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2020/10/21 Start Date: This section is being compiled by extracting BLM related notes from main body of notes as a separate section IN THIS SECTION 2021/03/03 Non-USA Black Militants 2021/01/29 BLM-25 Notes 2020/10/27 history of race/marginalized peoples connection to systemic violence 2020/10/26 2020/10/24 2020/10/21-22-23 on Medaria Arradondo Police Chief Minneapolis (George Floyd death area) 2020/10/20 a. also on Black Police Chiefs in BLM riot areas and around the nation 2020/10/09-10 Franklin Coverup/Franklin attorney Gardner/Scurlock case/corruption in black surround sound in Nebraska?; Nick Bryant interview; Alt view about hoax from Wikipedia VOA-article-2020/09/16 overview of various groups behind riots. Fox-article-2020/10/13 rioters against black veteran owned cafe 2020/10/15 Retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn (Black police person) killed by black rioter in Missouri (2020/10/01) The Federalist article-2020/09/16: Study up to 95 percent of 2020 US riots are linked to BLM 2020/10/03 Homicide in black communities, stop ignoring Article-Baltimore Sun-2020/04/03 2020/10/27 ---------------------------------- Comments from BLM-25 Shedding White Guilt 2021/03/03 I am and have recently been picking up a more definitive vibe of non-American “black militants” behind the Big Brother black-centric ads. I am still trying to get a better feeling for which country they are from, my feeling there is in fact a core group, although there are many other blacks involved in the overall BPM. I feel the non_USA black militants are in an African or Middle Eastern-African nation. Nubia comes up, Nigeria, South Africa, maybe south of Egypt (parts of Congo, Sudan Somalia)-- beyond these ideas, look into African Union which has gotten too involved in what happens in the USA without responding to their own racial issues (both reverse discrimination and otherwise) Wbur dot org 2020/06/12 Black Lives Matter Movement Resonates Across Africa. By Peter O’Dowd In South Africa, the movement resonates because of the country’s history of racism, says Moky Makura, executive director of Africa No Filter, a nonprofit working to shift harmful narratives about the continent. But it’s surprising how much Black Lives Matter resonates in other African countries that “don't have that same clear dichotomy of Black and white racism,” she says. Though much of the continent doesn't have the same experience with racism as the United States or South Africa’s history of apartheid, teenagers and people in their early 20s — the oldest members of Generation Z — are supporting the movement, she says. …In 2016, protesters gathered outside the U.S. Consulate in Cape Town after two Black Americans, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, were killed by police. But like many American activists and writers, this moment feels different for Makura. While police brutality in the U.S. sparked action, people around the world feel like they’re part of a global movement — not a solely American one, she says. In South Africa, young people are having “stronger” conversations about racism, she says. “I think Black people here seem to have more agency. Black Lives Matter has empowered them to ask tougher questions because there's a movement behind them,” she says. “It's giving people the idea that they have agency to equally create movements like this.” The head of the African Union swiftly condemned Floyd's death and called for the U.S. to intensify its efforts to ensure the total elimination of racial discrimination. Makura calls this statement ironic. The African Union, which represents 55 countries member states on the continent, doesn’t make similar statements when injustice happens there, she says. Since the AU commented on the death of Floyd, Makura questions why it doesn’t issue statements when someone in Africa dies because of their ethnicity or gender. The killing of two students, Uwaila Vera Omozuwa and Barakat Bello, sparked recent protests in Nigeria against gender- based violence in the country. In South Africa, the hashtag #JusticeForTshego was trending this week following the murder of a pregnant woman, Tshegofatso Pule. “Right on our doorstep, there are so many examples of injustice,” Makura says. “How come white on black injustice somehow is more elevated and the AU sees that they should respond to it, but they don't when the equivalent happens in Africa?” 