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Leader Issues Section Joe Biden Biden Impeachment Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi Lloyd Austin Denis McDonough Mark Milley Jackson, Ronny Ilhan Omar Alexandria O-Cortez Maggie Hassan Anthony Fauci Letitia James Alejandro Mayorkas Mike Pompeo Ben Ray Luján Michelle Lujan-Grisham Hector Balderas Barack Obama See Also Leaders for USA Catholic Connection Joe Biden Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi Denis McDonough Anthony Fauci Mark Milley --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sexual Harassment Charge and Settlement Fox https://www.foxnews.com/politics/new-mexico-governor-sexual-harassment-settlement-twice-big 2021/10/12 New Mexico governor's sexual harassment settlement more than twice as big as previously known. By Jessica Chasmar New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's campaign paid her sexual assault accuser $150,000 in settlement payments — more than double what her campaign acknowledged earlier this year. Reports in June said the Democrat's campaign paid at least $62,500 to James Hallinan, a 2018 campaign spokesman who claimed the governor once dropped water in his lap and then grabbed his crotch at the home of state Rep. Deborah Armstrong during a https://www.foxnews.com/politics/new-mexico-governor-sexual-harassment-settlement-twice-big Political Fireball 2018/12/28 After Alleged Groin Grabbing, Governor Grisham No Longer Sexual Assault Advocate? https://politicalfireball.com/2019/12/28/groin-grabbing-governor-grisham-no-longer-sexual-assault-advocate-after- allegations/ Santa Fe New Mexican 2021/10/11 Former campaign staffer who accused Lujan Grisham of harassment receives more money By Daniel J. Chacón https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/former-campaign-staffer-who-accused-lujan-grisham-of- harassment-receives-more-money/article_05ebf846-2aa8-11ec-9df4-ab2c3f58f718.html Impeach Petition Change dot org Impeach Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham John Daniel started this petition to State Representative Zachary J. Cook https://www.change.org/p/zachary-j-cook-removal-of-governor-michelle-Luján-grisham-from-office To the Honorable Legislators of the state of New Mexico, In accordance with the Constitution of the state of New Mexico, Article II Bill of Rights, Section 16; Treason against the state shall consist only in levying war against it, adhering to its enemies, or giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court. To be sure, there’s no colloquial misuse of a legal term: The term “treason” as defined in this context “enemies,” for example, must be countries against which Congress has formally declared war or otherwise authorized the use of force. To be sure, there’s no colloquial misuse of a legal term: The term “enemy”, as defined in this context means; A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something. A hostile nation or its armed forces or citizens.. A thing that harms or weakens something else The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has "authorized the use of force” by deploying the National Guard to the southern borders of New Mexico as to protect its citizens from illegal entry and or illegal activities of our enemies. The governor of the state of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan-Grisham, has overruled this authorization of the President and ordered the removal of the National Guard. By doing so, Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham has deliberately and recklessly aided our enemies in illegal entry to the state, committing illegal activities and endangering the safety of its citizens. Therefore, by this reason, let we the people of the State of New Mexico bear witness and decree that Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham be impeached from office on grounds of Treason and we affirm this decree by signing of this petition. Related Topic - Another Democrat Problem-Racketeering, Money-Laundering Probe Fox 2021/07/31 Connected information in terms of new mexico politics Racketeering New Mexico state Dem leader resigns amid racketeering, money-laundering probe She has "unequivocally" denied the allegations By Brie Stimson https://www.foxnews.com/politics/new-mexico-democrat-williams-stapleton-resigns-amid-racketeering-investigation Hydrogen Production MRT 2021/10/04-05 New Mexico governor thanks oil and gas, cheers hydrogen plan. By CEDAR ATTANASIO Associated Press / Report for America https://www.mrt.com/news/article/New-Mexico-Governor-thanks-oil-gas-cheers-16508920.php Whistleblower against CYFD Pinon Post Whistleblowers file lawsuit against Gov. Lujan Grisham’s CYFD By John Block / June 26, 2021 / https://pinonpost.com/whistleblowers-file-lawsuit-against-gov-lujan-grishams-cyfd/ Gun Rights Group Sue Ammoland 2020/04/11 Gun Rights Groups Sue New Mexico Gov., Challenging Emergency Order Ammoland Inc. By Alan Gottlieb https://www.ammoland.com/2020/04/gun-rights-groups-sue-new-mexico-gov-challenging-emergency- order/#axzz79C7akJBc New Mexico State Fair Class Action Suit Class Action Suit-Consider the Consumer Consider the Consumer https://considertheconsumer.com/class-actions/new-mexico-state-fair-class-action-lawsuit-against-governor-lujan-grisham-2021- mandatory-covid-19-vaccination-for-all-attendees 4-H Joins Class Action Suit KOB 4-H parents join class action lawsuit against Gov. Lujan Grisham, NMDOH https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/4-h-parents-join-class-action-lawsuit-against-gov-lujan-grisham-nmdoh/6223265/ Businesses sue over Fees KRTN Radio 2020/05/21 New Mexico Businesses file Lawsuit against Governor Lujan Grisham and Administration over Illegal Fines Imposed on Businesses. BY BEV EDDY https://krtnradio.com/2020/05/21/new-mexico-businesses-file-lawsuit-against-governor-lujan-grisham-and-administration-over- illegal-fines-imposed-on- businesses/#:~:text=Republican%20Party%20Of%20New%20Mexico%20Organizes%20and%20Backs,actions%20bankrupting%20b usinesses%20and%20unjustly%20punishing%20New%20Mexicans Federal Lawsuit over Health Orders KOAT 2021/08/23 Federal lawsuit sues New Mexico governor over current health orders https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/federal-lawsuit-sues-new-mexico-governor-over-current-health-orders/ar- AANC9Ge Many are speaking out against the current health orders put into place in New Mexico on Tuesday. On Friday, a federal lawsuit was filed against Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and Dr. David Scrase, the Secretary for the Health and Human Services Department. The class-action lawsuit was filed by two women, one a 4-H parent the other a nurse. They both claim the state's vaccine mandate for certain workers violates their rights. The nurse is suing because she claims she and thousands of other nurses will lose their jobs if they don't take the vaccine. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/federal-lawsuit-sues-new-mexico-governor-over-current-health-orders/ar- AANC9Ge Federal Lawsuit Over Pay KOAT 2021/05/28 Federal lawsuit filed against Gov. Lujan Grisham over pay https://www.koat.com/article/federal-lawsuit-filed-against-gov-lujan-grisham-over-pay/36573457# Republican GOP Announces Legal Action against Governor KRWG 2020/05/15 Republican Party of New Mexico Announces Legal Action Against The Governor By RPNM • https://www.krwg.org/post/republican-party-new-mexico-announces-legal-action-against-governor Private messaging apps on work cell phones Parents Security Online https://parentsecurityonline.com/parent-kids-lujan-grishams-staffers-have-private-messaging-apps-on-work- cellphones-local-news/ NM Restaurant Association sues governor over indoor dining KOB NM Restaurant Association sues governor over indoor dining https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/nm-restaurant-association-sues-governor-over-indoor-dining/5793165/ Eddy County sues Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for unfair emergency orders Current Argus Eddy County sues Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for unfair emergency orders Mike Smith Carlsbad Current-Argus https://www.currentargus.com/story/news/2020/05/08/eddy-county-board-commissioners-vote-sue-nm- governor/3095209001/ COMMENTS But seeing a few other males complain about similar issues involving Grisham, I ask: Note 2021/10/13: My first instinct was the story about sexual groping of a male was unlikely. Is it possible Grisham is working with lesbian Native American and Hispanic or Lation women? Do they have a power thing against men that shows up as sexal groping of men? Has Grisham been checked for drug or alcohol usage? Updates: 2021/10/13 editing and additions; 2021/09/25 PAGE STARTED--Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham-Grisham
MICHELLE LUJAN-GRISHAM POSITION: Governor of New Mexico see below and governors in Stop Black Lives Matter Sexual Harassment Charge/Settlement Impeach Grisham Petition-Change dot org Hydrogen Production Whistleblower-CYFD Gun Rights Group Sues NM State Fair Class Action Suit o Class Action Suit-Consider the Consumer article o 4-H joins Class Action Suit Businesses Sue over Fees Federal Lawsuit over Health Orders Federal Lawsuit over Pay Republican GOP legal action against Governor Private messaging apps on work cell phones NM Restaurant Association sues governor over indoor dining Eddy County sues Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for unfair emergency orders Related Topic another Dem leader racketeering Comments