings) Criminal Co-opting and Supplanting - Shadow Government (Org. Crime) Monkey See, Monkey Do
Americans for Change
*Wanton Violence Does Not Solve Life’s Problems*
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