2021/01/29 Several of the ideas expressed here have been expressed elsewhere. The point is: Shedding white guilt does not mean embracing racism or being a sympathizer of racial extremism in history. It means standing up for one’s self, honoring one’s self and one’s right to exist and have a voice and space against the non-stop abusive and one-sided rancor from minority and LGBT groups, to acknowledge the viciousness in the media against Trump, and to suspect it’s not anti- racism but actual down and out warfare on the USA as civil rights groups linked to HAMAS and other terrorist organizations. Recognizing the behavior as possibly a sharia law driven gig, watching for signs of speech suppression as a characteristic “calling card” across apparently different civil rights power movements. I have used the Navajo Nation as an example again in this discussion because the Navajos have become adroit at the “We are such nice people treated so badly by whites like Trump supporters.” I am not finding two-way conversatons possible with many Navajos, and as such, it seems like sharia law controlled speech - we are going to either act hurt or we are going to try to control you. But this behavior is across the board, like Big Brother, and it does not take into consideration the high level of incest, domestic violence and gang and cartel related connections which can in turn connect with groups who want to take over the United States. Since we cannot talk about these things without many Navajos getting upset, you just have to make it clear you won’t have your whiteness and what you really mean and believe defined by civil rights power movements, that it is 100 percent OK to be white in America, and that you want to stop being verbally assaulted. But the Navajos are not the only ones. The problem is various minority power movement groups are giving one-sided arguments which permit absolutely no dialogue whatsoever. They take control of the argument and repeat the same old poor me arguments, determined to stuff their views down our throats no matter what. And it goes on, decade after decade. Some of us waited a lifetime for the civil rights power movement to die down, to get past that, but it is still here, even more toxic and demanding because it is in cahoots with dangerous cartels and terrorists and bigger and meaner anti-American countries like China, Iran and Eastern European state-run oligarchs. They have been berating white people who never once did anything to them! I was - and still am - one of the most sympathetic people over the Holocaust, slavery in America, and the Japanese put in internment camps after Pearl Harbor. Many of us who are white are actually a racial mix which includes ancestral ties with some of these screaming, minority power movement groups! Many of us have Native American blood several generations back, like I do, or more recently. I run into it constantly. But if you are white skinned, you are lumped in with a small group of core whites from 500 years ago - after that original push from England and other key European countries, things were often became very racially mixed in this country. The story is very complex and cannot be scooped up in a few easy words. At some point, whites have to stand up for themselves and say, hey, you guys were not so great, either. Things were not black and white. There were Native Americans and Negroes, as well as racial mixes thereof, who, given a chance, became slaveholders. Native Americans had a long-standing history of torture. Negroes back in their home countries often enslaved other blacks. The guilt trip of the Native American power movement is personified in the article in Indian Country-2017/04/18 in which the well-worn, very old argument about Big Bad Whites versus The Poor Little Native Americans is a prime example. This thing about Fox saying Native Americans are like ISIS is not entirely nuts. The truth is, some Native Americans - not all - have been cooperating with Black Lives Matter and other MPM (Minority Power Movement) groups who in turn really and truly are linked to CAIR and a number of other HAMAS connected Islamic terrorist organization. The connections happen also through cartel-driven Mexican and Latino civil rights organizations, which in turn can also be linked to Islamic terrorists. To say all Native Americans support ISIS is not the argument; the argument is that when some of them choose to hook up with radical civil rights groups, we often find those same groups are linked to cartels and terrorists who both behead and torture people. But the problem is Native Americans, easy to be sensitive and overly roused over any imagined or real slight, tend to go off the handle and make these wide, sweeping generalizations about how injured they were and continue to be by whites, usually bringing up the “white extremist” argument. We should also add that Islamic extremist groups also use guilt trips and make demands as part of constant America-whipping technique to distort, distract and disseminate - and so it conceivable that these same tactics are being used by Native Americans and others linked to MPM. It could be part of the overall agenda linking the various minority groups. In other words, it is not out of the question that something like that could be going on. The other issue is that many Native Americans and Hawaiians in on the MPM are not pure-blooded; many are mixed with whites and other races - their demands for an original indigenous state are fabrications. The only people who could be making such demands against whites are no longer with us, often having died centuries ago; these loud-demanding spokespersons for their ancestors are impostors. Claiming blood ancestry and remnants of the original culture in and of themselves do not make the original victims. Here’s the list of what could be going on: using guilt trips to build up to an internal war against the United States to get back lands and such; using gaslighting techniques as a form of mental and emotional abuse (endless tirades) against whites and anyone deemed “establishment” of the USA; helping to get control over cell phone companies, post offices, banks, and more with the help of other minorities; provocation and snagging: attempting to draw people into the emotion and hype, to take them off-center, to constantly manipulate and hammer people into guilt and submission. It’s a disgusting warfare tactic to humiliate the American people, to make them feel guilt over things they did not do, and to create a constant sense of tension and unease. What a waste of a lifetime. If ISIS or other Islamic radicals are steering these non-white groups into all sounding pretty much the same, even if they deny connections to terrorists, we the remaining American people have to figure out how to combat these tyrants, no matter their name or actual affiliation. When Native Americans sound exactly like Black Muslims or African militants, we have a right to ask why. It does not mean we instantly assume they are members of ISIS, but we need to ask prudent questions about what is really going on here. And it does not instantly make us racist because we are concerned for our own safety and that of the country we live in. These groups want to steer all concerns toward “you are a racist” and that frankly really is a tactic that an Islamic extremist would use to try to snuff free speech about anyone who is concerned about Sharia Law extremists trying to take over the world. The same attitude of “you are an Islamophobe” is found in “Whites Trump Supporters hate Native Americans” - it’s the same type of language in the arguments, emotion, finger-pointing and guilt trips - Muslims decrying Islamophobes and Native Americans decrying whites who raise American flags as hater sound nearly identical. And the tendencies to stomp in protests and the whole nine yards - it’s like it’s Big Brother all saying the same things in the same way. So you cannot blame people for wondering if ISIS or some radical Islamic group is linked to this. It does not make you a racist, but anytime you say anything against the Navajos, like “you are reverse discriminating in your hiring practices”, you hear that stuff, it all sounds the same, you have to wonder who is really behind it. Native Americans and Hispanics are joining New Mexico Governor Grisham into the White House position under Biden, and Navajos were a major contender in the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, although there were a few honorable Navajo exceptions. I don’t feel Grisham serves the broad American public at all, and anyone cooperating with her is likely the same. Navajos have cooperated with other Native American tribes in the BLM movement, their Biden/Harris political signs everywhere on the Navajo Reservation. After the election, the mood changed to an aggressive Grisham obsession about misusing her so-called COVID-19 success in New Mexico to get an appointment under Biden. You can be assured Grisham did NOT do a good job over COVID-19 and many have sued her. There are many unhappy whites in the state of New Mexico with the New Mexico government; Grisham is not the success story she pretends to be and her minority connections want to dominate and control just like they have all over San Juan County and throughout New Mexico. Grisham works for a limited number of people and I can assure you the minorities who work with her are looking after minority-centered interests and not the broader interests of the country. These minority groups exploited COVID-19 for their power-seeking obsessions. There is no doubt about this whatsoever, and they helped promote racial divides during this time period - made it worse. It’s politicians like Grisham that cause whites to say “Enough is Enough”, but there are a number of minorities who see through her games and don’t like her either. In fact, some of the most poignant observations about Grisham come from Hispanics who really detested her part in governmental overreach. It is not just Trump supporters who felt she and several of her governor cohorts around the country had stepped over the line. 2020/11/26 Chris Shelton interviewing Adrian Lee Oliver, a black male on BLM #BlackLivesMatter #AdrianLeeOliver #criticalthinking 2020/07/17 Sensibly Speaking Podcast #255: The Cult-Like Core of Black Lives Matter ft. Adrian Lee Oliver Excerpt: Chris Shelton: This week I am joined by Adrian Lee Oliver to discuss some concerns and issues he as a black man has with Black Lives Matter both as an organization and political ideology. While I can't say for sure that this is the last thing I'll ever publish on this topic, I think the four podcasts I've created on critical race theory and BLM cover this territory well. Like Scientology, there is a constructive and rights-driven outer layer to BLM and then there is a very nasty and cult-like inner set of teachings that is quite destructive. I hope you'll give a listen to what Adrian has to say as it's quite good. 2020/10/27-28 History of Race/Marginalized peoples connection to systemic violence. Second page created just for screenshots of Black Centric Media: BLM8a Added Noted 2020/10/28 A note on Black Centric Media screenshots and commentary pages: Do you understand why this is in the Stop Black Lives Matter section? The answer is that a Black Power Movement BPM along with a Minority/LGBt Power Movement MPLM is usurping large corporations and even things like the US Post Office and Census. These movements are linked to radical Islamic groups and an old leftist problem. The things to watch for are: calling cards, who is answering the phone, manning the front desk or counter, and handling paperwork, files and systems in the back rooms. For example, you see REI has been showing a growing numnber of blacks in its ads. ALthough you see some ads of whites as well, when you look closely, the ads both separately and as a whole seem to be emphasizing blacks either overtly or in a more subtle way (like shades, colors, size, front or side views, etc.). THen you write REI to cancel both membership and online accounts (you have to cancel both to get rid of them). You get a guy in the online chat system who gives you a hard time about immediate cancellation and deleting of accounts, he wants you to call their 1-800 number. When you call that number, you get a black male answering the phone who does handle your request, and cancels and deletes your membership/online account….but is there a connection between the black ads and getting a black phone service agent? Walmart, the United States Post Office are using calling cards, including lingo, indicating a BPM/MLPM influence or downright takeover. You might have to go to “About Us” or “Store Updates” or “Employees” sections to find some of these calling cards, as they might not always be in the same place or easy to find. Note from 2020/10/27: The roots of American history include earlier periods of Spanish, French and Russian connections to the North American mainland, as well as parts of South and Central America. It included outlying islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean corridors, including the isolated Bahamas. The Spanish had taken a dominant position in many areas south of the North American mainland; they had a large trade industry involving various commodities, were already active in the slave trade before the English entered the scene in terms of planned colonizing, and tended to intermarry with the locals. The French had largely gone north on the North American continent into the frontier areas around the Great Lakes and Canada, but were also further south in parts of Louisiana. Theirs tended to be closely tied to fur trading. The source of the African slaves was varied, with different groups coming from a wide range of backgrounds. Certain blacks had been enslaving other blacks before the Europeans came along. Slavery is an ancient institution, going back thousands of years into the earliest periods of mankind’s organized, centralized city history. If you look carefully at the African continent it is huge, one of the largest land masses on the planet. Many different countries make up that continent today, each with very different histories, racial makeups and sociocultural tendencies. Europeans coming for slaves were encountering everything from bush people - the stereotypical black tribal person - to city blacks - that is, people connected to, or living in, complex agricultural-early industrial complexes with centralized leadership and extensive control strategies for organizing people, production, trade and sales. Whether city or tribal, it is likely complex mental, linguistic spiritual and human organizational cultures were at play, some with genetic or historic ties to distant dynasties better known to us today, including the ancient China and India, Egyptians and Greeks. No two tribes or city complexes would have been doing exactly the same thing. If the Europeans had spent more time studying and getting to know and understand they myriad black groups they encountered, rather than just lumping them together and trying to make them little more than livestock for work, we would be a wiser and more enriched world today. Many of the peoples encountered had traditions and ways - as well as roots to those ancient groups mentioned above - which, if written down and preserved, would have helped us further understand the great depth and expanse of what it means to be human and all the ways humans solve problems and express their existence. Instead, cultural shock and other human tendencies to over-simplify, judge and make little of peoples we do not understand set in. To repeat, black Africans of various tribes and city complexes had already been enslaving blacks in Africa before the Europeans entered the picture. In addition, an old link between the Middle Eastern, Far and Near East and African continent and parts of the European continent showed an old slave and commodities trade industry. But the Europeans took the black slave trade to new heights in terms of the sheer numbers, the time and the spread. They literally transmuted human landscapes in moving vast population counts from one place to another, rearranging humanity’s placement on large geographic scales. “Between 1525 and 1866, in the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America. And how many of these 10.7 million Africans were shipped directly to North America? Only about 388,000. That’s right: a tiny percentage. ”(*See PBS article below, written by Professor Gates, a black male). Where did most North American blacks come from? Senegambia and West Central Africa.** We have so many blacks dominating certain American cities today precisely because of those large forced population shifts. Some people predict a civil war in the United States. We need to consider the various groups from outside the United States trying to make things worse. It’s not just the locals, it’s the internationals, feeding the racial tensions. The international groups can be anything - not just persons of color. Even old British, Scottish and Irish resentments and competitions can be at play, with intermingled connections with Russians, Germans and various European groups also possible. Royalty and family histories, religion - all of this can have very old roots among these European groups in such a way they are trying to pay back or retrieve real or perceived territory, power or religious control of something American. We usually look to Middle Eastern and African nations for the “person of color” issues inside the United States, but there can be other mostly hidden contingencies, as well. Despite the great racial divide that seems to never shore and heal up in the United States, there always were and still are great mixings, too. That is, people were always having sex and making babies across those divides in such a way you had mixed race children joining the family slave business and enslaving other persons of color, or they became part of a growing number of egalitarians seeking human rights, freedoms and equality for them. Many hid out behind white skin and conspired for those freedoms for their colored kin folk, others came out in the open and did what they could politically. Ultimately, in many ways, the issues became ones of competition of space, resources, business and production. Many whites who relied on black slaves and servants to do things for them lost knowledge and skills in the process. Many persons of color were handling many points along the homestead and business production trajectory. This in turn meant white slaveholders were unwittingly turning over not only the production, but means of production, over to an ever-growing number of underlings - both slaves and low paid servants - to the point they were only nominally in charge. There would be exceptions, of course, but this was the general trend. We usually think of the northern Union types being mostly out of the whole slaveholding problem, but in fact, blacks were seen in many households doing the labor; the difference was it was often in smaller numbers per household or business and less thee back-breaking bulk slave labor seen in agriculture in the southern states. Much of the problems started with dividing up, often encouraged by black leaders and white ones alike. That is, a basic agreement to agree to disagree, you go there, we go here. Sure there was anti-redlining, forced inclusion and race-integration busing, but in political, ideological groupings remained. As such, old bad habits tended to stay inside without hitting the light of day: multi-generational domestic violence, for one thing. And in the earlier years, when getting a job period, or one with upper mobility, higher education or out of a bad neighborhood was hard for persons of color, people reached out for money in other ways - a lot of that was crime. So crime was endemic from the earliest years onward; this would be, and is true, for anyone marginalized. Jews left out of the center would have turned to crime. Russians not part of the political power groups would have done the same. If you cannot earn a living normally, you survive in any way you can. Unfortunately, the non-institutionalized or illegal sideline businesses are almost always linked to a life of addictions and abuse, hard on the spirit and body. If you are not on substances and addicted yourself, you are around those who are. It’s a downhill climb, people act crazy and cannot be relied on. Everyone you turn to is on something or a mess. If generation after generation people are in that space - your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, sisters, brothers, uncles, cousins - it’s hard to know another way to interact with people or think about the world. What’s more with everyone around you acting like that, you get lumped in with them - all kinds of people avoid the mess by ostracizing them, largely out of self-protection and fear. In addition, gangs have the domination-submission approach, with king and queen mentalities, people using violence and intimidation to be top dog in their own groups and on society. These people from inside the United States hooked up with equally or even more violent ones from outside the country together spell dysfunction. When riot response teams counter these groups, they are encountering a mixture of peoples with habituated tendencies for self-infliction and group violence that could go back decades in their family, neighborhood and home city settings. We are not just fighting the particular group that burned down a building or threw shrapnel at non-violent police officers: we are contending with dry rot that has eaten away at these groups for a long time before we arrived on the scene. It is unlikely anything that we can say or do today will change their minds or ways. It will require a deeper and more expansive - and likely longterm - cure that is not just about words or locking people up. In conclusion, we don’t deny the racial problems and their historic roots in the United States, but we do need another way to resolve them. We cannot agree to being victimized by riots which include Black Lives Matter people or others beating up on streets, buildings, government offices and statues. So much of the rioting is interconnected with international groups it has to be seen as actual warfare. And the overall behavior only continues the problems seen in inner cities which are not about “systemic racism”, but “systemic criminality.” Blacks who have already been regularly beating up on their own are now transferring existing bad habits onto the rest of America, so what else is new? *PBS dot org How Many Slaves Landed in the US Excerpt: How Many Slaves Landed in the U.S.? by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. | Originally posted on The Root Perhaps you, like me, were raised essentially to think of the slave experience primarily in terms of our black ancestors here in the United States. In other words, slavery was primarily about us, right, from Crispus Attucks and Phillis Wheatley, Benjamin Banneker and Richard Allen, all the way to Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass. Think of this as an instance of what we might think of as African-American exceptionalism. (In other words, if it’s in “the black Experience,” it’s got to be about black Americans.) Well, think again. The most comprehensive analysis of shipping records over the course of the slave trade is the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, edited by professors David Eltis and David Richardson. (While the editors are careful to say that all of their figures are estimates, I believe that they are the best estimates that we have, the proverbial “gold standard” in the field of the study of the slave trade.) Between 1525 and 1866, in the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, according to the Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America. And how many of these 10.7 million Africans were shipped directly to North America? Only about 388,000. That’s right: a tiny percentage. ** 2020/10/26 Notes - Personal - Black Lives Matter Please pay attention especially to the Black Lives Matter-Governors section (BLM20 Governors-Minority, Leftist, Very Liberal or BLM enabling/supporting) at this time, things keep getting added. Watch for trends in leftist/Minority Power calling cards, surround sound - types of language used and ideation. There is a Lt Governor in Minnesota Native American Ojibwe who is exhibiting the lingo and who claims to have “trained” the white governor in “organizing”, etc. 2020/10/24 BLM20 Governors added: Governors Black, Minorities, Leftists, BLM supporters/enablers, China supporters See BLM20 Governors-Minority, Leftist, Very Liberal or BLM enabling/supporting 2020/10/21-22-23 On Minneapolis, Minnesota’s black police chief Medaria Arradondo: It’s probably a good idea to check into whether this man is linked to Muslim groups with terrorism histories. This goes along with investigating “softening” by black police persons and “surround sound” types before,during and after a Black Lives Matter or other critical anti-American event. When you check some of the articles about him in BLM17/Black Police Chiefs, you will see him surrounded and applauded by Islamic and black power movement leaders. Minnesota was already having severe problems with Islamic extremist groups - see John Guandolo, Understanding the Threat, for more information. Guandolo was on it and knew Minnesota had these problems, so was warning the American public long before the BLM riots of 2020 related to George Floyd’s death. What is clearly happening is a one-sided narrative for the Islamic and Black Power Movement perspective across most of the news groups. We are not seeing news coverage of Medaria Arradondo’s direct ties to criminals. That is, we are not seeing anything that specifically says he has a background into Black Power Movements, radical Islam or Colombia-linked issues that arecontrary to the best interests of the United States. Instead, we are seeing that he is using “calling card” language - language that is similar or identical. In addition, we are seeing him standing around smiling in front of cameras with them. As such, we can consider the possibility thatthe FBI and other Homeland Security agencies are having mixed results in being able to accomplish the right kind of investigations in Minnesota that would squarely put the hammer on the nail to connect the dots between these circumstantial forms of evidence and the actual problems with Arradondo. We are seeing all the signs, but have yet to see the concrete connectors. It is possible some FBI and other files clearly indicate these connections to terrorists, but we the public are having trouble seeing such concrete proof and assessments. Minnesota at first declined assistance from the federal government. Then it asked for their help after the riots, at which point the federal government was not inclined to help. In Portland, a similar clash between the feds and the local leaders occurred. Trump and Federal Snake Dance with Protests and Riots We don’t want things funneling down toward a planned police state. However, the national security is at stake with a growing number of Black/Brown Power Movement/LGBT/Leftist and Islamic groups taking over local areas while the feds have a mix of very honorable and brave loyalists doing the dirty work to help maintain order, while some of the feds seem to be doing a snake dance with the rebelling BLM parties and others, when a real Take Charge attitude is really needed. This dance of wiggle and waggle, one that sometimes includes warnings that are more like puffs of air and at other times to be like a discipling parent withholding help from a child because he refused it previously, seems to partly be to let the rebels dig their own hole, including showing up their mud and ultimate ineffectiveness. It also could be to protect the general American public, fearful that tipping the scales would escalate violence against innocents. The dance also includes partially waffling under pressures. But it also could be that even though some of the feds seem to be walking the loyalist walk, down inside a few might sympathize directly with BLM or with minority positions in general. Another problem might be that maybe there is some guilt, maybe there is a quiet knowledge of some of the reasons the blacks - or blacks with Islamic connections -are acting out. Every sign indicates a planned, orchestrated attack on the United States. However, real emotions, ot just play-acting everywhere, seems part of responses, as if something else is going on on top of an already existing idea to turn stealth jihad (Islamic quiet encroachment into American affairs) into active jihad (Islamic war). In short, we Americans need to assess the wishy-washy snake dance the supposedly loyal side of the United States has applied to the riots across the nation. In some cases, we see active responses, in other cases, a hold and mostly watch approach, sometimes to “punish” cities like Portland or Minneapolis/Twin Cities for not allowing the feds to come in when they offered to do so. A different approach and response from the fedearal government is needed here, one that helps the innocent in these cities while it counters the rebels. Punishing the whole city for the misdeeds of others is not right. Also, acting like a discipling parent from The White House, one that “punishes” bad children, is completely unacceptable. That kind of language and approach will get us nowhere. What we really need to be worried about is handing over big bucks of any kin, for any reason - emergency aid or otherwise - to more offices in the hands of the rebels. If aid is handed over, it needs to go to people proven to have not been part of the riots or anti-American activities, but to those proven to be loyal to the United States. We need to applaud and support the heroes on the ground - the riot response teams and others - but we need evaluate and hold accountable the incomplete and largely ineffective responses to the riots. Here are some links: Call for balance Rejection of FEMA - Minneapolis/Twin CIty riots-Trump What’s been happening to the United States is actually Warfare We also need to appropriately label the riots as out and out warfare, which is exactly what some of it is. The USA has been under siege. 2020/10/20 Personal Notes BLM Notes Black Police Chiefs a. Black Police Chiefs see below comments & BLM17 Black Police Chiefs Problems & Issues a. A possible problem with Black police chiefs and FBI, Homeland Security, or other agents (including investigators for fraud for private companies like credit card ones, hospitals, urgent care, etc.) -- See BLM17 BLM17 Black Police Chiefs Problems & Issues 2020/10/09-10 Notes Personal; addition from Isst-D on 10/10 BLM Gardner/Scurlock Case Franklin Coverup/Franklin attorney Gardner/Scurlock case - any linked corruption in black surround sound in Nebraska? Nick Bryant interview; Alt view about hoax shown on Wikipedia See more at Notes #1 News Clips 09/23/2020 Note from PF: I doubt there is a connection between the name of the Franklin finance institution and the later black attorney Fredrick D. Franklin handling the Gardner/Scurlock case out of Nebraska, but it is worth double-checking. This name-same is not the reason I suggest looking for any connections between black surround sound and the older Franklin Cover-Up. The Franklin Cover-Up was run through the legal system and found to be a hoax, but two book authors indicate the response might have been a sham. See Wikipedia below. If a hoax, it might have been started by a retaliated fired employee. Repeated Copy From Notes-News in Sept. 2020: Any connection to any Iranian/Hamas black muslim material in the above case? (Iran-Contra material shows up in book). Note from PF: The case was reported a hoax (see below). However, I feel there is something off with the energy around the situation. I have felt something “dark and sour” around Omaha, Nebraska based credit card companies before reading up on the Franklin Cover-up. I feel that if Omaha has a history of finance-related corruption rings as well as other corruption, Jake Gardner might have got caught up in all that during the legal proceedings there involving his alleged killing of James Scurlock. If blacks in politics and the legal system in Omaha have a history of corruption there, it might have extended into the fact Gardner might have had identical or similar corrupt blacks handling the case investigations and prosecution. Books: (2011) The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska. By John W. DeCamp (2009) The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse and Betrayal. By Nick Bryant. Articles: https //www dot ketv dot com/article/jake-gardner-man-charged-in-scurlock-death-has-died-by-suicide-sources- say/34089387# https //news isst-d org/an-interview-with-nick-bryant-part-i-the-franklin-scandal/ https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Franklin_child_prostitution_ring_allegations KETV dot com Jake Gardner man charged in Scurlock death has died by suicide sources say https //www dot ketv dot com/article/jake-gardner-man-charged-in-scurlock-death-has-died-by-suicide-sources- say/34089387# Excerpt: Special Prosecutor Fredrick D. Franklin made a statement Wednesday following the news that Jake Gardner, accused of manslaughter in the death of James Scurlock, died by suicide. Franklin spoke in the Legislative Chambers located on the second level of the Omaha/Douglas Civic Center. News dot Isst-d 2020/01/16 Trauma & Dissociation in the News: An Interview with Nick Bryant: Part I – The Franklin Scandal. Edited by Kate McMaugh, MHSc and Warwick Middleton, MD Disclaimer: The views expressed in this interview are solely those of the interviewee. Interview Conducted 7th August 2019 by Warwick Middleton, MD https //news isst-d org/an-interview-with-nick-bryant-part-i-the-franklin-scandal/ Excerpt: Nick Bryant: I would say the article I wrote about the serial killer was good. The book that I wrote, “America’s Children: Triumph or Tragedy” was a highlight. “The Franklin Scandal” was definitely a highlight of my writing career, even though it wasn’t the best career move (laughs). But I felt like I had to write it…It was just too evil for me to ignore. Nick Bryant, Workshop Presentation, ISSTD Annual Conference New York, 2019 Warwick Middleton: Can you give us a feel for what it is actually like as an investigative journalist researching something like the Franklin scandal? Nick Bryant: Publishers were just not interested in the story at all. When I would bring this story to publishers and editors, I could sense their cognitive dissonance. ‘He’s talking about horrific crimes, so either I have to do something about this or label him as crazy or a conspiracy theorist’. So, that’s the reputation that I gleaned in New York after pitching “The Franklin Scandal” to everyone. They would rather write me off as a conspiracy theorist or crazy than take Franklin seriously. I took it to just about every major editor in New York. After I pitched Franklin to them, they weren’t returning my emails. So, that was a tough way to go. Warwick Middleton: Could you give us an outline of what you think are the key established facts about what is now called the “Franklin scandal”? Nick Bryant: “The Franklin scandal” is about an interstate pedophile network that flew kids from coast to coast. What we are seeing with Jeffrey Epstein, we saw in the Franklin scandal, although I think the Franklin pandering network was much, much bigger than Jeffrey Epstein’s network. There were two primary pimps. There was a pimp in Nebraska, Larry King. He was getting children that had fallen through the cracks, from foster-care homes, from Boy’s Town Orphanage and from some other institutions. There was another pimp living in Washington, DC, who was involved in this, Craig Spence, who had his home wired for audio-visual blackmail. Anybody who took part in any of those parties at Craig Spence’s home was definitely blackmailed. Social services ultimately found out about that network and they went to both state and federal law enforcement. These social service personnel were simply ignored by both federal and state law enforcement – just ignored. However, ultimately, there was an investigation because one of the accused pedophiles, Larry King, had embezzled $40 million from the Franklin Savings and Loan, which he was manager of. They formed a sub-committee to look at King’s embezzlement of money. And as soon as the committee formed, the social services personnel went and said, “Larry King is a thief but he’s also a pedophilic pimp.” And then they started to look into it and that’s when things started to happen… https //news isst-d org/an-interview-with-nick-bryant-part-i-the-franklin-scandal/
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